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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Welcome back to my channel, guys! Ally, if you’re watching this video, you probably have an interest in, are considering, or have already used access. I have a brief existence, and you are interested in the experiences of others. Since I recently decided to switch from using Access, Ally into a poda—I have a separate video discussing poda and my reasons for making the switch—I’m going to essentially share with you a quick review and more than that, just my experience with it. And why that platform, but specifically here, I’m going to explain why, after using them for years, I’m no longer choosing access ally. I’m therefore interested in hearing from you before we continue. Let me know if you’ve already used Access Ally or if you’re just thinking about using it for your courses by leaving a comment below.

We look forward to learning more about where you are in your journey. Of course, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you like it, so YouTube can send you more fantastic videos with tips on how to take your company to the next level this year. So let me first give you some background information on why I chose to stop using Access Ally as the platform for hosting my quarters. I’ve been using them for a while now, perhaps three or four years, and it initially worked. When I first started using Access Ally, I really wanted a more custom solution, so I wasn’t interested in the actual course hosting platforms. I wanted something where people go to my URL, my actual site, it looks super branded, it looks gorgeous and that’s what I wanted to do, so I hired someone to design this custom built members area for me and the only thing that I knew, well, there’s a lot of different plugins you could use, but Access Ally was the best one out of all of the ones that I saw out there in terms of customization and doing a lot of things like gamification and just a lot of things that I was interested in.

Specifically, because I was creating a course that was going to be very customised for each person, it worked well in the beginning. I liked how it looked once it was actually designed, and by the way, it’s not a lot of money on the design. At first, I was pleased. You know, I was like, okay. Well, I wanted everybody to have a great experience.

I wanted to be branded, and there were just a lot of things that I thought I needed to have to be taken seriously, and it worked fine in the beginning. However, I quickly started to notice a couple of things that were kind of annoying to me. After a while, that’s literally why I decided to change, because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I was just getting way too annoyed with it. The first problem that I had with it is that, while yes, the website could be made beautiful if you hired the right developer and designer, the problem is when you have anything custom created, especially with the frameworks that my designer used.

I couldn’t change anything about it without breaking it, and I really value freedom and not having to be reliant on a designer or a developer or having to have someone on retainer all the time. It just didn’t make sense. For me. I really didn’t want to be paying someone. You know, every single month, and I did for a little bit, was to pay someone like $2,000 a month just to be on call in case I had Ashley like issues with accessing Ally or in case I wanted to have uploaded to access Ally, which is like a tonne of money, if you think about it, because I don’t know, it’s just like, I could totally do it myself, because I’m pretty techy, but the way that the website was designed,

It was designed with the headway theme, but it is just extremely complicated. I broke it several times by trying to update it myself, and also, it just wasn’t really that clear. I liked how it looked in the beginning and definitely the people that were first logging on when they first purchased my courses. They were kind of in awe because it’s like, “Wow, it’s a totally custom-created site.” You know, I think that you’re so awesome, like a lot of people are saying how they want their courses to look like mine because of the whole experience.

But they had no idea what was going on behind the scenes, which was that I needed to hire someone every time I needed to change the look of my pages or whenever the site was getting broken or the video dimensions were showing up incorrectly, or maybe the links were broken, and I had no idea how to set anything up.

So if I wanted to create a new course, for example, it took me like a while to figure out how to do that, and I needed it to be like basically get my developer hat on, which I don’t have. One of those has It’S just not something that I’m good at so yeah. I spent a lot of money on getting these things figured out and yeah, but it’s just kind of shocking that I stayed with them for as long as I did and again, you’d like no offence to act as if you’re watching access out. I like nothing against.

You are just like That’s just all right. I just didn’t want to pay for someone to do it all. For me, the second problem with it is that I needed to have a lot of additional services purchased in order to have this site really run effectively. So I needed to have a pro subscription to Vimeo, which is a video hosting site, because I’m not going to.

Have it on YouTube right now, because people can really easily save it. If they’re like asking me for a refund or you can share the videos, YouTube is not an option for paid courses, so I needed to get Vimeo, which is, however, much a year and that’s not like a huge deal, but having to upload the video first and then grabbing the link and making sure that you know the settings are right, even figuring out how to upload it to this WordPress site and then having somewhere else like Dropbox or something like that to host the files. Although you could host them in WordPress as well, to put it simply, parties in the beginning, you know, there were just a lot of additional things that took a lot from me additionally. In addition, of course, you need to pay for the website hosting need to make sure you know how to use WordPress. It was simply a lot of added fees and, as I was transitioning my business, especially right now, I’m really seeking to have my firm work in as lean a fashion as possible.

So I can scale, earn significantly more money, and increase my profitability, right? Because if you’re spending the majority of your income, what good is it to make a lot of money? I don’t want to manage my business that way. So I just wanted to like let go of like SoundCloud and Vimeo and all these other platforms. I simply did not want them to be a part of my system for disseminating courses. I still use those platforms as a backup because I already have the membership, but I really like that I don’t have to visit all these extra sites because doing so would just delay the process for me. With the current platform I’m using and with ISO I, there were just a lot more extra steps that made the entire process from idea to actually people seeing it just a lotmore harder. Filming, editing, the video, and then posting simply shortened everything for me. The third issue I was facing was that my connectivity with Infusionsoft was frequently malfunctioning when I switched to ActiveCampaign and accessed Ally. It wasn’t shooting properly.

I suppose—and it was getting incredibly inconvenient since students kept enrolling in my courses. When someone purchased one of my digital items, they would receive a login email from me because that is how I had Excel set up for the integration. However, the password box was actually empty for 10%, or perhaps even 15%, of the users who were signing up when they received the access email. You can therefore imagine how many problems with customer service that caused me. People are now sending me emails with the subject line “Hey, what the heck, I didn’t get the password when I signed up.” I paid for this item, but I don’t have access to it, which is why some people are upset right now. Imagine buying a course if you’ve never bought a course or a digital good before, and then getting it and thinking, “Oh well, where’s.”

How am I supposed to access this with the password? I had to reply to each individual. I had an online helper. I performed the identical action, and it required me to enter the backend. We went over the integration again, and I just didn’t want to invest the extra time and be so tech savvy when I was paying this much for a membership.

The member’s area plug-in is already familiar to you. The tagging functionality didn’t always function the same way, which is the fourth reason, which is still related to the integration. For some reason, active campaign or Infusionsoft wasn’t communicating with a wordpress and access ally as well as it could. So sometimes people will be going through my course and it will be unlocked through like a specific tagging functionality, the access that Ally has where you know that they’ve finished all the tasks within a lesson. The next lesson should therefore be unlocked automatically. That’s how I set it up with the gamification things, but it didn’t always work.

You know, I wanted a course to be super cool and work really well for me in order for me to actually make sure that I’m having a great experience for my customers, and it used to work almost every time.

And it definitely resulted in more customer service issues.

People were saying hey. I did all the things you said. I don’t get it.

Why is the next thing that unlocked I was like? I don’t know. What do I do? What should we shift? I need it to go in the back end, find this user, and add a tag manually into access Ally within WordPress.

It was just like before; more headaches, more things I did. I just did not care for her. So eventually I was like, Oh my goodness. I just feel I’m over it.

I just don’t want to deal with it. The fifth problem actually came through once I was in the process of migrating from one platform to another, and I wanted to export a whole CSV file of all the customers with the tags within WordPress, so that I knew who has access to what. Because the thing is, especially with Infusionsoft, people would purchase, they would be added to my Infusionsoft list. But then I eventually would, I would clean the list out and when the Infusionsoft and somebody has unsubscribed-and you know, I’m like, okay-I’m going to clean out all the unsubscribes so I don’t have to pay for all the unsubscribes. Some of these people were no longer on my infusion soft list, but they did have access to the program.

The course you know with an access ally, and the problem is, I couldn’t export a CSV file of all the customers’ names, emails, and what access they had to which course, which I thought was kind of weird, because you know, if it’s a course platform, we should be able to easily see who has access to what just within access ally because, like I said, access ally does not do this. So if someone else describes it, you don’t have to clean the email list out. You can still keep those people with an active campaign and not pay for them. But Infusionsoft doesn’t like that. So if you’re using Infusionsoft, you have to pay for everybody, regardless of whether they are unsubscribed or subscribed. So it’s a little difficult because if you want to migrate in the future, or if you want to send another email, or if you just want to know who has subscribed to which course, you can’t do it from your email marketing software.

It kind of creates a weird situation because you’re like, how do I do it? And last but not least, it is kind of pricey, and I know it’s not like crazy, there’s definitely things that are more expensive out there, but for the issues that I personally was experiencing, I just didn’t see that it was worth the money anymore. My goal is not here to trash the software; it’s possible that it’s possible. I just didn’t. I just didn’t see the value anymore, and with my own custom site, I wanted to keep things leaner, so you know, you might have an amazing experience with Access Ally–and I know a lot of people who have incredible sites that are beautifully built and work really well with Access Ally. So again, I’m not saying that this is like everyone’s going to have issues here.

I’m just saying this is why I decided to switch, because I was just like, I’m over it, and I don’t want to do this anymore, and I wanted to keep my team as lean as possible and my expenses as lean as possible. Now, by the way, if you are curious about what software I did go to, I am currently using Poda. So I have a whole separate video about this, so you can check it out right here and go through why I decided to switch to Poda specifically versus the other course hosting platform. Now it would be unfair for me to say that Access Ally is horrible, because, obviously, it’s not. There were a lot of great things about it. So I do want to share with you the three core things that I did like about it, and that’s why I stayed with them for this long. The first one is, obviously, you get to create a custom beautiful site, which is really valuable.

If that’s what you want to create in your business, then that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted a custom-created site that was really beautiful. That looked brand to me, and you know, it worked really well until it didn’t. So, if that’s something that you’re looking for, you know, access, Ally can potentially be a really good fit. The other thing that I really liked is that they did have a lot of features included that a lot of the other course hosting platforms don’t have access to.

You can have things like gamification. You can have, you know, you can really build it. The way you want, you could have little pop-ups appear, you can have You know, the quizzes and certifications and just a lot of different things, and it allowed me to create a very custom course that wouldn’t be as simple as like module 1 or module 2. So it did allow me to do that and then. Lastly, it is definitely really good for you.

If you have somebody on your team to do the tech stuff, or maybe you’re extremely techie. Like I mentioned, I consider myself to be fairly techie, but I go in behind the scenes. A lot was just not worth my time. So, if you already have somebody doing this on your team, this could be just another thing that they do, and that might not be a very big deal for you. So just consider that that is something you might need to include when you’re using access, ally, or any kind of custom solution. That’s integrated with WordPress is a bonus thing.

I’Ll mention to. I will say that their customer service is pretty good. So anytime, I would ask them questions or share some concerns that I had. They did respond to me pretty quickly and they did address it. I mean

Obviously, they were a lot better in the beginning, but as they grew, you know, they started adding other customer service agents, which was somewhat more helpful. If that makes sense, but neither of you were unhelpful. It’s just that they just weren’t as helpful as they were in the beginning, like in the beginning when we were trying to actually like troubleshoot things for me, and later on, it just became a little bit less involved and I still felt like I needed to hire someone to actually fix all these things. It’s just for me, because I wanted to do it myself, so, and, like I said again, it’s not a bad plugin, it works really, really well. It’s just If you want a custom solution with your own website, your own design, I think exercise is probably the way to go, but if it doesn’t really matter to you what things look like, I would say exercise is probably the way to go. I appreciate you being here. If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel quite yet, make sure that you do that and hit that notification bell as well, so you can be notified of all the new videos I release about how to help you grow your business online.

This year, thank you so much for being here, and if you have any requests for what you want me to cover next, make sure that you let me know in the comments below as well. I’ll see you in the next video.

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