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Its The Ultimate Trainings & Courses Platform That Turns Every Course Into A Profitable Sales Funnel


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Video review for Front End only

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Welcome to my channel, guys. Today, we are going to talk about course funnel reviews. The course funnel is the ultimate training and course platform. That turns every course into profitable sales. Funnel it’s providing you three things. First, one is the course, the second one is the funnel, CourseFunnels OTO and the third one is the email within itself. Only uh, and it’s gone to launch, and it’s going to launch on 27th May 11 am est for earlier buyers.

It is a huge discount, a huge discount, okay. After that, why should why you want to take this course because every training you make deserves better marketing? It’S provides you high-quality student experience with all the advanced features they are used to in a platform like udemy support.

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All the media types, including videos, pdf integrated, remaining payment platform, integrative popular autoresponder, build complete course funnel with the upselling down sale. Complete student communication platform in build can be hosted on any hosting just like WordPress support zapper for communication with any CRM or platform, creating an amazing course, with chapter lesson: quizzes and assignment, creating an amazing landing page to sell your course sales-boosting ad.

Like con conversions, it’s built powerful, auto-response for mail, marketing, detailed analysis, sales reports, and progress tracking CourseFunnels OTO for our members and student support.

All video hosts, including self-hosted, youtube, Vimeo, etc.; student progress, tracking, and certificate support for multiple users and teachers. The course funnel has all these things in it itself; only you don’t have to go anywhere after that. CourseFunnels OTO It also gives you 100 free plugins per month that include exit pop plugins conversion, proof, plugin, server, plugins SEO optimization plugin time bar plugin, and review plugin. After that, it supports 17 languages.

That is the most important thing you are from any country you can use this. You can make your courses in any language. There are 17 languages that support this course funnel after that supports all major payment flat platforms such as Paypal, pay, stripe, money, noises to check,, and all and all and the most important thing support all major autoresponder. CourseFunnels OTO Email marketing is the most important thing right now.

So it supports all major autoresponder that you have used, or you have used in itself only, such as Mailchimp available mailer lite get a response. All of this now. Why should you want to? What is your means? Why do you need to take the course funnel now? Because it’s because it gives you any host anywhere, just like WordPress, it helps you to sell.

CourseFunnels OTOs upsell

CourseFunnels OTO It’S help you to give review plugins it prof uh it. It helps to provide a professional, udemy quality student experience. It’S helped again integrate with many international cards and gateway and payment gateway, support, major affiliate platforms, complete email marketing, and autoresponder inbuilt, making amazing funnels for down sales and upsells. Also, after that,

the most important thing is it initiates a platform with an amazingly easy to use. Ui okay, after that roguery has tested after that detailed tutorials and training included, dedicated 24-hour support team with live chat, support around the clock.

That is the most important thing after that: the most affordable and powerful training platform available right now till right now, after that uh, there is a demo, a quick demo, CourseFunnels OTO of course, funnel. So let us see a big demo platform, the likes of which you’ve never seen before, because this is the only course platform, the only training platform that combines the entire business in a box.

Let’S quickly talk about what are the things we need to create a successful course and sell it. So the first thing we need, of course, is the course creation platform. Where you can create the course you can create the chapters you can create your videos.

You can upload everything and present it online that consumers that your students can consume. Then that’s not the end of the story. You will also need a way to sell the course. So you need a sales platform, and typically, if you are going for a classic course platform, you’re gonna have to buy a third-party sales platform; you can buy something like click funnels, or you will be. You were maybe using a special landing page builder.

Whatever, then, you need to find a way to communicate with your students to talk to them, to sell to them repeatedly, and to also keep an eye on your sales, and to do that, you would need to integrate a third platform, which is the sales platform which Is the membership often they call it the membership or you can call it the autoresponder. Sometimes you will need to integrate with a third-party autoresponder to send out your emails,

CourseFunnels OTO Upgrade

CourseFunnels OTO

so basically, to run a successful online training business. You would need to buy four to five different products, which would easily set you back anything from 500 dollars to a thousand dollars a month minimum before you even get started. So when I see and when I saw this happening, CourseFunnels OTO I thought about how I can improve things, and I then conceptualize course funnels that integrates everything together in one awesome piece of software. So this is course funnels, and it is the most powerful

course building system out there that integrates everything that integrates the sales system that integrates the membership system and that lets you do email marketing too, all built right in one piece of software.

So let’s get started and see how this works, so the first thing course funnels is truly an international piece of software. With it, you can sell your courses in any language. You want, you can operate it in any language. You want, in fact, the course funnel supports 17 languages, so here is a complete list just to find the list; just click on select languages, and you can find a complete list over here. These are all the languages. That course funnel supports, and there are seven languages in all; for example, if I click on Hindi, my course finals are now in Hindi, and I can do all my work in Hindi.

CourseFunnels OTO review

So if, if you are going to use your course finals, you want to use it in a local language, or you want to cater to a local language audience. Maybe you are in Europe or in Asia somewhere. You can use course funnels in your own language. It’s very easy; CourseFunnels OTO then I want to quickly demonstrate to you or quickly show you some of the features inside, of course, funnels. Next, we have the integrations; it’s something that everybody needs.

Whenever you have a sales platform, whenever you have a system, you always need data to either come in or go out, and course funnels support that both ways. Firstly, we have the zapier integration. If you want to use course funnels with some third-party CRM, you can use that I’ve got details – API video in another video. So you do that. We’Ve got all these autoresponder types you can put in google analytics, you can put in Facebook pixel, and in fact, it supports every kind of, and there are other people too.

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