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Coursemate OTO  –  What is Coursemate?

The Demo

Get 100% Automated + FULLY HOSTED E-Learning Site!
100% Automated Daily Content + GOOGLE SEARCH TRAFFIC

Get The ULTIMATE AUTOMATED Platform To Generate Commissions
In the BOOMING E-learning Industry


Step 1
Login to the web-based software and choose a name for your site.

Step 2
Choose from any of 10 skill niches (all the niches are chosen by us to provide education on in-demand skills for a changing economy)

Step 3
Click a button; that’s it, you are now done! You now have a full eLearning site filled with great Udemy like e-courses about your chosen niche.

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Coursemate OTO You’re gonna see just exactly how easy it is for anyone to get their own high-paying e-learning site in any niche. They want within just a few seconds. So that being said, all I need to do is now log in to the site, and you can see it here.

This is a brand new account. We’ve got no websites, um, nothing, so we need to get started and create our site, and it is just super simple to do that. All we need to do is go over here, and now we need to choose a niche.

So we ‘ Ve got a bunch of highly in demand, niches, um, selected and done for you already. So these are things like health and fitness investing um web development. These are all ultra high in-demand skills that people really really want to learn about, but we also have a custom option so that you can create your own e-learning site in literally any niche you want to so.

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For this example, I’m. Going to use web development next thing I’m going to do. Is I’m, going to give my site a title which is going to be blur learning web dev and I’m, going to choose a subdomain for my site as well.

So the subdomain is. Basically, we will host your um e-learning site for you on our server completely free of charge, with no hosting costs whatsoever. If you want to you, you can use your own domain um and I’ll.

Show you how you can do that later in the tutorial, but for now, I’m just going to use a subdomain, so this will be the location on our server where it’s located, and it’s just going To be learning web dev as simple as that at this point I also have the option to add a logo.

So if I’ve already got a logo pre-designed for my site that I want to use, I can add that in here um I’m not going to bother with that. I’m just going to use the default one that we have done for you.

So there’s no need to add a logo here at this point; if you don’t, Coursemate OTO wants to, so with that done, all we need to do a little just literally a few seconds work literally, that’s. All we need to do to create an entire website, so I’m going to just click.

The button here to create a site, and you’ll see that within just a few seconds, it will generate the site for us. It will add a bunch of e-learning courses that you can sell just like that. You can see that our site has been created, and if we go to it, you can see it’s an incredible sight.

It’s, got um background, graphics related to our choose chosen niche. It’s filled with a bunch of different courses. Here um. We also have a fully automated blog section filled with loads of different blog posts.

Remember creating original content daily original content, um related to your site, is by far the most powerful and quickest way to rank on Google, and that’s. Exactly what coursemate does you can see? All these blog posts we ‘

Ve got a bunch of all with perfect punctuation and structure or completely original all completely relevant and related to our chosen niche, and you can see we get a bunch of them right off the bat and more and more blog posts added each day.

Coursemate OTO Discount

If we go back to the home page here, you can see. All of these courses are multi-part video courses with a bunch of information about the course here, each course features its own completely done, for you view preview, a video preview of the course that gives you a bunch of it all of the visitors, a bunch of information about Exactly what they’ll, be getting in the course all of them feature a bunch of reviews, um price loads, more information about the course here and a button, of course, where they can buy and any anyone who buys you receive 100 credits for the Sale, so how does that? So? How does this work exactly? How do you receive the money anytime someone buys? How do you receive this 14 100 of it anytime? Someone buys from your site.

Well, let me show you how this works, so if we go and view our courses here, um, we’ll view all courses on our site. Remember, you get a bunch of courses created for you completely um free of charge done for you when you create your site, and more and more courses will be added in for you each week, um.

So let’s just find the one we were looking at before, which is Coursemate OTO quick, start angular um. So this one here, so we can edit it here. So how does this work? How do you receive money so easily? Well, you don’t have to spend shopping.

Cart. You don’t have to integrate PayPal. You Don ‘ T have to do anything complicated like that. What we’ve done is all of the courses that we create um for you to sell. We list them on warrior plus and that, and all you need to do is to apply to be an affiliate for that course.

So all we need to do is just click here, and that will redirect us to warrior plus where we can request approval for this course and then request the offer, and you’ll see once this has been redirected, see we also approve All of our customers, so that’s all approved and you just simply copy the link and then we head back – and incidentally, you are also approved at 100 commissions.

So you get 100 of the commissions anytime someone buys, then all we need to do is go and add our link in, so we go and add it in here, so we paste it in here. This is our affiliate link. We click update, okay, so this is the course here, and you can see now that our affiliate link has been embedded in here, so now, anytime.


Coursemate OTO

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