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The Front End is going to be the main Creaite software. With our most popular level, you’ll get 50 credits to start immediately having content written for them. It’ll cost 1 credit to per article generated, which means you’ll be able to get 50 articles written for LESS than $1 apiece.




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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

Hi there, Suzanne again from legitimate affiliate training, and in this video, I’d like to do a review and a thorough walkthrough of creation. This is a product by Joshua Zamora, and it’s scheduled to launch on jvzoo on March 2nd, 2021.

I want to show you how this product works, who it’s, suited for what it’s done for, and if it’s worth your time and money, we’ll. Take a quick look at the sales page. Then we’ll go inside the Creaite OTOs product and check out all the pros and cons.

I’ll walk you through the upsells and then give you my personal opinion. If you should buy this product or not, okay, and if you stay with me to the end, I can explain the best use of this tool.

If you like my video, please hit the thumbs up and Creaite OTOs consider subscribing to my channel. I upload new content each week. Have you started your online business? Yet, have you made any money if you’d like to learn how I make money online? Please click my link below for some free training.

Create OTOs


It’s step by step with honest and ethical training that anyone can use okay. So let’s start now. This sales page isn’t as bad as many of the shiny object launches. I’ve. Seen lately, but it’s still intended for beginners.

Why? Because of statements like this, when he says tired of wasting so much time and money on your content? Well, any severe marketer knows that you need to spend time on your content to make it valuable and money.

This is rich because you have to buy credits to create your content inside it, Creaite OTOs costing you money to use this tool. Unfortunately, everything he’s, saying here is to grab a newbie’s desire for easy money.

He’s got lots of points here about accessing niches and never having to write another word again. Well, that’s not true, because there’s a lot of editing and adding that you need to add to the articles, we guarantee you’ll not be able to tell your content was generated.

Well, I have to admit I was very impressed with what it did spit out, and it did pass the plagiarism test that I put it through, and there’s. One more thing that I wanted to point out here on the sales page, and that’s here, and he’s.

Talking about how content is still king, which it is, and he’s—making these points about what your content should provide for you and its. True, if your content is done correctly, it will give you all of these points, but unfortunately, what this tool spits out won’t provide these things for you because if you intend on publishing it the way it’s written, it’s not going to work okay and I’ll.

Show you why, when we get inside now, don’t get me wrong. This tool does work, but it depends on what you’re going to use it, for this is just another shiny object for people caught up in that syndrome.

Do you know what I mean when I say shiny object?  Creaite OTOs I created another video for you that explains what a shiny thing is and how you can exit that vicious cycle. I’ll leave the link for you below. Your inside dashboard looks like this, and this gives you an overview of how many articles you would have created, how many you would have posted, and the number of niches that have been created.

Create OTOs links

Creaite OTO

Now. This is my review access. This isn’t my own, so these are why the numbers are so high. It’s other people using the system, and he gives you a welcome video. The next tab is to buy your credits. Creaite OTOs Now this entire system works on credits.

Every time you create an article, it takes one credit, and he is offering you a one-time discount on your praises here. So, as you can see, the more you buy, the less they are per credit. Now. This is a massive money grab.

You have to be aware that, depending on how often you would use this system, it will cost you at least 27 for every article it creates. According to the sales page, you will get 50 free credits when you purchase the front hand.

Okay, let’s, go into articles, and I’ll show you how this works. Now, these are niches that people have created and all the various pieces. To start a recent article, we click on the plus sign, and if you bought just the front end, you could only use the standard with upsell number two.

You have the choice to ask specific questions or have it good freestyle. The next thing you need to do is pick the niche, so for our purposes, pick online marketing and a sub-niche of affiliate marketing.

The next thing is your language, which is strictly English with the front end.  Creaite OTOs If you do buy the second upsell, there are 12 languages in here. Next is the number of articles you want to generate the front end is only one article.

You have up to five articles. If you have purchased it again, you can create a folder that you want to put it in. If you wish to, there are different ones that people have made okay; the last step you have to take is that you need to go to an article somewhere, Creaite OTOs a third-party piece, and copy at least one sentence to get this ai going.

So I went to the article that I created on my Creaite OTOs website about affiliate marketing, and let’s copy the first sentence. I’ll. Take this one here, so we copy that we go into here and we paste it now. I know on the sales page he says that this isn’t a content spinner, and it’s not a content scraper.

It has to be at least a content scraper. In my opinion, an ai product can be very sophisticated, but it doesn’t write something on its own. It has to take content from somewhere to write up your content, and we click start here.

It shows that it’s. Writing the article, so we have to wait a few minutes until it’s done okay. This took quite a while for me here. Still, the system got this article done, so when we click on it, it shows us what we got, and here is that sentence that I copied from my article, they are ai, when they got content from the affiliate marketing Niche came up with the theme of the promoting link now this is fine.

This is all part of affiliate marketing, but it may not be what you had intended to spend your credit on. Okay, so that’s something you have to keep in mind that what you get may not necessarily be what you originally wanted, and you also have to take this into account.

Create upsell

  • This article is only 442 words personally for blogging purposes
  • and can be ranked on google. Not only do you have to make sure
  • that you have the proper keywords in the title and maybe once
  • or twice more in your article, but it should also be approximately 2 000 words.
  • Long short little articles like this used to rank back in the day, but they don’t anymore—Google’s. Own ai will only assume you’re delivering valuable content. If your article is long enough and 442 words are not very long now, it is very readable if you take a second and read this.

I’m very impressed with it this way, so our next test is to copy the entire content. Let’s not take my sentence. It might pick that up as plagiarism. Creaite OTOs So let’s copy this and let’s, put it into a page room checker.

Now I’m using Grammarly. I like their product, and it did come up with a little bit of spelling the punctuation see they found punctuation mistakes. Conciseness readability was excellent, so it’s, picking up a few things, but this is what Grammarly does it’s? An excellent program: now it doesn’t say how much is plagiarized.

So let’s. Try another tool. I’m going to try small SEO tools again. This is usually another excellent tool. Let’s. Paste it in here and see what they find, so there we go. They consider this to be a hundred percent unique.

So that is very good. Rarely do you get any content scraper that’s 100, unique and readable? All at the same time, so other than it’s a concise article. It wasn’t what I intended to get about affiliate marketing.

It is a usable tool, but keep in mind that, depending on what you want to use this content for it’s, not something that you want to post to your website as a new article. Okay, this is something that’s, going to take a lot of editing.

Create Upgrade

You definitely need to add a lot to it to build up the word content, and you need to add some headlines, some sub-headlines, some images. Those are all things that Google looks for when they’re ranking an article.

I obviously have a review copy with the upsells, so I wanted to run a test and create five additional Creaite OTOs articles. Using that same snippet, I took for my own content on my website. So these are the five articles I had it create and let’s.

Take a look at each one. This one is only 329 words, so again way too short to publish on its own. The reason I did five is like, let’s say we wanted to combine the five articles to make one nice long article.

Of course, the only problem is that it came up with different ideas, different topics, and how you can earn income. This one came up with a title: how to write content that provokes sales part two.

Well, what happened to part one? There is no part one another one was affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing formula. This one was right,  Creaite OTOs treating now, this is something you’d, have to change, so it’s not perfect.

Writing articles for your site, and this one is making money through affiliate marketing. So you would have to be very creative to combine these five articles to make one nice long article for your site.

You would have to figure out what parts of these articles you’re going to use what order you’re, going to put them in so that they make sense. So this is what I mean about it. Taking a lot of extra work for you to get something valuable out of this tool, any of the articles themselves are not long enough for ranking purposes and what it’s.

If you did five at a time, giving you is not necessarily all about the same topic: okay, let’s, keep going down our dashboard, the plugin, the API, and the white label. These are upsold. There are also tutorials here. There’s a quick start guide that walks you through how to use the system, which is what I just showed you basically, and then the freestyle writer, the q, a writer, the plugin, the white label, the API system.

These are all great videos, but they’re only applicable Creaite OTOs if you bought any of the upsells, so that’s it for the product. Inside now let’s, go over the upsells, and then I want to share with you. The pros and cons okay; now these are the upsells that you can expect to see.

Your front end, which is quite limited, is going to be forty-seven dollars. Oto Creaite OTOs number one is their subscription upsell; it’ll cost you one dollar for a 30-day trial and then 47 dollars per month. This is supposed to lock in your launch price credits. Creaite OTOs

You get a hundred bonus credits every month, and you have access to 70 niches with more added every month. Oto number two is your booster pack for 97, and here you can choose to create up to five articles at once.

That’s. What I showed you inside, you can choose Creaite OTOs up to 12 popular languages, and you can unlock the question-and-answer writer. Please consider a few things with this upsell number two. When it comes to the popular languages, how do you know that Creaite OTOs what it spits out will be accurate unless you speak the language? You’d, have to take the time to check it with the translator to make sure it’S correct, and believe me, even those aren’t accurate, for instance, because I speak french.

When I read something translated into French, the nuances aren’t the same, okay, oto number three is for their plugin for another 47. Here you get a wp plugin for direct publishing to your wp site.

Create OTOs

You can upload the plugin to unlimited sites, and you get

an agency license for the plugin,  Creaite OTOs so my question here would be:

why do you need the plugin? This is really useless because what this tool spits out shouldn’t be published directly to your website.

Anyway, it would help if you did a lot of editing to this before

it should be published. Oto number 4 is a white label for 297, you can add your Creaite OTOs own branding like your own logo and business name to the creative side, and the plugin and all the updates are pushed to all the sites.

Even if they’re rebranded and again, I have a little bit of an issue with this because this tool will mostly attract beginners, and as a beginner, Creaite OTOs they don’t have a following. Yet they don’t. Have an email list so who are they going to sell this product to, let alone have a client base, so you can see that this funnel in total will cost 488.

I highly recommend that you buy this product and give it a try, buy the Creaite OTOs front end. You can turn around and buy more of the upsells if you like it, but I certainly wouldn’t. Do it right off the bat because you may be disappointed with what you get? Okay, let’s.

Talk about the pros and cons of this product. The pros would be that yes, this software does work, and it does work well. I was very impressed with the readability of the articles. Another pro is that the articles are nearly 100 unique well for now; anyway, the cons are that the credits are expensive.

Even the launch price is fairly high, and if you don’t get the monthly subscription, how expensive will the credits be? Will they even be available? He doesn’t tell us, and there’s no guarantee that he won’t raise his prices in the future.

Another con is that the article links are concise. Google won’t rank short articles like that. You should realistically have approximately 2 000 words or more for google’s, ai, to think you’re, delivering value if it’s only three to four hundred words, heck, even if it’s 800 words.

You’d have to create four to five articles, to combine Creaite OTOs to create one rankable piece of content, and that’s not easy to do. You have to rewrite it to make sense for five articles. You could be spending thirteen dollars and forty cents, whether you like them or not.

There are no credit refunds. So my recommendation is twofold: if you’re looking to make ebooks as a lead, magnet, or maybe supplemental information to use as bonuses, then okay, I think this is great for that kind of thing.

But if you want to use this to create a website or blog content like what they’re suggesting on the sales page, then no, I don’t recommend it for that, and here are other reasons why: how long will these articles remain? Unique, they say it’s not scraping content, but it has to be.

The ai very sophisticatedly. Yes, but it has to pull its data from somewhere. If it’s not third-party articles online, it would have to be from a plr database that he has, but wherever it comes from at some point down the road, the content may no longer be unique.

It’s unique now because Creaite OTOs you’re the first one using the tool, but if he keeps using the same content database for each niche, well, you’ll, be getting duplicated content at some point. If you want to know what a content scraper is, please check out.

Create OTOs upgrade

Another video I made for you; click on the link you see above, and I’ll leave it below. For you, too. Another reason is poor SEO. Proper on-page SEO requires headlines, sub-headlines, relevant images, internal and external links, a readable format, all those types of things – and these are all required for your SEO.

If you want to be ranked by google, unfortunately, this tool does not provide all that for you,  Creaite OTOs so this is what I mean by you need to do a lot of editing on these articles before you publish them on your site.

Another reason is that this seems to be bad business sense. I mean by this that if you depend on a tool like this to create your content, you’re never doing any research and learning about your own niche.

How can you become an authority if everything’s done for you? This is really just a quick and easy way to create content, and in the long run, you’re really not doing yourself any favors. So basically, this tool works well to create content, but in the end, it depends on what you’re, creating content for.

So thanks so much for watching my review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I’ll. Get right back to you if you found value in my video; please hit like and consider subscribing to my channel. Don’t forget to check out my link for my number one recommendation: learn how to build your own successful affiliate marketing business.

This is the exact method I use to make money online, and it’s free. So until next time, keep doing your research cheers.

Creaite OTOs


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