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CreateProfitz OTO Links + Huge Bonuses

CreateProfitz OTO

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Create Profitz OTO  –  What is CreateProfitz?

New App Creates Monetized, Auto Ranking “Set and Forget” Sites That Get You Unlimited Free Traffic…

CreateProfitz makes it easy to find, customize and publish relevant, high-impact content to multiple blogs, websites, and social media simultaneously… without the typical hassles of writing content from scratch or paying a writer to do it.

CreateProfitz is also Equipped with ability to MONETIZE content on complete autopilot with monetization module and get traffic to content with ease!

CreateProfitz resolved all above problems by providing A drag & drop curation app with dual functionality of posting to your blogs & your social media SIMULTANEOUSLY ….

You can curate just about anything from articles, memes, and EVEN Amazon products



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Product Overview


CreateProfitz OTO 1: CreateProfitz PRO MAX ($37)
Everything from FE Plus:

Detailed Analytics: Get an instant overview of which content is getting you the most traffic, allowing you to see even more results
Unlock All Languages: Only 20% of the world speaks English, and with this feature, you unlock access to all languages.
Auto Sync & Auto Update: Editing just got a whole lot easier, thanks to our auto sync feature. If you need to update/edit text, it will automatically sync with all the sites you’ve published the content on.
In Addition, You’ll Also Receive These Features: Custom content sources

CreateProfitz OTO 2: CreateProfitz Traffic Academy ($27)
Access To Our Premium Traffic Academy Which Will Show You All Free Traffic Methods To 10X Sales.


CreateProfitz OTO 3: CreateProfitz Agency License ($97)
Create And Sell CreateProfitz Accounts For Your Clients
Unlimited Licenses

CreateProfitz OTO 4: CreateProfitz DFY Site Setup Service ($67)
Work 1-on-1 With Our Support Team and We Will SetUp and Build DFY Campaigns For You.


CreateProfitz OTO 5: CreateProfitz WhiteLabel ($97)
With CreateProfitz whitelabel, you’re getting the opportunity to create your own SAAS business at a bargain price, while using all of our professional sales materials.

You have the chance to access CreateProfitz whitelabel, and sell it as your own product. Simply send us your branding, and we’ll make CreateProfitz essentially your very own software with custom sales materials.

Yes, it really is that simple…


CreateProfitz OTO Bonuses

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey guys, I hope you’re lucky. This is Kalimi from Games Marketing, and today I’ll be reviewing Create Profits by David Williams. So, let’s get started. [Music]. Welcome back to my channel, guys, where I review digital ID products, club software’s training modules, and also help people to make money online. As always, first, we’ll build a camera stand on this bundle.

Then I’ll be giving you a quick glance of the members area and we’ll also see what the product page or sales page is all about. So, let’s dig in, as you can see my stunning bonus one layer for creating profits, which will be launching on the 12th of August at 11 a.m. Eastern standard time, which is the New York City time. So let’s see more about creating profits.

What it is all about and what cracking smashing this phenomenal software, which is going to make some absolutely phenomenal videos, monetized websites done for you, wordpress websites done for you, has to have something inside it that is just as cracking smashing as my bonuses, so stay tuned until the end of this video, because I will be offering some absolutely phenomenal software, chrome, extensions, plugins, training modules, bots, and over 350 crazy cinematic trending traffic bonuses.

With which you guys can start to make money online starting today, so without further ado, let’s get right into it. So guys, create profits, crack the content code for translating targeted traffic into subscribers and sales, because this new app is going to create monetized, auto-ranking, set and forget sites that get you unlimited free traffic, so no coding is required. No design and no content writing, along with no extra cost and no guesswork, means I obviously have got full access to the entire members area. We’ll be going through all these tabs, explaining them to you in great detail, and the niche is absolutely phenomenal. The niche is absolutely endless, so it can be

You know, advertising, aerospace, affiliate marketing, marketing, agriculture, automobile industry, beauty, business, health and fitness, comics, content, marketing, cooking, crafts, creativity, cricket, cricket uh, one of my favorites, obviously uh spots, and cryptocurrency uh culture.

And a lot more. I mean, the niche is absolutely endless and the beauty of this product is that I have never seen a niche in oil and gas. So now this is a booming industry. Obviously, we all know that it’s a booming industry because of the crisis that is going around us, so I don’t want to get into it, but we all know what it is. So yep, the oil and gas industry is absolutely booming and uh, micro blogging programming retail seo.

You just name it, and this has got everything done for you, for you guys. The hospitality industry is always big. Healthcare has always been a large food industry, as has gaming, sports, economics, and fashion. You just name it and the niche is already there for you. So let me just take you right back to my bonus bundle page, and let me just explain this to you in a nutshell: what creating profit is all about and, uh, before that,

It’s a must for you guys to watch this amazing and engaging vsl video, because this is going to give you the edge on why you should grab and create profits from the first link down in the description below. So I’ll just pause. This and I’ll just get cracking and smashing with you. Creating profits is all about, so obviously, creating profits. I’m going to make you, uh, customise and publish relevant high-impact content to multiple blogs, websites, and social media platforms at the same time, without the usual content hassle.

Writing from scratch, scratch, or paying writers on upwork, legit, or fiverr and making money, is also equipped with monetized content, to complete autopilot, with a monetization module for you guys, and obviously get traffic and content with ease and make money.

Profit is going to solve all the problems by providing a drag and drop creation app, and obviously, this dual functionality is going to post your blogs and social media on social media platforms simultaneously, and you can obviously create a lot of things like articles, memes, and even Amazon products by obviously accessing the members area right over here. So if you think that there’s something for you, if you want to get started with this phenomenal app that creates, uh, monetized, auto-ranked, set-and-forget sites for you guys with unlimited free traffic, then all you have to do is just click. On the first link down in the description below, and that will actually take you to my bonus bundle page right over here, and once you’re here, all you have to do is just click on this banner button over here, either on the top of the page or the timer button over here, either on the top of the page or at the bottom of the page right over here. So once you click on this, this will then take you to the sales page of Create Profit, which will look something like this. Once you’re here, refresh the page, and you will have a drop-down discount. There’s a discount coupon code, which I’ll be sharing with you guys so that you can save a couple of dollars on your front end on your purchase of creating profits from the first link down in the description below.

So once you are here, all you have to do is just scroll down and click on this green button to get instant access now. Once you click on this, this will then take you to the worry plus platform, which looks something like this. Once you’re on worry, Plus, all you have to do is just click and confirm your purchase, or once you confirm your purchase, I will be sending you my google doc, along with my 350 plus 100 additional mega marketing bonuses. So, if you don’t have a worry plus to create an id, you can get started with worryplus in less than a minute. Worryplus is a marketplace, so the purchase has to go through Worryplus. Once you create an account, click and confirm your purchase, I’ll be sending you my google doc with my 350 crazy, insane, and mad bonuses. I’ve added the latest June and July launches over here for you guys. These are all the latest software, which means they are all software that was launched in the last two months, so grab these bonuses. This is absolutely priceless and the entire dock is well over ten thousand dollars and it’s got 350 plus 100 additional mega marketing bonuses for you guys.

You can keep them to yourself if you want, or you can promote them if you want.

If you want to sell them, you can. If you want to give them away to your customers, you can. So all these bonuses are going to be yours. The choice is yours, guys, so these bonuses are absolutely priceless, guys, so grab your hands on my bonuses and obviously scale and leverage your business to the very next level,

And because no one is going to offer you this value on an affiliate marketplace like Klim’s Marketing is, it’s worth every penny that you spend on the front end of the product, so back to my bonus, bundle, page, and obviously you’ll be getting the vendor bonuses from the vendors and four of my absolute elite exclusive bonuses, which is now a pro version, 2x bite, and money grub absolutely for free, along with the front and obviously creating profits.

And obviously, I strongly advise you to get the pro version because everything inside the pro version will be unlimited for you, so uh.

That is just for 37 if you grab that from the first link down in the description below.

So let me just take you right to the members area right over here, where you can obviously get started by creating a monetized website and the templates are available for you in any industry, as you can see over here, so just grab the template and get started with it, and once you click on that, I just clicked on one of the options there and I obviously got so many options right away, and I can select any one of these options and obviously get started with it.

And obviously, you can create from here by clicking on this, and you can sync your blogs from here, and the articles and the content are available for you guys. You can grab that from the explore page and right over here. You have got the posts that you can get started with, and here are some sample posts that people have created here. You’ve got your planner over here.

You’ve got your integrations over here. How can you integrate that with twitter, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, pocket, commission, junction, and other affiliate platforms? And then we have got the agency licensing.

This is an upgrade, so over here is the training, because this is a jv access. So you have got the training and these videos have been made private. But again, if you purchase the product, all these videos will be available for you guys. This is just a quick access for me to review this product and give you the gist of how it actually looks so that you guys can grab it. And yep, that is pretty uh.

That is pretty much about the front end over here, and obviously you can grab the additional otos with the otos. You think they are the best fit for you guys.

I always recommend the pro version, because everything from the pro version or within the pro version will go unlimited for you guys, and you will have detailed, detailed analytics, and you are going to get text translated to all languages and a text spinner in six languages. You’re going to get grammar checks on all 20 languages, you’re going to get auto sync and grammar on all 20 languages, and then you have got custom article sources over here as well. So let’s get cracking and smashing with the pricing and otos, as I’ve said at the front.

The end is only $14 because you’re getting an extra three dollars off from the first link down in the description below.

The Pro version is the promax version, which costs 37 dollars and uh.

The second audio over here is the traffic academy for 27 bucks, and the third or two over here is the agency licensing. This is what is over here, so uh, This is what the option is, so you can unlock this by grabbing this agency, licencing it for 97 downsell, and then we have got the deal done for you.

When everything will be done for you by the vendors and then we have got the white label rights for 97, so key benefits which you definitely will be interested in getting, so unlimited uh, content access for you guys and ready to publish articles for you guys. As you can see, the niche is absolutely phenomenal. It’s a really really impressive niche and you can literally explore it. I’m sure that you are looking for one of these niches out of this list. Guys, it’s impossible that your niche is outside this box. So obviously ready-to-use articles and the ability to convert videos to text is a very, very impressive option, as is the ability to create content, engage your audiences, and post your content on your website and other channels.

concurrently and monetize opportunities and uh publishers over here and an industry leading text spinner for you guys so that you know you don’t have any copyright issues and correct grammar and spelling mistakes and create profit is available in 10 minutes.

You’ve got to add image and video options, uh, content, planner for you guys, and smart automation for you guys, and more income streams with licensing, commercial licensing, and uh. We have got a free host and domain.

With your front-end dollars, you’re paying more for other websites to have a domain and hosting, essentially, but to generate profits.

You’re going to get access to a one-time, hosted and, uh, yup, works on windows, mac, and mobile phones, android and ios, and there are no monthly, recurring fees whatsoever, and everything is covered by 30 days.

No questions, that’s a money back guarantee, and I’ve placed the demo video for you guys right over here inside my bonus bundle page, and it’ll be the same video in the second link down in the description below, for you guys to have access to, and you literally canwatch it now. Watch the entire demo video, make the setup easy for yourselves; it’s very, very simple and easy, and let’s get cracking and smashing with my bonuses. Now it’s my bonus bonanza. My bonus list is absolutely phenomenal, and the first bonus that I’m offering is my own product money.

Grub, which is an absolute a to z, up to date, master class of what affiliate marketing is by myself and my business partners, Justin Chase and Mark Gossage, and the second rule that I’m offering is byte uh now with bite. I personally made 350 dollars in one day by using crypto air drops, so you have the potential to make up to 500 dollars. So how that’s done is shown inside by grabbing your hands on byte, absolutely for free and, along with the front end, obviously, the third one that I’m offering is twitch, which is my absolute favorite, because this is a phenomenal bot, chrome extension, plug-in software. And with this bot, all you have to do is just place it.

Your links and your offers on this particular bot are going to do affiliate marketing for you on your twitter account to your followers, audiences, and masters by placing that affiliate link to them in masters and making you some big bucks. That works uh for the Nova pro version, but for tick, tock,

It’s exactly the same kind of bot, a chrome extension plug-in. You put your, you know, affiliate links and your offers on that. It’s basically an autoresponder that does everything for you whilst you’re sleeping. So it’s going to place your links and your offers on your tick tock audiences in masters because tick tock has got billions of followers. So there’s a massive potential for you guys to make thousands and thousands of dollars every single day, just like that, and obviously, I’m backing that with my Google Doc, with over 350 bonuses plus 100 additional mega marketing bonuses.

So you’re getting 450+ bonuses in total, which is absolutely massive, and it’s all exclusively marketed at, so go check it out.

Guys, my website is a little bit

Nosy knows a little bit more about me and how I do these videos. Why and when I do these videos, guys, so moving forward to the sales page now and uh, as we have covered the key pointers over here.

So this obviously phenomenal new app creates a monetized, auto-ranking, set-and-forget site for you guys, uh. That gets unlimited free traffic from different sources and no coding and designing, uh, no content, no writing, and no extra cost and no guesswork whatsoever. Bsl again is placed inside my bonus page as well, and you can literally watch this as well as the key benefits which you’ve already gone through for 30 days. So proceed. One is research or searching for training stories.


CreateProfitz OTO



CreateProfitz OTO Bonuses

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>> Hot Bonuses Package #2 <<

>> Hot Bonuses Package #3 <<