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crushrr OTO -There is one front And Five OTOs Links . OTO1 Is The Pro Edition , OTO2 Is the 100K Edition , OTO3  Done-For-You Edition , OTO4 Diamond Edition ,OTO5 is The  Luxury Edition. All Links And Details Bellow

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OTO1 Pro Edition =>>crushrr OTO 1

OTO2 100K Edition=>>crushrr OTO 2

OTO3 DFY Edition=>>crushrr OTO 3

OTO4 Diamond Edition=>>crushrr OTO 4

OTO5 Luxury Edition=>>crushrr OTO 5


OTO1: Pro Edition

This upgrade lets you unlock unlimited affiliate commissions and automatically find winning Amazon products to promote as an Affiliate.

OTO2 :100K Edition

This upgrades teaches youhow to make as much as $100,000 a month with Amazon FBA..

OTO3: DFY Edition

In this upgrades our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Amazon Affiliate Sales for you

OTO4 :Diamond Edition

The Reseller edition gives you the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel, keep 100% of the profits and rebrand the software with their own logo. 

As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared. 

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but they can get it for just 

OTO5: Luxury Edition

You experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience. 

Now we actually setup a funnel for you on Your hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money. 

Not only is the funnel completely setup for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials. 

We pay a lot of money to deliver this service to your customers, it is well worth it so be sure to push this one in your emails, You will be glad you did!


What Is Crushrr

see the demo


A Software That Lets You Make Amazon Affiliate Sales…
Quickly And Easily Tap Into A Multi Billion Dollar Marketplace…..
Comes Complete With Video Tutorials And More…
A Proven Software Guaranteed To Get Great Results…

Front End: Crushrr 

The front end product includes the software, video training program and case study. 

The Amazon affiliate software creates targeted Amazon Affiliate sites along with affiliate link/ banners resulting in affiliate commissions.

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Video Review For Front End Only


Weatherly here with income online review
and welcome to my crusher review what
I’d like to do in this review is have a
look at my written review head over to
the sales page and then go into the
members area and then hand you over to
the vendors who are going to give you a
demo of what pressure is all about so
what is crusher while pressure is a new
software by Billy Darr Justin okay David
Kirby and palapa Shaw it goes live on
October 24th at 9:00 a.m. EST so what is
crusher well this is an Amazon affiliate
software that’s going to create
niche-specific Amazon affiliate sites
and you’re not going to have to do any
of the work yourself it’s pretty much
all set up for you so you need to just
identify hot selling products and then
put them up onto your store and this is
a way that you can generate a really

Crushrr OTO

passive income for yourself without
having to worry about what you might
have to worry about within Amazon FBA
program where you are essentially doing
e-commerce which is another level doing
drop shipping there’s basically more
involved and there’s more investment
involved here is a way in which you can
go ahead and profit in a way with less
risk so this is my written review here
you’re welcome to go ahead and have a
look on look at it if you are on youtube
I’m going to link to my written review
so you can read this OTO s of crusher’s
so let’s talk about the one-time offers
OTO number one is the Pro Edition and
this is going to be a way you can unlock
unlimited affiliate commissions OTO
number two is the 100k edition which is
an upgrade which is going to teach you
how to make as much as a hundred
thousand dollars per month with Amazon
FBA OTO number three is the done-for-you
Edition which is an upgrade which will
deliver a double for you traffic and
Amazon affiliate sales for you go
cheering up refines the Diamond Edition
and Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
is going to give you rights to sell
pressure as your own product where you
can keep a hundred percent of the
profits OTO number six is the luxury
edition here you’re going to get a
custom funnel and here the vendors have
set up a funnel for you using their
hosting so of these which one do I
recommend well it really depends on
where you are I mean if you are just
starting out then what I might consider
is the Pro Edition and this is going to
be a way you can get unlimited
commissions essentially by finding these
Amazon products that are really in high
demand also you have if you’re a little
bit further along and you want to read
let’s say fried Amazon FBA and didn’t
have a good go at it the first time this
might be a good one to pick up OTO
number two but I will leave it to your
discretion as to which of these upgrades
to pick up so let’s go ahead and have a
look at the sales page the headline is

instantly tap into a billion dollar
marketplace for free traffic and sales
in 60 seconds Crushrr OTO
well that’s a bit of a claim there I
would say that you’re looking at more
like a couple days up to a week to start
really tapping into this and starting to
see results and then I’ll let you go
ahead and have a look at the sales page
there is quite a bit of information
that’s definitely not a blind sales page
where you can really dig in here with a
lot of the information that they give
you I also want to let you know about
the bonuses that I have for those of you
who pick up crusher through my links so
let’s go over to my bonus page and the
bonuses that I have I’m going to be
giving you five custom bonuses which are
full courses worth $87 and these are
selected specifically to help you with
crusher there are there is also going to
be four more bonuses here instant
Commission unlock
three step machines traffic siphon and
the affiliate list pro so you’re going
to get all told you’re going to get
these four and then five custom bonuses
so that’s nine bonuses now for those of
you who pick up the upgrade there are
considerably more bonuses here you’re
going to get the mega bonus package
which includes how to make two thousand
a day video training rapid google

Crushrr OTO

account creator or prestige 2020
wordpress plugins seventy sales letter
templates the IM tool kit upgrade number
two you’re gonna get a massive software
package upgrade sorry bonus number three
upgrade bonus number three you’re gonna
get ten wordpress plugins upgrade bonus
number four i’m gonna get one hundred
and sixteen background music tracks one
hundred and seventy eight high quality
stock images sixteen stock video clips
YouTube made easy video course niche
research and keyword research Facebook
live Authority high ticket authority
upgrade bonus number five a hundred
dollar a day video series upgrade bonus
number six viral Commission’s machine
upgrade bonus number seven Evergreen
Commission machine and then upgrade
bonus number eight buyer traffic funnel
so you’re getting huge value for those
of you who pick up the upgrade and even
if you don’t you’re going to be getting
an awful lot of value here with the
bonuses that I have for you as well as
these but I’ve also got more bonuses

Crushrr OTO

here which include these five bonuses
that chose them as well so you’re going
to get a bonus library which is going to
give you hundreds of products to
download and offer as bonuses in your
own promotions which is going to be
great for Amazon so you can go ahead and
add these to your bonus package bonus
number to start your business with a
software business in a box bonus number
three link supercharger software bonus
number four is complete automation tool
Pinterest bonus number five SEO and
ranking tracking tactics and you’re
going to get all of those bonuses in
addition to the other bonuses that I’ve
mentioned so let’s go ahead and have a
look at the members area okay so when
you’re inside the members area you’re
going to go to the dashboard and then
you’re going to set up campaigns and
then you’re going to want to watch this

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
demo which will give you an idea about
the steps you need to take to get your
affiliate marketing store up and running
so Pallavas gonna walk you through that
and so I’m gonna hand you over to pallab
and have him tell you about what to
expect when you’re inside the members
area hey welcome to the quicken demo all
for crusher of which is a fully
automated Amazon affiliate site enabling
you to make a passive cash from Amazon
being an affiliate for them so once you
log inside this software will be seeing
an area like this is the dashboard area
so first thing we need to do is go to
the settings inside the settings portal
need to do is add the plug-in to our
blog or website so only to do is click
on this add new and you need to add your
blog name blog URL a blog this room and
block password like I have done here
from myself okay Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
and then what you do is simply click on
this plug-in will get downloaded and
then simply upload this plug-in inside
your blog or website just by clicking on
plugins and add new as simple as that
once you do that it’s going to show it
to you inside your blogger website
that’s it it’s a one-time setup because
this is going to help us to link our
blog or website to this particular
software this is just one type
application then once it is done all you
to do is go to campaigns area
now let’s say we want to you know start
a fresh campaign you know starting from
scratch okay
so did you like a printer let’s say we
want to do a campaign for kitchen knives
okay so give your name kitchen and I
said okay it says that in unique code

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
and it says paste your code here okay so
for this particular area what we will do
will go to the as the
site of yours it can be from different
time to like UK US India doesn’t matter
depending on your country will be having
your own Amazon Associates ID in the
detailed training section I’m going to
show this show it to you that how we can
open an Amazon Associates ID for free of
cost within a few minutes so if you have
already won it’s great if you don’t have
just follow the videos it’ll be good to

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
go so inside your Amazon Associates ID
what you’re going to do we are going to
pick up the our own Amazon affiliate
link right so we can get connected for
the money we’re making so let’s say we
are going to put a keyword or we can
also do an AFI in code so let’s say we
want to pick up a kitchen knife products
so all you need to do is click on life
and click on the score so once you do
that you can see the different different
kitchen knives or Jewish people are
selling in Amazon and we can you know be
an associate with the product and get a
commission or Amazon just for doing that

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
just for recommending this product and
somebody buying this from our link we’re
not even selling the product in Amazon
but just because someone is going to buy
from holiday we’re going to get created
by Amazon so once you have done that you
can pick up any of this so let’s say I
want to pick up this one so I just click
on get link okay so once I do that
Amazon is going to give me different
options like text and image takes all
the image only and add to it just will
be selecting image only all the time and
then we are going to do ctrl a ctrl C
depending on which you’re using Mac or
Windows just copy this code then simply
come to our software just put the unique
code as let’s say you want to put knife
one Crushrr OTO
mr. Cole if you want to use multiple
images like multiple products in one
approval in a single post of yours then
you can add on the plus sign let’s say
we want to do it give it a name no f2
and we want to select another product so
all need to do is let’s go back and

Crushrr OTO
again search for knife and this time you
can select a different life let’s say
you want to select this one so again
we’ll click on get link and we do the
same thing we’ll click on image Aldi and
then we are going to simply copying this
code that’s it and paste it and then
you’re gonna click on next simple and
then is going to ask us to search for
the content now remember you don’t have
to write any content for this particular
software you’re going to simply search
your scrap the ready-made content from
the website you’re going to use it for
yourself this is how you can search
either all the way but you can search on
what place Weebly Tumblr or medium let’s
say we on a search on what place now
since you’re going to promote our knife
let’s say we all search for contently
which is related to the knife because it

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
should be congruent right so for this
example let’s not quickly select this
particular you know this particular blog
or ready-made article and then we should
be spinning just because remember you
need to use a unique content for our own
boss so it’s gonna spin the entire
content for us okay and it’s going to
give us a fresh content to us all the
time okay Crushrr OTO
just automatically down the phone do you
know change anything can do it now or
you can do it later no problem then
simply click on next then give it a post
title okay let’s say we all know your
title like best line set for your
teach it alright then we also added an
if your tax with our our articles or
contents automatically is enabled so all
I need to do is click on the generate
SEO tax into the keyword knife is gonna
automatically find rigid easier for this
simply click on use then that your
content is ready click on this pencil
sign all need to do here is insert this
code which you already have got so
insert the code the first core I won’t
insult here and you can do either left
or right this is done you can insert in
the middle also but for this example I
just insert one code in the top and the
second code at the end okay if you want
to insert you know one more code you can
do multiple no problem okay mmm and
you’re gonna save once you’ve saved it
just come down over here and click on

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
next okay select this and do save and
publish so that the content is not
automatically published to your own blog
or website you click on this arrow sign
it’s going to show it to you in my blog
and see this is a nice-looking headline
and this particular image has come you
know if a click this is my own amazon
associate leaves somebody buys from here
it’s going to give it’s going to give
credit to me the image must have also
come here and then at the end also my so
you can either put on the red or red
from side or right hand side I guess you
can see this is your own content
within a few minutes your own content
has come over here with your unique
Amazon digitally with a unique content
and you haven’t done any kind of writing
for this alright so how cool is that
now if you want to do like if I want to
use social media we’re also enabled all
social media buttons for you can share
this in facebook you know if in your own
Facebook Timeline don’t try to you know

Crushrr OTO Crushrr OTO
post too much stuff in you know in
different Facebook groups because you
put it like that so be careful about
that you can also post in Twitter you
can do Pinterest at
oh no problem you can also post it in
Lindon so we have enabled all the major
social media for this so that’s it from
this quick demo perspective of course
they have a detailed training program –
step by step you know a hand hold you
and tickle – the entire process inside
crusher so use these applications make
money and have a fun of it crusher

Crushrr OTO