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crushrr OTO -There is one front And Five OTOs Links . OTO1 Is The Pro Edition , OTO2 Is the 100K Edition , OTO3  Done-For-You Edition , OTO4 Diamond Edition ,OTO5 is The  Luxury Edition. All Links And Details Bellow

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OTO1: Pro Edition

This upgrade lets you unlock unlimited affiliate commissions and automatically find winning Amazon products to promote as an Affiliate.

OTO2 :100K Edition

This upgrades teaches youhow to make as much as $100,000 a month with Amazon FBA..

OTO3: DFY Edition

In this upgrades our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Amazon Affiliate Sales for you

OTO4 :Diamond Edition

The Reseller edition gives you the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel, keep 100% of the profits and rebrand the software with their own logo. 

As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared. 

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but they can get it for just 

OTO5: Luxury Edition

You experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience. 

Now we actually setup a funnel for you on Your hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money. 

Not only is the funnel completely setup for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials. 

We pay a lot of money to deliver this service to your customers, it is well worth it so be sure to push this one in your emails, You will be glad you did!


What Is Crushrr

see the demo


A Software That Lets You Make Amazon Affiliate Sales…
Quickly And Easily Tap Into A Multi Billion Dollar Marketplace…..
Comes Complete With Video Tutorials And More…
A Proven Software Guaranteed To Get Great Results…

Front End: Crushrr 

The front end product includes the software, video training program and case study. 

The Amazon affiliate software creates targeted Amazon Affiliate sites along with affiliate link/ banners resulting in affiliate commissions.

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Video Review For Front End Only


greetings folks it’s ashli here from Ashley

computerized comm welcome to my smasher

survey now as should be obvious here on the

screen I really approach the

within the smasher stage so I’m

going to show you in this video precisely

what it resembles inside and how to set

different things up and furthermore reveal to you more

about what the item really does as such

you’re completely educated with respect to whether you

believe it’s for you we will go

through the business page we will go

through the estimating I’m experiencing

the upsells and obviously the rewards

that I’m offering related to

your buy should you wish to

buy from me

OK however what is smasher more or less

well basically it’s an it’s an item

that has been made by for advertisers

Billy doll

David Kirby Justin alright and Paulo net

out all huge member advertisers

in the profit online space so

they’re knowledgeable and they know

precisely what they’re doing

Crushrr OTO

what’s more, basically what smasher will accomplish for

you folks it enables you to take advantage of a

multi-billion dollar industry that

industry being web based business so this is all

about offering items that are

physical items so not really

computerized items like you typically find

in the profit online space more

physical items physical items that

individuals know and love and right now has a

enormous purchaser base for it so pound will

enable you to make subsidiary sites

where individuals can find out about these

items they can feel free to buy

these items and after that when they do you

obviously get a commission from Amazon

for empowering that deal alright now when

I said that individuals don’t should be

urged to purchase these are

ordinary things that you’ll see like

cameras and TVs and vacuum cleaners all

of these sort of things that individuals

definitely know they at that point they’re mindful of

the brand and hence you don’t generally

Crushrr OTO

need to do any persuading to get them to

get it you just fundamentally need to get in

front of them and that is the place the

traffic ass

smasher comes in you have to get in

front of them with what you’re stating

about this offer or about this item

at that point they can experience to the Amazon

Commercial center and really buy and

you’ll get your bonus

so smasher is a will be a full accomplished for-you

arrangement it will go out and discover a few

hot selling online business things on Amazon

that are selling truly well at the

minute it will at that point make destinations for you

to put these items onto naturally

and afterward it will put your offshoot connect

consequently into those locales then a

truly key angle last key perspective to it

is then it will at that point go out and discover the

traffic or get the traffic to come to

your site so you’re really getting in

front of those individuals so it’s a finished

idiotic for you arrangement OK so that is

smasher more or less alright it will make

you a huge amount of cash in the event that you apply everything

effectively no doubt actually as straightforward as

that alright so if anytime in this

video you would like to get smasher you

just gotta click on my connection in the

portrayal underneath once you click on that

connect you will at that point come through to my

deals page that I’ve made here alright once

you come through to my business page you’ve

got the opportunity to tap on any of these red catches

that you see here once you click on from

one of these red catches you will come

through to the smasher deals page itself

presently when you’re on the smasher deals

page click on any of these green buns

furthermore, you’ll have the option to get the squash

of item itself and lock in the

buy through me and you’ll get all

of my rewards and I’ll go into those a

smidgen more detail down the line however

one thing to note here I simply needed to

show you actually rapidly about how you

can adapt this there so you can utilize

smasher for your own motivations and you

can do it for your own site and you

Crushrr OTO

can have your own offshoot interfaces in and

all that stuff however a truly cool method for

doing or utilizing smasher is that you can

as a matter of fact redistribute this or not re-appropriate

is that is an inappropriate one more give it

as a support of other individuals so if

somebody needs a partner site

made with partner items on all

of these Amazon Marketplace item

things you can really give that to

them out of cost obviously at an expense

utilizing the smasher programming they don’t

need to think about that and you charge

them a cost or I’ve gone on to fiber

furthermore, one thing to note smasher and fly

ever have nothing to do with one another

I’ve just clarified what pound will

do I’m simply utilizing Fiverr as a stage

to exhibit how you can make a few

cash as an afterthought with it so five over

here so you can see that this individual is

offering I will assemble web based business site

WordPress site for you for 72 pounds so

that is about $80 and that is the fundamental

level that this person is offering the

administration application and you’ll have the option to do

this with the smasher stage so that is

$80 in that spot at that point there’s another

individual here I will convey the best

Amazon partner site with best

items the most minimal level that he has is

56 pounds so that is going to be about

sixty-five dollars something to that effect

so you can see the kind of cash here

500 hot selling items you can do this

all consequently with smasher at that point

there’s another I will make Amazon

site in WordPress or as a member

site and WordPress 40 pounds so about

$50 that’s right and after that you have a premium

here 88 pounds’ it’s somewhat frantic so

you can see the kind of cash that you

can make with smasher effectively now

one thing to note here is on the off chance that you get

smasher when this goes live and

it’ll be going live on October the 24th

I do accept where are we yes I’m

thumped over the 24th at 10 a.m. est

when that goes live you will really

get the business permit included for

free and that will empower you to then go

out and offer this as an assistance to other

individuals OK so it’s trying to say I truly

needed to show you there on the grounds that you

know it’s a huge piece of your

choice on whether you think this is a

item for you so in case we’re on the deals

page here smasher in a flash tap into a

billion dollar commercial center for nothing for

free traffic and deals in 60 seconds so

cloud programming with a straightforward dashboard

this has nothing to do with Fiverr like

I said SEO Facebook Ads Shopify articles


found disconnected stuff make shocking

associate destinations improved for nothing

traffic and simple deals in 60 seconds I

mean you can experience this in all

your voluntarily however you can see

that individuals are purchasing on the web more and

more as the years pass by less and less

individuals are going into blocks and mortar

physical stores you know I’m in a great deal of

my recordings I’m stating about how online business

is ending up increasingly significant and

in case you’re not in it you should be in it

no doubt you can experience this in your

possess time as an as and when you wish however

allows simply experience the product here

genuine brisk only a note I’m going to appear

you a speedy review of what within

of the product seems as though I’m really

going to transfer a different demo video on my

channel with the goal that you can really observe a

full demo of how everything is set up

since I can’t actually do this privilege

presently with you all since it needs to

have the majority of my records signed into with

it the majority of the WordPress

the majority of the internet based life accounts all of

those things and it just wouldn’t make

sense for me to do this correct now with


so I’ll transfer a different demo video for

you folks to look at I’ll really connect

that beneath also yet in this you can

see when you sign in this is the first

page you’ll see it’s the dashboard this

will give all of you the crusades that

you’ve made in a rundown at that point we have

the settings here this is the place you’ll

put the majority of your WordPress login subtleties

to look please feel free to include your

first WordPress blog so the main thing

that you do is you proceed to tap on this

button which is the module button that

will download a compress record you unfasten that

record there be a couple of different documents inside

there and one of the key ones will be

the one that you have to transfer to the

backend of your WordPress site OK once

you put that into the over into your

WordPress site the smasher module will

be all set and after that you can log back

into this stage and get everything

set up from this is the first

practically the main catch that you

should tap on then we have

include new and this is the place you’d once

you’ve introduced that module you’ll

at that point give you a blog name your blog a

name you put the URL into

here you put in username and secret phrase of

your wordpress blog don’t stress over

that you have to place that in on the grounds that

particularly Crusher should have the option to

have total access to it to have the option to

thoroughly take care of you that it does and

at that point you clearly you to tap on spare

at that point the following spot that you’d go to is

battles now there is additionally a full demo

video within crusades on the off chance that you do

stall out so you can look at that when

you wish yet you can see here you would

get your one of a kind code and one of a kind code is

basically your slick one of a kind code for

the specific item that you need to

be advancing so what you do is you would

clearly as of now have an Amazon

member account once you sign into your

Amazon associate record you can at that point

peruse through their hundreds if not

a large number of items they have in their

item library they pick one that you

need to advance alone site

when you find that it will give you a

interesting code that you would need to glue

into here and click on next at that point so this

is for one specific item at that point you’d

discover your article and after that you would

turn and move that substance to make the

article totally novel to you and

at that point you would feel free to distribute it

onto your site now you can put

different items into one article or

you have one item for one article however

when th


Crushrr OTO