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Crypto CoinDrop OTO hello and welcome to the push button profit show episode: 19 episodes, 19. The show where we introduce you to the creators behind the make money online and internet marketing products with me today is James reno, who is bringing out crypto coin drop.

Crypto coin drop on Friday, 14th of May at 10 a.m: eastern on the warrior plus network, so tomorrow at 10 a.m, on warrior plus network. If at any point you want to pick up crypto coin drop, there’s a link just below this interview, where you can go through to the sales page to read more and see if it’s for you, James.

Welcome to the push button profit show. Hey, thanks for having me well. Thank you. So one thing I’d like to always ask people before we get into the actual product. Crypto coin drop, which is going live again on May 14th at 10.

Am is who are you and why should we trust you? What’s your story, James? Well, I’ve been in the marketing game for over 10 years now started out of need – and I started by on craigslist a long time ago, and I made an info product because I started doing really well with craigslist and that turned into an Infomercial, so I started from very from literally having nothing to do with marketing to being in front of cameras, and it was just like a skyrocket, and since then, I’ve, been really into the marketing game and created a lot of products and for The for last seven or eight years I’ve done uh a lot with cryptocurrency, so I was talking about dogecoin for example.

Crypto CoinDrop OTOs

Seven years ago, I was talking about nuts four years ago. I just had someone that emailed me two days ago from my course from 2014 had 200 000 dogecoins, and they just made 100k. So I was really proud of that, and that’s something I want to share and that – and I keep that going.

I keep letting people know about what I’m doing with Crypto CoinDrop OTO  cryptocurrency because I do believe that it is the future ,and even though I talked about it seven years ago, we are still so early on, and that’s. Why? I keep pushing crypto products to people, and that’s a neat segue actually into what we do want to talk about, say, which is the latest product, crypto coin drop, and what’s? Really interesting about it, and again anyone listening who wants to check this out.

They can click the link below you’re, basically promising to introduce people to a strategy where they can get crypto every single day with five seconds of work, and I think what I found really interesting about this – and this is not a world I Play in do you have to make this as elementary as possible when you explain what’s up here, it’s all without using any software or, interestingly any money out of pocket, and that’s.

A really interesting proposition because, as I understand it – and this is not a world – you probably need to normally when you want to mine some sort of cryptocurrency’s, understanding you need to be investing in some sort of hardware, or you need to be Investing your pound sterling or your dollar.

You need to be trading some sort of currency. You know, we could say it’s fiat money, but some sort of real-world currency into a throne. You’re, saying, gang. If you pick up crypto coin drop, I’m, going to introduce you to some sort of strategy or solution where you don’t need software, and you don.’

T need to be investing your dollar or pound sterling. Is that a fair representation of what people be introduced to absolutely, and there are so many different ways that you can get into cryptocurrency? And you mentioned some of them.

But you know, when you look at I don’t want to pick on Elon musk, and I’m not Elon Musk. Obviously, but you know he was really talking about cryptocurrency. To go back to what I talked about dogecoin, he pumped it up, and then, as of today, now that we’re doing this interview, he’s, all of a sudden hating on Cryptocurrency, and he basically tanked the market for a few hours, and I’m saying I don’t want you to be in that point where you’re, putting in all this money and you’re chasing These gains, and these and now and that’s exciting.

But then, when these losses happen, you’re, you’re, you know you’ve worked up because it’s. It’s. Your hard-earned money – and I understand that, so I talk about how I get cryptocurrency all of the time, and I’ve made a lot of money doing this particular strategy.

The same kick coin drop where I’m not using any money. Crypto CoinDrop OTO So I’m not as affected by these ups and downs because I’m playing the long game getting in early so that when and another point that’s on my sales pages, I’m not Claiming that I know all of these coins that are gonna they’re gonna crush it, and it seems like when you look at people they’re like see, I told you a month ago.

I knew that this coin was going to kick butt. It was like everybody’s, an expert I’m, not saying I’m an expert, but what I do is I accumulate these coins for free and then when it does hit. I ‘

ypto CoinDrop OTO

Ve got that portfolio that oh this one of this 15 hit, and now I’m laughing, and then i and i – and I say it really just takes one to make it happen. So again, no money out of pocket collects that cryptocurrency and then sit back and wait for those that hit; that’s really neat, and I must say you are somewhat humble.

Although you’re not a financial expert or offering any professional financial advice or anything that way, it’s not like you haven’t had your successes. I mean, with just this one strategy alone. You’ve made 62k yourself personally, but the sales page is littered with people who are taking action on the strategy that you reveal in crypto coin drop and your previous strategies.

I mean, what’s been quite fascinating. In the run-up to this launch, you’ve been peppering your emails; you’re just your front-facing sales materials with literally email conversations from people who were listening to advise.

You were giving from years ago about certain coins or taking certain positions on certain coins, um and this they’ve. Seen that come to fruition, which I think is really, really interesting – that you do have you know, you do have you haven’t just emerged out of anywhere this crypto coin drop strategy, which we won’t reveal in full.

You’ll have to pick it up through the link below to see it. Crypto CoinDrop OTO Isn’t, just something you’ve dreamt up. A week ago, you had a history of testing theses, trying new ideas, trying new platforms to do this. If I may ask, uh James now, someone listening to this, there is a perking up.

Oh, I can get in and get my own. I can get cryptocurrency for free without losing any money and without having to invest in software. The part which I find quite interesting is this, with only five seconds a day, work right.

You know that five seconds a day now, whether it’s five seconds or frankly let’s. Be honest. A few minutes, um, if maybe some of the slower viewers, myself included, want to jump in on this um – is that a is that some? What’s without revealing what it is? What’s that part of the strategy about? It’s really quite interesting that you.’

Ve actually talked about the lack of effort or lack of you know thing involved in it. What is there anything interesting? You can say about that because it’s not something you usually hear people champion whenever they propose new ideas to get cryptocurrencies, usually money savings, but not or time savings, but not effort savings there’s.

A quickness to this strategy is that fair to say, yeah, a lot of times it’s. You know. Look, I’m obviously selling your product, but when, when you a lot of times, when you talk about like a time, savings people aren’t as excited about that.

But I’m just honest with what this is. Um, there are so many different ways you can go about crypto, and that’s. Why? I have different products because there are many different strategies, but I think this is going to resonate with people not so much because of the time savings.

Although that’s huge, I think it’s great not to have to. I think your time is extremely valuable, although a lot of people don’t necessarily agree with that or do that in their own lives. But I think time savings is huge because I know I’m very busy.

Crypto CoinDrop OTO