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CryptoMint OTO


Note: Buy Front-End before OTOs to work well with you; you can buy FE or any OTOs from the “Locked links ” below


CryptoMint OTO  –  What is CryptoMint ?

The Demo


The CryptoMint Product lets you create your own 100% DONE FOR YOU, fully automated CryptoCurrency affiliate sites, and get over 60% affiliate commissions from top cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Paxful, CryptoHopper, the list.. endless!

All fully hosted, done for you content, banners to promote, and stunning design monetization, et al.!

50% LIFETIME revenue-sharing affiliate commissions from top crypto exchanges each time someone clicks your ads!


CryptoMint OTO  –  What About OTOs’ Details?

OTO1: CryptoMint Pro: $47 DS: $37

Description: Unlimited Version of CryptoMint


OTO 2: CryptoMint Done For You: $67 DS: $47

Description:With the “done for you” upgrade, you won’t have to do a single thing yourself. We will do everything literally for you!


OTO3: CryptoMint Agency: $97 DS: $67

Description: With the agency license, you can create UNLIMITED accounts, all of them with their own login details, all with all the features of CryptoMint, and you can do anything you want with them.

You could sell them for any price.
You could give them away to help grow your list.
You could use them to offer services to clients.


OTO4: CryptoMint Enterprise: $67 DS: $47

Description: With your CryptoMint Enterprise Upgrade, you get 10 Done-for-You Products to Promote, Faster Emailing, 1 on 1 VIP, Priority Support, Premium Training & More


OTO 5: CryptoMint Traffic Club: $67 DS: $47

Description: Done for You Traffic to your Crypto & ClickBank offers!

OTO 6: CryptoMint Whitelabel: $297

Description: Your Opportunity to start your own Turnkey Online Software Business, just like me!



CryptoMint OTO Bonuses


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CryptoMint OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

CryptoMint OTO Hi guys, my name is welcome to my crypto mint review. Cryptomainz is a web-based software that creates done-for-you websites, so it creates cryptocurrency websites as well as the Clickbank affiliate website, the vendor of this.

His name is Daniel, and he’s. Saying new web-based software creates a hundred percent done for your cryptocurrency and Clickbank affiliate sites in less than 60 seconds, so it says end commissions and free crypto um in a bit.

I will be taking you through to the member’s area of crypto mint, but before that, I am going to take you to my bonus page, so crypto main to be going live on the 30th of June at 10 a.m. Edt the moment it goes live, you can get on it by clicking on the link below this video that says get cryptomaint here and bonuses.

Once you click on that link, it ‘ Ll. Bring you right here to my bonus page, and once you’re on my bonus page, you can click any of those orange buttons, and that will take you through to the sales page.

When you’re on the sales page, you can be able to read more about it. Crypto means there’s a little video right here for you to um watch as well and um. You also have testimonials and really a bit more about the product, so on this product, if you do get this product through my link, you have amazing bonuses.

There’s, so many bonuses, guys um, you’ve, got CryptoMint OTO option 100 bonuses, and, if you imagine, if Urbanus costs 10 dollars – and you have about 100 between myself and the vendor, you ‘ Ve got at least ten thousand dollars worth of bonuses.

CryptoMint OTO Links AboveCryptoMint OTO

It is insane, so um you, don’t want to miss this um first, I will take you to the member’s area. So this is what the member’s area of crypto means once you get on it. You go on to the dashboard. This is the dashboard, um.

It tells you the total commission that you’ve got, your commission earnings, and your total sale if you are selling whatever is that you are selling all right. Let’s. Go on to the ClickBank search so over here you can get access to your Clickbank right from here.

You can search for the product that you want, depending on what niche you are looking to promote. So you search on the product, and once you have it, you have already um some right here for you, so you.’

Ve got some there, but um, so that you can get more. You can easily just go onto the search button. Essentially, if you have a name of a particular deal that you want to get on, so you can go on to search, and then once you get that, you’ll be able to access it.

So it gives you the sales page. All right, give me a minute: let’s, go there, so it gives you a sales page, and it says, grab deals, so you can go on the sales page to learn about the product, or you can click on grab deals, and that will take you Through to how you to where you promote with ClickBank, all you have to do is put your nickname and generate uplinks and uplink will be there for you to be able to promote the product.

Then, once you’re going to all products over here ,CryptoMint OTO, you have the one that says all, and all you have to do is if you’ve got your product from ClickBank and put it up there, you just all you have to Do is either import the product into there, or you had new products.

CryptoMint OTO  –  What About The Bonuses?

Okay, so this is the product. You look for the title: whatever the product is, the price, and your affiliate link. So this is, if you want to promote, let’s say you want to promote from jvzoo or you want to promote from warrior plus okay, so you can add all those products manually.

If you want to do that, um, then it shows you over here seller products and create. So you save your product onto the website, and this is the site right here over here. When you click on site, it gives you the setting of the theme the menu.

The pages, the sliders, and the SEO let’s, go first to the settings. Once you’re on the setting, you’ve got the general setting, and then you ‘ Ve got the location, and then you ‘ Ve got other settings.

So if you want to add your theme, color your logo, your favicon right there, okay, and then you ‘ ‘ve got your theme. You can go to your theme from here. You can choose which thing you want, um, a crypto suits shield, whichever one all you have to do is activate the theme that you want, and then if you go to the menu, you get the menu all this is going to build your site.

CryptoMint OTO  –  What About Discount?

So anything you want, you just add it from the menu. You add it from the setting of the menu. For the theme, you can decide what you want your edit menu to be. Once you look at it, you can create. You can easily create what you want.

Your other to be from um from canva um, you CryptoMint OTO can add your URL, and then you can decide your target if you want your target to be blank or top wherever you want it to be. Okay, so that is it on the menu.

So remember you ‘ Ve, got the let’s, go back to the menu so that okay, so you’ve got the edit menu, the footer, the footer center, the footer right. Whatever you want, you edit it right there, and then you.’

Ve got the pages right there, so you can add a new page. Let’s. Add a new page. This is like a page builder. You decide what your page title will be: um, let’s, say online. Mark marketing, you put your page excerpts um, you can decide what your content will be and then and then you click save, and it saves it.

Of course, you have to fill that up, and then it creates the page for you. So all this you’re gonna see at the end of it, and then you’ve got your slider, so you can decide what sliders you want.

I think there’s a slide I was created three days ago. So all you have to do is click on create a new slider, and then you create okay. All right, then, you’ve got your SEO talking about SEO. You ‘

Ve got you. If you want to use Twitter, you’ve got your Twitter title. Suppose you’ve got a site. All you have to put in your site name. Then you ‘ Ve got your canonical URL, your tags, your descriptions, all that everything about your website or where you want your site to be, and you click on update, then further down you’ve got the google analytic analytics right there, so you.’

Ve got your google analytics right there once you’ve imputed, the right things you just click on save you’ve, also got your google tag manager, so you include your tags in there and then you ‘ Ve got Facebook pixel, so if you’ve got a Facebook pixel.

All you have to do is improve that and enable it CryptoMint OTO, then save. And then, if you’ve got WhatsApp. If you want to send your site off to WhatsApp, all you have to do is put all that for your WhatsApp number and save it, and it is done so once everything is done.

CryptoMint OTO  –  What About Upsells and Upgrades?

All you have to do is then go on to your store, so it will just show you what you have created. You know you can add products, you can do physical products, you can do digital products, all that you can have on the site.

Okay, so basically, that is it, so it creates the site for you straight up. So some of the bonuses that you’ve got include traffic so that you could be able to get traffic to your website because, no matter how wonderful your crypto site is, if you don’t have traffic, it is absolutely useless.

So um, some of the bonuses that you’ve got give you um the traffic um bonuses so that you can be able to get traffic to your website so that easy, I’m gonna close this now yeah. So that is this all it looks like with the this is the member’s area? Okay, let us go back to the dashboard or something I saw earlier on.

Let me see the sides. There was a particular site that I saw, um, all right, but anyways you got the hang of it, guys, um. Let us talk about the price of this product, so the front end is 16.95, and that includes um.

Everything that you’ve seen right here includes everything that you’ve seen, so you ‘ ‘ve got the software, you’re going to be able to create your sites and all that with 16 and 95 cents for 93 cents, and then you also have the pro version.

The pro version is 47, and what that is, is you’ve, got CryptoMint OTO more advanced, um icons on your pro version, and also you are able to do more with your pro version, and that is 47, and then you ‘ Ve got that done for you.

So if you want someone, if you want a member of daniel’s team to sort you out with your site, all you have to do is pay on for the done for you, and that’s. 67, and then you’ve got the agency right at 97, and then you have the enterprise at 67.

CryptoMint OTOs  –  What is the discount?

Then you ‘ Ve got a traffic club at 67, so that’s, an extra. If you want to join the traffic club, but if you want to own this product as your own, if you want to tweak it a bit, add more to it, subtract something from it, and you want to sell it as your own.

All you have to do is pick up the white label for 297, and once you get that, you’ll be able to get access to to own the product. You’ve got the white label right for 297. We talk about some key benefits that um, I’ve lighted out, so it says you can end commissions and free cryptos, so um, instead of getting paid with dollars, you can decide to get paid with um commission um with cryptocurrencies, so that is It right there, so you can end commission and free crypto.


CryptoMint OTO

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