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Degrapvid oto – There Is One Front End And Three OTO Options . OTO1 Is The DEGRAPVID UPGRADE VERSION

OTO2 Is The Exclusive Member to Upgrade  Super Mega Bundle Video Promotion Templates & Graphic Designs . OTO3 is The Exclusive Super Bundle With PLR License


Degrapvid FE=>> Degrapvid FE
Degrapvid OTO1 Pro=>> Degrapvid OTO1
Degrapvid OTO2 Super Mega=>> Degrapvid OTO2
Degrapvid OTO3 Super Bundle=>> Degrapvid OTO3

All Details About Degrapvid OTO And Upsell

About Front End 


All-in-One “Graphic Designs and Animated Video Marketing Templates” Solutions.

DEGRAPVID is a brand new big bundle marketing solution for your customers. We created it with the goal of help you in solving marketing content creation issues.

You Well Get 

Facebook Cover Promotion Banner – 30 Designs
Instagram Promotion Banner – 30 Designs
Social Story Promotion Banner – 20 Designs
Poster/Flyer – 20 Designs
Name Card – 30 Designs
High-Converting Video Promotion – 10 Templates
Company Profile Video – 8 Templates
Instagram Video Promotion – 10 Templates
Social Story Video Promotion – 8 Templates
Logo Opener Video – 8 Templates



Facebook Cover Promotion Banner – 50 Designs
Instagram Promotion Banner – 60 Designs
Social Story Promotion Banner – 40 Designs
Poster/Flyer – 30 Designs
Name Card – 50 Designs
High-Converting Video Promotion – 16 Templates
Company Profile Video – 12 Templates
Instagram Video Promotion – 12 Templates
Social Story Video Promotion – 12 Templates
Intro & Outro Video – 10 Templates
Plus Commercial license to entire bundle

OTO2: Exclusive Member to Upgrade  Super Mega Bundle Video Promotion Templates & Graphic Designs 

Promotion Style Video – 24 Templates
Company Profile Video – 22 Templates
Instagram Video Promotions – 24 Templates
Social Story Video – 18 Templates
Intro Video – 20 Templates
Outro Video – 20 Templates
Facebook Cover Banner – 60 Designs
Instagram Banner – 90 Designs
Flyer/Poster – 60 Designs
Roll-Up Banner – 50 Designs
Commercial license to entire bundle.
Total 128+ Animated Video templates and 260+ Graphics design assets.

OTO3: Exclusive Super Bundle With PLR License 

Awesome Video Promotions – 10 Templates
Cinematic Video Style – 12 Templates
Modern Video Templates – 8 Templates
Instagram Promotion Video – 26 Templates
Company Profile Video – 20 Templates
Instagram Banner – 30 Designs
Facebook Banner – 10 Designs
Sales Materials Page, TY Page, eCover


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Review Video For Front End


TEXT From This Video

as-salaam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you oh no worry everybody this is
say that once again
another day and another product so it’s
a new product I’m just gonna do a review
it’s called big rap vid so I can see
this the eg dick wrapped vid so what is
this new product is all about it’s like
all-in-one graphic designer for
templates as well as like video like
graphics has been IC graphics just not
the normal graphics alone it’s like it’s
also are you gonna make also be the
templates you can see this all-in-one in
graphic designs animated video marketing
templates so this is not an app or
something like like a like a software
this is completely powerpoint-based one
if you know PowerPoint this is simple as
that so just you need to have PowerPoint
in your PC so you can just download
these templates and you can edit as you
want and then you can upload it wherever
you want so that’s the product and
that’s nothing you know extra but what
what special is I’ll show you inside it
the graphics are really like high-end
like what I can say like high quality
once I just tried it it’s really good
okay let me show you what it is you can
go through this one you can see is
decrepit ready to help you customer
create high quality graphic designs and
animated video marketing for online and
offline business like this could be a
very good opportunity mostly you can do
for target your local businesses or even
you know I have added a bonus mainly
start selling these services in you can

degrapvid oto degrapvid oto

degrapvid oto degrapvid oto
just go and type in you know everybody
wants logo everybody wants to liked with
the Facebook cover you know nobody is so
famous facebook covers Instagram stories
people are like you know they also
looking for all the businesses they want
somebody to do these and gives so you
know if you can do this as a service
this is really gonna be helpful so you
can see it is everything like any
anybody wine online or offline my trip
will require this one you can see this
Facebook our banner Instagram promotion
design social stories from ocean designs
poster flyer designs name card
high converting video promotion
templates that’s why I saying it’s not
just like

degrapvid oto degrapvid oto
banners alone it’s also video templates
everything in PowerPoint ok it’s not an
app so video square promotions templates
and many more so if this is something of
interest I’ll show you more this you can
click these green buttons it will take
you to that sales page and see the sales
page this is what it is let’s go to the

degrapvid oto degrapvid oto
top as you can see attention the fastest
and easiest way to marketing solution
for your business
so this is either for your business you
can use it or even you can use it as
like start selling like services to your
local companies new fresh breakthrough
and creative video or graphic templates
now you can create high converting
marketing weapons in just minutes
no need complicated software or
understand a plugin no need to buy extra
additional music nearly zero costs ok
newbie friendly just ready to replace
yeah high-quality fresh design no design
or no technical skill as what if you
know PowerPoint even if you don’t know
PowerPoint if there is a PowerPoint
software in your PC if you can open this
it is just drag-and-drop ok no Photoshop
no After Effects no additional again


degrapvid oto degrapvid oto
under person fully editable in
PowerPoint unlimited access okay you can
go through this lots of testimonials
like the reason why this is so much
important and stuff this you know you
can see this is this is how it looks ok
so what they have done is it’s not just
like one module what how you’re going to
get as you can see this Facebook the
model one is going to have Facebook then
two model two is gonna be Instagram the
model 3 switches stories model for is
post and flyers so each as like it has
its set of templates and modify is named
car designs high converting six is high
converting video promotion templates
model 7 is company profiles more delayed
is Instagram videos model nine is social
story like everything you know
as you can see anybody who is an online
entrepreneur or anybody who’s like
company who has a company online
I even offline they need to be like have
presence in these places like social
media in order to promote the business
so everything is being like covered
actually so how this product will be
delivered as you can see this I’ll show
once you purchase it this is how it’s
gonna be like this thank you for
purchasing this and stuff you’ll see
this this is how it’s gonna be mod you
look about the first module what you do
is download these ones and this is all
little bit download it and you can just
go on edit this is how it is going to
look like okay so the next one is going
to be Instagram just like that come here
download this all the Instagram will be
downloaded and it will be downloaded and
even your PC you can open it through
PowerPoint and you can edit it so same
like that for everything switch the
stories post a flyer you’ll see all like
clear images now name card designs you
can see high converting video promotion
templates so I just wanted to play this
one now you will not believe like these
are all what we call done in what I call
done in PowerPoint so if you know
PowerPoint it’s okay if not also it’s
just a matter of moving the few images
and adding your own images boy if it
suits you can have the images and you
can add your ideas onto it so that’s
what it is so the way they have done is
really really good that’s what I like
here you know you will not like people
who don’t know about it it will be if
you know PowerPoint you it’s okay you
you yourself can do it I’m not saying
you can’t do it you can’t do it but this
is like done for you package it’s given
to you just a matter of changing few
okay so just okay this is our disc so
let me show you just I just open one
thing one alone just to show you
roughing idea how it looks like so once
I download up this face book cover
design you can see this face book cover
all will be downloaded I just opened one
of them to show you you can see this
this is just to give it an idea what it
looks like this is one of them are just
moving around we just wanted to change
any of these just imagine this is what
you want to play with it you know you
don’t want this you can’t remove it you
can just you want to add something like
text just come and just swipe my pieces
bit slow so you just come
might be you know cost of your product
something like that cost so it’s just a
matter of coming in and editing few
words or few images and then you are
good to go so that’s that’s how they
have done is actually so you don’t want
this just come and remove it and you can
add your words you can contact details
you can come here you can add the change
of contact details you logo can be added
here it’s like uploaded and you’re good
to go
I’m sure you should be able to do this
it’s like go into five where people do
do charge minimum or like 10 20 30 50
dollars like depends upon the amount of
work so this is same you can do as a
service or if you go into service fiber
and check they will charge you minimum
that much you know for just one logo or
something so you can see these images
here I just want to show you know in
this you know if you just you don’t want
this just take it out add your own image
that’s it you know what I mean so other
time things I think this is what we do
you want to do share add your logo and
remove these images or you happy with
this you can stick to it or add your own
company images or something so that’s
how you’re gonna do so just fit it yeah
that’s it so you’ll see other images so
this I’m just showing one of them so
same thing for all others same videos as
well that’s the same thing so so if this
is something interests you you can get
it this is like one time you buy it and
it’s going to be there forever
whatever your serve is like you’re gonna
promote it every day in your Facebook or
Instagram you can use this so or you
want to do it as a service to other
companies you can also do that and I’ve
added they know even I would suggest
Fiverr is a good place to start with we
have concur they have like freelance so
many websites are there where they
promote these kind of services you know
minimum minimum solid they can just like
10 starting with $10 like $20 $30
depends upon how many days delivery and
stuff so it’s like ready to you you ask
just the images add it put their logo
and give it to them so that’s how easy
it is okay this is like if if if you are
already let me just remove this one
let me back good me back to the price
range you need to know what price you’re
gonna get all this for it’s going to be
a one-time fee of 17 dollars friend
tenants you can see this we get all that
what I was telling about but you can see
there’s a limit on that for 17 the price
will go up to 24
once the launch is finished so 30
designs of each 20 2013 will see these
numbers 810 so there’s some limit on the
Fenton but there is like the OTO one
there’s gonna be like more fifty sixty
forty okay so this seems we are more
like it’s up to you guys whether you’re
using it for you or using it as a
service to others then you know we can
always come back and buy this is gonna
be like 34 dollars if you can afford it
go for it if not you can always come
back and buy so no urgency in buying the
OTO so you can always come back and buy
but if you’re gonna promote it as a
service to others it is better to go for
oto so the reason is you don’t want to
be sticking to the same photos again the
same style again and again you want to
have more templates so what dear one
will be good one if you providing as a
service if you’re using it only for you
the front end will do so the next two is
audio to that is exclusive member
upgrade so per mega bundle video
promotion templates and graphic designs
so it’s like some extra again as you can
see this some extra $67 this is we’re
getting like total 128 animated video
templates and 260 graphic design it’s
like a big bundle laughing okay this is
gonna be our $67 looks like more for our
video emphases they are given like
giving more animated video templates the
next is the last one is the PLR license
exclusive super bundle for $17 awesome
media promotions temp templates
cinematic video this is again some extra
bits like with the PLR license they’re
giving it for $77 so if this is
something of interest you can get that
but if not you can just stick with the
front end if it is only for you if it is
like gonna be for as a service you can
go to the OTO so okay so if you like it
we can click these green links
to take it to the sales page and you can
buy it and these are all my affiliate
links so I do get Commission so I also
wanted to give you some good bonuses to
go with this so most people
how to make money off of this that’s
what you should be taking know so either
do you think for you it’s fine okay the
other way is you want to promote it as a
service then the best way to promote is
a services do such templates and just
like a make like a mini small videos and
promote it in Facebook so that’s the
best thing to start with
so this Facebook Ads course will help
you with that yeah this is something
it’s going to be a paid one it’s gonna
be like fifteen or twenty dollars but
this is gonna be really what the reason
is this is like a SAP software where you
can just type in like plumber in New
York or like chiropractor in Chicago so
if you give you all the phone numbers
it’s like it scraps all the details
across the website across the worldwide
web all they know and gets you all those
information so if you get those
information you can try contacting them
and you can provide the service for them
you know so this is basically getting
the leads through an app so if that’s
something interest I’ll put the reveal
video it’s up to you if you want to so
I’m not telling you and I can give you
empty number of bonuses but I want to
give you something useful which is gonna
be helpful I know it’s like it might
cost you fifteen twenty dollars but it’s
worth it okay it’s updated so I’m not
telling you both buy it just go through
remove you if you like it go for it if
that’s what you’re trying to do as a
promoting at a service if not again
stick with you know I’ve also added this
you can see this five secrets can just
stick to the fiber thing where people
come and search for you and come to you
that’s also another style okay I’ve
added this one and also added an app
which like helps you in promoting these
kind of services from your website with
eight eight plugins like eight social
sites then other than this there’s like
this is from Jono I learn three edition
traffic sources okay guys that’s it
not much you know I have added the know
something’s related to your product so
that it will help you in you know make
money out of it that’s very important
because these are all just a product the
most important is the traffic I always
say ninety percent is a traffic sorry 90
percents the traffic and ten person is a
product so always remember that you need
to master traffic that’s the lifeline so
always try to master that that’s it guys
if you liked it please click the link
below it will take you to the same speed
and you can get this product so if you
liked it please like and share and
subscribe and make sure he that then
bill notification so that I can bring
almost new products like this almost
everyday thanks a lot for time take a