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DesignBundle Local OTO

DesignBundle Local OTO – There is One Front End And Four OTOs . All links And Details Bellow

DesignBundle Local FE=>>DesignBundle Local FE

OTO1 DesignBundle Club=>>DesignBundle Local OTO1

OTO2 Traffic Bundle =>>DesignBundle Local OTO2

OTO3 Extra Kits + Software=>>DesignBundle Local OTO3

OTO4 Design Bundle Franchise “Reseller”=>>DesignBundle Local OTO4


OTO1 :DesignBundle Club

The Club Gives you:

  • Extra 1,000 design templates for you
  • Extra Ecover templates
  • Access to DFY landing page templates
  • New Monthly Templates (50 monthly new templates)
  • 1 Design Request Per Month & It Will Be Added To The Theme club. If you see any design you like. All you have to do is screenshot it, send it to us and it will be done for you and added to the club

The Pro Version that gives you access to pro features:

  • Access to graphics design illustrations
  • Access to infographic templates
  • Access to pro page builder blocks
  • Build Unlimited Websites (FE has 10 websites max)
  • 10GB extra storage
OTO2:  Traffic Bundle (Local Edition) 

12 Traffic Tools for less than the price of one + Agency License & ‘Done for you’ Agency Business Kit. A perfect complement for Design Bundle.

OTO 3 – Extra Kits + Software (Video, design, traffic) 

6 Extra ‘done for you’ branding and marketing agency kits:

Social Media Marketing Local Agency Business Kit (Worth $997)
Video Marketing – Local Agency Business Kit  (Worth $997)

Facebook Ads Local Agency Business Kit  (Worth $997)

Messenger Bot Local Agency Business Kit  (Worth $997)

Website Design Local Agency Business Kit  (Worth $997)

SEO Local Agency Business Kit + SEO software with 30 Tools  (Worth $997)
Mobile App Agency Business Kit (Worth $997)

OTO4 is Design Bundle Franchise – 

RESELLER license to a suite of 10 premium design software + done for you sales copy, sales page, VSL, email swipes, etc… Sell unlimited accounts of this mass appeal software and keep 100% of the profit.

From your reseller dashboard, you can set up your pricing and plans (lifetime or monthly subscriptions) in a few clicks. You can also connect your payment gateway for auto account creation (JVzoo, Paypal, Thrivecart, etc)

We also handle support for you so you have nothing to worry about.

What Is DesignBundle Local OTO

See The Demo

The Design Bundle is the ultimate all in one design software bundle with 10 design tools.that  Everything you will ever need to create high converting marketing designs. The local edition comes with Commercial/Agency License PLUS Website & Graphics Design Agency Kit in the FE

DesignBundle Tool #1:

Landing Page Builder

Drag and drop website and landing page creator. With this software you can create beautiful websites in minutes by adding pre-made design elements, called blocks, to the page and then edit without design or coding skills.

It comes preloaded with hundreds of blocks and professional landing page templates.

DesignBundle Tool #2:

Pixa Graphics Designer

Perfect tool for pumping out jaw-dropping designs in Just Minutes Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.

Create facebook ads, social media covers, post, ecovers, business cards, presentation covers, tshirts, memes, and many more in Just Minutes Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.

DesignBundle Tool #3:

Logo Creator

This Artificial Intelligence (A.I) powered tool allows you to create remarkable logos for your startups, businesses and ideas in minutes. It comes loaded with over 545,000 SVG icons.

Answer a few questions and the software designs a stunning logo for you. Edit, customize and bring your idea to life.

DesignBundle Tool #4:

Ecover Creator

This software helps you create stunning 3D ecover mockups for your books, software and many more in minutes.

People definitely judge products by their covers and this app will help you pump out beautiful covers in minutes. It comes loaded with 500+ beautiful cover templates.

DesignBundle Tool #5:

Mockup Creator

This software allows you to generate beautiful mockups in seconds to showcase your work, shape your idea and prove your concept.

It comes with 100+ mockup templates – laptop, desktop,ipads, watch, etc

DesignBundle Tool #6:

Scene Creator

Create beautiful desk mockup with drag and drop screens and over 300 moveable items.

Its simple: Choose a desk style, add screen, add accessories, add text, add background and export in a snap.

DesignBundle Tool #7:

Stock Explorer

This is a huge library of all sorts of royalty free Visual Content. Featuring 2 million+ Images, 10,000+ Vectors, 2,500+ HQ Clipart, 1,500+ Audio Tracks, 5,000+Video Backgrounds, 8,000+ Animated Graphics and much more.

DesignBundle Tool #8:

Flexible Images

A rich library of 15,000 high resolution images with transparent background that blends perfectly with any project.

​Higly compatible with almost all the graphic, video, web design, presentation, cloud based apps.

DesignBundle Tool #9:

eBook Creator

This software helps you to turn boring documents into beautiful and eye popping designs in minutes.

Create lead Magnets, Reports, Novels, How tos, Tutorials, Ebooks, Courses, Magazines, Journals, DIY Articles, Textbooks, Fiction, Resources, Cheatsheets, Roadmaps, etc

DesignBundle Tool #10:

Video to GIF Creator

Upload and convert video to GIF. With this online video converter you can upload your mp4, avi, WebM, flv, wmv and many other popular types of video and rich media files to turn them into high quality animated GIFs

6,000+ Professional Templates

Web Page Blocks, Ecovers, Books, Mockups, etc

100% Customizable For ANY Project

400+ Web Page Blocks

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Video Review For Front End Only


hi and welcome to deep ops living in
flip-flop life in today’s episode I’m
gonna explain the importance of you
actually branding your business online
and how you can actually generate money
from you being a freelancer as well or
you building your business from scratch
using tools right off the box like right
out of the box let’s say you just
started online or you want to start in a
new niche and you want to brand
everything you want to build then you’re
gonna have to go hire people designers
or you’re gonna spend a lot of time in
creating and designing and I’m gonna
save you a lot of time so stick around
to the end because I’m gonna share with
you two platforms you can go out and
make money using a specific software
tool called design bundle and the sign
bundle is basically 10 apps and one but
not just 10 apps is this a page builder
this is a stock Explorer go out and find
stocks videos video to give convert a
very powerful feature that you can use
in your email marketing or whatever it
is that you’re doing online with gifts
you can share on Facebook or whatever
flexible images images you can be using
for your campaigns or whatever graphic
designer where you can create images
with different just just become
everything here is with templates and
everything like a mock-up generator is
to create little backgrounds where you
can and it’s like a mock-up template of
things like for example to what you
seeing right here you can add your
details in the white places okay the
white areas book designer you can create
a book from here scene creator you can
have a green screen with scenes in the
background they can be using Ecover
creators for books that you might be
creating book covers you’ve seen it a
lot and you see it under the my links
and the review the different boxes that
I’ve created for the bonuses that I’m
offering you DesignBundle Local OTO
they’re all there logo creator where you
can create your own logos through this
thing so if you want to start a new
niche or a new business online you come
here start with your logo then create
your you know just find whatever it is
that is related to you build the website
through the DesignBundle Local OTO

DesignBundle Local OTO

landing page creator that they have
built in for you this is a huge feature
when you just come here create your site
with blocks and drag-and-drop it doesn’t
get easier than this in any template
that you want it’s really cool because
playing around with it I saw that
they’ve got everything set up for me
like really easily and so I can choose
from so I could choose any of these
templates right to get started and then
you can start building this so for
example this will be the top part of my
website then add a new block and then
come down and maybe I’m gonna choose
this one right here and then you just
edit the information in there move it
drag and drop up below whatever it’s got
all the stuff that a proper landing page
builder would have and it’s really easy
to play around with and you know change
things around or whatever it is that you
don’t okay so this is one of the biggest
features in here it’s got it it’s got

DesignBundle Local OTO

its own landing page creator all right
and and really the rest of the stuff
that’s in here is pretty much
self-explanatory on what you can do so
you can come here and let me put another
test okay this is gonna save me a lot of
time it’s gonna save you a lot of time a
lot of money and then it’s stick around
to the end is I’m gonna share with you
where you can find and make money using
these things all right so you got like
you can start from the templates that
they have for you the categories you can
see that it’s covering every single
thing that you want to do it was pretty
awesome and say you have a YouTube
channel you can come here and create
your own little banner and things and
it’s all done with drag-and-drop again
very easy for the newbie for whatever
alright and there’s got templates here
then you can be using for everything
that you want to do online all right now
now how can you make money from this you
know like seriously well what do you
think that there are freelance websites
out there DesignBundle Local OTO

for example if again I’ve done a lot of
training on this with upward is one of
the platforms you can go out there
you can sell your services with things
that are already done for you all you
have to do is play around with the word
ring wording and everything like that
now understand one thing I’ve been
signed up to up work from day one and
this is what got me and landed me money
in the first month of me getting on here
I acted like I was a professional social
media consultant acted because I was
learning at the same time and creating
whatever it was that I was creating on
the side if we go back 2012 I don’t know
what the hell’s going on I was learning
as you are learning right now so it’s
it’s not something hard to do it just
come here and build your profile and
make it seem like you know what you’re
talking about you probably bought a lot
of training courses DesignBundle Local OTO

software and tools that you have on the
side that you can actually use that to
your advantage with stuff that people
looking for here okay
I want like let’s say fine jobs DesignBundle Local OTO

DesignBundle Local OTO

graphic designer okay you know what let
me put video to give I’m just curious if
there’s anything that has to do with
this job description okay neat website
stock gives videos we’re hiring a video
whatever this is this is ridiculous okay
people don’t know about tools and
software’s so they don’t want to go out
and do it so they want okay and it’s a
very short video the goal of this kind
of Maverick gave them on social media
450 videos with three actors okay this
is using actors as well okay forget this
let’s find something else okay animated
illustrations need someone long term to
create videos for social media explainer
videos short gifts we’re looking for
images video gifts okay
as little I don’t like the pricing on
this one
so no vlog editor for channels
thumbnails and gifts preferred this is
one this is just giving you an example
of what people looking Videocon okay
here’s another one website creation okay
this is like the next biggest thing you
can make money brand website design web
design a website taking elements from
blah blah blah blah blah glaze will be
done with WordPress let me know okay I’m
looking for okay so you get the point
logo design and creation okay these
people are gonna pay money for you to go
out and create a logo using this the
tool and you have inside your design
button alright so let’s go to the logo
creator it and then we get the
information of what they want and then
we just go ahead and start creating or
we’re gonna put the company and create a
logo for it
okay so let’s get started choose a
category this is an example of how this
works travel I’m just giving in a
limitless traveling okay let me just
create so what it’s gonna do is like
it’s gonna let me choose from colors as
you can see right here very
self-explanatory very easy to create
just drag-and-drop look it just created
a logo using a suitcase because it’s in
the travel niche okay you can play
around with the different options sizes
maybe the you know just play around with
this and then you get your logo created
okay I’m not going to go through you
know everything but you can see that
it’s all here then you can create and
send it over to your to your client okay
this is what this is all about but also
for years
all right so this is one platform you
can be using really easily or then you
can head over to fiber and actually find
all these designs and video creations
and gifts give okay I’m just gonna do
this fiber is huge so I would create
gifts for your Instagram 37 and we
create custom gives stickers
33 all you have to do is come here and
create yourself an account and create
gigs for you to get started online as a
social media consultant I don’t do this
I don’t do gigs anymore I don’t I don’t
I don’t go to upward looking for jobs
and I’ve got a steady income coming in
from the income sources that I’ve built
online and I wouldn’t have done it if I
didn’t brand myself the way that are
branded every single thing that I’ve
done online okay every website that I’ve
had online has a brand as a logo has
gifts has everything that I’ve been
explaining on what you’re going to be
doing with this design bundle you’re not
gonna find elsewhere with everything
inside and good quality stuff not just
PS crappy templates or whatever these
are really powerful for you to go out
there and use book designers Ecover
creators these come in so handy in
whatever you’re doing online if you
create bonuses I can create bonuses
blocks and you know and we rebrand other
offers bonuses whatever it’s all here
okay you can actually come and create
whatever it is that you want to create
through this book creation you want to
sell another way that you can actually
create a book is actually create a book
and actually sell it on Amazon just like
I’ve gotta I’ve actually got a book on
there that’s live right now on Amazon
Kindle ok it’s live alright this is mine
it’s something I created them easily so
this thing that you’re getting here is
is really a alright design bundle is
really something that you need to have
in your business you can ask me but why
should I
well this is what you need if you
haven’t even started yet this is what
you want to have if you haven’t have it
yet you’re gonna be going to all these
different areas to actually do this okay
there’s gonna be a landing page cream
that you have to create you have to go
forward to find the stock photos that
you need you need to find another video
– jiff creator this flexible images you
go so there’s all these things that
you’re just gonna have to go and find
and do yourself and it’s not it’s not
cool okay so these are the things all in
one cannon one it doesn’t get better
than the deal that you’re getting right
here now because this is so powerful
this is so helpful I need you to click
the links below and come and read what
it’s really about what you’re getting
actually getting but I’m also offering
you bonuses then you can’t miss okay
stick around because check this out I’ve
got two exclusive VIP bonuses that are
gone alright
they are two hundred and twenty done for
you local video templates then you can
actually come and check out templates
some of these templates right here
alright you’re gonna see how powerful
this is just by itself once you come and
see the bonuses you can see exactly what
these the quality of these videos are
all right there’s gonna get more website
and graphics that you can be using as
well okay these are the two most
powerful exclusive bonuses that I have
for you but then I’m not leaving it out
there I went out there and found you
software and tools to help you maximize
your results you can check out all these
bonuses right under my legs right now
please take your time to look at these
these are high quality software that you
would want to use okay even an IG
Automator then you’re gonna be growing
up your Instagram account on autopilot
all these software are working right now
okay and there are powerful I mean these
are your bonuses you’re gonna be getting
inside your members area of design
bundle check out the actual demo so how
you can actually how this works the
whole thing and then come and click the
get instant access now sorry this is a
bundle again that I wouldn’t miss if I
was starting off as an affiliate
marketer or anything that you’re doing
online you’re gonna want to use this or
even a freelancer where you can make
extra money by giving services that are
done for you and they’re all found
inside this cloud based software that
you have everything for you right here
now before I go because I totally forgot
about this I’m also gonna give you
access to my passion fuse and the reason
why I’m doing this because with the
design bundle you’re gonna be able to go
out and create your own product and sell
it in the marketplace that I’m teaching
you how to do it in passion fuse but
with using design bundle all in one
you’re gonna build it from there right
to whatever you I mean it doesn’t get
better than this in terms of creating
your own asset online and it’s very
important that you have the tools to do
it and help you to do it okay so design
bundle together with my passion fuse
you’re ready to go and plus the rest of
the bonuses that I mentioned earlier are
gonna be perfect for whatever it is that
you’re doing online okay seriously take
take my advice and pick up design bundle
you’re getting a lot of value on your
plate you really want this this is
something that you’ll be using a hundred
percent guaranteed and you’re gonna be
saving a lot money a lot of money and a
lot of time and a lot of hassle you’re
gonna have everything from one back end
where you can do all your work from
there and then plus the training that
you’re gonna be getting and plus my
coaching training that you’re getting be
getting M plus these software tools that
I mentioned earlier as a way to go there
get you’re getting a lot of value for
just whatever you picking up today with
this unbundle local edition okay thank
you and I hope you comment below
subscribe like
and hit that Bell notification button so
you get more of these cool videos and
promos and training to help you in your
business online make sure you comment
below and challenge me if you have any
questions about this specific software
which is basically the designer bundle
that the designer bundle local Edition
that I just shared with you a minute ago
right now I was actually building
website okay so this is what you’re
getting and the 10 things that are
inside are all here the design you’re
going to get a landing page creator
which is also a website builder you’re
going to get a graphics designer a logo
creator Ecover creator mock-up creator
scene creator stock explorer flexible
images where you can use them for your
backgrounds without you know they’re
like transparent with a transparent
background ebook creator create your
books Salamone amazon video to give
creator awesome tool to use for your
email campaigns or other social media
sharing for it to go viral etc very
powerful as well take any video and
create it into gifts and and plus all
the bonuses like I said etc this is
launching actually in a 29th of October
at 11:00 a.m. Eastern make sure you come
back then click my links get all the
bonuses and the passion fuse them be
allowing you to create a product from 0
and using this design bundle thank you
and I’ll talk to you inside

DesignBundle Local OTO