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It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End ==>DFYHero2.0  FE

OTO1 ==>DFY Hero 2.0 Templates Group

OTO2 ==>Agency Startup Kit 

OTO3 ==>Resellers License


DFY Hero 2.0 OTO

OTO1 ==>DFY Hero 2.0 Templates Group

Our team of professional designers and marketers will add an extra 10 templates, plus create an additional 10 templates every month available right inside your DFY Hero Template Library.

PLUS: All of their websites will be upgraded to allow them unlimited use of pro-only features. 

OTO2 ==>Agency Startup Kit 

Agency License and Monetization Training & Agency Startup Kit. Includes ability to create sub accounts. A full-blown training by the creators and marketing experts to show the best way to monetize the DFY websites, pages and blogs.

OTO3 ==>Resellers License



DFYHero 2.0 OTO

What is DFYHero ?

The Demo

DFY Hero is a SaaS platform with over 100 completely Done For You websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores and blogs that members can simply import, edit, and even sell to their clients or use for themselves.

No hosting or even domain name needed. It is created to help struggling newbies easily and quickly get started online selling website services to their clients OR help them quickly import, edit, and publish their own business website, squeeze pages, blogs, etc without needing to spend on a hosting account.

The seasoned marketers also stand to make quick money offering these services to their clients and a premium fee and banking BIG.

With DFY Hero members will be able to create UNLIMITED stunning websites without writing a single line of code and without hiring expensive designers.



Video review for front End Only

Text from this video

[Music] when offenders in this globe up right here as well as make sites that all should fear as well as honestly no who see or listen to the cry rises from much and also near 40 my hero Spears and also our company believe mightier than wix’s make understandings that have all the tricks is my hero among the city’s most modest and also lovable personalities was video clip individual and that’s exactly how you add video clip to your brand-new internet site thanks video clip individual your modest as well as lovable bless you sir little did anyone know whenever there was a cry for help aid video person ended up being in real life dfy hero okay so if you prepare to be a dfy hero well after that all you have to do is jump in on this incredible brand-new product the suggestion behind this is that

you will certainly have the ability to produce sites extremely rapidly and also quickly making use of some fantastic layouts as well as you won’t be stuck in you understand a few of the page contractors that do not do complete websites or some of the other ones that just do not provide you much control so for example you know a great deal of individuals use Wix well it’s a fantastic means to get started but you’re not gon na get a lots of control over your website and your SEO as well as whatnot and this here with dfy hero you’re going to have complete control over your site and also you’re going to get it held for you too now let me show you specifically what that indicates so we’re right here generally hero control panel here as well as you can see we’ve obtained the residence location which has my sites and also include new website and then down below you have actually got y.

our various other info including tutorials down here which of course is very essential now what you need to do when you enter below obviously is enjoy some of those tutorials have a look at assistance if you require it sign up with the Facebook neighborhood as well as certainly grab your bonuses and also when you prepare to begin building a website well you can come in right here as well as hit add brand-new website when you do this it’s going to bring you right here where you can consider every one of the different themes that they have below which are going to assist you to make all type of sites so if you’re not a website builder this is mosting likely to be a chance to make all sort of various websites you can do company sites this portfolio sites creative websites regional organisations which clearly will allow for a lot of us medical sites blog site websites press web pages sales web pages ecommerce pages education and learning and also local solutions once again something that we will most likely be extremely thinking about because we’re all local heroes in addition to dfy heroes and so allow’s take a look at some of these right here so I’m gon na click local organisation so you can see these and have a look at this starts off right.

here electronic agency done for you grow there you go that’s the first point you’re gon na want to do is make a digital agency site so not only will you be able to make sites that you can sell by being a dfy hero to local businesses yet you can develop your own hero site right below and obtain that going you have actually obtained a high-end realty you’ve got IT programs you’ve got health and fitness studios you’ve got event monitoring health facility salons restaurants very little design you obtained cake manufacturer you’ve obtained crypto specialist you obtained a dance company you have actually obtained a deejay you’ve got hauling solutions meat dining establishments you have actually obtained plumbing you got service events you have actually got swimming pool companies you have actually got nature parks you obtained wedding event invites you have actually obtained health club as well as health and fitness you’ve obtained extra restaurants you’ve obtained residential and industrial cleaning you’ve got florists you have actually obtained yoga trainers you obtained DJs you have actually got individual diet professionals hair salons Italian dining establishments DJs once more charity agencies nonprofit organizations.

make-up artists health and fitness as well as training once again as well as medspa agency boom every one of that appropriate inside of below so if you wished to use any of these for example let’s state we wanted to do a deluxe real estate you can start off by checking out that template alright and then we’ll just make this a little bigger here I’m not utilizing a normal web browser so I excuse that okay so below is the website and check out this I imply just how gorgeous is that and all you’re gon na need to do is enter and also change this most of the stuff is already below for you ready to go and once again this is a full website so it’s not simply you understand a really simple little opt-in web page or anything like that you have actually obtained a complete site below and if you wish to make use of that you can utilize that clicking there I’m mosting likely to shut this one for now as well as if we wish to utilize this I’m gon na strike select so that it opens in our primary web page right here and once more I’m not making use of a typical internet browser so I say sorry that it’s a little clunkier than a traditional one so we’re gon na come in right here currently this is where by the way you can use the dfy hero com subdirectory if you want you can likewise bring in your very own domain so if you have a domain that you intend to use you can bring that in but also for currently you can just make use of the dfy hero one so for instance I’m gon na put Ray’s real estate fine something like that the website title.

is mosting likely to be Ray’s property and also the site language is English so I’m mosting likely to include that site in okay so now that’s going to take us back to our control panel present moment we’re mosting likely to strike check out for our website that we simply created and also in simply a second that’s mosting likely to open it up okay as well as there you see our website currently you’ll observe up right here we’ve obtained some options you’ve obtained your sites where you can go back to your different websites below you have actually got Ray’s real estate we can look at the dashboard as well as the styles which you do not truly intend to mess with that today you can likewise tailor however we’re gon na do is we’re gon na look at below to edit with Elementor and also we’re gon na click.

that all right and that’s mosting likely to open our page within Elementor as well as this is where you’re mosting likely to make all of your modifications so if you intend to transform any of this stuff you can be found in below and do it it’s really simple for example possibly this is no more a summer season sanctuary maybe it’s a winter season shelter so we’re gon na change that to winter season all right therefore now we’ve got a winter months shelter as well as you know what perhaps it’s not really luxury possibly it’s you know cheap citizens that recognizes however you can be available in as well as you can make those modifications really extremely swiftly and also really quickly and also as we undergo right here you’ll notice that it in fact reveals you the computer animations although you remain in the editing and enhancing version the web page so we can come in here and also you know this claims a sunny terrorist house we’re going to claim raze residential properties ok so again any one of this can be changed we can transform our pictures you can pick a various image right from inside of below you can select the sort of image that you desire you can caption the photo if you want to ok all of these points can be done ideal inside here extremely swiftly as well as really quickly all you have to do is jump in here and begin making your modifications and also once you do that you’ll have the ability to conserve your page out right here now you can likewise go into your designs as well as you can transform several of the various styles that are in right here for example if you wanted to transform the width the width of points you can do that right in here let’s decrease below we’re gon na select our photo here alright so we’ve got this one now we can be available in.

below and we could transform the style of this if we wished to as you can see fine max size group you can come in below and you can transform the opacity of that if you wanted to so every one of these things can be done right from in right here you can alter the distance if you desire on this if you wished to have like you know rather than a squared edge possibly you intend to have a rounded side you come in here and you can do that so we’ll up that to something significant so we can see it fine there we go we can start to see just how rounded that gets to ensure that’s something that you can do in right here all of this done from an extremely simple editor click any of these paragraphs you can be found in below as well as you can change points possibly you require to strong the fact that it’s sunny even though it’s a wintertime trip you recognize you can be available in here as well as do that you have actually also got a sophisticated area this is where you can include things like margins as well as you know right now you have actually got you recognize a particular margin here yet maybe you wish to alter that so perhaps on the right-hand man side you want to have a slightly various margin you can do that it’s not really gon na most likely change anything cuz there’s nothing to the right of that yet if we can be found in below as well as we transform this to the left you can sort of see the margin altering here a little bit on that particular alright that’s all done right from inside these below now you have actually obtained various things in right here you’ve got your Advanced Settings right here where you can change things with what’s called jet which offers you some methods and also motion results that you can do so you can use parallax effects you can utilize a tooltip impact you can come in right here you can do motion results all right so you can do you know for example we can come in below and also we can do like a discolor in fine and so you can see that text currently fades in all of that developed right into right here extremely simple you can alter it to a fast or sluggish computer animation which chooses these below like if we click on this and also we concern advanced we’re.

gon na see that there’s currently some things that are contributed to this one right here as well as we can change any of this if we wish to so you can make it sticky you can see it’s readied to fade in right we could come in as well as we can do discolor in left alright very simple to transform those fade in right we can do zooming there’s all sorts of different ones you can do let’s do jumping from ideal Boop there you go you can do that right from in below really extremely awesome stuff light speed boom take a look at that whoo crazy stuff okay you can be found in here and also you can transform your history types you can come in right here as well as you can alter your boundaries if you want to there is no border on this now however you might change that to have a border you can change positioning all right you can be found in and also select whether it’s receptive do you intend to hide this on the desktop so if you wished to hide that now on when somebody is on a desktop computer they’re not gon na see that picture sometimes you might intend to simply hide things on mobile since possibly you’ve got a photo that truly does not you understand it aids right here due to the fact that it’s to the side of this yet if you were considering it in mobile maybe it doesn’t make good sense to have this picture because it’s just gon na take up room when people are scrolling so you might make that go away on mobile so when people are considering it mobile they will not see that fine a lot of various things you can do that you can tinker the attributes here and also you can tinker custom-made CSS I’m not gon na touch that stuff because it is well beyond my level of proficiency to mess with CSS yet you can do custom CSS if you’re inclined to do so yet all of these change is very extremely simple to make as well as certainly you’ve obtained your top banner below your food selection and also if we click that you’ll see that it’s going to.

open that up individually since that’s going to be part of the things that are on all of your web pages so if you’re going to tinker that it’s gon na be on every one of them so you wish to see to it that when you change that it’s going to change in all of your pages in it to ensure that’s going to do that separately as well as if we intend to make some modifications to this we can so we can come in right here as well as I do not understand perhaps we intend to Oh we’ll alter a couple of things in below so we’ve got the main menu and that’s the only one that we have you’ve obtained a straight layout you can make an upright format however most likely doesn’t make a lot of sense for this set right here so we’re gon na maintain it as a straight okay as well as you can come in here as well as you can transform this the drop-down symbol if you desire no we don’t have any type of dropdowns in this so.

it does not really matter however we can pick one if we wish to right here now it’s obtained angle however you understand we do not require to we do not have any type of drop-down so it doesn’t matter with this one now you can enable a mobile trigger you can alter the placement for mobile here fine today it’s readied to the right you can alter your icons and you can have it slide from the right side and also make several of those adjustments if you want to and that’s exactly how you miss out on with your food selections if you wish to get back to your major page by the way you simply return to the tab and you can enter below as well as you can remain to work on your web page so as you can see extremely very simple and with every one of those truly amazing themes you can do some fantastic points with this you can absolutely be a hero to local businesses or to services that need a landing page or whatever it is you’re going to develop with this since you’ve got the regional business stuff you’ve got corporate stuff you’ve obtained regional solutions you have actually got capture web pages that you can develop every one of those different things in one plan that really any person can do you saw just how very easy it was to come in right here as well as just make these changes and after that as soon as you’re done you just save this.

out as well as you’re ready to go and grow you’ve obtained this beautiful website that you can reverse and sell to regional companies now you intend to discover even more concerning this well check down below here on this page since we’re mosting likely to have some more details regarding it how it functions as well as naturally you can go back and you can check their page by clicking the link down listed below that’s mosting likely to provide you a lot more details probably a lot more than I can even tell you because I’m still new at this as well once you enter here and also you start to learn this you’re gon na be able to do all sorts of truly great points with dfy hero so highly suggest you examine it out become a hero today since there’s no demand to be afraid dfy hero is below you.

DFYhero 2 OTO