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DFY Profit Suite OTO

DFY Profit Suite OTO – There Is One Front End And Three OTOs Options.All Links And Details Bellow


DFY Profit Suite  FE=>>DFY Profit Suite FE

OTO1 Pro Version=>>DFY Profit Suite OTO1

OTO2 Template Club=>>DFY Profit Suite OTO2

OTO3 Reseller=>>DFY Profit Suite OTO3


OTO Pro Version

You Well get 

  • 100 DFY Pro user only stunning websites
  • 1000+ Pre written articles in multiple niches
  • Responsive website builder for advanced customization
  • SSL certificate
  • Live chat and ticketing system
  • Fully SEO optimized sites
  • Lead capturing and nurturing system
  • Email newsletter system
  • Contact us pages and forms
  • 50 more fasteye templates
  • Team management feature
  • Custom domain feature
  • Viddygenie commercial license
  • Unlimited video creations
  • And a lot more…


OTO2 :Template Club

You Well Get

  • Agency License
  • 10 Templates per month
  • 5000+ royalty free stock images 
  • 25+ powerpoint templates
OTO3 : Reseller

Reseller License


What’s DFY Profit Suite?

DFY Profit Suite isa  premium collection of over 120 ready made blogs And websites in 12 lucrative niches solves the problem of Niche or market selection, product creation, blog creation, article writing, and Website creation.

You Well Get With Front end


  • 50+ DFY Blogs in hottest niches
  • Super Smooth Drag and Drop Page Editor
  • Over 50+ Templates to choose from
  • Pre-loaded with High Converting Content
  • Completely Cloud Hosted
  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Simple yet Powerful Dashbaord
  • A-Z Video Tutorials 
  • Complete Adsense Training
  • Lifetime Access to Fasteye Pages
  • Lifetime Access to ViddyGenie
  • Commercial License

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Video Review For Front End Only


hello what is up everyone this is Robin

Palmer and welcome to my Dunn’s for you

or on the other hand the F Y suite survey so when a couple

of works what is this item about

well essentially this is a cloud-based application

that is going to construct backlinks on

mechanization for you now for what reason do you need

backlinks in light of the fact that that is the primary concern

or then again key to and she’s positioned on Google now

a few concerns is this application

all things considered carrying excellent connects to

you I’m demonstrating that in only a

couple of minutes now another

thing an issue on the off chance that you were going to do

this physically it can take you know a

long time to develop those connections to

your recordings to your blog and so on OK now

the other issue is the value the expense

of getting you know top notch joins

or then again backlinks no I’m going to show you here

at genuine for instance you can see the

various administrations they have here and

you recognize what you can see here that just

for this situation for instance the fundamental entryway

here for five in addition to thousand Rd specialty

that is from genuine locales and you can see

can get really costly here is another

each other in genuine gig and you can see

it can get you know quite lovely

costly here anyplace around 400 to

600 dollars now so that is the explanation

behind this application is going to spare you

times can help you know set aside cash

also simultaneously as they get you

know top notch backlinks no the first

thing before we go into the genuine

dashboard of this I need to show you my

rewards here now before that I need you

to recollect that there’s a period in here

on my reward page and you’re going to discover

that beneath this video alright so once this

time I hit 0 my rewards are going to

lapse now you can tap on any of these

orange catch here catches here to get

access to the genuine deals page that

it would appear that this presently I’m going to peruse

the feature to you it says tired of

utilizing convoluted programming to

get results get free focused by

traffic in 48 hours or less by

utilizing the intensity of our new high

quality accomplished for-you social syndication

framework OK so it peruses here 100% done

for you syndication framework no product

to download or learn zero social record

creation required on your part

no CAPTCHAs or intermediaries to manage

several social and wiki connections assembled

for you so this is really something

that I saw that this product

as a matter of fact assembles you wiki connections and you

know excellent connections which is

all things considered something extremely extraordinary alright at this point

you can present any URL for syndication

office X is incorporated for a constrained

time OK so what’s your opinion about the

feature do I believe it’s you know hello

Pete what about the cases well my

sentiment is this really works

entirely quite well and the explanation behind

that I’m going to give you that in only a

minute so you can see it for yourself so

you can see this is really something

for you or not however before that how about we

talk about the rewards so the first

reward here is something that no one else

is offering to you this is elite to

me and just in the event that you simply prefer to pick

this up through the connection beneath this

video OK you can likewise leave your

remarks in the remark area in the event that you

need to do that on the off chance that you have any

questions I’m going to be glad to get back

to you OK presently stop and think for a minute if in

this cloud-based application and the mentor

they give you they’re going to cover

everything that is identified with positioning on

be that as it may, they’re not covering how to rank on

YouTube so imagine a scenario where you couldn’t as it were.

rank on Google yet additionally on YouTube alright

so you can envision the aftereffects of that

OK so you can take a gander at that underneath as my

reward page and I have included here my

rewards and for this particular reward I

haven’t have incorporated a portion of the

results that we’re getting from utilizing

our very own preparation OK so you’re most certainly not

going to go anyplace else alright you

can look around you’re going to see that

this is really the best reward for this

item alright now the reward number

this is three privileged insights to rank another site

on Google without any preparation so we’re most certainly not

discussing you know individuals that

as of now have an expert on line of

individuals that as of now have a nearness

online we’re discussing somebody that

truly you know are simply beginning on the web

that may be you alright so in that

case how might you do how might you go

going to rank your site or destinations well

this is a reward clarifying it is a video

instructional exercises yet clarifying precisely what

you need to concentrate on OK so these are

three privileged insights we’re going to assist you with positioning

your new blog or your new website from

fix simply beginning on alright so

this will be you know incredibly

supportive together with this application now the

reward number three is my rundown of best

high ticket subsidiary items and

online classes alright so when I talk about the

partner items and online courses I’m

discussing high ticket items

that you can really use to you know

advance them advance these items and

win high ticket offshoot commissions

presently envision consolidating this with getting

high top rankings top rankings on Google

presently the following reward is the reward number

four this is my best changing over

partner layouts and it’s going to

incorporate that is well here this is based

upon my very own exploration and experience

things that really work simply plug and

play the reward number five is my best

changing over audit recordings so what does it

mean for you this implies you’re

going to get my best changing over survey

recordings you can utilize those as though they were

your own association let me give you how

you can gain admittance to those I’m going to

give you access to those recordings and you

can transfer those recordings to your recordings

channel you can utilize them with your online journals

etc in addition to I’m going to incorporate the

rewards too for you know these

changing over best changing over rewards so

these are likewise my best changing over

rewards alright these accompanies giveaway

rights the reward number seven is my


format to use for selling dfy suite as

a help so this is the opposite side of

utilizing this cloud-based application you can

all things considered utilize this for your own business

or on the other hand you could utilize this as a help to

sell you realize this is an assistance to

individuals that need to rank their locales on

Google I’m going to show you precisely a gig

format that you can use here thus

accomplished for you too this is the following

reward here the reward number 8 is what to

complete customers for your for you sweet

administration I’m demonstrating that as

well and afterward we have all the merchant

rewards and as should be obvious here I’m

going to show you these rewards here and

essentially what you get and these are the

rewards that that we other subsidiary are

offering to you alright so yet I don’t need

it to pass up these alright so

fundamentally here the main reward from the

merchant is the office writes to the dfy

suite so fundamentally you get organization rights

from the front final result when you get

this item and you get this reward as

well the reward number two is the watchword

bootcamp preparing alright the reward number

three is the like customer fascination

reward preparing the reward number four is

the ideal advancement diagram the

slug number five is the hands-on live

instructional courses were accomplished for you or

TF wine suite so these are the rewards

from the seller alright so you can stop the

video on the off chance that you need to do you know have a

look more intensive take a gander at those rewards now

how about we head over to the real in you

know the real application to perceive how it functions

what it looks like and as should be obvious

here I’m inside the dashboard and this

is fundamentally a bird’s-eye perspective on the

you know the total application you have the

credits here and when we talk about

credits fundamentally this is something

you’re going to get credits to really utilize

this administration and you’re going to have the option to

get that as a piece of the OP so I’m

going to give you that in one minute yet

essentially to utilize this framework it works

with a credit based framework OK so


the warmth it really is I’m going to

give you that in one minute however you

can see you know the crusades the

crusades posting the day here the

normal connections bill every month and you

realize you can see the most recent exercises

here like the new battle included

battle finished credits included how

much your credits parity is, etc

OK so that is fundamentally on the off chance that they have

some more instructional exercises here in this segment

I like the video instructional exercise since it’s

you know basic and simple to

see so in the event that you know you’re simply

beginning with this is really

easy to see alright another

thing that I liked is that you know

with a great deal of programming’s applications out there

you need you know I’m API key and you

realize you need to make various social

media Facebook accounts, etc that

you know can undoubtedly get prohibited now that

is the one thing that I loved about

this that you really needn’t bother with any of

that stuff and the explanation behind that I’m

demonstrating that in one minute

here in the event that we head toward battles here you

can see there’s as of now a few battles

here however we should concentrate on making another

battle here fundamentally exactly what you do

here is you embed your crusade name

presently I’m going to utilize one of the recordings

or on the other hand the items that I did yesterday

as a matter of fact and this is called I uninvolved

OK so fundamentally what you do here you

put the name here and afterward in the following

area here what you need to do you

need to embed your YouTube video url or

your blog URL now you need to make certain to

embed the full URL including the HTTP

alright I’m going to utilize one of my own recordings

here I’m going to go to salary needle mode

I’m going to go to youtube and I’m going to

utilize my very own video for this current how about we see here

type inactive with you and I’m going to duplicate

the connection to this video and afterward I got

embedded here

so as should be obvious here you can in the event that you

need to you can include various adaptations of

your YouTube video OK then for the

catchphrases here for this you know this

explicit model I’m simply going to utilize

a couple of alright so I’m going to do I


DFY Profit Suite OTO


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