DFY Video Agency OTO – Links OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 Here Big Discount Now For You

DFY Video Agency OTO – 1,2,3,4 – There IS Two Front End And Four OTOs Options. The DFY Video Agency OTO 1 Is The WhiteLabel Version , OTO2 IS The Templates Club , OTO3 Is The Unlimited Vesrsion , OTO4 IS The Speaq Reseller All Links And Details Bellow.

DFY Video Agency OTO

DFY Video Agency OTO

DFY Video Agency FE=>>DFY Video Agency FE

OTO1 WhiteLabel=>>DFY Video Agency OTO1

OTO2 Templates Club=>>DFY Video Agency OTO2

OTO3 Unlimited =>>DFY Video Agency OTO3

OTO4 Speaq Reseller=>>DFY Video Agency OTO4


OTO1 :WhiteLabe

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
All 3 Sales Pages Included
All 3 Sales Videos Included
Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand

OTO2 :Templates Club

Extra 700 video templates for all 3 video apps. Users can sell templates club as an upgrade. They can enable each template club with 1 click inside manage users.

OTO3 :Unlimited 

Unlimited resellers licenses plus 3 white label tools installed in the member’s area.

Extra 3 White label tools with unlimited licenses:

AdQuizVideo White Label software: Capture Highly Engaging Leads Through Quizzes and Assessments
Hiderests White Label software: Discover thousands of profitable interests Facebook hides from the masses. An excellent app for Facebook advertisers to untapped targeted audiences that it’s not able to reach otherwise.

Visualai White Label software: Visual recognition app that autogenerates The Perfect Instagram Captions, hashtags & lyrics based on a smart algorithm for best posting time.

Reshare White Label software: Turn every link, content, email, the social post you share into targeted ads.

All come with a beautiful panel and payment link so you can add, manage your clients.

OTO4 :Speaq Reseller

The fourth upgrade is a resellers package for the Speaq video app. This upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as the ability for them to integrate their own payment processor, so they have control over their sales.


What Is DFY Video Agency  ?

The Demo

get a crazy powerful package:

  1. 3 Proven Video Software Apps
  2. Full Blown Reseller Master Panel <<
  3. They Can Add, Delete & Manage Clients
  4. Sell Each Software Directly
  5. They Keep All The Profits
  6. Payment Integration
  7. Automated Client Account Creation
  8. Done For You Sales Page
  9. Done For You Animated Sales Video
  10. We Handle All The Support
  11. Done For You Ads, Email Scripts & More


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text from This Video

DFY Video Agency OTO

howdy it’s Chris here with independent

new beat.com welcome to this dfy video

organization or accomplished for you video office

audit now for those of you out there

who are hoping to get into this entirety

organization thing you know the internet based life

advertising office was huge a couple

a long time back still cash to be made in that

this is somewhat extraordinary yet the

same sort of ideas apply is that this

is an across the board bundle that permits you

to set up your own video office now you

may be thinking great I’m loathsome at

altering recordings I don’t have Final Cut

Star I would prefer not to pay $400 for that

how am I going to be a video organization so

this is an out-of-the-crate video organization

with all that you have to begin a

Giunta checks deals and materials we’re

additionally getting three free bits of

programming that I know exceptionally simple to utilize

with full preparing incorporated that are

going to help you fundamentally have the option to

make recordings actually effectively utilizing

pre-made formats on things like

YouTube Instagram stories or

anything you desire so today we’re going

to bring a profound jump into accomplished for your

video office and just as that I’ve

additionally got you some incredible rewards that

I’ve hand-picked that I thought would go

alongside it incredibly well so

before we get into the entirety of that drop a

like on this video hit buy in and

turn on that little Bell warning if

you need to be refreshed with new items

turning out that are going to assist you with making

cash online likewise if whenever you

need to skirt ahead and simply look at

everything all alone

ensure you initially experience the connection

in the depiction that will take you

through to my reward page which looks

like this and the manner in which my reward page

works is it is coordinated with the

accomplished for-you video organization official deals

page this means in the event that you click on

any of these green catches it will bolt

in these rewards before sending you off

to the business page and on the off chance that you do choose

to get it you’ll not just complete for

you video organization yet you’ll get all

these rewards alongside it in a major

group a major bundle solely through

my reward page first reward in there is

YouTube Authority the most recent form now

in case you’re going to make recordings you need

to possibly get them seen speedier you need

to realize how to rank them particularly if

you utilizing youtube you know it’s truly

the main stage that you can make you

know automated revenue from recordings on so

this goes into everything

YouTube’s most significant things are the ticket

to rank your recordings how to enhance your

recordings with the goal that they are accessible great

thing about YouTube contrasted with a blog

or then again video page or anything as is that

that they rank quickly regardless of whether you

have a spic and span account 0 endorsers

there’s not an aversion cat-and-mouse game that

you need to play with Google on a blog

so video certainly worth getting into

be that as it may, it’s number 2 comparable sort of thing

be that as it may, this is Instagram advertising insider facts

so one of the bits of stuff of

programming in accomplished for-you office is a

story which is going to push you to

make truly cool-looking Instagram

stories clearly you can put any video

on Instagram so this goes into truly

you realize you have the instruments to make

great Instagram recordings alright this

goes into actually how to utilize Instagram

alright there’s a whole other world to it than just

transferring recordings there’s you know

getting them seen hash labeling assorted types

of stuff reward number three is video

showcasing benefit pack so this is going to

go into how to make promoting recordings

fundamentally how to set them up a little

bit on copywriting and how to talking

step by step instructions to sound which is most likely my

most loved piece of this item and truly

on the off chance that you need to make video landing

pages like this one this goes into

that too shows you everything

about setting up these video showcasing

pages that you know they’re simply super

very viable reward number four is the secret

to profit on Fiverr now you may

not have any desire to profit on Fiverr yet

it’s an extraordinary spot to discover and get

begun and discover customers in case you’re a

video office there are individuals out there

since making recordings is a sure errand

that many individuals would prefer not to do on

their very own and they’re doing great in

their business as of now so they’re

ready to pay individuals to make their

online life content presently you’re going to

discover individuals like that on there it’s

going to show you Fiverr and how to

be effective on Fiverr yet this to such an extent

hybrid with up work and genuine what not

these other specialist stages that

despite the fact that it’s about Fiverr in the event that you can

do five it you can do different ones

they fundamentally work similarly and

I just tossed this in there in light of the fact that I

believe it’s an extraordinary method to get your feet

wet with your organization possibly take on a few


undertakings to help you know get

begun somewhat yet at the same time making a

smidgen of cash and afterward when you

get your certainty up you realize you can

you’re going to have more suggestions

furthermore, more stars or what now and you can

at that point goes towards charging a higher

ticket reward number five is the seller

has snared me with their extra vaults

to get to you so actually rapidly we’ve

got this show on the road reward ball here online class

authority counseling dominance which is a

extraordinary item too particularly if

you’re an organization with offices you

continuously wind up doing a smidgen of

counseling video promotions equation we have

composing content equation for video has how

to gather leads inside video promotions

extreme manual for video promoting development

advertising hacks for private venture

proprietors that is you individual marking

insider facts lucrative customer obtaining

cheat sheet so incredible items here on

lead gen which is the place a great many people gets

like 150 free internet showcasing instruments

400 forces to change your

advertising methodology today so that

accentuation truly is

alongside items that I’ve placed in

my reward pack is a you know figuring out how

to talk in it and that triggers

feelings in individuals OK overly significant

we have progressed copywriting equation

again the composed word selling by means of the

composed word and impact of contents so

again a great deal in there my very own rewards and

their rewards on you know you’re

making the recordings for individuals you’ve

completed the devices in for you video

organization yet then it resembles how would you use

the instruments so all the rewards you can see

are reflecting you know the genuine

procedure of selling which is you know a

part of fun as I would like to think so you’re going to

have everything you’re going to have the

foundation information on the most proficient method to sell and

make compelling recordings and make the

best recordings and you have the instruments to

do it effectively without being some you know

virtuoso for Video Editor with the goal that all

sounds great to you stage one connection in the

portrayal you go to the reward page

click on these green fastens that will

send you off to the business page which

it would appear that this and I would suggest

experiencing this voluntarily

looking at demos and I believe there’s

a few tributes on there simply observing

it in detail so you can check whether it’s

directly for you there’s additionally some little

demos here of specific recordings that you

can extraordinary and a few layouts

on offer in every one of the video stages

that you’re getting in the event that you do choose to

buy you’ll be sent a computerized

receipt that resembles this under the

green catch will be accomplished for your video

organization under the blue catch all the

rewards I just discussed so truly

simple watch out for the commencement clock

despite the fact that since this is a dispatch week

uncommon it’s everything reliant on this

commencement clock so on the off chance that it is on zero they

will be altogether gone if there is still time

regardless you have time so essentially the

sooner you get in the more you get for

the lower cost essentially so without

further ado how about we get into seeing the

demo and seeing what you can anticipate now

when you sign in you’re going to see

you programming dashboard directly here alright

there’s various programming arrangements and

video developers that you can get to

to here however the cool thing is you

all things considered going to get affiliate rights

alright this is the thing that makes it interesting and a

out and out affiliate board where you can

all things considered include customers erase customers and

so forward so I need to give you that and

at that point I’m going to exhibit to you a few

of the promoting material also so if

you go with the fundamental offer you’re going to

get these three demonstrated video manufacturers

OK with constancy which represents considerable authority in

web based business recordings prescient specific

in enlivened recordings and story

having some expertise in video promotions and Instagram

recordings OK however the cool thing isn’t

just will you get the opportunity to utilize them however you

would then be able to exchange them straightforwardly with our

affiliate ace board OK on the off chance that you click

here and begin it’s going to take you

directly to the arrangement procedure alright as

you can see here it says with determination

include a piece constancy customer and afterward you

can include the name last name email

secret phrase and afterward you can even send a

custom welcome message and you can

modify that alright now the main thing

that you need to would is you like to include

your very own data your own name your

claim email since that way you’re going to

get login data and you can

all things considered feel free to utilize each of these

apparatuses for your very own business on the off chance that you need

to do as such after that in the event that you need to set

DFY Video Agency OTO






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