DFY Video Agency OTO – Links OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 Here Big Discount Now Get It

DFY Video Agency OTO – 1,2,3,4 – There IS Two Front End And Four OTOs Options. The DFY Video Agency OTO 1 Is The WhiteLabel Version , OTO2 IS The Templates Club , OTO3 Is The Unlimited Vesrsion , OTO4 IS The Speaq Reseller All Links And Details Bellow.

DFY Video Agency OTO

DFY Video Agency OTO

DFY Video Agency FE=>>DFY Video Agency FE

OTO1 WhiteLabel=>>DFY Video Agency OTO1

OTO2 Templates Club=>>DFY Video Agency OTO2

OTO3 Unlimited =>>DFY Video Agency OTO3

OTO4 Speaq Reseller=>>DFY Video Agency OTO4


OTO1 :WhiteLabe

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
All 3 Sales Pages Included
All 3 Sales Videos Included
Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand

OTO2 :Templates Club

Extra 700 video templates for all 3 video apps. Users can sell templates club as an upgrade. They can enable each template club with 1 click inside manage users.

OTO3 :Unlimited 

Unlimited resellers licenses plus 3 white label tools installed in the member’s area.

Extra 3 White label tools with unlimited licenses:

AdQuizVideo White Label software: Capture Highly Engaging Leads Through Quizzes and Assessments
Hiderests White Label software: Discover thousands of profitable interests Facebook hides from the masses. An excellent app for Facebook advertisers to untapped targeted audiences that it’s not able to reach otherwise.

Visualai White Label software: Visual recognition app that autogenerates The Perfect Instagram Captions, hashtags & lyrics based on a smart algorithm for best posting time.

Reshare White Label software: Turn every link, content, email, the social post you share into targeted ads.

All come with a beautiful panel and payment link so you can add, manage your clients.

OTO4 :Speaq Reseller

The fourth upgrade is a resellers package for the Speaq video app. This upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as the ability for them to integrate their own payment processor, so they have control over their sales.


What Is DFY Video Agency  ?

The Demo

get a crazy powerful package:

  1. 3 Proven Video Software Apps
  2. Full Blown Reseller Master Panel <<
  3. They Can Add, Delete & Manage Clients
  4. Sell Each Software Directly
  5. They Keep All The Profits
  6. Payment Integration
  7. Automated Client Account Creation
  8. Done For You Sales Page
  9. Done For You Animated Sales Video
  10. We Handle All The Support
  11. Done For You Ads, Email Scripts & More


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text from This Video

DFY Video Agency OTO

up clients manually after you charge
them a monthly fee or a one-time fee you
just add them right here you click on
submit and they’re going to get a
welcome email with their password and
username and then they can log into the
dashboard themselves and use these
software and create their own videos and
you can charge them a monthly
for that so you can literally resell
each of these operators to clients
directly or you can obviously charge per
video however you want to do your
business model okay but this is the
reset up pen right here it’s really
simple if I go back here to the
dashboard I can click here and get
started okay and there is a a get
started walkthrough video that walks you
through the members area and if I go
back into the dashboard let’s say I want
to add some clients to my story software
app right here I can do that right here
now the other cool thing is payment
integration is set up for you okay
automated client creation is also set up
for you and a couple of other cool
things but one thing I want to point out
right away is heyou marketing material
okay this is a big deal if you click
here on marketing material just like
that you can now download your banner
ads you download your Facebook ads your
sales page your email swipes and generic
video sales so that you gonna get all of
this included and I just want to show
you really quick the quality okay so for
example I’m if you look at some of the
ads that our graphics designer did for
you okay here’s some of the Facebook ads
for example for with diligence okay I
gonna click through here these are all
done by our professional graphics
designer you can download them and you
can immediately start running Facebook
ads to your liking it at your
convenience as you can see here they’re
all professionally done if I go back
here and I click on the actual banner
ads just to show you with these right
here you can actually run Google AdWords
ads okay they’re all gonna help you to
actually attract clients so as you can
see just give you a couple different
examples here this is all high-quality
these all the different dimensions
everything is done for you okay now the
generic video sales letter okay this is
pretty cool check this out I’m gonna
stop speaking your for a moment I just
want to show you how powerful this is
this is a professional animated video
sales letter that you can use to resell
the software check out the quality
really quick with me
so as you can see a full-blown animated
video says that these are very expensive
to do you’re gonna get it included and
you can use it now everything that I’m
showing you you get for each software
this is a sales page that you also gonna
get I just want to show you how
professional is we hired a copywriter a
web designer a graphics designer you can
see here we have graphics we have
testimonials that you can leverage you
know actual happy clients that and gave
testimonials 40 individual tools you can
leverage them video testimonials you can
see here some cool graphics design it’s
everything is very very professional
even a teaser video we have animated
gifs right here demo video all of this
is ready for you you can just download
the sales page and you gonna be good to
go and remember you get this for each of
the tools not just for one of them but
for each of them okay I just want to
show you that then also what does it say
here in the marketing material if you
look here at email swipes if you click
on this button right here it’s gonna
take you to our pre-written email swipes
for you
I have them right here so as you can see
we have subject lines for you and then
we have professionally written copy for
you as well this is one email right here
then if you want to do a webinar email
if you want to do a you know affiliate
email it’s up to you however you want to
sell it but we give you professionally
written and proven email swipes and
subject line ideas that you can use okay
so you can literally just copy and paste
all these emails that we create for you
into your autoresponder you know a
weather MailChimp whatever it is that
you use and you’re gonna be good to go
you don’t have to write any email from
scratch yourself okay so this is just
some of the cool stuff that you’re gonna
get everything is pre done it’s ready
for you to download you just go to the
dashboard you click on one of these
software tools right here you click on
marketing material and you’re gonna be
good to go okay now later on there’s
going to be an option for you to
actually also operate to white label so
we have a white label panel here as well
this is going to allow you to even
upload your own logo to customize the
members area and you can literally sell
the software under your name and brand
I’m very excited about that one as well
this is going to be an upgrade option
for you later in the funnel okay but
this right here is the main dashboard
depending on which
offer you take later on there’s going to
be more I’m software solutions here that
you can actually resell with a reseller
panel but if you just go with the main
offer that you see on this page right
now you get with diligence predictive
and story you can use them obviously for
your own business you can resell them
directly which means you have your own
software business from scratch okay you
can resell them and you have your own
SAS business or software business as a
service where you can charge you no
monthly fee you can charge continuity
income recurring revenue a one-time fee
that’s up to you and then you can add
clients manage clients and you can do
all of that now the reseller panel if I
click here once you added some clients
and you click here on manage client ok I
can then go ahead here and I can then
manage them now obviously I this is a
demo account so I don’t have any clients
in here but after you add them you can
see here it’s gonna show you the first
name last name all of your clients gonna
be listed here and then you can go ahead
and you can add more clients or you can
delete them or you can manage them okay
and maybe resend them the login
information things like that we have
some bonuses here right now where you
have your account we promise you SMTP
settings if you want to set up your own
email client you can do that as well you
know the support link is right here
everything is ready all you have to do
is just log in and you’re good to go
you don’t have to worry about creating
software from scratch you don’t have to
worry about finding developers or coders
you don’t have to worry about server
speed or upgrades we’ve done it all for
you and besides that you don’t have to
worry about the marketing because we
give you the Facebook ads the banner ads
the email we even give you the sales
page all the graphics and even the sales
video and the teaser video as well so
that’s the package I think we delivered
on everything that we promised you can
get everything right now during this non
special for just one low investment for
all three of the tools if you work with
clients if you an agency a local
marketer if you like the idea of making
money online I think this is a great way
to get started because now you can
deliver great video results for your
clients with confidence or you can just
sell the software directly okay that
wraps up the demo all right I hope you
enjoyed that video I hope you’re looking
forward to getting your hands on done
for you video agency is out of the box
all in one package
really cool before we close on the video
again in my description just here you
can see what to expect during the buying
process so the front end is basically
everything you just saw there so on my
bonus page you can read out on exactly
what you’re getting there is an upgrade
white label upgrade where you’re getting
extra white label rights that you can
sell on to other people
upgrade to is done for you video agency
template clubs so for one time you’re
getting access to just way more
templates if you even want to save time
on creating video upgrade number three
is done for you video agency unlimited
unlimited reseller licenses and three
white label tools installed in the
members area go through here if you want
to some extra additional platforms you
can get them in that upgrade upgrade for
agency speak resellers one time you get
resellers package for the speak video
app in this upgrade you’ll be able to
sell again more software and keep those
profits so really just go through and
figure out which ones you want now I
will say that you do only need the front
end to get the bonuses that we talked
about before so don’t think you need the
upgrade the upgrades are really just for
you know if you’re established or you
want to go down a certain route if
you’ve got certain ideas then just go
with whatever you think okay
so when you take into consideration
you’re getting all the bonuses and it’s
just you can get that with the front end
there’s just so much value on here for
that price if you do have questions or
problems or concerns drop them in the
comments hit me up on email social media
I reply to everybody if not enjoyed um
few video agency and I’ll see you on the
next video
take care
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DFY Video Agency OTO