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DropBlogr OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 Get The Four OTOs’ Links With Discount And Bonuses  Here . DropBlogr OTO Created By GAURAB BORAH, Tom Yevsikov

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DropBlogr OTO

DropBlogr OTO

What is DropBlogr ?

The Demo

“3 Figure Daily With DFY, Fully Fledged Affiliate Blogs & Ultra Cheap Adwords Clicks”

STRATEGY that Vendores and  students have used to make $100-$300/day and made it completely DONE FOR YOU!

You don’t need to worry about anything – no domain needed, no hosting needed, no website needed, no content needed, no technical skills needed, cheap traffic Google Ads strategy included.

The BEST PART – you can setup everything in less than 15 min and start seeing commissions rolling in your account in less than 24 hours.

As Easy As 1-2-3…

Just enter your website name, select your theme, post DFY posts, add your affiliate link and you’re ready to go. It takes just 2-5 min to setup your professional DFY affiliate site.
Follow our step by step traffic training. We will show you how to drive cheap buyer clicks from Google Ads for cents. *SECRET* strategy shared only with our personal coaching students.
Sit, relax and watch your commissions grow. Rinse and repeat any number of times you want.


Front End – DropBlogr
DropBlogr is a 2-in-1 product. 
First, it provides you and your customers with a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU Affiliate Review Blogs that’s proven to generate sales and commissions. The blogs are fully stacked with content, product reviews, graphics, videos – THE LOT!
Secondly, it comes with a proven traffic training that teaches users how to get buyer ready traffic via paid ads for pennies. And the training has been used for dozens of students and they’re banking 3 figures daily using this same strategy.
This system gives you the exact tools & systems used by top earning affiliates.
– Winning products
– Professional reviews, and 
– Custom bonuses. 
…all wrapped up inside an authority blog that’s point & click easy to customize.
On each review post, you have the opportunity to give away BONUS PRODUCT from our product vault to entice people to purchase affiliates products through your links.
The review blogs come preloaded with…
  • 40+ evergreen top-converting offers & professionally written high converting reviews.
  • ​10 Sites Licences
  • ​DONE FOR YOU Bonuses To Go With The Reviews
  • Premium Hosting included – no domain needed, zero monthly costs.
  • MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses – to customize each promo and maximize your income.
  • 100% FREE traffic built-in + Training on a powerful traffic method.
  • ​Very Simple System – just login, customize and you’re good to go!
  • Ability to create new reviews yourself.
  • ​Sleek blog designs.
  • Ability to add banner ads.
  • ​Ability for users to add their own domain (optional)
Upgrade 1 – DropBlogr Pro
($47 @ 50% Commissions)
4x Your Traffic & Earnings Potential With The Pro Upgrade
xSocialy: is a Social AutoPost Software that helps post and syndicate the affiliate review blog posts via to over 5 different social media networks to drive maximum social media traffic.
  • ​Additional Product Reviews
  • ​Case Studies
  • ​20 More DONE FOR YOU Bonuses To Go With The Reviews
  • ​xSocialy to drive free traffic from social media sites
Upgrade 2 – DropBlogr Booster
($47 @ 50% Commissions)
Unlock NEW & Unique Lead Generation, Sales Boosting And Ranking Features & Get A GUARANTEED Explosion In Leads & Sales! Use email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups and social sharing to grow your business.
Upgrade 3 – DropBlogr CLUB
($37/Month @ 50% Commissions)
Monthly Affiliate Marketing Reviews: We will identify 10 solid products that are to launch monthly then write reviews for them with high converting reviews for them stacked with bonuses so they can just copy and paste into their review blogs.
Upgrade 4 – Agency License
($197 – $297 @ 50% Commissions)
Upgrade 4 is the Agency rights to sell DropBlogr. One of the most crucial aspects of a sustainable online business is multiple streams of income and having your own offers. With this insane package your customers get the rights to sell DropBlogr offer at any price.

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

everybody this is double D from synergy media and I’m here today to welcome you to my drop blogger review as you can see I’m already in the drop blocker menu members area and in this video I’m gonna go through and show you what it is how it works and how you can best make some money with it now in a nutshell

drop blogger is a two-part system the first is the creators secret training program on how to get traffic high buyer traffic from AdWords for just a few pennies a click and the second part is a cloud-based software that’s pretty cool it’s a done-for-you affiliate review blog site creator that’s a mouthful but anyway it comes complete with video reviews bonus products calls to action everything you really need to to get started without having to do any of the work yourself so it’s complete business in a box now if any of that interest you you’re gonna want to stick with me for more details and a complete walkthrough of the software plus if you click below there’s a link for some of my bonuses which are made to complement this software and you’re not

going to want to miss out on those so with that said I’m gonna get out of the way here and I’m gonna take you to our bonus page which is right here again check that link if you haven’t already arrived here check the link under the video and it’ll take you to this page and you can pick up drop logger to get these bonuses any time before this timer runs out you can get my bonuses by clicking on one of the big red buttons and we give my bonuses come with your front end product you don’t have to buy the Oh Te’o’s unless you want them but you still get my bonuses just for the front end product okay keep that in mind okay so bonus number one

get down to it bonus number one I’m going to show you how to get more traffic to drop Locker pages using a really simple pro bus method and this is fast and easy to use but it’s really effective so you’re gonna like that bonus number two I’m going to show you how to get even more traffic using a cheap alternative AdWords remember that the software has some training on how to get cheap AdWords traffic and so I’m going to show you another method to get another alternative to Edwards that you can also get cheap traffic so using combination just gives you that much more

right okay bonus number three we’re gonna help you build your buyers list okay remember you’re bringing in and selling or sewing offers – under blog to all these people and you want to collect those buyers and build up a buyers list remember the money is in the list so you always want to do that this will give you a very quick and simple trick to help build your buyers list quickly bonus number four is one more traffic source this one’s an underground source that most people don’t use or even know about and and of course this will help you make more money from your drop lager using this extra source and lastly bonus number five is access to all the vendor bonuses now I’ll be going through a little walkthrough of the vendor bonuses when we go through the sales page but just remember if you want to get and all of my bonuses make sure you click on one of the big red buttons before this timer runs out and to be able to get those eight on this out okay so let’s

take a look at the drop logger sales page and as you can see he talks about generating buyer clicks for pennies that’s the traffic program and then the drop-dead gorgeous and fully fledged blogs in one minute okay and they do create them pretty quick there’s a little sales video here and here is some of the benefits you had a hundred percent complete system no learning curve 100% white hat it’s nice they do have actual hosting so you don’t have to worry about your own hosting although they do have custom domains as well and just a one-time price with of course with upsells mmm so let’s move on down here and they do have several testimonials from students actually

said somewhere on here about 100 percent of their students made money I don’t see it on here right now but I saw it earlier so anyway um but here are a bunch of different results you can look over some testimonials from their students these are the three guys that created it Tom you have sykov guard bora and ashish kumar i have been in contact with these guys on facebook and stuff they seem to have their stuff together they were pretty quick to answer and and they’re in the middle of a launch so you know anytime you can connect with somebody in the middle of launch it’s doing pretty good so let me get back down here to the park there’s a higher percent of students made money with this but what I want to show you is here’s the overall of it okay drop drop dead or just high converting review blogs packed with unique bonuses converting products

professional reviews and content written by professional copywriters start earning even if you have zero experience with affiliate marketing and from what I’ve seen so far it does look like this is all true what is inside is just what I told you it’s got the cob based software that creates two pages and it has the video or the traffic training program for getting Adwords cheap clicks from Adwords so I’m not going to go through all these steps that’s too much here’s what I do want you to see though is basically this and I’ll go through this and the demo here but you can select the template you set it up with a few basic simple click fill in blanks and you deploy it and it’s ready to go and as these are good-looking sites I’ll show you that in the new demo so here’s what the features that you’re looking for and it’s done for you review blogs very good looking again has done for you product reviews done for

you custom bonuses done for you hosting or if you want to use your own domain they do have a custom domain feature everything is fully cloud-based you don’t have to download anything to your computer it does have a way to monetize it with batters for Adsense or just whatever ads you want to put on them you can easily add new reviews you have complete control you can customize everything so you can do use their reviews or you can create your own basically works for any niche and it does have step-by-step training and show you inside the software and let me get down to the custom bonuses alright so what I’m on the wrong page just a second this one has the bonus together this one has bonuses on it alright so but there are fast-acting bonuses we have video course teaching you how to build review blogs and profit with them native advertising training Instagram marketing secrets these are all the vendor bonuses that come with with the product

messenger bot marketing training on that some smart CPA offers 10k click funnels case study I’m say Keable business how to protect your business from losing sight losing your sites or being what am I trying to say having your site pulled down viral traffic ninja another another traffic training program he’s easy and on online income streams extreme list building plug-in WP and content pop-up pro WP affiliate fix $10 day traffic plan and no cost Commission there’s too many of those ready to go through but you can look on the sales page

and see how see if any of those are helpful to you you will get all those with a product and you can get here they are listed out 14 different months that’s $528 a value that you get for buying drop bloggers okay so now we’re gonna go over and we’re gonna take a look at the actual software so here we are back inside the drop logger members area and and there’s a user dashboard if you click on that it drops down you have the options of new sites or at a site my sites are out of sight okay so here’s my sites I made it made one this morning and just let you see what it looks like I made a month there called double D reviews and if you couldn’t visit and open that up and you have here and this is what the site looks like

you see I already changed the logo here to put my own that’s the only change I made but it was pretty simple this is just one of the different deals and you can see they have places for advertising with banners and places for advertising here if you want to add in Google Adsense or just you know any kind of a ad banner to whatever products you want okay and then these are of course all the different reviews that are pre-loaded so let me go back to and close that out and I will go in here and I’ll show you how to do a new site so we’ll add a new site and you can see here they have they’ve pre come pre-loaded with three different affiliate skins and I’ll let you take a look at each one of them this is what the first skin looks like takes just a second load and that’s the layout with this and again all these are the reviews on products

okay and that’s what the first site looks like those that one the second review template looks like this and you can put your logo at the top and then it has different just a different layout okay and then the third one I think is the same one that I had on my first site there yeah okay so anyway you get to choose any one of those so if you just say we’re using number one here we just go down to select okay and you this is where you name it okay so I’m gonna call this entire day did one with demo one I’m going to change this make it down to and you can’t have any spaces in there you can only use hyphens let’s make that there and then this one will make number two again okay and then you hit add site excuse me okay and that’s gonna take a minute to load is it spinning up there and then while that’s doing that this J news is actually the theme that they used here so if you want to do any major customizing of the theme you can come in and you

can do it right here at the customize style and that has all of the same customization features as a any other good WordPress site okay should be done loading here in just a second okay there it is I made a new one here and again if I go visit that in a new window it has the name title right here and if you want to had put a logo in it would show up right there and has everything already laid out and ready to go of course you’d have to add your own advertising or take out this and take out those blocks altogether but just to lips so you can see I’m gonna go in and take a look at one of these reviews this is what the actual review on the site would look like so it comes with a nice header picture here is the average score the ratings and what people thought of it right there it has good support good tutorial video or if it works as promised as the price has an actual Buy button right here it connects with your affiliate link and then of course all of this

is information review information about the product here once you have your affiliate approval and you you know I’ve been approved to use this as wrote this site then you would actually have access to the pre-made video as well and then down here does have an another Buy button and just more information ok numerous buy buttons then at the bottom you can see these are all pre-loaded but actual product and bonuses that are you know created custom for each product and it looks like you have one two three four five different bonuses on this one and I’ll show you in a minute here how you can access all that again it has a breakdown and the price and Buy Now button and it does have place for comments to which you could actually set up replies to the comments in the software as well so that’s what that’s what your site looks like let’s go back in here and let’s go to the done-for-you post now just look at all post right now okay and as you can see these are the post if you were to go in and edit this it takes just a second to load but it actually loads it all up so everything is editable you can change whatever you want completely customizable to whatever you would like okay and I have the same they have a different one for each each product in here you can customize each one right from here okay and then have done for you pages and this is a little bit different here because you’ll see that they have two pages for each product okay so I’m going to open up another window each one of these okay and the promo details page this is so you can do further customization with it okay so you can go in and do put in some extra information like your Facebook share if you want to do social media sharing or your Twitter

sharing you can do different defaults and how your page looks okay go back to the other one and this page I’m sorry I’m going to get something off here I mean look at that again okay they had criminal details edit let me view the page okay here it is and this is for your promo details this is actually so you can go in from one place and you can this is how you connect up with your affiliate links and you can contact the vendors they have all the different vendor places you can contact them by Facebook or by email and these are different for each product obviously whoever the creators are but it also has your where

you can request to get your link just click that button if it’s a warrior Plus page or jvzoo page they will have these links direct to them and then this here is the request message that you want to send or a sample request message and all you do is change this to your name of your vendor put the link to your blog right here and you thank them and add your name into it and that’s how you request them to approve your affiliate link and then once you’re approved you’ll get an affiliate link from them to add into your page so it’s all done from one page this is really nice it’s very simple let’s close that out and then let me go back in here and then open up that pad crystal let’s open up and view this one instead of editing it and this is the actual bonus page that that your customers see when is

time for them if they buy from you it’ll have your email address here so they can reach out to you and then it’s a download your bonuses below and it’s a very simple page already set up with the actual bonus buttons they can access right here and to get to all their bonuses so you don’t have to set up anything separate that is a very handy handy feature okay go back into here and you’re saying before we have a place where you can add comments we have a whole bunch of different site tools that give you different look that’s just the delete site settings

you can set up all your different site settings this is all if you want to do more custom but you don’t have to here are your traffic training tutorials and that comes up on a different page but look how complete it is I have one two three four five six seven eight yeah to mate account there but all these are traffic training videos to give you give you all the help you need in getting traffic to your sites and then here are your actual tutorial videos before you walk through it for the software itself okay so you have full training with everything all video training very nicely done and then there’s some extra stuff on there oh that’s a walk through

the software and overall I give it pretty high marks for ease of use and pretty much being ready to go right out of the box a couple couple of changes ahead your logo add some ads in there or get rid of the ad boxes really pretty simple we’re ready to go right off the bat so that’s it that’s a good point a good plus especially for those people that don’t want to do anything with it and just have it all ready to go right out of the box okay last thing to go over is the pricing and looks like there is a front end product that is twenty seven to thirty seven dollars I’ll go over that in just a second and it looks like there’s one

two three four Oh – OH OTO upsells and we’ll go through them – so Brian product basically is everything that’s what showed you in the software and just to let you know that the review blog it comes with 40-plus evergreen offers and four professionally written reviews ten different site licenses done for you bonuses with all the reviews we talked about that you get the premium hosting with no monthly cost and no domain needed unless you want to use your own massive vault of powerful bonus giveaway bonuses and you can customize each promo and it’s maximize your income sent free traffic built-in and training on the town on the traffic method symbol you can always create your own reviews new reviews for yourself really good-looking blog designs

and ability to add banners banner ads which is also a good thing and again that custom domain so that’s the what comes with the basic package and I think the the extra $10 is if you want more site licenses okay so upgrade to who I’m sorry upgrade one is the drop blogger pro it’s forty seven dollars it gives you chance to for time your traffic this comes with a program called ex socially and that’s a social media auto posting software unlimited site license so you can make it many many of these sites as you want extra product reviews and case studies extra twenty done for you bonuses to go with the reviews and again next socially so upgrade to is drop blogger booster that’s also forty seven dollar upgrade unlock

a new and unique lead generation sales boosting and ranking features guaranteed explosion of leads and sales so users email opt-in slide ins pop-ups and social sharing to grow your business so that’s just some extra advanced features upgrade three is the blogger and club drop blogger Club thirty seven dollars a month and that’s working they’re going to give you ten new products to launch every month okay and then the upgrade for is the agency license it’s 197 to 297 gives you the rights to sell drop blogger let’s see get to my with the best packet to get the rights to sell it with the drop logger offer

any price those are the upgrades okay and here are some of the just the features that for drop logger in general okay has done for your review blogs done free product for Butte is done for you custom bonuses done for you hosting domains fully cloud-based software monetize with banners easily I’m sorry add new reviews easily full control over your blog use any niche and step-by-step training that we talked about those before and then again oh and here’s a big bonus and I’m gonna make sure everybody’s aware of this is that all of this is covered by no questions asked 180 day money-back guarantees these guys are really willing to back up their product 180 degrees as long 280 days is a long time to check it out and it’s a no questions asked guarantee too so if you don’t like it you can just plain get your money back okay and again you click any one of these red buttons to go pick up your copy now and again you will get all of my bonuses I want to go back over them real quick with you the easy profit boost method whoops me back that out of there sorry yeah easy profit Bruce method is a bonus one bonus two is the alternative to Adwords bonus the– is the how to build your buyer list fast one is for is the underground traffic source and of course -5 is all the vendor bonuses so again you click the red button to buy it before this timer runs out and they disappear and if you do get it again you only have to buy the the first front end product to get

my bonuses you don’t have to buy the episodes just if you want to you’re welcome to their good some are good to help but you’re not required to you know these bonuses all of my bonuses without them okay and once you get it if you go into your order plus affiliate panel if you go up to the top right corner and I don’t have it pulled up right now but if you up to top right corner and click on your username and then click on purchase history you can pick out the product out of there and it’ll show you your access to your affiliate bonus at the bottom you just click on that and it will take you right to it jvzoo it’s the same thing to have it right at the bottom there so the all of the bonuses will be accessible directly in your warrior plus or JV zoo I think this one’s a jvzoo product so to be your JV zoo control panel okay and other than that I

think that covers it so just to review I think it’s a pretty good product and especially if you want done-for-you pretty much everything nice-looking blogged beautifully it reviews bonuses the whole nine yards so if that’s something you’re interested in again below this video is they link to this bonus page that you’re looking at right now and you can go in and pick up all my bonuses and just look through everything that how you talked about is all on here today okay so take a good look and if you like what you see pick it up and appreciate you doing it through my through my links and I’ll take good care of you I always take good care of my tribe so other than that thank you have a great day and God bless

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