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Echo Profits OTO

OTO1 :Done For You Sound Package

1000 Audio Sounds For You

OTO2 :Done For You Sounds Monthly

Create 100% Passive Business & Get Sounds Delivered To Your Inbox Every Month

OTO3 :Private Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

OTO4 :Reseller License

Reseller Licence


Echo Profits OTO

What is Echo Profits ?

Echo Profits is essentially a complete system that shows you how to create and sell sounds for $1 – $5 per sound. Anyone can do this, even a complete newbies can generate profit with sounds.

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Video review for front End only

Text from this video

hey what’s going on guys Gabriel starrer and welcome to my echo profits review now I’m actually here inside the members area of echo profits and as usual I’m just gonna briefly tell you guys what this is and all that kind of stuff okay so echo profits is a training course put together by a good friend of mine Paul Tilly and he always comes out with some of the highest quality products so shout out to him but besides that um it’s actually quite a simple concept its sell sound which sounds some no pun intended super simple right and it is and basically this is a step-by-step training course that walks you through how to sell sound right a lot

of people need sound bites rate youtubers a movie and TV producers right a lot of people work with media every single day right hundreds of thousands of people right probably more than that probably millions right and so the cool thing is you don’t even need your own sound with this system okay so it’s a really unique and simple concept that a lot of people wouldn’t even think of that he breaks down exactly how to do and make its own of money with again you know you sawing sound I mean you don’t even think of that so um with that being said before I dive in further with my review I’ll actually threw together

a super awesome bonus package as usual for you guys um and all you have to do is click the link in the video description and it’ll take you to a page that looks like this okay now if you want to buy echo profits at any point during this video all you have to do is get yourself down to this page okay in the video description and once you’re on this page if you want to buy a co-products or echo profits I’m sorry all you got to do is click on any of these purplish kind of gray buttons at any time and you’ll secure echo profits along with my bonuses alright and I’ve really thrown together some super awesome bonuses this time around for you okay now the only thing is you have to do this before this countdown timer right here hit zero okay once this hits zero my bonuses are gone so um you

don’t want to be in that situation alright so but you get a ton of free stuff if you buy through my link and I’m gonna talk about that in just a minute alright so here are some of the bonuses that I’ve included for you this time around okay the first one is traffic tsunami training okay um we all struggle or a lot of beginners rather struggle with traffic it’s something that a lot of people just struggle with in the beginning okay getting traffic to your links equals money okay you need to get people to your links and if you don’t know how you are at a significant disadvantage okay so what this

training does is it breaks down exactly step by step how to drive traffic for free but doesn’t like free right to your links okay so very useful training a lot and it covers you know social media platforms and please you wouldn’t really think of so very nice training alright the second training I’ve included this is one of my favorites is the lazy profit explosion alright if you’re lazy like me and you just want to play video games watch TV nap and have money come in this is your training okay this teaches you ways to build a passive streams of real income through you know actual methods now it does require a little bit of work upfront but it’s the lazy person’s friend this is one of the the best things I can I can hum you know recommend if you’re someone that

just wants more of an easy hands-off method so great training there alright the third bonus I’ve included for you is the ultimate traffic mantra now this is a slightly different traffic training but I wanted to give you guys sort of two traffic methods that you can use and actually you guys can actually use these along with echo profits in combination if you want to really supercharge that but um this is another method on how to get traffic okay and it’s it’s super cool and I think you guys are gonna be really impressed by that alright the next bonus I have for you guys is the buyers les ninja okay you always hear the money is in the list right and it’s one thing just to have a list of people that are kind of into your niche but it’s another thing to have a list of warm leads that previously have bought

because that means they’re much more likely to buy again so this training teaches you how to build a incredibly high-quality valuable buyers list filled with people that are more likely to buy okay so you you would make a ton more money through building a list if you follow this method okay and finally you still get access to all the vendor bonuses as well so you get Paul Tilly’s bonuses and my bonuses as well so you don’t lose out on anything you just have a lot to gain okay bye bye go securing your place with my bonus package okay again if you want to buy the if you want to buy echo profits and have access to my bonuses all you got to do click the link in the video description

down below get over to this page here and just click on any of these kind of purplish gray buttons on this page okay and that will secure your copy and your bonuses alright but with that being said um let’s talk a little bit more about echo profits okay so this is a sales page of F echo profits once you click to secure place this is where you’re gonna end up okay now again I’m not gonna go through this entire page like with most of my reviews I’m just gonna point out a couple things but you know you guys can go check this out on your own time alright because that’s not what this video is all right but he talks about you know it’s it’s really simple and the other cool thing is is three internet marketers have teamed up for

this launch okay these are people that know how to make money alright I personally know Paul so that’s why I’m promoting this and he’s a really good guy but um Sasha and Ryan have a lot of experience as well alright but one of the my favorite things is that it’s a unique system and it’s it’s you you get Commission’s quicker because it’s on average one to five dollars so you get those over and over and over once you start implementing the system right and people are much more likely to buy you know if it’s five dollars so essentially what you’re doing is getting find a five dollar Commission in a row like that okay again I’m not gonna go through this entire page you guys can check

it out in your own time but there’s a lot of really cool stuff that they they’ve included and all that kind of stuff okay alright so as usual I’m gonna be completely open and transparent with the upsells and how they kind of have this product structured okay so on the front end is echo profits for ten bucks actually 945 guys half of the price of a pizza okay come on to get access to a unique system which by the way this is one of the funnest methods I’ve seen I don’t know if I said that in this video to make money so it’s a really fun you know interactive method and ten bucks I mean again half the price of a pizza like what it’s a no-brainer okay and that gives you the step-by-step video training on exactly how to do this okay and it gives you some sound as well alright and then they have their first upsell which is the done-for-you sound package okay and this is 37 bucks ok 37 45

and basically you get a thousand sounds to sell which is a ton all right the next upsell they have is the done for use on package monthly for 2745 okay and basically i’m every single month you get 200 sounds delivered to your email inbox you can sell the minute you receive okay so it just gives you additional products basically to sell once you have this methods set up alright the next upsell they have is private coaching 467 45 and I’m a really big fan of this if I were to recommend any of these I would get this one cuz no one does this and they should re for 67 45 you get one-on-one Skype coaching with Paul which is awesome again no one does this and more people should so if you’re like struggling or you have a question or you need help implementing the method this is a great way to get that one-on-one support that like most people don’t give so again very nice of them to do they didn’t have to do that alright and finally the reseller rights are seventy seven forty five where you can actually sell this and get 100% Commission’s across their entire funnel if you’re interested in that sort of thing alright alright so I’m just gonna get back into my review here real quick so here I am inside the members area of

echo profits okay and as you can see if you want to upgrade and get more features those are the buttons to do that so the first thing you have is you have your 50 audio sounds okay and all you do is you just go ahead and you click on this download button right here and it’s gonna go ahead and allow you to download that sound pack and you can see they have a ton of them for you okay there is a billion of them okay so that’s the first thing that they have in here the next thing that they have is a cheat sheet right basically it just shows you

an outline of what to do when um you know so if you want if you go through the video training you can just go back and look at the cheat sheet right and I’ll show you guys that um as well right here I’m not gonna you know show you the whole thing just because again it’s it’s you know this is not this is a review I’m not giving you guys the product for free but there you go so that you have the cheat sheet for you and then here is their video training so they have this step-by-step you know how to do um you know the method and they have links to all the websites and everything in here so just makes it super super easy for you guys um and they even have their bonuses down here they have 500 curated tools which is basically like every tool you’re ever need as a marketer like ever and they also have a supernova Bible which is basically on a complete guide to reddit traffic so not only do you get my traffic methods but you also get access to their reddit traffic method as well so a ton of really cool stuff being put

together for you guys here all right now if I had to rate as usual I’ve rate every product I review I would give this a solid 9 out of 10 um I know it’s one of my highest scores but it’s it’s it’s a cool method it’s unique it’s fun to implement which a lot of methods aren’t so I like that this is something that is fun to do right and it’s just a really smart idea right sawing sound most people don’t think of that and so I think they’ve really been creative and put together a really cool method plus it works guys like I went through the training and I’ll tell you guys right now this

is a very very easy method like it can’t get easier than this okay so for that reason I’m reviewing this a nine out of ten all right now again guys go check out my bonuses links in the description if you want to check this out of this page I threw together with more information about the product as well but with that being said like the video for every like this video gets one gender gets a soul tap the subscribe button to get notified when I up upload daily videos I do you know videos on how to make money online I do affiliate marketing videos and I do more reviews of upcoming launches so if you want to see some cool money making methods check out those videos just hit the subscribe button it’s free to do alright and with that being said hopefully you guys are staying safe with this crazy corona thing i’m gabriel star signing out and i’ll talk to you guys later

Echo Profits OTO


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