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ECOVERIO OTO – There Is One Front End And Two OTOs Options. All links And Details Bellow.



OTO1 Platinum Version=>>ECOVERIO OTO

OTO2 8-in-1 Product Bundle=>>ECOVERIO OTO


OTO1: Platinum Version

The Platinum version has BIGGER content than the main package, and has some different set of content that are not available in the FE Package. 

  • MODUL#1- 29 Book Cover (.PSD)
  • MODUL#2- 20 3D Book Mockups (.PPTX) *Not available in FE
  • MODUL#3- 10 Book Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#4- 12 Video Promotion for Book (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#5- 12 Magazine Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#6- 40 Kindle Cover Design (PSD)
  • MODUL#7- 12 Book Marker (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#8- 24 Animated Banner Ads (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#9- 14 Roll-Up Banners (.PSD)
  • MODUL#10- 12 Flyer Design (.PPTX)
  • ++ Commercial License to the entire package (FE+Platinum)
OTO2 : 8-in-1 Product Bundle

will get 8 product packages with the price of ONE, completes with Commercial License.

It’s about 70% Discount than if they purchase its separately.


What Is Ecoverio

see the Demo

“ECOVERIO” is the 3rd edition of our PixelCover product series.
It’s mega collection of STUNNING & PRO Looking Cover Design Templates and Marketing Kit for Self-Publisher. 

It’s the most Completed ‘All-in-One’ Book Author toolkit in the Self-Publishing Business. Including cover design for Book, eBook, Magazine, and Kindle. Book launch Video Marketing toolkit, Roll-Up Banner, Animated ads banner, Flyer. And book accessories such as Bookmark design.

Everything Done for everyone, Easy to Edit… and Ready to Use.

Being Graphic Designer & Marketer since 2010… our goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics and design templates.

That’s why I always providing an ELEGANT, CLEAN, SIMPLE, and PROFESSIONAL look design concept on every design project we have.

And using Ecoverio’s template… it can Help everyone (even newbie) to create book cover design 60% FASTER, and can SAVE BUDGET Up-to 95% than if you hire Pro Designer to create design from scratch.

It’s really huge time and money saver for Book Author or Self-Publisher.

The best thing is…
It’s way CHEAPER than the same items that sold in the Marketplace, and has more Professional looks!


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Video review For Front End Only



as-salaam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you all our everybody to say it
once again as you can see I have a new
product called Ecover you this is like a
new product it’s what is the zika video
i mean as the name suggests you should
understand it’s to do with d covers it’s
to do with self-publishing you know it’s
all – all about book covers and designs


and magazines it’s a overall marketing
kit in order to publish your book that’s
the idea behind this product you know
anybody I mean even a normal digital
market or anybody you trying to even
build a list you know you normally give
away lots of PDFs or cheat sheet you
know kind of giveaways you need to buddy
you need to present it as a proper
digital product now this is how you need
to have it as a show it as a proper book
in order to give it away that’s one
style other thing is you can you know
use this for publishing in Kindle and
Amazon as a proper books which you’re
gonna sell it as well so that’s what it
is you can see this all in one tool to
create stunning books magazine Kindle
cover or even video it’s not just alone
now creating these covers and books also
in order to promote that you will be
able to do a video done for you BD
templates is also there it’s like this
is actually a PowerPoint right okay you

should understand this is a done-for-you
PowerPoint templates you just need to
come in edit and you’re good to go
that’s what it is you can see design
your own book cover like a pro with this
done for you cover and marketing kit
templates you won’t find anywhere else
so this is what it is guys let’s it’s so
simple actually the product is really
simple but really effective the way they
have done is so like eye catching images
and stuff which menu you can see some of
the images you can see I could see these
images here make people fall in love at
first sight you know that’s how I know
they get attracted with these kind of
images when you try to promote a book
first impression count yet stroke
characters of your book create sudden
sexpectations ECOVERIO OTO
define your story stone okay let’s let’s

see I can go through this is a
this is the link I’ll leave below when
you click it this is where you land you
can go through all these once a long
page here I can go through it let me
jump on to the product straightaway and
show you what you’re gonna get
so with this product I want to show you
mainly what exactly this is the
membership area you will land you can
see this downloaded product below you
will be able to get this product as a
Google share link so you’ll be able to
download it and you’re good to go
once you download it this is how it is
gonna look like this I will show you
what you’re gonna get as a whole package
you know you can see this all of them
are done for you PowerPoint template so
just having a PowerPoint in your PC it’s
enough once you download it you’ll be
able to edit it but just couple of them
there is this book come own at the top
it’s in Photoshop don’t worry even if
you don’t have Photoshop he also shows
you a way in order to overcome Photoshop
without using Photoshop we’ll be able to
use it as well so that’s that’s a good
thing this this is book cover and this
role of banners I think this alone are
part of Photoshop they have done it in
that format but you will be able to do
it even without Photoshop there’s a
there’s a way around it okay so this
shows that as well okay so all others
are all I’ll just show you inside
everything just before going through
this let me have just downloaded few of
them I just wanted to show you if you
really don’t know PowerPoint you know
it’s just to show you how how simple it
is you know just this is like the book
cover you can see this you can you once
you come in once you come into this if
it gets downloaded into PowerPoint
you’ll pop on in a PC you come in if you
have an image just come and just change
it here that’s it you know that’s that’s
how it is you come in and change the
images and in terms of wordings you come
you can just come in just change the
wordings as you know whatever it is you
know whatever you’re trying to do or you
know whatever like it’s like the most
important thing you’ll be doing is
editing the few words other thing is
changing the image this is the couple of
things you might be doing it the way
they are formatted you can see this
testimonials you want to have your own
stimulus and and their testimonial you
can just change it and then you can see
these images here you just wanted to
change it if you think this looks good
if you are trying to promote a similar
kind of thing just leave it with that
you know if you want to change a
different pet you can just change that
and then you can good to go just come in
just type in all the words whatever
you’re trying to add it just copy-paste
it and you’ll be good to go it’s like
what I would say is done for your
products it templates you just need to
come in
add your wordings add the images and
you’ll be good to go
that’s how actually even if you would
not use PowerPoint this will be easy
actually easy to in order to use it for
for you to use it that’s what I’m trying
to say so let’s see this is you can see
the this is a Kindle end of the Fenton
Flint cover alone you come in you just
come to edit it and then you’re good to
change the name and you’re fine so
that’s how they have done actually the
way they have done is it’s so easy and
simple so easy for you to do it this is
the video promotion for the books which
you’re going to publish that has also
been taken care actually so it’s all of
them are normal templates couple of them
a video or templates like not couple in
a sense they’re like ten each as like
our own ten ten patches so this is one
of them I just download to show you see
this one you can see you’ll trying to
promote this book this book also you
made with this with this template we’re
trying to promote this digital marketing
you wanted to change it just come and
change it just change the wordings
you’re good fine with that you know
let’s go to the next template you want
to change they made just move this image


alone add your own image on this one and
then you want to change the wordings
change the wordings then again come to
the next one you keep going whatever you
want to edit the way they have done this
this is actually video once you done you
press video and you can download it as a
video format and then you can send it to
wherever you’re trying to promote it the
way they have totally put together is
not just creating the book covers also
helping you in promoting that book
whatever you might be needing like a
flyer I just show you inside this I can
see the way they are put together is
like you know just one by one just I
want to show you this is the proper this
is a I was showing you right you can see
I’m just going to show you inside the
Google Drive itself in a fright download
it will take time I’m just gonna show
you this one just couple of things I
want to show the a proper you know a
Kindle book cover you want to have it

you know that’s really looks stunning as
well why is that third one it doesn’t
open okay go to the next one you see
this this once you download it you’ll be
able to change the image change whatever
the name and this if it matches you a
product just sick with this make money
blogging I don’t know why is that image
it a bit blood okay this is like square
because it is to do with the gym if it
is you do with your exercise and fitness
and the book is just choose this one
edit it go to the next one this is like
gorgeous for good what is a simple 30
day program for lasting beauty okay
something like that
this is do with IT so it depends upon
your niche choose that cover do some
changes and you will be fine good to go
with that into the marketing for the
love you know it’s like overall they
done like a few niches you can see this
miracles Lau nature photography pretty
so this will serve as like around 20 of
them I think yeah this is the front what

is this part this is the book cover the
top one then you have the book cover and
the layout I just wanted to show a
couple of them are just within this
itself so you get an idea how it looks
like for you you can see this proper or
the way you want to depend upon you
choose it if you are going to do with
something do with this product choose
that and go with that you know the
energy and wellness this is to do with
fashion this is do with the cookbook
that’s good looks good as well you know
it’s like most of the image it will
match that niche so you don’t want to
change that image you can go without it
but if you have your own product image
or brand image then add to it okay just
this is the second one then we have
that’s a book cover then the video
promotion which I showed you actually
that one that I just wanted to show you
inside it’s that’s the one which I
showed you know the this one actually

this is our this is what the video
promotion you’re gonna get like this is
just one here like around ten of them
was each 10 to 20 each then magazine
cover as I can show you as well see this
a proper proper way a magazine look
like you know to do this is to do with
the cat pets they all cover like this is
to do it Instagram you just need to go
around few changes and new yoga will be
fine with that okay and you can see this
is also ten of the magazine covers and
you have Kindle cover design which I
showed you in a couple of them
that’s like around 20 they have I think
yeah I just just show you a couple of
them you can see this one then master of
mastery motivation to Jim than 1 million
followers to do with Instagram I think
our build a massive social following
with the author name and that bottom so
the way they have done is like they
covered a few Nisha’s depends upon what
you’re trying to do choose the nation do
some few changes to that then we have

this book Komaki you see this yeah it’s
it’s it’s completely focusing on
self-publishing you know like publishing
your own book how do you want to but as
I said even our normal entrepreneur you
know like you know when they try to do
this building you know digital marketers
if they do digital is building you know
you need to you want to give away
something but you want to present it as
a proper digital product you know they
are going to pay you something money to
buy this kind of rod a cheat sheet or
whatever or your your checklist or
something but when you present it you
want to present it as a proper book you
know a digital book a digital product
this is where you this will be gonna be

useful for you guys so this is the next
one I just want to show you email
marketing they covered Felicia’s fashion
lifestyle healthy cat Instagram so as I
said you know they have covered like few
Nisha’s it depends upon your niche Chuck
chose it and he go with that then you
have animated banner ads this I need to
download okay I just show you the other
ones first then this is what I was
telling you a little roll of banners and
this and the first one the book cover
it’s in Photoshop but as I said he shows
you a way around without even Photoshop
you will be able to download it and edit
it and the last one is the flyer designs
this also looks good actually this
actually it’s or idea is not just
creating the book or book covers he
covers it they all just showing how to
promote it you know that’s they have
taken care of that as well like video
promotion video templates they have
taken care and this is the flyer to go

with that book launch you know you need
to promote that right so that’s also to
be taken care so you just come in you’ll
be removing this one putting your image
then change these keywords and you fine
with that Instagram marketing okay so
that’s it guys I mean as I said it’s
nothing it’s self-explanatory you know
you just download it edit it and you
know fine good to go
so that’s the product really you’re
getting this is the front end you’ll be
let’s jump onto the page way I just
wanted to show you the price actually
yeah it’s gonna be few upsells it’s
gonna friend it is gonna be 27 on the
first day itself you something this is
interest for you buy it on a friend
first day actually the reason is when it
goes like the seven-day launch the price
keeps increasing so if this is something
interesting you you can get it to things
that what I thought about it this it can
be used for yourself like you himself

like you can also go into like five
concur like freelancer and start selling
these services okay that’s really you
know these are all done for you
templates you just need to get the
clients images and their notes or the
wordings you just need to change it and
give them you know so that’s how easy it
that’s one style other thing is like you
are publishing a book or your client is
publishing you or your list somebody who
wants to if you think this is going to
be useful you can you know promote to
them as well so this is the front in 27
there’s going to be a couple of upsells
you can see this as I said upsells are
there to make a life easier it’s up to
you if you can afford it go for it if
not it can come back it’s gonna be in
the membership area you can buy it and
these are all upsells will be more

templates and more features like more of
the friend you know these are all
templates are you gonna have like a more
templates on that one but just to inform
you there’s going to be some down sells
so if you want to save some money you
know go for that you know once you go
through that OTO page keep going
and just say no thanks and you’ll be
able to get some discount on the next
page okay that’s what it is guys so the
important thing is those right cool
bonuses comes with this one actually so
you can see this I just wanted to show
you the I really a top cool bonuses like
you know this is like complete marketing
kit so even whether it’s using if you
use these kind of bonus now all the
bonus stuffs in your own book or even
for you or any digital products like
future what are you trying to put

together first one is you can see this
royalty free stock photos really amazing
ones then we have like crew looking
social media branding link covers face
book covers this is really good one guys
remember guys face book cover is like a
real funnel okay that’s so much
important you need to optimize your face
book cover in such a way that you know
you can collect easy leads with that so
this really a good one face book cover
so you can go through those all of them
here presentation folder name card the
bonus itself is like a proper product
actually that’s all their particular
business coach designs and then
promotion explainer videos video squeeze
pages businessman characters weapon so
she’ll be Ravana’s really are the way
they are really the bonus is really good
which comes with that package itself so
this is if you want it you know you can

click these green links here you can see
this get I can once you buy it all these
bonus will be instantly delivered inside
the download area could see this I just
wanted to show you the download area
where did I yeah there it is
here it is so here are you downloads you
can see this all the bonus will be
download over here so it’s it’s deli
delivered to you along with the product
itself that’s it guys I mean and also
they have done it in such a way that
easy for you to share like the way they
have done is you’re getting it in the
way easy you don’t need to go for like
any other anybody will have Google and
they’re easily sharing it to you and you
can download it straight to your as a
bit actually have this is my review of
access so you can see this ECOVERIO OTO
straight away this come came into my
Google Drive it so easy for me it’s

gonna be there as well as another we
want we can come back and use it that’s
good you know sometimes you get it in
Dropbox or box a different format but
having it in Google Drive you know how
easy it is everybody uses Gmail and it’s
gonna be very useful anywhere you’re
outside traveling you’re having a PC
laptop it’s just you know you want to do
something on while traveling this will
be easier way to access it so that’s a
guys I mean if this is something
interesting you just click the link
below this is the page you will land and
you can click these green links here the
the green links at the bottom and you
can see these ones click here to see
this one here or that green link at the
bottom or this one c-axis II cover these
these are the Glink you can click and it
will take you to the sales page and you
can buy the product that’s it guys if\

you like it please like share and any
comments positive negative just comment
below I’ll reply to it this is going to
be a really good one actually I remember
last couple of weeks before I promoted a
similar product but which is not to do
with the books it was just to do with
like a general like like oh you know
what I means like just Facebook
Instagram and stuff but this is gonna be
like or more useful for you like
self-publishing books also as I said
anybody even myself I I give away lots
of stuffs you know in order to collect
leads for that purpose itself we know
you want to give maybe something you
want to press as I said you want to
present it as a proper digital product
so in that sense is going to be really
really cool one you know I’m just gonna
over try it out as well really a very

good one to have it you know in order to
you know promote your products as a
proper digital one you know this is how
that’s why they use like e-commerce a
lot for that purpose that’s it guys
thanks a lot for time take a see you
next time bye