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Ecoverio OTO

ECOVERIO OTO – There Is One Front End And Two OTOs Options. All links And Details Bellow.



OTO1 Platinum Version=>>ECOVERIO OTO

OTO2 8-in-1 Product Bundle=>>ECOVERIO OTO


OTO1: Platinum Version

The Platinum version has BIGGER content than the main package, and has some different set of content that are not available in the FE Package. 

  • MODUL#1- 29 Book Cover (.PSD)
  • MODUL#2- 20 3D Book Mockups (.PPTX) *Not available in FE
  • MODUL#3- 10 Book Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#4- 12 Video Promotion for Book (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#5- 12 Magazine Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#6- 40 Kindle Cover Design (PSD)
  • MODUL#7- 12 Book Marker (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#8- 24 Animated Banner Ads (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#9- 14 Roll-Up Banners (.PSD)
  • MODUL#10- 12 Flyer Design (.PPTX)
  • ++ Commercial License to the entire package (FE+Platinum)
OTO2 : 8-in-1 Product Bundle

will get 8 product packages with the price of ONE, completes with Commercial License.

It’s about 70% Discount than if they purchase its separately.


What Is Ecoverio

see the Demo

“ECOVERIO” is the 3rd edition of our PixelCover product series.
It’s mega collection of STUNNING & PRO Looking Cover Design Templates and Marketing Kit for Self-Publisher. 

It’s the most Completed ‘All-in-One’ Book Author toolkit in the Self-Publishing Business. Including cover design for Book, eBook, Magazine, and Kindle. Book launch Video Marketing toolkit, Roll-Up Banner, Animated ads banner, Flyer. And book accessories such as Bookmark design.

Everything Done for everyone, Easy to Edit… and Ready to Use.

Being Graphic Designer & Marketer since 2010… our goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics and design templates.

That’s why I always providing an ELEGANT, CLEAN, SIMPLE, and PROFESSIONAL look design concept on every design project we have.

And using Ecoverio’s template… it can Help everyone (even newbie) to create book cover design 60% FASTER, and can SAVE BUDGET Up-to 95% than if you hire Pro Designer to create design from scratch.

It’s really huge time and money saver for Book Author or Self-Publisher.

The best thing is…
It’s way CHEAPER than the same items that sold in the Marketplace, and has more Professional looks!


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Video review For Front End Only



what’s more, fundamentally a great deal of digital book covers and

different things we’ll go over that privilege

presently Eva spread business is been solid

for a considerable length of time and it will keep on being as

long as individuals continue selling digital books and

advanced items even digital book spreads are

only something worth being thankful for and you can proceed

furthermore, utilize this for yourself or make a ton

of cash

simply look on Fiverr oDesk anyplace

individuals make a full-time business out of

selling digital book covers and with a spread EO

there is a considerable amount of assortment here so

how about we turn out a portion of the things here to


see it will experience a

little slideshow here give you a thought

what’s going on OK we have a paper

book spread formats the typical looking

digital book covers that you’ve seen all through

the years they have additionally page formats

what’s more, that only sort of shows like a table

of substance and so forth that you can

make video promotions advertising and deals

occasions this way and the following slide here

give you a demo of what this resembles

alright so that is not playing however you’ll

check whether you go to the primary site which you

will hear without further ado you’ll have the option to play


that I can’t play it right presently as I’m

recording video on my PC there’s

likewise magazine covers that you can make

by and by you can generally observe this on

the last deals page once you arrive

Kendyl advanced with a Cabrio

pleasant looking encourage tablets there you

can make bookmarks or print out

vivified standard promotions which are beautiful

cool and on this next slide we should check whether

this will play that most likely won’t play

either in light of the fact that

goodness with the goal that’s a model there of your

energized standard advertisement and we’ll go on finished

here look dispatch fold into flags and

they got these little moves down here

furthermore, at the top there’s somewhat light

that resembles it’s sparkling down on

this move up flag I don’t recollect

consistently observing these before that is lovely


what’s more, there’s simply such an assortment of

various layouts you can look over

to make these now every one of these modules

OK for 27 bucks and that resembles on the

front end today it began this demonstration is

as a matter of fact dispatch day and that may be

why the other video wasn’t playing so

the server may be a little hindered

at this moment however this was beginning at

$24 and some change yet now be anticipating

27 since they really are stating that

the cost is going up for each two

deals and it has been changing since

I’ve been online today now we will go to


some fa Q’s alright so here we’ll take a

take a gander at a portion of the much of the time inquired

questions and what sort of programming I

think this is pertinent alright we realize what

the spread EO is at whatever point the fundamental

items that they offer

presently you’re required to have an Adobe

Photoshop alright and afterward it discusses

which form alright it discusses what

forms of Photoshop work there and you

can understand that and how to download your

item after you get it alright and it

takes you to a Google Doc Google Docs

and afterward it’s in that spot it’s sort of

ambiguous however that there’s a connection in the

JB’s ooh that will take you to it and

give me a chance to get here observe at the present time

that is demonstrating 2497

what’s more, I simply expect 27 and make an effort not to

delay on that by any means

here are some other fa Q’s the permit

for this item is close to home however you do

get an opportunity to update into a

business alright

also, there are upsells to get the

Platinum form and you’ll get the

designer business permit for that so

you can make that and individuals will pay

you for it

presently here’s something essential they do

not discount just if there’s an issue or

a blunder debasement and so forth alright so don’t

hope to get a discount in the wake of buying

this item alright and there’s

data about reaching support and

whatnot so how about we get back over alright this

is for the quick activity reward and you

should result in these present circumstances site after

tapping on my connection here and afterward you’ll

go to my reward page then after

tapping on any of these

green fastens that will take you to the

reward page directly here I’m sorry it’s

this one and you should see my name up

at the top alright this objective was over most

of the page goes over the advantages alright

of requesting and these rewards are correct

here it gets whom right here alright here

about the center of the page these are

the realities the activity rewards and there’s

an independent publisher weapon and that is the

Fuel promoting aide utilizing Kindle

advertising aide fabricating your position

status course and afterward there’s social

media control alright and afterward you have

these other Instagram flags that will

become accessible to you for quick activity

Facebook flags blog entry standards at that point

there’s web and online networking pennants 20

blog flag formats OK at that point

introduction for creator alright and there’s

pictures there eminence free stock photographs

doesn’t state what number of yet goodness there they

are 28 cultivating stock photographs 30 creature

stock alright 50 human 31 game alright you

can experience that assortment there I

believe that is every one of them

and afterward professional looking web based life

marking for LinkedIn and Facebook

introduction organizer and name cards

business cards OK business cites

structures or beta loves these statements

special ur limited time and explainer

recordings these are somewhat cool he’s still

really great on the off chance that you get that business

update you’ll have the option to

definitely I don’t have the foggiest idea about the nature of these

in any case, I mean you be the judge

so what will be will be and in the video

crush pages resembles there’s four of

them there doesn’t state what number of you get

it would appear that four I would anticipate four

also, specialist characters

I think character just spelled wrong so

at that point it says how to guarantee these rewards

well you simply proceed to click there so

first it’ll be alright you’re going to be at

my site when you after you click the

connect beneath in the depiction you’ll

go to my site and you can experience

this and I go over all the rewards you

get the opportunity to peruse all my rewards and afterward

after you click any of the green catches

on my page there to click here to get

you spread you it’ll take you here

okay and this is the quick activity

reward page alright at that point you’re going to

click here and that is on down close the

base of the page and afterward it will take

you to the genuine primary deals page OK

with the goal that recently secured that progression locks

your rewards from the merchant and those

what I just went over are your rewards

from the seller okay currently I’m going to go

over my reward page and give you what’s

going on there OK so there’s an another

short introduction video that we’ll have up

here for you on my reward page and afterward

whenever like I said you can click here

furthermore, that will take you to the quick

activity reward page and afterward the fundamental

deals page here where you look down to

the base and feel free to arrange it

alright and right now I believe it’s adage

24 and

change and it’s changing so at any rate back

to my reward page how about we discover it here alright

you can watch a short video at the top

ought to be short and here’s simply

like a little demo there’s such a large number of so

a wide range of things you can do with

this item and this is much the same as your

essential sort of digital book look a couple

various looks in that spot and a

rundown of the advantages and you know

that early introduction make making individuals

become hopelessly enamored with the item at the

first sight of a truly well-done digital book

spread or book spread makes desires

characterizes your story shows the nature of

your book you realize early introductions are

significant Pro looking spread for your

book way quicker 65% quicker it says and

sparing 80 percent of your financial limit and you

can profit with this thus the

reward is that I’d like to toss in today

that you’ll simply discover here alright

our and as you’re making your substance

also, your digital books and such stuff if

you’re doing it without anyone’s help or in case you’re

doing it for a customer

Pinterest getting that out there

syndicating your stuff and Pinterest I

like the statement here or what it says

about as indicated by Shopify investigating

twenty 5,000 online stores they

discovered that the client who at first

comes to intrigue by means of Facebook or

Twitter will spend about twice to such an extent

so this is fascinating little course

here that is esteemed at thirty seven

dollars alright Pinterest is can be


next thing is somewhat syndication

authority I got two An’s and dominance there

I don’t have the foggiest idea why assess $67 covering a

part of data there’s forty

recordings in this course and it’s very

incredible this is most likely one of the

best things you’ll see today

furthermore, it’s incredibly a lot of worth $67

certifiable incentive for the data

covers Instagram advertisements syndications of

utilizing different video stages how to

compose public statements which are very

ground-breaking and LinkedIn Facebook and

covers a couple other web based life

stages OK at that point there’s optimus

picture search this is one of my own very

individual items and just gives you how

to advance your pictures you’re going to

be working with pictures in case you’re making

digital books and you’re doing anything on the web

with advertising this course is a

must-have it’s nine recordings instructing you

about picture stockpiling pixelation

quality estimating and so on it covers how

to utilize pictures it’s generally excellent to know

data esteemed at forty seven

dollars alright and my last reward number

four is composing convincing features

what could be increasingly significant you know

copywriting in this online business

regardless of whether it’s the title for your digital book or

a title for your blog or article

copywriting and composing features is so

basic so this is a ninety six dollar

worth and top mystery it’s going to cover

top mystery strategies from six-figure

marketing specialists simplest approaches to support your

cred inventiveness figure out how experts

think of those changing over

unprecedented features discover the

mysteries to composing features that

convert OK so now all these


piled up together are worth two

hundred forty seven dollar worth and I

trust you are getting some great data from

me about this course and perhaps these

rewards that I offer alongside the quick

activity rewards from the distribute