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Ecoverio OTO

ECOVERIO OTO – There Is One Front End And Two OTOs Options. All links And Details Bellow.



OTO1 Platinum Version=>>ECOVERIO OTO

OTO2 8-in-1 Product Bundle=>>ECOVERIO OTO


OTO1: Platinum Version

The Platinum version has BIGGER content than the main package, and has some different set of content that are not available in the FE Package. 

  • MODUL#1- 29 Book Cover (.PSD)
  • MODUL#2- 20 3D Book Mockups (.PPTX) *Not available in FE
  • MODUL#3- 10 Book Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#4- 12 Video Promotion for Book (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#5- 12 Magazine Cover + Page Layout (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#6- 40 Kindle Cover Design (PSD)
  • MODUL#7- 12 Book Marker (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#8- 24 Animated Banner Ads (.PPTX)
  • MODUL#9- 14 Roll-Up Banners (.PSD)
  • MODUL#10- 12 Flyer Design (.PPTX)
  • ++ Commercial License to the entire package (FE+Platinum)
OTO2 : 8-in-1 Product Bundle

will get 8 product packages with the price of ONE, completes with Commercial License.

It’s about 70% Discount than if they purchase its separately.


What Is Ecoverio

see the Demo

“ECOVERIO” is the 3rd edition of our PixelCover product series.
It’s mega collection of STUNNING & PRO Looking Cover Design Templates and Marketing Kit for Self-Publisher. 

It’s the most Completed ‘All-in-One’ Book Author toolkit in the Self-Publishing Business. Including cover design for Book, eBook, Magazine, and Kindle. Book launch Video Marketing toolkit, Roll-Up Banner, Animated ads banner, Flyer. And book accessories such as Bookmark design.

Everything Done for everyone, Easy to Edit… and Ready to Use.

Being Graphic Designer & Marketer since 2010… our goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics and design templates.

That’s why I always providing an ELEGANT, CLEAN, SIMPLE, and PROFESSIONAL look design concept on every design project we have.

And using Ecoverio’s template… it can Help everyone (even newbie) to create book cover design 60% FASTER, and can SAVE BUDGET Up-to 95% than if you hire Pro Designer to create design from scratch.

It’s really huge time and money saver for Book Author or Self-Publisher.

The best thing is…
It’s way CHEAPER than the same items that sold in the Marketplace, and has more Professional looks!


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Video review For Front End Only



hi lovely individuals out there how are

you doing my dear love sweethearts and

today I have one more item to

survey with you it is called reverberation video

reverberation video I don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason I’m stating

like air like a Spani a Spanish individual

in any case, I simply prefer it as such a cool video

no doubt I love it

so what it will be it is across the board to

make shocking books magazines Kindle

covers or even video and advertising pack

to dispatch your item so we are all

there online right folks like don’t kid

with me you spend like portion of your day

in online without a doubt in light of the fact that computerized

thinks an email time it’s a major immense

thing at the present time and presumably you are


additionally doing your advanced item in light of the fact that

who isn’t even my mother who never worked a

day in her life is right now doing her

claim advanced item on the most proficient method to raise up

kids since you realize she can and you

ought to as well

so the present video we are going to cover

up deals page which is here demo yes of

course I have the down for you all

what’s more, we will get in meat and

juice of this item then we are going

to quickly discuss costs alright I’m

not kidding not quickly like completely

regularly we’re going to discuss

costs however no doubt so then we are going to


conceal my reward that I particularly made

for you and you won’t discover them in any

different associates video since I made

them myself better believe it so and the rewards of

the renderware code is additionally going to

examine them so here is the deals

page and essentially it is an incredibly

great item you’ll get a ton out of

this trust me I have demo and I

as of now glanced through it so there is a

ton of stuff you can use for your own

advanced item and you don’t require

to like stress over it

in the event that you have control

you are alright as should be obvious perfect

with PowerPoint so PowerPoint is

presumably the most straightforward program programming

out there everybody realizes how to utilize it

indeed, even my mother I’m disclosing to you she’s doing

her own Jesus no item and you know

how she contacted she like does this the


strategies I call it like better believe it’s an odd

it resembles your t-rex and you’re attempting

to type no doubt she’s strange however even she is

doing this so you should beat you and

you really can get a great deal of cash out

of advanced items individuals are insane

nowadays about digital books so what you get

the section one is paper book forms of

book spread layouts the as should be obvious

there are tons and huge amounts of stuff and

as a matter of fact we’re going to conceal why

these like layouts are excellent for

deals on the grounds that no doubt there’s going to come

in my arrangements the second thing you’ll

escape this venture is book covers

what’s more, page designs no doubt as should be obvious

there are tons and huge amounts of stuff like

sanctuary type a sort chapter by chapter guide

better believe it and so much stuff no doubt

how about we look down look down parchment

down there is a huge amount of stuff solidarity I’m

indeed, even tired of screwing down video advertisement

deals showcasing and occasions definitely I

presumably read that off-base however whatever so

at that point we have a Kindle spread layouts if

you have like on the off chance that you are in any event, doing a

menu on iPads in your eatery this is

we will be helpful in light of the fact that it’s such similar to

a truly adequate method for demonstrating your

menu at that point book advertiser layouts and

marker formats in the event that you have like

selling a book like a physical book

rendition you should have your

custom temp specialist format definitely so this

is go Goku I’m even tired of talking how

much stuff this item has in it and

you made the pennant promotions

book formats move up flags move up

flags are enormous for occasions they’re similar to

truly spring up on your occasion and make it

look proficient

rich flyer layout Flyers are still

not out of style I know how much

irritating they resemble you know when

you’re working and in the shopping center and they

push you this terrible liar and you’re similar to

not this time however even so they are very

great promoting devices so this is the

deals page and now as should be obvious there

resemble as often as possible posed inquiries in

the primary connection underneath that says deals however

get your reverberation video here and rewards you

click here it will take you to the deals

page likewise you can tap the subsequent connection

it will take you to my site where are

we going now I don’t know now we are definitely not

going there on the grounds that we are really

heading off to the Thank You page so here

which you will see after the acquisition of

this item don’t have a clue about your item

here as should be obvious him better believe it so it will

open up document

here are some rewards that we are going

to discuss later so how about we go on into

the Google group and that is the thing that you will

get like word worm you are going to

download your item so allows simply go

what’s more, very I’m exceptionally intrigued by book

spread and formats so we’re going to push

in this is the module 2 thus much

stuff I’m truly inspired by treats

since I love treats I love sweet that

might be the reason I’m so fat or perhaps not hello

so as should be obvious there are tons and

huge amounts of things you can tweak it in

the manner in which you need they really have like

a venture so you can redo it

anything you desire do anything you desire

with it see the table of for what reason I’m stating

sanctuary it is anything but a sanctuary of substance its

stable of substance then you have like

other stuff and treat plans is this

three other formula well since I may

utilize one mm-well

to get significantly fatter no doubt no it’s simply

some composition and as should be obvious twelve

page of excellent designs about creator

your image my objective here and at whatever point

you need folks may go here and you can

quite possibly on the off chance that you choose you can change

not to change this photos directly here

what’s more, use them as it is that is impeccably

fine yet you can do anything you desire

what’s more, that resembles adaptable thing you know

there’s very little things you can do in

this labor of love the manner in which you need them to

be the energized pennants and they

as a matter of fact can come in the compress record better believe it

since they are somewhat recordings so we

simply click this initial one

better believe it gracious decent I like it and you can

as a matter of fact will have the option to tap on this

at the point when you like post it whatever on your

site since they are vivified

pennants and we know every single enlivened standard

have their very own bottoms so there are a lot

significantly more stuff let me just I can’t

navigate them all in this video

since it resembles simply going to take as well

much time so what we will do now

is I think you had the taste or the

item wellbeing looks and whatever what

it is so after the demo this demo we’re

presently going to examine the costs

what’s more, costs are succulent folks truly there

are excessively overly extraordinary you will be a trick

not to purchase this item for your

business since it could build your

calling allottee like the deals and

whatever it is and support your business

just for twenty seven bucks right and

you get these modules directly here

just for 27 bucks that is simply insane

self important and box what would you be able to do

for 27 was go out to a film ones better believe it

I better proceed to get myself this

delightful item reverberation video and make

myself a delightful designs for my

advanced item or whatever in business

I have and benefit from that and afterward I

can go like I can resign 26 and go to

see my film each and every day

so the first upsell cost thirty seven

dollars second the equivalent 37 the third kid

indeed the third is cost forty seven

dollars down say one is 27.0 two is

twenty nine really clear right

so now we’re going to conceal my

rewards since why not on the grounds that I like

making rewards for you folks and here we

will get into the brain research of

their visual communication first reward is the secret

to make an enlivened slides in

PowerPoint yet as spot previously said

PowerPoint is the most effortless to use along

with this item I go

with the reverberation video since I know

PowerPoint can be utilized by everybody and

all over the place so this fair shows you how

to make vivified slides not energized

advances as you can realize how to make

them it is really simple yet this will

like take it somewhat propelled the

second item is interminable reward is

PowerPoint activity instructional exercise movement

designs EB the first was simply

vivified cut and here is the movement

realistic CV which resembles much better

it’s similar to this energized vivified

one pennants directly here similar to this

be that as it may, you will be really similar to might be

ready to oversee it and control be that as it may

you need and use it along these

energized flag advertisements so the third upon us

that I arranged for you is the reason book

spread prosaisms will really help sell

more books recollect that I discussed why

this why this book covers directly here I

like extremely like made with brain science in

them additionally that you will make your

best deals out of them yes that is

since they are made by platitudes and

they have really utilized the expert

proficient visual fashioners to do

them so you will resemble have the option to

ensure your business Maximizer in the event that you

utilize this book covers since they go

into profound darkest of our heads and brains

also, similar to make us get it alright do you see

like the brain science parts of this all

stuff your promoting is truly

fascinating and this one is directly here

will simply show you and clarify how it

works and what it does and give you a few

brain research around promoting the third

fourth reward really is level 100

visual computerization utilizing brain science so you

will be clarified how generally

not just in book covers and

all that stuff yet how you can utilize the

brain research in visual depiction by and large

also, yes these designs here are truly

great as far as brain science and

standing out from individuals however

from this reward directly here you will get

considerably additionally seeing how to put them

all together and how to on the off chance that you need like

to modify them how to make it right

right way with the goal that you won’t demolish the

brain science of them and you will make

significantly more deals that is it with my

rewards and here comes the when there’s

rewards that you will get right

away and let me simply give you where ya

in the tank so page you have them here

you can download it however I wear’