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What Is Engagbot


OTO1 : VIP Version

EngagBot VIP ULTIMATE Content Maker & Messenger, Built-In 100,000 Quotes, 30,000 Background Images For UNLIMITED Traffic On Autopilot

Create UNLIMITED Image Designed Content with the The ULTIMATE Quote Maker & Messenger

Super-Charged 100,000 Quotes Database

30,000 Jaw-Dropping, Beautiful Images & 70 Professionally Approved Fonts

1,500,000,000 (BILLION) Unique IMAGE Content Quotes

1 Click Publishing, Broadcasting & Schedule Posting to Multiple Social Profiles With Analytics Dashboard For Social Media Activities

365 Day Hands-FREE Automation (ONE YEAR quote campaigns on autopilot!)

NO Tech Or Design Skills Required

Advanced Training & Videos Included To Fast Automation

“Newbie-Friendly” Passive, Customer-Getting System

FREE Design WorkCloud Storage



Automated Video Creator Powered with 82 Million Unique & Fresh Cinematic Video, Stock Video & Abstract Videos With 1 Click Publishing & Scheduling for ONE Year!

82 Million Automated Video Creator & Publisher

12 Million Automated & Unique Cinematic Video Quotes

50 Million Automated & Unique Stock VIDEO Quotes

20 Million Automated & Unique Abstract VIDEO Quotes

365 Days Hands-FREE Automation (ONE FULL YEAR!)

1 Click Publishing To Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn With Customer Analytics Dashboard

FREE Video WorkCloud Storage

NO Coding Or Technical Skills Needed

FULL Training & Videos Included For Fast Results



– AUTOMATED 1 Click Quiz Creator 15X Your Traffic With The BIG Publishers SECRET Formula, Instantly!

AUTOMATED QUIZ Maker & Publisher

AUTOMATED FACTS Maker & Publisher

Loaded with 3,000 FACTS & 1,300 Quiz Questions

Publish To Social Media, Your Websites, Store or Blog

Multi Quiz & Fact Social Profile Accounts

BRAND NEW Survey Monster Software

ZERO Server Conversion Fees

Stats, Analytics & Reporting Dashboard


– Developer, Agency, Outsourcer & Virtual Assistant License PLUS… MORE AUTOMATION

Your EngagBot Agency With Developer, Outsourcer & Virtual Assistant License

1 Click Design Variations

Built-In Stealth Link Cloak & Share

SELL EngagBot Videos, Cinematics & Images For 100% Profits

Add EngagBot Quotes To ANY MP4 Video or Image & SELL For 100% Profits

Custom Video & Image Quote Maker, Messenger & Spinner

Create Custom Quotes With Own Text & Author or
Choose Tags And Let Software Create Them For You

INSTANT Video & Image Content Design Portfolio

FULL Commercial Selling Rights


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Video Review For Front End Only



hi there it’s Chris here from self-made
new be calm welcome to this engage but
review for those of you out there who
are looking to better utilize your
social media platforms as a means to
drive traffic to your offers landing
pages blogs or stores or anything else
like that engage but it’s definitely
going to help you out now one of the
proven ways when you’re posting content
on social media is that you need to
really follow a couple of rules and one
of those rules is to a trigger emotions
and people rather than you know what
logic like featuring benefits and
features of whatever you’re offering
it’s better to you know try to trigger
an emotional response in someone and
another rule to follow is to show some
level of authority whether that’s
through what you’re saying or maybe
you’re quoting someone else now this is
why things like quotes and you know
really beautiful images with meaningful
quotes work really well on social media
platforms especially like on Facebook
and Instagram
there are many accounts out there on
Instagram that are able to differentiate
themselves by putting out very
meaningful quotes and that’s really all
they do they don’t even mix it up and
they’re able to find a lot of success so
I always recommend that no matter what
niche you’re in this method of content
production it does really work for
anybody and it can work for you too and
if you could automate it and make the
process of putting that content out
really easily you should really look
into that and engage but it’s going to
help you to do that today we’re going to
take a deep dive into engage Bart and
show you exactly how it works and
exactly how you can benefit from it and
how it can lead to you getting more
leads and getting more making more money
online really before we get into that
though it would really help me out if
you drop the like on this video hit
subscribe and ten on that bail
notification if you want to be updated
on new platforms coming out that are
going to help you to make more money
online also if at any moment you want to
jump ahead and check out engage bots on
your own make sure you do that by first
clicking the link in the description
that way you’ll be taken through to my
bonus page which looks like this
legal stuff at the top my contact
details if you have any questions or
problems and the way my bonus page works
is it is integrated with the engaged but
official vendor sales page so what that
means is if you go through to my bonus
page first and click on any of these
green buttons what that will do is lock

Engagbot OTO

in all of these bonuses before then
launching you after the engage bot sales
page where you can then purchase it so
these bonuses are handpicked and these
are the best bonuses you’re going to get
and really go hand in hand
really well with engage bar the first
one I’ve gotten for you is called
Instagram marketing secrets now let’s
face it if you’re going to be putting
out quotation imagery and things like
that Instagram is one platform you want
to be well-versed in so this product
helps you really make that jump between
just being a normal Instagram user and
using Instagram as a business and a
means to generate business so some
things that it goes into is just your
standard use and setup of an Instagram
business account how to you know tips
and tricks on how to make your content
pop how to make it look better how to
reach more there’s bits in there on how
to collaborate with other people on
Instagram and just an all encompassing
kind of product there if you if you’re
not sure about Instagram and you you’re

Engagbot OTO

not really sure how people are getting
so successful all over the place really
quickly this is going to shine some
light on that for you the second bonus
have gotten view is a three part bonus
you’ve got music loops volume 1 2 & 3 so
each one contains 25 royalty free loops
which means you’re getting a total of 75
royalty free loops and I threw this in
there because one thing that you can
also do is rather than have just a
quotation image you can easily turn that
into a video and maybe add some
background music onto it as well royalty
free music you’re not gonna get pinged
on you’re not going to get people
complaining that you’re using their
tracks and there’s some really cool
loops in these 3 volumes that you can
use without any of those worries bonus
number 3 I’ve gotten for you is how to
be an influencer and this goes into the
tips and tricks of the trade of how
people really gone are that following on
different social media platforms it goes
into things like how to design a
and how to present yourself in a way
that inspires and leads so again it’s
gonna go hand in hand with engage but
and what that’s gonna do for you really
well it goes into how to create the
right me shadow create a Content plan
that allows you to create consistent
value for your audience and really how
to just go from you know again normally
Instagram user to really being at the
top of whatever niche you’re in to the
point where it is you know your primary
source of income like a lot of
influences have been able to do the\

Engagbot OTO Engagbot OTO
fourth bonus I’ve gotten few is a
two-part bonus again it really builds on
the last bonus one is called online
viral marketing secrets and the other
one is build your tribe and they get it
rip these have their own golden nuggets
of information in both of them that’s
why I threw them all in because each of
these bonuses is gonna you know give you
a little something different online
viral secrets is gonna teach you the
components of what makes content viral
and build your tribe is gonna go a
little bit deeper I’m what it means to
create that audience you know your
audience is not just you know random
followers you know you need to
understand them you need to create an
avatar around who they are so you if you
can understand them you know or content
pretty to produce and you know how to
keep them happy and keep them engaged
because at the end of the day that’s
what really matters
bonus number five I’ve gotten for you is
called simple social content now this
one goes again a little bit deeper into

Engagbot OTO Engagbot OTO
the content production side of things
but not only on Instagram but also
really how to speak the different
languages of each social media platform
so what you do on an Instagram might not
necessarily work on Pinterest or
Facebook so you gotta know how to you
got to understand the nuances of each
platform and this product teaches you
the kind of content you want to post on
each platform in order to get in order
to maximize again your engagement so a
lot of really great bonuses here that
are gonna really help you maximize how
you use engage bar so if that sounds
good to you it’s step one click the link
in the description and lock in these
bonuses using these green buttons and

that will then launch you off to the
engage bar sales page which looks like
this I would recommend checking this out
on your own there’s quite a lot to read
check out all the functions and features
and if you do decide to purchase you’ll
be sent a digital receipt which looks
like this and as I said under the green
button we’ll be engaged but your
credentials there and under the blue
button will be all of those bonuses that
I just talked about any problems my
emails there now I should say that this
is a launch week special so any discount
pricing you’re getting through my links
and any bonuses that I’ve just talked
about they they are dependent on this
countdown timer so keep your eye on it
basically the sooner you get in the more
you get for the lowest price so I
wouldn’t want you to miss out on that
all right without further ado let’s get
into that over-the-shoulder demo and you

can see exactly what to expect I’m
engaging traffic system works to grab
your visitors attention on a personal
emotional human level so they pay
attention and buy from you so I’m logged
into the dashboard and I’m just gonna
click on image then I’m gonna choose the
background image category that I want to
use for my quotes then I’m gonna just
start typing the tags of keywords that I
want in my quotes to appear and then I’m
gonna choose the number of quotes that I
want to do in my campaign I could choose
the font or let it choose randomly and
the position that I just clicked create
campaign and I’m done I wait a few
seconds then all I have to do is go back
to the dashboard and I’ll be able to
preview all of my designs as you can see
you can create eye-catching
emotionally-charged design content that
will consistently crush it on social
media all year round and every market
engage bot does all the work for you in
just a few clicks within seconds it was
zero technical skills or design
background now if you have your own

ideas you could create as many of these
as you want but if you have your own
ideas you can also go over and click
design and now you can create your very
own from scratch so you go ahead and you
click on a background to load it into
the canvas then you can go ahead and add
whatever text that you want you can also
add shapes and you could change
just about anything about these so
if you want to resize them if you want
to change the font if you want to change
the font size the color if you want to
move elements around you could do that
any way that you want you can also add
effects to the various elements that you
add in just a few clicks so there are a

ton of options open to you to custom
design exactly what you want then when
you’re satisfied with it you just click
on dashboard to go ahead and add that to
your dashboard and when you go back
there you’ll see that the design that
you made now appears there as well you
can see that this is much better than
just having any type of ordinary content
out there because people buy with
emotion you want to connect with your
audience in order for them to buy and
these designs will stop customers in
their tracks and captivate their
attention now once you’ve created your
designs all you have to do is scroll
over the one that you want and you can
download them you can link to them you
can also post them instantly to social
media all you have to do is click on the
link choose the socials that you want to
post to you type in your message then
you’re gonna go ahead and enter your URL
link now this is any where you want to
send the traffic this could be your

website social media profiles offer
pages even affiliate links then you’re
just going to click post and you’re done
you can see that engage bot is the
fastest and easiest way to get traffic
and engage with visitors so you get them
to take action and like click Share and
buy there’s no need to hire graphic
designers or social media managers no
fooling with Photoshop or graphics
software either engagement does the hard
work for you to get you more traffic
engagement and sales all right I hope
you enjoyed that demo I hope you’re
excited to get your hands on engagement
and see how it can help you to save time
on creating real quality content that is
going to touch the hearts of your
audience so really quickly if you go
through to my bonus page again there’s a
little bit of info here as far as
pricing goes and what you
can expect as you go through that buying
process that will be a couple of
one-time offers and upsells and I’ve

outlined them all here so engaged but
pro is going for $27 and it’s everything
basically you saw in that video you can
get the one-time off of VIP version for
a little bit more basically you’re
getting a lot more imagery a lot more
templates a little bit more training and
then the one-time offer number two
diamonds you’re getting Video Creator
and publisher and a lot more video
related elements there one-time offer
number three platinum $37 again you’re
it’s adding this quiz maker so that’s
great for engagement so if you want that
as well one-time offer number four is of
course the agency license if you’re an
agency or a freelancer and you want to
sell some of the things that you can
create unengaged but you can get this
license it’s pretty cheap for an agency
license usually they run up a few
hundred dollars I can get it for forty
nine ninety five and whatever you make

will engage but you can you can keep all
those profits and you can keep creating
for people over things like Fiverr and
things like that so I should say that
you do only need the engaged but basic
Pro in order to get access to all the
bonuses that I talked about earlier so
don’t feel like you need to get involved
with all these upsells if you do just
want the basic package you still get all
of the bonuses from me that I just
talked about so yeah don’t feel like you
have to you know spend a lot of money so
if you think about it for $27 you’re
getting engaged ba Pro and all those
bonuses that’s a ton of value on offer
there if you think about it couple few
actually a few hundred dollars worth of
value there as well as of course a money
back guarantee so not a hell of a lot to
lose there if you do have any questions
feel free to drop them in the comments

or message me on social media or my
email I do reply to absolutely everybody
if not enjoying gauge but I hope you
love the bonuses and I’ll catch you
again on the next video take care

Engagbot OTO

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