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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

Epic OTO [Songs] Hey guys wish you’re succeeding. This is the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. It’s the absolute highest-end phone Samsung makes

right now, however, is it worth your cash watch this video to learn. Allow’s start with the layout. I believe this is a fantastic-looking phone from any angle compared to 2014’s s20 ultra. The s21 looks

a lot more refined as well as a grown-up I

such as that Samsung welcomed the camera bump as well as made it part of the visual the giant

electronic camera bump will irritate some

individuals, and also I additionally had not

Epic OTO


Been a follower initially; however, after a few weeks of coping with it doesn’t trouble me as high as I Epic OTO thought it would. The debate about

it was shaking on

a table is valid; however, I have not discovered it to be a problem in the method. What is slightly more irritating is that I can feel the video camera bump in my

pocket and strictly rely on how limited your jeans are. You might even see it as well allowed’s talk about phantom black is its particular type of seeing

the color behaves. However, I wouldn’t make a significant bargain

Impressive OTO about it at the end of the day it’s black,

but the matte coating is a great touch

not just does it look terrific; however,

it’s practically fingerprint-proof. I did a survey

asking you guys the amount of you who make use

of phone cases, and virtually 90 percent of you

said you do, so the shade and finish most likely

isn’t all that essential plus, the phone still is

a bit unsafe without a case. Also, you certainly do not wish to drop this thing

the s21 ultra allows as well as hefty I’ve constantly thought that bigger is better when it pertains to phones, but I think we’re getting to.’

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the restriction currently if you try to hold this Impressive phone OTO with one hand for a long time, you do feel that additional weight, yet hey, if you want an ultra experience, I presume this is part of the game. The display is a masterpiece, but that’s really to be anticipated from Samsung. It’s big bright, vivid, and the 120hz refresh rate makes communicating with

the phone feels so smooth and all-natural. It’s likewise much less curved around the sides than Samsung’s previous phones, and total, I believe it’s an excellent

step. I have not had a single issue with my palm touching the screen. I have the Exynos version as well as the performance is excellent. I’m not a fan

of running benchmarks on phones, and also, to be truthful Impressive OTO I’m not massive right into mobile pc gaming either, but I did download a couple of games to evaluate the efficiency, and also many thanks to


this evaluation I’ve now addicted to

prime time

thanks to Samsung, I likewise attempted phone

call of task mobile and on

Epic OTO bonuses

both the phone never misses a beat for basic usage applications open and close promptly; in fact, you can have an insane amount of apps available, and also it doesn’t seem to trouble the phone in any way but

however, this particular phone has 16 gigabytes of Impressive OTO of ram, so I presume I shouldn’t be surprised Samsung’s android UI maintains boosting

as well as really feels much less bloated each time I get one of their new phones to make sure that’s wonderful to see but also for me, the appeal of android is that you

can make it your own and also for the first time that’s precisely what I did if you would certainly such as a video on exactly how I set this up let me

now let’s talk cameras for a minute because behind that gigantic camera bump exists some excellent equipment you still get your


standard three lenses that’s an ultra-wide primary Impressive OTO camera and also a telephoto camera now you get an additional ten times telephoto

Epic OTO upsell

the cam also, and it’s an enormous deal. I have never appreciated the telephoto lens before. Usually, the primary electronic camera is

a better electronic camera, and also, the difference in zoom was never that large. Now you can get shots with this lens that you can’t do

I made a camera comparison between the s21 ultra and my more aged s10 plus, and the s21 ultra won across the board. It’s likewise worth Epic OTO keeping in mind that Samsung has been hard at the office releasing various

updates to the s21 ultra. Each time electronic camera performance has been enhanced, this phone takes good photos. It feels more all-natural than before, and I have not seen any crazy oversaturation like from previous Samsung phones, but then again, it’s winter. Everything is grey, so possibly I’ll see something

separate come spring. I still have some Epic OTO issues about the video on this phone even after the updates do not obtain me incorrectly. It’s great at some points; for instance, it can focus exceptionally quickly. It can change direct exposure promptly well as slow-motion video clip works terrific.


Epic OTO upgrade

Epic OTO

you will certainly still obtain some Epic OTO stutters, which makes the video clip appearance less smooth I assume this becomes part of the digital image

stabilization in the phone as well as it may be a more significant issue on the Exynos variation; however, I can not claim for specific given that I do not have a snapdragon

variation to test within any case I hope Samsung enhances this some more since it pulls down what is otherwise

a fantastic electronic camera system, the front-facing video camera takes terrific selfies and video it doesn’t seem to have the same stabilizing issues as the rear-facing cameras I also intend to explain that

Samsung has done some magic with the sound because Impressive OTO it’s efficient at removing historical noises like the wind, so yeah, back

to the studio, battery life is not something you require to worry about the mix of a big battery with the flexible refresh price


that can switch over from simply 10 hertz approximately hertz relying on what you’re taking a look at makes this an excellent battery life phone

I would certainly state if you’re a hefty individual, anticipate Impressive OTO a relaxing full day if you’re an average individual quickly a day and a half and if

you’re careful. It can take two days. I’ve done it currently. If you enjoy video gaming, you require to decrease your assumptions. Running intense video games

for hours at a time will still kill this phone rather swiftly. The phone likewise gets hot not a lot that it’s uneasy

to the touch, however, enough that you’d like holding it with a situation when it’s under anxiety now when Samsung gives it additionally tends to

take away. They have taken away a couple of points from the Epic OTO training course. There’s no audio jack; however that whole thing has taken place currently, and to Samsung’s credit score, they had an extremely excellent pre-order offer

to get links to Epic OTO

where you can get their new galaxy buzz pro for just 10. There’s additionally no battery charger in the package, which’s irritating. Yet, they

have actually made the phones less expensive this year, so if you need a battery charger, you can purchase it independently,y and also you will not be paying more

. Additionally, there’s no expanding storage space’s even more annoying. I made use of an sd card on my s10 plus; however, look, there is a price to

pay for the development and for stuffing as much.


technology Legendary OTO as possible into small tool things like the audio jack, the sd card slot as well as

at some point, even the


charging port is going to


disappear because they


can make better use

this area, yes these

things are frustrating.


For customers, especially during

this transitional time; however,

in 5 years, we won’t be

discussing any of this any

longer, and also, at some

factor, you’ll have no option but to say goodbye to some of these older comforts a few even more fascinating notes before I wrap

this video up the fingerprint

the scanner has been boosted from previous generations. The sensor is now a lot bigger than

in the past, as well as I have discovered a distinction,

I don’t require Epic OTO to be as accurate with where

I place my finger for it to open. I don’t believe the unlock rate has been

improved much, yet it’s currently

quick sufficient for me, with the s21 ultra having such a big battery. I would certainly advise you to get a fast battery charger if you don’t have one

already. Otherwise, it does take a very long time for it to obtain a full charge. If you charge throughout the night, that’s not a concern, but if

you require some additional juice during the day; it is Legendary OTO. The speaker on the phone has been much improved, at least from the s10 plus it’s.

It is louder, cleaner, and a bit punchier in the reduced end, still not great, yet it feels a lot more useful than before the s21 ultra has.

A proper name as well as besides the video performance, it’s difficult for me ahead up with points to whine about. I will state that regardless

Epic OTO

n extremely costly phone; however, my phone is one of the most crucial gadgets.

My life and I directly am willing to invest even more Epic OTO to obtain more certain points I’ve missed in this evaluation, so if you guys have any kind of.

Questions drop them listed below in the remarks, and I’ll ensure to get back to you. Thanks, individuals, for watching as always if you delighted in.

This video clip, please assist the channel by going down Legendary OTO a like and subscribing if you have not currently, and I’ll see you, individuals, following time [Music] you.

Epic OTO