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Equinox OTO

Equinox OTO -There is one Front End And Five OTOs . All Links And Details Bellow


EquinoxFE=>>Equinox FE

OTO1 Equinox Pro =>>Equinox OTO1

OTO2 Wikepedia Version + Case Studies=>>Equinox OTO2

OTO3 $1k Commission System=>>Equinox OTO3

OTO4 The Ultimate Collection=>>Equinox OTO4

OTO5 Licence Rights=>>Equinox OTO5


OTO1 :Equinox Pro

in The pro version allows you to perform up to 500 searches per day (more than enough) plus comes with detailed “Advanced” Monetization training ,

OTO2 :Wikepedia Version + Case Studies

Yes you can now perform the same “Dead Link” searches not only on YouTube but also you can now on the 5th largest website on the planet… Wikepedia. Equinox Wikepedia version allows you to plug in the whole Wikepedia site into Equinox, expanding your search by DOUBLE.

OTO3 :$1k Commission System

This Is a  complete DFY solution for you to use our  own high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale, All of the ground work has been done leaving you to target and profit. Simply you send the traffic from Equinox to our high converting auto-webinar hosted on our pages and let US do the selling for you while YOU generate $1000 per sale.

OTO4 :The Ultimate Collection

A collection of ALL of Our Best Selling Products… Now Access Over 35 “Deal Of The Day” Products from 2017 to Date.

OTO5: Licence Rights

to sell “Equinox” as their own product. This product has taken months to develop / create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material. Buyers of this upsell can Now enjoy 100% commissions on this awesome high converting funnel while we handle the selling and support.


What Is Equinox

To Ethically Steal and Monetize Their View

Equinox FE: is a brand new software / training solution that you’re going to LOVE. the software covers 2 crucial points;

1. – Traffic: The software will seek out “Dead Links” (Links That Go To A 404 Page) inside of YouTube that you can easily “Revive” by purchasing the corresponding domain name. You can then re-direct this link anywhere you like (affiliate offer, clickbank, squeeze page, ecom store etc). This enables you to INSTANTLY grab traffic from OTHER PEOPLE’S YouTube videos… without creating any videos yourself

2. – Monetize: The second part of the product includes detailed training showing you how how to turn that easy traffic into money from; clickbank, JVzoo, Warrior Plus and Lead Generation.

Training is included on 3 different “Difficulty” levels showing you EXACTLY hot to make BIG money from this free traffic… step-by-step


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Vide Review For Front End Only


hey what’s going on everyone its jono
here from Jonah – I’m somewhat calm
welcome to my Equinox review now I’m
here inside of the members area of


and also the software here and during
this review I’m gonna give you a full
run-through and a demo of exactly what
Equinix does and how it works now in a
nutshell Equinox works by you typing in
a keyword into the software it could be
for example Fitness okay
then the software will go and find every
single video on YouTube that is related
to fitness that has broken links in its
video description okay now you’ll see I
mean if you watch my review videos you
watch any videos on YouTube there’s
often people have a call to action where
they say click on the link down below to
get more information or to get a free
course or whatever now that applies to a
lot of these videos on YouTube there’s
billions of videos on YouTube a lot of
them have expired links in their video
description now what this means for you
when using Equinox is for example you
type in fitness and it brings up like 10
videos that have broken links in their
descriptions right now you can go and
find the video that has the most views
and that is the most viral out of all of
those 10 videos okay and then you would
simply need to you’d simply use Equinox
to go and purchase that domain that has
expired you can’t purchase that domain
and then you simply forward that domain
to let’s say a Clickbank offer for a
fitness offer where you get paid like 42
dollars per sale okay in commission now

Equinox OTO

what’s going to happen is at the moment
those links have expired so those videos
that are getting hundreds of views per
day people are clicking on the links and
they’re currently going to an expired
page once you’ve used Equinox and you
bought that domain and you’ve redirected
it you’ve effectively revived that
domain which means that now when people
go to that video then they’ll click on
that link in the description and instead
of going to that expired page they’ll go
to your affiliate link your Clickbank
affiliate link for that fitness office
so it you’re you’re effectively legally
an ethic

be hijacking that person’s YouTube
traffic it’s a genius software and it’s
something that we’re really really proud
of and it’s taken us a long time to
research and develop this so I’m really
really pumped about this product because
it’s going to enable you to make money
online without having to create your own
videos because you’re gonna be using
other people’s videos that are already
up there on YouTube getting hundreds of
views a day you don’t need to create any
content all you’re doing is simply
purchasing a domain for kind of less
than ten dollars and then redirecting it
to your affiliate link now we have a ton
of success stories for people have been
using this Equinox software and I’m
really really proud to say that anybody
can make at least a hundred dollars
online every single day using this

software without having to go for all
the headaches of list building and all
that other kind of stuff so this is the
members area right here of Equinox okay
this is the software and I’m going to
show you in more detail inside this
review exactly how this works I’ve also
put together a ton of custom bonuses for
those of you like to pick this up via my
link which is down below in the
description of this YouTube video now

this domain is not expired okay it’s
gonna work and it is going to take you
through to my bonus page which looks
like this now if you want to purchase
equinox at any time during this video
all you need to do is get yourself to

this page scroll down and click on any
of these red buttons as of 11:00 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time on the 19th of
October that’s when this is going to be
live and that will take you through to
the sales page which is gonna look like
this where you can go ahead you can
purchase equinox as of 11:00 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time on the 19th of
October now you’ll need to purchase
equinoxes before the countdown timer on
my bonus page hits zero because when it
does all of my bonuses will expire and
that’s something that I don’t want you
to miss out on now all of these bonuses
are being created by myself that means
they’re exclusive to me they’re not
gonna be available through anybody
else’s link apart from mine with that

said feel free to shop around Equinox OTO and see
what other affiliates offer in terms of
bonuses for equinox because remember you
can always return to this bonus page via
the link down below in the description
of this YouTube video or via my email
once you realize that my bonus is way
better Equinox OTO
more useful than what anybody else is
going to offer to you for this so my
first bonus here I’m going to give you
access to the auto search update of
equinox okay so this is going to

automatically update all of the search
features inside of equinoxes and bring
it up to speed and this will be updated
on a monthly basis so you’ll get access
to that auto search update you’ll also
get access to the daily views video
tracker now this will track the views of
a YouTube video so you can see how many
views that that video is getting every
single day okay and this is also $197
value because we had to spend a ton of
extra money getting this bit developed
okay just move that all the way okay

bonus number three I’m going to give you
access to a live 90-minute training
session which will show you how to make
at least ten thousand dollars per month
every single month okay within the next
30 days so you also get access to that

live training call bonus number four you
get you get to unlock a private 20%
discount that can be applied to our
upgrade packages later on okay so you
can always upgrade from inside of the

members area in the upgrades tab down
here and you’ll be able to get secured a
20% discount with this bonus that I’m
giving to you okay bonus number five
you’re going to get all the bonuses from

the vendor as well now this is going to
be a little bit different to my normal
review videos because this is my own
product so you won’t go through to
warrior plus you won’t go and claim your
bonuses from warrior plus down here what

you would need to do is go into the
software app and I’ll have my bonuses
linked underneath here this is a special
page that I’ve created for those of you
that pick this up via my link okay so
those bonuses will be available through
here inside of the members area so you
won’t need to go and fill in a form or
anything like that you’ll still get
instant access to all these bonuses and
you won’t have to go and claim them via
a warrior plus they’re automatically
going to be inside of your members area
okay so all of these bonuses are 100%
free of charge and they will be
instantly delivered to you as soon as
you’ve gone through checkout you bought
equinox and you go into the
and you can access and down there right
now okay if you click on any of these
red buttons as of 11:00 a.m. Eastern

Standard Time on October the 19th you’re
going to come through to this sales page
now this is a really cool sales page and
the coolest thing about this is the
actual sales video so even if you don’t
want to buy equinox go and check out
this sales video because I’ve spent
around five or six days filming and
editing this it’s taken so long to do is
I put so much effort into making this
sales video so go and check it out
especially towards the end there’s this
lifestyle b-roll section which is
probably one of the coolest videos I’ve
ever made this is my lovely wife on the
thumbnail here in the swimming pool in a
resort that we were staying at in Samba
about two weeks ago and we were making

putting this video together so go and
check that out we’ve also got some
income proof down here from some of our
beta testers these are not our income
proof they’re from our students they’re
from people that we’ve given this
software to and they’re already getting
results with this you can see 422
dollars in commissions 143 dollars and
29 targeted visitors at nine hundred

twenty nine dollars here five thousand
and fifty three dollars here and also
seventy four dollars in just days after
deploying after setting up an equinox
campaign so this is the sell the sales
page right here there’s also a demo
video on here you can also find that
demo video on my bonus page down here so
you can go and watch that and there’s a
ton more information on here as well and
we also have two testimonials from
people who we originally gave this to
that are beta tested this and got some
really cool results right there okay so
that’s the sales page I’m gonna jump
into the app now and quickly show you
how this works so the app consists of
two part two parts that you’ve got the
training members area right here and
then you have the software now inside
the training members area this is where
you get the Welcome video you get the
overview video you get the tutorials
about how to use the software how to
login and then how to redirect these
dead links and I’m also giving you
access to four different monetization
methods that work perfectly Equinox OTO
with equinox you have cpa offers it’s
going to show you how to make money from
CP CPA networks CPA stands for called
cost per action so this is a great way
to monetize the traffic that you’re
gonna get from equinox because these
networks will pay you just for

Equinox OTO

information the traffic doesn’t actually
need to get their credit card out they
don’t to buy anything in order for you
to get paid they simply need to enter
their email address you get paid into
their zip code you get paid into their
phone number you get paid completes a
survey you get paid and to download a
mobile app you get paid so this is a

great way to make some money also with
clickbank which is err you probably know
what Clickbank is but it has digital
products in every single niche possible
and also you don’t need to apply for
your affiliate links to use these
Clickbank products which is really cool
I also show you how to make money from
warrior plus and jvzoo and also how to
build a list from the traffic that

you’re gonna be getting from equinox you
can also check all the upgrades in here
as well which I’ll talk to you about
later on inside of this software which
you can access via this module down here
it’s going to bring you through to this
software right here now this is how the
software works first of all you have a
ton of tutorials showing you how to do
the technical things of this software

which is not really that technical
honestly but there’s separate tutorials
showing you different aspects of how to
use the software now you would simply
need to come down to keywords and then
type in your your seed keyword so let’s
put in CBD CBD oil and let’s see what
comes out from the keywords here the
longer tail keywords you got CBD CBD
oils for dogs

Equinox OTO

CBD all near me CBD oil Amazon CBD oil
pain CBD oil reviews CBD oil vape ok
let’s see what there is for this one CBD
oil sleep so let’s come along here and
click on this magnifying glass and it
will take us through to the research
section of Equinox now inside of here
you can search by either either YouTube
or if you have the second upgrade you
can also use Wikipedia you can sit
Wikipedia I’ll talk to you about the
upgrades later on this is the keyword
here now the upload date sorry my dog’s
taking off because somebody’s at the
door the upload date this is defaulted
for six months
beef six months before the date that
you’re doing this research now this is
because most of the videos that have
these dead links are going to be older
videos because if they uploaded it like
last week the chances of them having a
dead link in their description are very
very slim so we’ve defaulted this for
six months ago so you can you can go and

Equinox OTO Equinox OTO
change that to a different date if you
want but I’m just gonna leave it to the
default date right here you can order
this in terms of relevance of view
counts and I’m gonna go search for ten
pages now ignored domains these are
mainly going to be social media accounts
because obviously you can’t purchase
facebook.com/ or Instagram com so we’ve
we’ve added in five hundred websites
according to Moz that you wouldn’t be
able to purchase a domain of and you can
add in additional ones in there as well
if you want I’m just going to click on
create okay and I’m going to wait for
this to load oh okay as you can see it’s
searched 168 videos is checked 168
videos is checked 86 links and so far
it’s found six links that have the
possibility for us to hijack okay we
just wait for this to finish off

right now Equinox OTO this is finished doing its
thing now let’s check out some of the
results okay now in the results that
it’s giving me here
none of these domains are available but
they have expired inside of the
descriptions of these inside of these
YouTube videos now what this means is
that the domain hasn’t expired yet but
the pages are broken now what’s what’s
usually going to happen here is in the
next couple of weeks or a couple of
months these domains will become
available for us to purchase so what we
can do here if you have the pro version
you can click on actions and you can ask
it to send you a reminder which means
that as soon as this domain becomes
available to purchase Equinox will send
you a notification so that you can
purchase it as soon as possible before
anybody else does Equinox OTO  I’m just going to go
back to the research bit now and do do
another bit of research and we’ll see if
we can find something which has expired
and which is available for us to
purchase I’m just going to type in
fitness just make a very broad keyword
and I’m just going to search again okay
so you can see it’s checked 500 videos
there’s 258 links and there’s three
target links hopefully I’ll be able to
show you an example of what it looks
like when the domain is available so
that I can show you how easy it is to
revive and redirect these links to your
affiliate link your squeeze page or
wherever you want so let’s have a quick
look through here okay again none of
these are actually available to purchase
yet so I’m just going to go back to some
of my other results before because I
just did one for back pain back pain

Equinox OTO
during period so let me go and go and
see these results now you can see
there’s one domain here that is
available to purchase that means that
this domain has expired and the domain
is available for us to purchase and to
redirect now granted this video only has
three Equinox OTO
sixteen views is probably not a good one
for us to use this on I usually look for
videos that have at least a hundred
thousand views and that are getting
hundreds of views per day so that takes
a little bit of research but once you
come across one then you are in the
money so simply to use this you’d go to
either GoDaddy or Namecheap you click on
here and it will take you through to
GoDaddy where you could go ahead and you
can purchase this particular domain okay
so it is available as you can see here

and I can purchase it for 83 cents a
month or $9 88 for the first year now
once I purchased this all I would need
to do is simply redirect this domain to
an affiliate link okay Equinox OTO a Clickbank link
for pregnancy pain relief or something
for example and people when they’re
watching that video they’ll click on the
link and instead of this link go into
that expired domain which is a which is
it what it’s doing at the moment it

would go through to our affiliate link
for a Clickbank offer and then it will
when they purchase that then we’ll get
credited with a certain amount of
commission which is really cool because
we don’t have to make a video and have
to make any content we don’t even need
to speak English in order to use Equinox
to make money like this now the reason
why I made equinox in the first place is
because I get so many emails every

Equinox OTO
single day from my subscribers who are
asking me just for a simple method
that’ll help them to make a hundred
dollars a day okay unfortunately up
until now it hasn’t really been that
simple because usually you have to build
up an email list which takes time it

takes money or you have to use paid ads
like YouTube ads or something and send
it to an offer all of which is a Equinox OTOs
learning curve okay it takes a long time
to understand how it all fits together
and it takes takes a long time for you
to implement this kind of stuff that’s
why we created Equinox because it gives
you access to a product that is going to
make money for you within the next 12
hours and you know as soon as you’ve set
it up and redirect these links other
people have already made these YouTube
videos you don’t need to put your face
on camera you don’t need to write any
content you don’t need to do anything

you just need to use the software to
find these dead links to redirect them
so this is a surefire way for you to be
able to make $100 per day consistently
after you started using this so we’re
really pumped about this is taken as

months of research and development like
I said to put this together but we’re
really proud to be able to bring this to
the market to help people maybe like
yourself who have been struggling to
make money so far so that’s what a
Equinox does I’m going to talk to you
about the prices and the upsells now so
everything I just showed you on the
front end is gonna cost you $34 95 now
bear in mind that when you do the
research here you are gonna be limited
to 20 searches per day okay
which might be enough for some people if
you’re just testing the water but if you
really want to make the most of equinox
then you should get the pro version

which is Equinox OTO the first upgrade now the first
upgrade is going to cost you forty seven
dollars per quarter so every three
months you’re going to be rebuild for
forty seven dollars the pro version
lifts that limitation from twenty
searches per day up to five hundred
searches per day which is more than
enough okay Equinox OTO
plus it comes with advanced monetization
training so inside the front-end you get
the basic monetization strategies for
these these four different methods
inside the pro version you get more
advanced you get additional videos
inside of here for each one of these
methods showing you advanced tactics
okay you also get access to our galaxy
search feature which means that instead
of just finding one domain like the one
that we were going to purchase here and
redirect in that it’s going to show you
every single page extension for this
particular domain so maybe this person
has used this are used in the same

domain and they have a channel with say
500 videos on there and they’re using
different variations of this domain on
each of their videos the galaxy search
feature is going to tell you every
single variation of this domain so that
you can easily go and redirect every
single page extension to a different
page or a different affiliate link on Equinox OTO
different ecommerce store so for example
the galaxy search the main the main
research feature of equinox
find this domain the galaxy search will
find for example /bi okay off /opt in or
forward slash offer okay we’ll find all
of those page extensions that you can go
and redirect individually to different
offers if you want which is really cool
ok because it means for the same amount
of research you’re going to be instead
of just getting one domain you’re gonna
be able to get a hundred ok so it just
broadens the horizons a lot so that is

Equinox OTO Equinox OTO
the first upsell that’s the pro version
you also get to use the domain reminder
feature which will tell you remember in
that research that we did and it said
domain not expired that’s the feature
that will give you an update as soon as
that domain does become available for
you to purchase that is that the main
reminder feature and that will be
available inside the provision as well
so super cool stuff there oops on number
two is the Equinox Wikipedia version now
inside the research I showed you that
you could do this with YouTube right
YouTube is the second biggest website on
the internet and it’s a great resource
to use with Equinox but if you could
plug in wikipedia as well into Equinix
that is going to expand your reach
massively because wikipedia is the fifth
largest website on the internet with the
second upsell you will be able to plug
wikipedia into your research right here
and find expired domains on wikipedia as
well as youtube Equinox OTO now for part of this
second upgrade you also get access to
three live case studies that were made
by our beta testers who were getting
these results right here now they’re

going to show you over the shoulder the
exact keywords that they used the exact
research that they did the exact offers
that they use from the exact affiliate
networks that they used and they’re
going to show you everything they did to
make these results okay
so there’s three case studies inside of
this second upsell as well which I’m
sure you’re going to find useful okay
absol number three is going to be our
one thousand dollar commission system
this will give you fifty percent
commission on mine and Brendan’s project
profit Academy offer which is sold via
an auto webinar where we do the selling
for you so all you would need to do is
redirect a link from Equinox OTO
knocks to this page which has our auto
webinar on there where we sell our
traffic onto a two thousand dollar
product and you get commissioned with a
thousand dollars every single sale so
this is going to be an easy way for you
to make some money without actually
having to sell anything because we do it
for you
oops on number four is the ultimate
collection this is a collection of over
thirty-five products that myself and
Brenda have launched over the past two
it’s these products are going to show
you everything from traffic to make your
money to high ticket to product creation
everything that you could think of with
making money online is gonna be included
in this ultimate collection right here
now it’s gonna cost two hundred ninety
seven dollars but if you Equinox OTO were to buy
each of these products individually they
would cost you well over three thousand
dollars okay so we slashed the price for
this launch who are offering this as a
mega upsell for 297 dollars oops on
number five is license rights which
means that you would simply need to send
your traffic to this exact sales page
right here which is cost as thousands of
dollars in development fees and also
cost me tons of hours in creating these
videos creating this sales copy we’ve
also spent months creating this software
as well I’ve got all the training in
there as well so we’ve done all the work
for you basically right and his cost is
a lot of money you get to keep a hundred
percent of all of these price points by
buying this license rights right here
okay will also handle support on your
behalf as well so that’s the funnel Equinox OTO
right there if you want more information
there’s a demo video on my bonus page
which you can access via the link down
below in the description as well don’t
forget to check out my bonuses these are
all y’all’s 100% free of charge and

you’ll be able to claim them inside of
the software under the bonuses section
down here so I hope you enjoyed this
equinox review speak to you soon take
care bye

Equinox OTO

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