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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, guys, so I’m going to be giving you an overview of eureka host your card drive and funnel joy, um, starting with the eureka host. So when you purchase this product – and you sign up, the first page that you’re talking to is your euro car host dashboard. EurekaSuite OTO So here you can see the number of years you have left for your subscription with the expiry date. You can also add a default domain. Um.

You can buy one if you don’t have one as well, but once you link it, then it’s linked to your account forever. You then have access to um other shortcuts through here, so basically access to your Cpanel from here um just to go back a bit. Even when you add a default domain here, you can always add additional domains from your Cpanel,

so we give you unlimited EurekaSuite OTO domains. So adding here doesn’t mean you cannot add additional domains. Then we give you the name servers as well, so you can connect your domain to your website.

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That is pretty much it for the eureka host. Straight to the point, I can quickly access my Cpanel, which in this case is here, so this is the cpanel we give you unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains, um. We also give you a very large disk as well and bandwidth. So, as you can see here, add-on domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email, unlimited, so you can pretty much do a lot with these accounts.

If you need to upgrade on, say, your disk usage or your bandwidth feel free to reach out to us or purchase an upsell so that you can get those okay, so that’s pretty much it for the eureka host. Now, at the top, we have access to your profile. We have a knowledge base, um, so let’s switch to car drivers, so your car host and drive is one product you can switch between both you can see here. I have an image uploaded. EurekaSuite OTO We also categorize them for you.

So it’s easy to find also with the trash bin, so you can uh beam things, and it still stays there for as much as 30 days. For you to be able to retrieve, we give you an idea of the storage you have purchased and what you have left. You can also create folders. If you need to so, I can create a folder to categorize different items that I’m uploading. All you need to do is click upload.

I can then choose to add whatever I’m uploading to a particular folder. Even if I don’t do this right now, I can always come back and put an item into a folder. I can add password control in situations where um, I don’t want everyone to have access EurekaSuite OTO to this file, even if they have the url now um. We give you the ability to copy the file url, so you can share it. You can download it straight away.

EurekaSuite OTOs upsell

You can add password control as well. You can also view right here in the app, and then we have a search box. If you have a lot of items, you can quickly view them, so that is your car host and eureka drive um. We give you um fast support as well, so you have any issues, send us an email, we’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. Now we move to funnel joy, so funnel draw is a landing page, funnel builder, which also comes with a membership.

As well, so you can run a membership course if you want to when you log into funnel joy. We give you an idea of how many funnels you have, how many pages, how many page views, how many contacts, and the orders that you have, and, as you can see here, I have a list of my funnels. I can quickly create a new funnel if I want to if I click to create a new funnel. It then asks me what kind of funnel I want to create.

So if I choose an opt-in funnel, I simply enter the name of the funnel that I want. So, let’s give it this name. I have a subdomain automatically created for me. I can always adjust this. If I want to click on create a funnel, it takes me to funnel templates, so I can pick from a variety of templates within the software.

So if I pick say this one, I can click use template, and then I have access to pretty much the pages created. For me, automatically within the funnel, so if I visit the funnel url, you can see that automatically a page has already been added for me. So all I need to do is come back opening the editor, EurekaSuite OTO, and I’m able to create or adjust the page. We also give you a number of things, so you can export, you can clone, you can rename. You can also click on a particular page, and we give you a bit more analytics.

So we give you a bit more. Regarding page views, you have your graph; you have your traffic by country, traffic browser. You can also do a split test if you want yeah, and you can also view a heat map of your page. So I can create a split test here, and then I get to try out two or three different variations of this page and find a winner, so I’ll just open up the editor. So I can show you guys now.

EurekaSuite OTO upgrade

EurekaSuite OTO

If I go to sell, um, I have products, membership orders coupons, so I can create a product to sell. I can create memberships, so if I show you let’s say Whitney teaches bacon. If I go into that membership, I can then see okay. How many sold total amount and how many members I have? I can adjust this.

If I want, I can then choose so different payment options, my fulfillment email. What are my registration details? Yeah, I can manually enroll a member. I can also see all the members within my taking my course. I can also add and adjust my course content. So I can always add a new lesson. Update a new lesson, add a new module and then put a lesson within that module.

Let’S jump straight to contacts, so I can see all the contacts that have been collected through my funnels. I can also filter by the funnel. If I want to, um, EurekaSuite OTO, and then we give you a bunch of other things that you can do with funnel drawer, so you have your audit log. We give you a bit of integration. We have an API as well, so just quickly.

Let me show you guys. The editor, so this is the editor for funnel droid—all I need to do. If I need to do anything, it is drag and drop. I can move things around.

I can quickly make adjustments here. I can view a mobile version. Go back to the desktop just to be sure that everything works properly um. I can add additional elements to my page. So, for example, I want to add a social share.

EurekaSuite OTO bonuses

I just click on that. It appears here, and then I can just put that where I want to place, and then I can save, and I can preview as well, so you can immediately and quickly create pages with funnel joy. EurekaSuite OTO So this is a page that I created, and you can also do google font. We give you it’s quite powerful as an editor. So that is the overview of this.

Offering funnel joy with your car hosts and your car drive. You get the ability to get a lifetime hosting to get lifetime storage and um there. You also get a lifetime funnel landing, page, and website a website builder as well. So it’s a three-in-one offer cheer, guys.

EurekaSuite OTO