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Explaindio Elements OTO

What is Explaindio Elements ?

Over the years our flagship software Explaindio was growing and growing and now is #1 and most comprehensive video content creator but together with software features price grew as well, and while advanced feature are amazing and worth every penny, those are used mostly by advanced users.

There is always much less advanced users than general population so we are introducing this product to reach much wider market.

Because Explaindio grew so much it is time to do similar thing what Photoshop did when then made easier and smaller version Photoshop Elements.

So we are using the same general idea plus dure to the fact that with less it was possible to make it way easier to use with video hotspot feature.

It has totally new super easy to use interface, single timeline, and no advanced features, which most people do not use, but still will have all parts which makes Explaindio so popular: animations, doodle, and live motion videos.

It is also priced way lower to reach high volume of sales with strong recurring club.

Club has massive amount of assets working to both to deliver massive value and keep people interested in paying monthly subscription.

Should easily be $10+ EPC and recurring from club for very long.

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Explaindio Elements OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey what’s going on guys this is trevor from simpledimes.com today we’re doing a review of explainio elements so what expladio elements does it is a video creator that make

that helps you create eye-catching videos that track attention and convert your visitors into buyers in three simple steps so i’m on the sales page of explaining

elements and today we’re doing a full-on review with bonuses of explanio elements so um let’s go into the bonus page of explaining your

elements and this product will be launching october 10th on saturday 9 a.m central time so um here is the bonus page so this will go over what explain your

element is all about um so basically in the nutshell it is it is a video program that will help you create videos that will bring in more viewers and generate

more leads and you can use this to make more sales as well by simply swiping with your mouse and this will be able to generate social videos and promo

videos and even sales videos so for pricing of explanio elements it starts at the front end for the front end package for 37 and there

are a couple upsells they’re actually six in fact um you can read more and look at the image right here of more about the upsells explain your elements but um here are also some key benefits that you may be interested in

getting so it does include some three-step progress of how you can trans uh do this whole process without any technical skills or video

experience so it also includes lifetime up updates and you can create unlimited videos with no restrictions um there are some other uh key benefits

that you may be interested in checking out make sure to go through my bonus page down description below of this youtube video where you can go ahead and check out um explain no elements bonus page so once again this is

covered by the 30 day money back guaranteed through um warrior plus and then let’s get into the bonuses for explaining your elements so explain

elements bonus number one we have a hack on how you can learn the five power strategies to increase your website traffic so this will teach you how you can

create better videos but you need traffic first to convert the video into sales so these are the bonuses that will help you generate sales from the ground up with explainable elements and bonus number two we have how to

build a buyers list so you’ll have free traffic through this bonus number one and then you have the video which will convert them into buyers but for the non-buyers you’ll have to capture the emails and then remarket them

so you’re killing three birds with one stone basically with one video you’re getting free traffic um and then you’re getting the video made with high conversion videos with explaining your elements and then number

three you’re buying a build buyers list or email list at the same time and then bonus number four i’m sorry number three it looks like it’s the same thing

and probably by mistake um and then bonus number four we have um how you can learn how to rank with youtube seo so with these um videos you’ll be

um most likely posting them on youtube so with seo on youtube uh this program it will teach you how you can rank your videos on the top of youtube with

all these power strategies and then bonus number five instead the event there’s no vendor bonuses this time but i’ll be offering this hack on how you can learn all super affected traffic sources so this goes um with bonus

number one um those are the basic traffic sources to generate free traffic but this is where all the major major traffic will be coming from and this will definitely boost all your online sales so to um claim all my custom bonuses for

explaining your elements i’ll have the link down description below of this youtube video go ahead and click that and you’ll be brought down to my bonus

page where you can do decide to pick up explain your elements you’ll get access to all my custom bonuses and then um to get these bonuses make

sure once you buy it through warrior plus go to your dashboard go ahead and click purchase history go ahead and click um the product explain your elements

go to the receipt page and it will look like this it will say thank you for your purchase and then you can go ahead and click on this blue button right here at the end of the page to access my affiliate bonuses which

includes all these bonuses that i just went over for explainal elements so let’s go into the sales page for explaining elements so i’m on the sales page of

explain your elements and um here are some of the key features once again free unlimited videos and this is a downloadable software that is available

for pc and mac and then you can also charge for these professional videos 200 to 500 if you do decide to use this for like an agency or something like that it also comes with pre-made templates and doodle sketch images

with text animations and fonts so it says bring more viewers generate more leads and make more sales this is what explainer element is all about generating you more viewers more leads capturing their emails and making

more sales so this is all about making more money so first of all this is a new one-of-a-kind groundbreaking app the author goes over more about explaining

elements uh how is this a completely groundbreaking app that will allow you to generate social and promo videos by simply using the done for you templates

so it says select done for your scene templates and customize it and you’re done so that is as simple as it gets so stop losing money on outsourcers

because with explain your elements you have it all covered so it has a demo right here which um you can go ahead and watch in your free time um here

we are inside the explain video elements just go ahead and click through my bonus link down description below of this youtube video and click on any of these yellow buttons and then you’ll be brought to the sales

page and then you can go ahead and watch it in this demo i’ll show you how easy it is to create this full motion doodle here you’ll see a preview up here go

ahead and watch this in your free time i won’t be watching this in this video so here’s how easy explainer elements is to use so it has the main

three steps choose a template and then add your own text images in video and then you you can go ahead and click generate so this does come with

commercial license included which means you can one resell this product and keep a hundred percent of the profits two charge um money for uh your

videos for like other for your if you do were to create a agency you can charge money for your videos to your other businesses and then three um you can

rebrand this and resell the program so this is all a hundred percent commercial license included and then here are some examples for explaining

elements this is uh looks like there are eight examples for it and comes with everything and you need it here are some testimonials

and once again looks like it is 27 right now for a special one-time price i don’t expect this um to be 27 forever because oh it says right here two days

uh it did says 37 so act on this quickly because for 27 you’re getting all these features right there on the sales page and all my custom bonuses that

you’ll get for free even if you do decide to pick up the front end which is twenty seven dollars so here are some faq questions that you can go ahead

and check over in your free time that is pretty much it for my review of explanio elements um thank you for watching and see you in the next


Explaindio Elements OTO