Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO – Links OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Special Discount Now

Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO – There is One Front End And Six OTOs Options . Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO 1 Is The Pro Version . OTO2 Is The Bundele Extended , OTO3 is The Agency version , OTO4 Is The Voice Over Bundele , OTO5 is The Sales Copy Maker , OTO6 Is The Pro Video pack . All Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO links And Details Bellow . The Vendor Is the Andrew Darius.

Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO 1

Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO

Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 FE=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 FE

OTO1 Pro Version=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO1

OTO2 Bundele Extended=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO2

OTO3 Agency Version=>>Explaindio Videeo Bundele 2020 OTO3

OTO4 Agency version Extended=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO3

OTO5 Voice Over Bundele=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO4

OTO6 Sales Copy Maker=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO5

OTO7 Pro Video pack=>>Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO


Explaindio Video Suite 2020 is a bundle of Explaindio video creation apps user can get for very special one time price with HUGE discount as comparing to regular every days prices (6 man apps + 8 tool apps = 14 apps on FE).

Every app is ever green an selling  separately for same or even much higher than buyers will pay for entire bundle so it will sell amazing with super high EPC so can generate massive commissions for affiliates promoting.

Also from, past experience, bundles sells better than most individual product that close to Christmas do due consumer mode mind during holiday period.

FE – number of Bundle Of Video Apps

Upsell 1 – PRO version of apps in FE

Upsell 2 – More Video Apps

Upsell 3 – Agency version – gives 5 more licenses or sub-users for each app purchased + for some apps more features

Upsell 4 – Voice Over (text to speach) Apps Bundle


Video Review For Front End Only


Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO

definitely go ahead and get started with
this but if you want to get a pro bundle
if you want to get an agency bundle or
some other upsell have a look at it it
totally depends on you and your budget
but as I said you can definitely get
started with this video bundle here
alone alright now let’s have a look at
my unique bonus because I want to make
this a no-brainer for you so you can get
started to make money online in 2020 and
beyond there all right so I’m going to
include my course which is all your
video mastery you can see here it sells
for $27 and what this is you can see
here you can create audio and video
productions like a pro fast and easy
that converts with results alright so
basically I got started with this that I
found a loophole in Camtasia and I found
how I could improve that in less than a
minute which the sound there was was not
so good in Camtasia alright and you can
do a search for yourself if you don’t
believe me the importance of sound is in
my opinion a 50% of a good video
production there definitely so what I
did is I got started with this but I
then moved on to create the full-blown
course where I had 10 over the shoulder
training videos inside here all right
there is also some bonuses of course I’m
going to show you here real soon the
members area
I held a free live training webinar was
very popular back then you’re going to
see the replay and learn tons of stuff
inside here ok and then we have my
private black book and they cheat and
check lists so you get always alright
now lets me show you a little bit this
is how it looks in nine members area and
what I do here is I actually teach on
live examples that are uploaded and
running ok it’s not that I just show you
what the feature does this is a
transition this is how you should do it
no no this is actually real live
examples I show you everything from
start to finish how you can create a
great tutorial video like here for
example let me play a little bit for you
okay so I do explain this all wrong
tutorials they are about well over 15
minutes every tutorial here so I do show
you with results actually okay it’s much
better to teach and learn this way
because instead of getting started to
have a look at all the features you
probably forget them when you need them
so it’s better to have a look at this
let me show you another example how to
use footage I show you how to find free
royalty free footage how to download
them with music and upload a full
completed video like this they were
added about weight loss actually so okay
you see here I play back I do show you
as I said everything you need to learn
actually the ins and outs about Camtasia
so with these training and of course the
explaindio video bundle this is
definitely and no brainer I mean I sell
audio video mastery for 27 and you get
all these tools for 27 and my course if
you grab it through my link of course ok
so how can you make money online with
this well it’s super easy I’m just going
to give you two quick ideas one is you
can go to a freelance site Fiverr you
can go to up work for example and if I
just type video the opportunities are
endless okay but what you can do is you
can create a gig here for example I can
make a clip to give for you an
impressive gift do a demonstration there
and you can charge five bucks I mean it
takes a minute alright so it’s super
easy to do this kind of videos so you
can really make money alright what you
need to do is you’re going to have you
need to do a research here and make sure
you stand out I just gave you the clip
to give I don’t know if people are doing
it but it could be a great way to more
and separate from all the other people
here but you see what people are
charging here 23 euros this is
approximately $25 $50 approximately here
create eye-catching explainer or
promotional video all right you can do
this easily with the bundle that you saw
earlier here and if you don’t want to go
the freelance road well a simple
solution I shared this in the past what
you can do is you can go to offline
businesses and offer them this kind of
videos even if they don’t have any
websites or a channel they can actually
create one for free so you can charge
let’s say for example that you can take
$50 for uploading it set up a YouTube
channel or something like that which
makes you even more money with this kind
of opportunities here so the
opportunities are really endless here I
mean if you just go to an offline
business and offer any kind of deal of
these of animated videos here you can
easily charge anything from 100 up to
$200 okay
easily I mean really you can so he
totally depends on the projector but on
top of that you can do a lot of upsells
to these clients because 99% I will
probably be satisfied with what you are
doing there
so they will come back to you for
another video or they might want a
website or some other services that’s
why I recommend the offline route it is
super easy to get started with just go
out search talk with people and you can
definitely make them to purchase at
least a video in the beginning say
little Oh in the beginning tell them
that you want to get some testimonials
or something like that
get started with it and when you get a
few testimonials and you get some good
results you definitely are going to get
more job there so there you have it
about explaindio video bound on 20/20
and my unique bonus package you’ll find
a link right here below if you are on my
website you’ll find the bottom just like
that if you’re on youtube you’ll find it
in the description now what you need to
do since this is going through click
is that you need to send your received
to my gmail you see the Gmail inside the
description here also so you need to
send that to me so I can give you access
to my unique bonus package all right I
will verify and see that you have
purchased it and then of course you will
get that bonus package that’s it
explaindio video bundle twenty twenty
speechless I would say because this is
an insanely crazy deal so make sure you
take advantage of it and go ahead and
get started to make some serious money
online with this bundle package here
that’s it thanks a lot for watching and
I’ll see you in the next one

Explaindio Video Bundle 2020 OTO