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Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO Links + Huge Bonuses


Note: Buy Front-End before OTOs to work well with you; you can buy FE or any OTOs from the “Locked links ” below



Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO  –  What is Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge ?

My 7 day challenge shows the students how they can make their first $297 sale online within the next 7 days by creating simple websites for people and companies without needing any tech skills.

and how to advertise their website creation business on various different sites and also how to advertise offline too.

Then he will show you how they can make professional websites for people by using very simple, yet professional wordpress templates.

He hs created this in a challenge format to push people to make their first sale in just 7 days.


Product Overview

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO1 – Done For You: $37 

In this upgrade we have done for you, super high converting campaigns ready for you to plug and play. We also include a further free traffic method inside the training. 

OTO2 – Mass Traffic: $27 

In this upgrade I give my students more traffic methods that I am using right now. These traffic methods are different from the main course. 

OTO3 – Product Launch Training $67

Previously sold for $497, this is training on how to create and launch products on the Warrior Plus and JVzoo platforms from me, a 7 figure product launcher. 

OTO4 – Monthly LIVE Coaching From Fergal: $97

With this upgrade our students get 2 things. 1. Access to our facebook community where I answer all of your questions related to internet marketing every day. 

  1. Access to my monthly live coaching calls where I will guide my students in building their online businesses. 

OTO5 – Empire VIP Club $2 Trial for 14 days then $37 per month 

My Empire community is now 1,700 members strong. Inside the training I teach 1 new traffic method per month. I am inside the members only Facebook group every day helping our members to grow their businesses with the traffic methids that I teach. 

OTO6 – Resell Rights $47

You get 100% commission on the entire funnel


Hot Bonuses Packages Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO: In this virgo seven day challenge review, I’m going to show you a course that Frugal has used to make $297 per day by making simple one-page websites for people. Now, he’s going to teach you how to do the same thing. I’ll show you what this is and, of course, what it isn’t. If you stay until the end of this review, I’ll also show you all the different features and upgrades, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. If you decide to buy Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO and are new to my channel, my name is Mike Thomas and I am a seven-figure affiliate marketer. Every day, I write these reviews so that you can find the best deals on upcoming software and courses. If you want to check out Fergal’s seven-day challenge at any time during this review, just click the link below. Please like this video, too. It helps a lot with my YouTube channel, and I really appreciate it. Please make sure to click the subscribe button and the bell icon. One last thing before we start. Let me just show you my bonus page. I have a lot of extra bonuses that you’ll be getting. If you buy this through my link, all of these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of Warrior. Let’s look at this sales page as a group. It says “frugal seven day, challenge untapped 2022 method, banks 297 dollars per day by creating simple one-page websites for people in seven days or less tried and tested method; 100 beginner friendly, no tech skills needed.” So basically, you’re making websites for people, and Frugal shows you exactly how to find customers and provide the service. How to get paid for all of that in this programme, where you can talk to him directly. You have access to a group of people where everyone will share their results. You can see, for example, who is getting results and who isn’t,

and what kinds of questions other people are asking. It’s a pretty cool way to do this, and you’ll get access to everything for a very low one-time price. Now, I’m going to play a short video that explains this a bit more, and then I’ll come back and show you the backend area and the otos. What’s up, guys? This is Fergal, and I want to welcome you to my seven-day challenge. In this challenge, I’ll show you how to make your first $297 sale in the next seven days, and then how to make a $297 sale every single day after that. You can do this by making simple one-page websites for people that only take 30 minutes to make, no matter what niche you’re in.

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO upgrades 

Even if you have never used a computer before, this will work for you, and you’ll be able to make and send these one-page websites in 30 minutes or less to make at least one dollar per day in the next week. After that, every single day, so, um. I set this up as the seven-day challenge method instead of just giving you a course because I want to push you to make that first sale within those seven days, and I know that every single one of you out there will be able to make that $297 sale within the next seven days. This is a method that most people have forgotten about. Internet marketers have ignored it, so it hasn’t been used at all. This means that each and every one of you will be able to make a sale in the next seven days and every day after that. I’ve seen a lot of courses that just give you the course and tell you to go. You don’t get any help or anything like that. I want to do something very different with this one. I’m going to put you in a position where you have direct access to me and the seven-day challenge community every single day until you make your first $297 sale. So you’ll be able to see other people making those $297 sales. It will push you to do something. You must do a lot of things again. I said it takes 30 minutes to create and deliver these one-page websites so you can make $297, but you’ll be able to see your peers making sales and taking action, which will motivate you to get out there and make your $297 Sales every single day with this method. Again, you’ll have direct access to me. You’ll have direct access to both the step-by-step system and the members’ community, so click the link below to go join if you’re interested. Right now, the price for this video is only $12.95. It’s just one price. There are no recurring payments, so just click the link below this video to join right now, and I’ll see you in the members area in just a moment. Okay, so if you buy something, you can use this download area. Here’s an overview of how to use Fiverr to get traffic. Your done deals, uh, newspapers, upwork, facebook marketplace, business cards, dealing with offline clients, portfolio your business website, pricing pros and creating the sites, site creation, ssl certificate, dedicated email address, seven days, outsourcing everything, a case study, and a conclusion. So it’s a full course that shows how this works from start to finish.

There are now otos with this, which means there are improvements. It says that they want us to do everything for you so that you can make money faster. If you want to upgrade again after this is done, you don’t have to. The next one is copy, which is our exact advanced free traffic strategy that we use to get tonnes of free traffic to our sites. So this is a way to get free traffic. The next one is to watch the video below in its entirety to see how I became an internet marketer and made $754,000 online. So that’s how he’s made money on the Internet. Get live Internet marketing coaching from fergal uh is the next one on this page. The next one is that you can become a VIP member and make up to $10,000 per month. He says here that some of his members are making a lot of money from this,

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO upsell

so it looks like that’s true. It’s an optional upgrade, of course, and the last one is that you can get permission to promote this and get 100 percent of the sales. All of these are optional, so pick and choose the ones you want and leave the ones you don’t. Okay? So what do I like and don’t like about Fergal’s Seven Day Challenge? If I just say what I don’t like about it, I’ll make $297 per day. I don’t know if everyone will be making that much, but it’s a pretty good bet. In terms of how much money you will make. Would your life be different if you could make an extra $297 per week? Ask yourself the same question and see if you could really ramp this up. I like this site, but I don’t want you to think that you’ll start making money overnight just because it’s interesting. What about this do I like? This is a way that really does work. This is a service that people want,

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO Demo

so if you want to help people make websites and get paid for it, check this out. Thank you so much for taking the time today to read my review. If you want to look at Fergal’s seven-day challenge, just click on the link below. Please enjoy this video as well. It helps a lot with my YouTube channel Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge, OTO, and I really appreciate it. Please make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon as always. Thank you. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in my next review. Video, please.

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge OTO



Hot Bonuses Packages Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge

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