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First Page Profits OTO

First Page Profits OTO

OTO1:First Page Profits Ultimate

This includes advanced features and more exciting add-ons

OTO2 :First Page Profits Elite

DFY Traffic Agency using complete traffic tool kit

OTO3 :First Page Profits ENTERPRISE

This includes a completely done for you video agency + video editing software

OTO4 :First Page Profits Advance

This includes more video tools and systems to rank faster on Page 1

OTO5 :First Page Profits Academy

This includes our 100% done for you affiliate academy

OTO6 :First Page Profits Diamond

This is our premum done for you package of our best selling apps

OTO7 :Traffic Version

Traffic Version With Advanced trainng Too

OTO8 :Reseller Version


First Page Profits OTO

What is First Page Profits?

The Demo


This is a complete system to rank videos in any niche regardless of the competition.

This will help customers to drives loads of FREE Targeted traffic to literally any offer they want ORGANICALLY with ZERO AD COST..

You can use it to promote affiliate offers, CPA offers, local services, own product or services or even ecommerce.

We include all the tools and training, so user doesn’t need anything else to rank videos using our system.

This work for any market and is an evergreen system and we will update it regularly for NO EXTRA cost.

This is a perfect system to make passive commissions.

And is 100% newbie friendly, so works for anyone with ZERO Skills.

Video Review for Front End only


Text from this video

hey guys Richard here from the school of nomads so in this review I want to go through a product called first page profits now this is by Vic Kathy and rich Williams is due to be released on April the 17th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and it’s from warrior plus now in a nutshell this product promises to get any video to first page in Google and YouTube so it’s a mixture of some training course and various software’s that they tell you about that can help you do that so we’re going to look through the sales page I’m going to go through the members area well look at the OTO s

and then I kind of give you my final pros and cons and give you some of the reservations I have about this product and also some of the positive things I see about it okay so jumped over to the sales page so first thing is they’ve got a sales video here by Todd gross so obviously these guys are doing well because obviously Todd’s a very very high level mark to these days he does a lot of these types of voiceovers and here’s the main kind of bullet points you get free traffic targeted traffic in 60 seconds you get instant Google and YouTube page one rankings it’s 100 a day formula it’s a newbie friendly traffic solution

it’s a free video training included you can enjoy the laptop lifestyle and you get 30 days I include money-back guarantee if anybody’s actually seen my last review that I did only a few hours ago this is almost the same bullet plain so they’re doing the same thing again they’re making sure that you understand that you’re going to get fast traffic then it’s completely newbie friendly and you barely have to do any work so it is the same old kind of marketing on here but again this is a sales page you take it with a pinch of salt now the main price is actually 40 and 55 that’s an interesting kind of price to start out but then there you go that’s

the main price and they can they go through they show you some some rankings unfortunately I can’t see what any of these rankings are actually for because it’s blurred out they’ll show you some kind of earnings proof and then when we get to the actual testimonial section you’ll see that there’s a few characters here that a well-known for kind of pumping out churn and burn type products and not really bothering what the quality of those products are so not Rhian pressed with the testimonials you know they’ve got some bonuses saying that you can go through and you can kind of review and they’ve got a hundred percent money-back guarantee after 30 days so same kind of sales pages you we get a bit of a different type of sales video on this one but they’re gonna give me again around six thousand dollars worth of value for $14 fifty-five so I think I feel like I’m repeating myself when I do this review sometimes that you’re not going to get six thousand dollars worth of real life goods for $14 fifty-five but let’s just jump into the members area because there’s a few positives about this product that I actually did like so jumped into the members area now the first thing to say is that kind of vacati does a lot of the training on these videos and he is good and he is really enthusiastic and he comes across really well on these training videos so that piece is a real positive and I know his can see he’s got his own YouTube channel I’m not seen he’s got a massive amount of views so I’m not sure if he’s using these methods himself but you know he he is kind of practicing on his preaching preaching as far as he is doing video marketing so he does a lot of these trainings so you got a getting started video here and there’s some kind of private invitation air so when you go to the main videos he takes you step-by-step through keyword analysis through to how to upload YouTube videos how to kind of optimize those YouTube videos it’s all pretty standard stuff but as far as the keywords is especially easy things like Google keywords keywords everywhere the kind of tools that a lot of people use but if you’re a complete newbie I look through this training and I thought this is pretty good training if you were just an out on YouTube and trying to understand the type of videos that would rank well on YouTube so I’ve got nothing against this training I think I think you know step by step it is pretty good so the first kind of one to 11 are really around how to actually get your videos into YouTube within 12 he’s got some additional steps around kind of how you go ahead and optimize them them videos now if you go to the advanced marketing training again he’s got an okay kind of training video here on Camtasia I use Camtasia myself and he you know the training video he provides is pretty good there is an affiliate link here to Camtasia itself plus fair enough you know asked what marketers do and you can go ahead and you can pick up a free trial of Camtasia here so this video is pretty good where it starts to kind of descend a little bit for me is when we told start talking about traffic now he says that there’s a way you can rank any video on page one of Google and YouTube without SEO and basically the way is to go over to a site called ranked pay and pay them to do it for you and it’s really really bad for beginners to start using paid traffic like this so yes it is a quicker way for you to rank but these services you have to pay for and rank pay itself if you go over to rent pay yourself around PACOM they do give a 30-day trial but it is incredibly expensive after that to kind of work with these guys so I’m not really impressed with that and this is where the product starts kind of going downhill a little bit for me because if I’m a beginner and I’m looking to do this I would have enjoyed the first part of this the main system and I think that’s a good kind of product to have around YouTube but unfortunately it’s not that sexy and when they’re talking about having this software on the sales page that will get you to page one what they’re actually talking about is having membership to various sites that are they linked sharing sites or they’re actually a professional site that goes ahead and does your SEO for you in the background I don’t think that’s a very good thing for beginners at all you can end up spend an absolute fortune to get very very little return and the also at one point mention again solo ads which anybody knows me knows that’s my pet hate they go ahead and mention udemy again and using solo ads and using solo ads for your particular offers and that’s a big no-no right again if you’re a newbie and this is what this is a most of these products are aimed at this is not a great traffic tactic to go ahead and use if you’re a newbie any kind of paid traffic it will end up being very expensive for you the problem with these link sharing sites anything like they’ve got another site on here called traffic buddy the problem with these sites is you’ve got no idea where your traffic is coming from and you’ll send you’ll give them a link to go ahead and promote they’ll end up promoting it they’ll get visitors your site we have no idea has come from I’ve even tried it on my youtube channel in the past in a different YouTube channel I had one video there that I actually spent about $50 for somebody to send links to and they sent a thousand links to the to the video absolutely nobody can click clicked on there any links on there nobody did kind of subscriptions nobody actually paid for anything nobody actually liked the video it was just I’m never sure if it wasn’t just BOTS do they ended up setting up for me so I think it’s a really poor kind of way to advertise saying that this is some kind of secret software that’s going to get you to Google Google when all this is is becoming members of some established link sharing sites that will end up costing you money on an ongoing basis to maintain because to buddy works on a credit system I see that rank pay you can pay kind of a monthly system for them to to share your links for so there are all of these things you have to pay for so that’s really what the the the make money fast piece is if you go to the make money fast area then you click here then you end up going into tubebuddy which is somehow affiliated to vic and you have to pay for it now if you have the money to go for these services and you want to try and try this then fair enough I you know you can go ahead and try and try it what I would rather do is build my youtube channel up get some real organic traffic flowing and only then do I start messing about with these other services to try and increase that traffic so I’ll jump back to the old SEOs again the front end is 1455 OTO one is ultimate is $37 it’s an advanced traffic feature and add-on oto 2 is the elite version it’s $49 95 it done for your traffic agency and tool kit OTO 3 is an enterprise version of $67 done for your agency Plus video editing software with OTO 4 is the advanced which is 2995 more video tools to run faster on page one Oh Jeff I was the Academy cost you $1 to enter this a hundred percent done for your affiliate Academy and OTO six is the diamond version which is one hundred and forty-seven dollars premium done for you packages plus best selling apps so you know there’s lots of OTO is there most of them are really getting you back to things like Camtasia all these other sites that are initially free but then you’ll end up having to pay for so my pros and cons here the my pros are really around the training because I thought the training was quite good although sometimes the keyword training you can spend far too much time looking for keyword and not enough time actually producing contents he’s gonna be a little bit careful on keywords but keyword search training was okay YouTube training was good video editing training was that he quote was 28 minutes long but it was adequate for you to get going on Camtasia I do think he’s a good presenter he is Rea energetic and good it was nearly friendly up to a point as if as far as the trainings concerned it’s not newbie friendly as far as the traffic methods that use actually given you are concerned the product was well laid out you’ve got free traffic methods which can work obviously when if you if you can optimize the video on YouTube you are going to get to page one and by the way most videos on your first launch so if I take a screenshot of this video once I’ve launched it within a couple of minutes you’ll end up on page one amongst other people I’ve got thousands of views what happens there over time as things start dropping and kind of changing order on a consistent basis you can’t really tell until a few weeks down the line whether you have actually got a video that’s going to be consistently up there in that page one slot so it’s very easy to get page 1 rankings especially in YouTube very quickly now the cons I don’t think this is newbie friendly as far as the traffic is concerned there’s paid traffic methods and I think that’s dangerous for newbies when you start going down that route straightaway before you fully understand what you’re doing the sales page is misleading again all of this hundred dollars a day takes 60 seconds to set up it’s all in none of it’s true run and they keep doing the same thing on these sales pages I understand why they’re doing it because they’re trying to pull on your emotional triggers and get you excited and trying to get you to buy but you gotta think a little be rationally about what they’re trying to promise you for $14 55 the back linking and spamming techniques I don’t like any of these paid traffic sources they I’m not saying they don’t work they’d be absolutely would work if you got somebody else who’s kind of doing your traffic for you they can get visitors to your site the problem being you have no idea what the sources are and how they’ve got there so when you’re trying to build a business up using traffic light there it’s not very useful way to kind of look at your business and in the long term because you don’t understand where the sources are you don’t understand what you need to focus on you just paying somebody else constantly to throw clicks into your affiliate links so it’s a pretty poor way to go building traffic up so my final verdict so I’m gonna give this a five out of ten I was kind of I was almost gonna give it a six I do like the training piece around the youtubes I do like the training piece around the keywords so that’s not that’s cool there’s nothing really bad about that I just don’t like any of these traffic sources but if you if you’re somebody who is understands paid traffic a little bit better and has a established business this could be something you can try out it’s a few more kind of sites that provide paid traffic and you might want to invest a little bit of money in them but for a complete newbie I would stay well away from something that is asking you to pay try to pay for traffic to make it work so thanks for watching this has been Richard Darby this is the school of nomads if you want to hear more reviews like this go ahead and hit the subscribe and notification bell if you want to learn how to build a real sustainable business online using a super simple method go ahead and hit the link in the description below and I’ll take you all the way through it until next time take care

First Page Profits OTO