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First Page Profits OTO

First Page Profits OTO

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First Page Profits OTO

What is First Page Profits?

The Demo


This is a complete system to rank videos in any niche regardless of the competition.

This will help customers to drives loads of FREE Targeted traffic to literally any offer they want ORGANICALLY with ZERO AD COST..

You can use it to promote affiliate offers, CPA offers, local services, own product or services or even ecommerce.

We include all the tools and training, so user doesn’t need anything else to rank videos using our system.

This work for any market and is an evergreen system and we will update it regularly for NO EXTRA cost.

This is a perfect system to make passive commissions.

And is 100% newbie friendly, so works for anyone with ZERO Skills.

Video Review for Front End only


Text from this video

Whats up guys Richard here from the college of nomads so in this evaluation I need to go through a product known as first page gains now that is via Vic Kathy and rich Williams is as a result of be launched on April the 17th at 10:00 a.M. Japanese and it can be from warrior plus now in a nutshell this product guarantees to get any video to first page in Google and YouTube so it’s a blend of some training direction and quite a lot of program’s that they let you know about that can help you try this so we’re going to seem by way of the income page i’m going to go by means of the individuals field good look on the OTO s

after which I style of offer you my ultimate execs and cons and give you one of the reservations i have about this product and in addition one of the most confident things I see about it ok so jumped over to the revenue web page so first thing is that they’ve bought a sales video here through Todd gross so without doubt these guys are doing well because surely Todd’s an extraordinarily very excessive level mark to at the present time he does quite a lot of these varieties of voiceovers and this is the foremost variety of bullet elements you get free site visitors distinctive site visitors in 60 seconds you get instant Google and YouTube web page one rankings it can be one hundred a day system it can be a novice pleasant site visitors solution

it is a free video training integrated that you may benefit from the desktop culture and you get 30 days I include money-again guarantee if any person’s surely noticeable my final evaluation that I did only a few hours ago this is just about the identical bullet undeniable so they may be doing the equal thing again they’re making sure that you simply realize that you’re going to get speedy site visitors then it is wholly newbie friendly and you barely need to do any work so it’s the equal old kind of advertising on here however once more this is a earnings page you are taking it with a pinch of salt now the major fee is surely 40 and fifty five that is an intriguing type of price to out but then there you go that is

The main fee and they can they go by means of they exhibit you some some rankings unfortunately I can not see what any of these rankings are clearly for due to the fact that it can be blurred out they may show you some sort of earnings proof and then after we get to the exact testimonial section you’ll see that there is a few characters here that a well-known for form of pumping out churn and burn style merchandise and no longer rather bothering what the pleasant of these merchandise are so no longer Rhian pressed with the testimonials you realize they’ve acquired some bonuses saying you could go by way of and you could sort of evaluate they usually’ve received 100 percent cash-back guarantee after 30 days so identical form of sales pages you we get a little of a different form of sales video on this one however they may be gonna provide me again around six thousand bucks worth of worth for $14 fifty-five so I feel I suppose like i am repeating myself once I do this review often that you are no longer going to get six thousand greenbacks valued at of actual existence goods for $14 fifty-five but let’s simply jump into the individuals subject when you consider that there is a few positives about this product that I absolutely did like so jumped into the participants area now the very first thing to assert is that sort of vacati does a lot of the learning on these movies and he’s just right and he is relatively enthusiastic and he comes across rather good on these coaching movies so that piece is an actual confident and i know his can see he’s got his own YouTube channel i’m not noticeable he’s obtained a enormous quantity of views so i am now not certain if he is making use of these ways himself however you realize he he’s style of practising on his preaching preaching so far as he is doing video advertising so he does a variety of these trainings so you received a getting started video right here and there may be some style of private invitation air so whilst you go to the important videos he takes you step-by way of-step by way of key phrase evaluation through to the right way to add YouTube videos kind of optimize these YouTube videos it can be all lovely average stuff however as far as the key words is certainly easy things like Google keyword phrases keyword phrases in all places the form of instruments that numerous people use but when you’re a complete amateur I look through this training and that i inspiration that is lovely good coaching if you happen to had been simply an out on YouTube and looking to appreciate the style of videos that will rank good on YouTube so I’ve received nothing in contrast training I believe I think you understand step-by-step it’s pretty good so the primary form of 1 to 11 are quite round clearly get your videos into YouTube inside 12 he’s received some extra steps around kind of how you go ahead and optimize them them movies now in the event you go to the developed advertising coaching once more he is bought an k kind of coaching video right here on Camtasia i exploit Camtasia myself and he you understand the training video he supplies is beautiful good there’s an affiliate hyperlink here to Camtasia itself plus fair ample you realize asked what marketers do and you could go forward and that you could select up a free trial of Camtasia right here so this video is lovely excellent the place it begins to variety of descend somewhat bit for me is once we informed begin speakme about traffic now he says that there’s a means that you would be able to rank any video on page one in all Google and YouTube without search engine optimisation and basically the way is to go over to a website known as ranked pay and pay them to do it for you and it can be relatively quite bad for rookies to begin utilizing paid traffic like this so sure it is a faster means so that you can rank but these services you ought to pay for and rank pay itself when you go over to appoint pay yourself around PACOM they do provide a 30-day trial but it’s extremely high priced after that to form of work with these guys so i am not relatively impressed with that and that is where the product begins variety of going downhill slightly bit for me for the reason that if i’m a newbie and i’m watching to do that i would have enjoyed the primary part of this the most important method and that i think that’s a just right variety of product to have around YouTube however unluckily it can be no longer that sexy and when they’re speaking about having this software on the earnings web page a good way to get you to web page one what they’re genuinely speakme about is having membership to various sites which might be they linked sharing web sites or they may be really a reputable web page that goes ahead and does your search engine optimization for you in the heritage i do not feel that’s a very good thing for newbies in any respect that you could grow to be spend an absolute fortune to get very very little return and the additionally at one factor mention again solo ads which any one is aware of me is aware of that’s my pet hate they go ahead and mention udemy again and making use of solo advertisements and using solo ads to your specified offers and that’s a giant no-no proper once more if you are a amateur and this is what this is a all these products are aimed toward this is not a great traffic tactic to go ahead and use if you are a newbie any kind of paid traffic it’s going to come to be being very high priced for you the drawback with these link sharing sites anything like they’ve obtained one more site on right here known as traffic chum the obstacle with these web sites is you might have obtained no concept the place your traffic is coming from and you can ship you’ll be able to supply them a link to go ahead and promote they may come to be selling it they’ll get visitors your website online we don’t have any thought has come from I’ve even tried it on my youtube channel previously in an additional YouTube channel I had one video there that I truely spent about $50 for somebody to ship hyperlinks to and so they sent a thousand links to the to the video definitely nobody can click on clicked on there any hyperlinks on there no one did type of subscriptions no person actually paid for some thing nobody truely liked the video it was just i am never sure if it wasn’t just BOTS do they ended up constructing for me so I think it is a fairly bad sort of solution to advertise pronouncing that this is some kind of secret software that’s going to get you to Google Google when all that is is becoming members of some centered hyperlink sharing websites with the intention to emerge as costing you cash on an ongoing foundation to preserve on account that to pal works on a credit system I see that rank pay which you can pay sort of a monthly procedure for them to to share your hyperlinks for therefore there are all of those matters you have got to pay for so that’s really what the the the earn cash fast piece is when you go to the generate income quick discipline then you definately click on right here you then emerge as going into tubebuddy which is by some means affiliated to vic and you ought to pay for it now when you have the money to head for these offerings and you wish to have to check out and check out this then reasonable sufficient I you recognize that you could go forward and try and take a look at it what i’d as an alternative do is build my youtube channel up get some real organic site visitors flowing and best then do I start messing about with these different services to check out and expand that site visitors so i’ll bounce again to the historic SEOs again the entrance end is 1455 OTO one is ultimate is $37 it can be an advanced visitors function and add-on oto 2 is the elite version it is $forty nine ninety five it finished for your site visitors agency and gear package OTO three is an organization variant of $sixty seven done for your agency Plus video editing application with OTO 4 is the developed which is 2995 extra video instruments to run turbo on page one Oh Jeff I used to be the Academy fee you $1 to enter this a hundred percent carried out on your affiliate Academy and OTO six is the diamond version which is one hundred and forty-seven greenbacks top class carried out for you programs plus best promoting apps so you already know there’s lots of OTO is there most of them are quite getting you again to matters like Camtasia all these other sites which are firstly free however then you’ll grow to be having to pay for so my execs and cons here the my execs are rather around the training considering the fact that I concept the educational was once particularly just right although repeatedly the keyword coaching which you could spend some distance too much time watching for keyword and no longer ample time certainly producing contents he is gonna be a little bit cautious on keywords however keyword search training was once okay YouTube coaching was good video enhancing training was that he quote was once 28 minutes long however it was once sufficient for you to get going on Camtasia I do consider he’s a just right presenter he is Rea full of life and good it used to be just about pleasant as much as a factor as if so far as the trainings worried it is not beginner friendly so far as the visitors approaches that use in reality given you’re worried the product used to be well laid out you may have obtained free traffic approaches which is able to work surely when if you happen to if which you can optimize the video on YouTube you’ll get to page one and incidentally most videos on your first launch so if I take a screenshot of this video when I’ve launched it inside a couple of minutes you’ll be able to grow to be on web page one among other men and women I’ve acquired thousands of views what happens there over time as things begin dropping and sort of adjusting order on a steady basis you are not able to particularly tell except just a few weeks down the line whether or not you might have definitely received a video that is going to be consistently up there in that web page one slot so it’s very easy to get web page 1 rankings principally in YouTube very rapidly now the cons i do not believe this is novice friendly as far as the traffic is involved there may be paid visitors ways and i suppose that’s harmful for inexperienced persons whilst you start going down that route straightaway before you wholly recognize what you are doing the revenue web page is misleading once more all of this hundred dollars a day takes 60 seconds to hooked up it’s all in none of it can be proper run they usually preserve doing the identical factor on these revenue pages I have an understanding of why they are doing it in view that they are looking to pull on your emotional triggers and get you excited and seeking to get you to buy but you gotta suppose slightly be rationally about what they may be seeking to promise you for $14 fifty five the back linking and spamming techniques i don’t like any of those paid visitors sources they i am not saying they don’t work they’d be definitely would work in the event you got someone else who’s form of doing all your traffic for you they can get viewers to your web site the main issue being you don’t have any thought what the sources are and the way they’ve obtained there so when you are looking to construct a industry up using visitors mild there it is no longer very useful way to sort of look at your enterprise and in the long run in view that you do not comprehend the place the sources are you do not comprehend what you need to center of attention on you just paying a person else continuously to throw clicks into your affiliate hyperlinks so it can be a pretty negative solution to go building visitors up so my final verdict so i am gonna supply this a 5 out of ten I was once form of I was just about gonna supply it a six I do like the educational piece across the youtubes I do like the training piece across the key words so that’s now not that is cool there is nothing particularly bad about that I just do not like every of those visitors sources however should you if you are somebody who’s understands paid visitors slightly bit better and has a established industry this might be whatever which you can try out it’s a number of extra kind of web sites that furnish paid visitors and you might want to invest a bit of bit of cash in them but for a entire novice i’d stay good faraway from anything that is asking you to pay attempt to pay for visitors to make it work so thanks for watching this has been Richard Darby this is the university of nomads if you wish to hear extra stories like this go forward and hit the subscribe and notification bell if you want to learn tips on how to build an actual sustainable industry on-line making use of a perfect simple approach go forward and hit the link in the description below and i will take you all of the approach through it until subsequent time take care

First Page Profits OTO