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FLEX OTO  –  What is FLEX?

Creating and selling online courses is a booming market internationally.

The learning market was worth $107 billion in 2015, $190 billion in 2018, and is expected to exceed $300 Billion by 2025

E-Learning Market revenue to hit US $1 trillion by 2027.

The US government spent over $2.6 billion on eLearning products for its staff.

Top-earning teachers on the platform Skillshare earned on average about $40,000 a year.

Online courses have come to fill in the gaps of knowledge. A lot of people seem to prefer the comfort and flexibility of their own homes, avoiding the complexities of commuting to physical classes.

If you are not already selling an online course, you are missing out on a big opportunity.


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FLEX OTO Hey guys, Adam here, and today I have something very special to share with you. It is a new software application that was just released, and I can assure you that you will get a lot out of it. One, in particular, has me very excited because it is something that will greatly benefit you and your company. Now I’m going to go ahead and show you the software trial in a few seconds. Before I go any further, I’d like you to look at the link below this video to see the unique advantages you can get. FLEX OTO So, if you choose it through me, all right, let’s get started and see the demonstration in this scholar review.

In three simple steps, I’ll show you how to create a profitable online event using a world-first software application.

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Okay, if you buy through my link below, you’ll get a special bonus from the scholar service provider. This is in regards to bonus offers, rewards, and exclusive bonus offers for [, music]. Outsourcing mastery life is the first. It’s a fully catered event.

You can rebrand, edit, and start selling tickets. A persistent cash site is the exclusive money second from the scholar firm. You get access to Persistent Cash Website Top, an incredible FLEX OTO done-for-you three-day event. The million-dollar affiliate top is the third and final exclusive perk. Learn how to profit from affiliate marketing. You can brand everyday life events as your own and keep 100% of the profits. You are given full white-tag civil liberties to an amazing life, pre-recorded program called Million Buck F Layer.

FLEX OTO improvements

That’s number 3, so special bonus offer number 4 is a five-fold increase in the number of VIP tickets produced and distributed. Your very first successful virtualFLEX OTO occasion in seven days or less, as well as special benefit number five, a three-time workshop with Sam Becker, the scholar’s owner, on how to go from nothing to seven thousand plus with ritual occasions in 40 days, so special benefit number six, You will learn how to create your own 2022 virtual event strategy and how to make money from virtual events in your 2022 leading ability strategy. Right now, it’s most likely going to the sales page. This is the Scholar website’s sale page, which is a software application. It is the previously mentioned virtual event sales ticket.

This is the third action. You first create a web page’s top. This is a virtual event, so you’ll see a landing page, and then you’ll have two options: either put a basic ticket or make a VIP ticket, which will take you to a thank you page, and then it’ll take you to your virtual online event. Okay, so this is the scholar site, and it claims that there are three ways to make money. The first method is to create a virtual event.

You can generate leads with Giveaway by hosting completely free virtual events. The second is that you can make money from paid online events by selling tickets to them. Another revenue strategy is virtual event distribution, which is why it’s called digital event distribution because you can deliver your event in the future. Scholar offers participants a rewarding, engaging, and enjoyable online experience. Please wait. I will show you the demonstration, as well as a video clip of the software application, and I will return. Sam here. I’m the founder of Scholar, and today I’m excited to walk you through our virtual events using the Scholar user interface, as well as assist and demonstrate how we create a quick project and publish our online or pre-recorded event.

FLEX OTO upsell

We built Scholar so that you could sell, deliver, and scale your business training courses, e-commerce, or product releases while still using an older version.

That’s ineffective, and people nowadays don’t want to just sit and watch television. They plan on attending events. Let’s go over this in three steps. Make your campaign first.

You can begin after you’ve created your campaign. After clicking “Create Channel,” you will be taken to our channel coordinator to create your first sales event offer to bring your deal to market. You can then see our complete sales strategy. To begin, go to each page and editFLEX OTO it.

Add your own heading text, and either leave out or include your own video. After you’ve finished editing, go to each of the web pages in your deal and edit them. “Save” and “publish” are both options. Your channel is now live on your domain, and you’re ready to start selling tickets to your digital event. Then you can begin creating your virtual event by first adding your digital event. Then, personalize your virtual event. Begin by including various sessions in the future article news as well as a sneak peek. Guests will have access to the lobby and will be able to watch your news seven days prior to your event.

Depending on whether you have pre-recorded or pre-scheduled, FLEX OTO video clips to stream or you’re using real-time streaming, they should sync their calendars with your event and connect with one another when it goes real-time. A sign-up form is currently visible to your audience. They will be able to browse as well as view online after that. With virtual events with scholars, this is just the beginning. 2022 will almost certainly be the year of digital events, and if you want to be in on the ground floor and make as much money as possible, this is your ticket.

Reduce now to gain access to I’m excited to see you on the inside. I’ll tell you now. The scholar, auto, or upgrade automobile offer is only available once. Okay,

A scholar’s online event serves as the front end. This is the best online software available.

Demonstration of OTO FLEX

An upgrade lead costs $97.

This is an online event. With a cola upgrade second or automobile number, professionals can get an upgrade that includes seven additional functions to improve the base level of package digital event. The cost is $497, and you will receive the agency for a digital event, which means you can rebrandFLEX OTO the agency control panel and also offer your customers upgrade number three or automobile number three.

The cost is $47. This is an online event, as is update #4, which costs 197 dollars. This is a computerized, automatic marketing mentoring program. Upgrade 4 is my favorite because it adds 400 new sports and allows you to create a computerized marketing program. So we have the car and, I believe, digital events.

Obtain FLEX OTO.

This is a brand-new feature for 2022. You can build your list and sales, as well as offer or market your program as a virtual program, to get your list. Click if you’re interested in learning more. The link below ensures that you enjoy and subscribe to this video. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my testimonial; I hope to see you again in the future. Video Thanks: Thank you for participating in this test.

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