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Research 100 keywords for Amazon, Ebay And Clickbank
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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

FLIIK OTO hey every person welcome back to my network for today’s video i’m mosting likely to reveal you men exactly how

to obtain a perfect eye liner wing with an eyeliner stamp so what i’m going to be making use of is the flick stick this is basically an eyeliner stamp where you stamp

the eye liner on and after that it likewise has a dual side where you can utilize liner to attract with a pen so i’m mosting likely to be recreating my best

eye liner on this side as well as i’ll be doing that on this side prior to i enter into today’s video i want to give a fast shout out to ayushi thanks a lot for FLIIK OTO

watching my video clips if you guys want FLIIK OTO a proclaim in my videos ensure to watch the whole video clip and also keep an eye out for the proclaim word all right so i’ve currently

begun by prepping my eye i have half my makeup done i utilize simply a bit of gel lining in my waterline i’m gon na proceed following as well as show you individuals this item oh it really features 2 various eye liner pens there is FLIIK OTO

the left wing and the right wing so two various pens for 2 various eyes it’s type of great due to the fact that it in fact comes with a stamp for each eye there

FLIIK OTO are some wing pens around that are just like one wing and then you kind of just do one eye and afterwards you turn it for the other one so this set they in fact

made it much more reasonable by doing a left and a right wing as well as the manner in which they did this is they actually added a bit of a curve to the stamp so that it FLIIK OTO

looks a little a lot more sensible as opposed to FLIIK OTO like a straight wing like some other one so i do actually like that so it sort of simply gives you that up wing and after that you

fill it in i obviously make use of the left wing for this side so i’m going to share the extreme right stamp on the opposite this is what the stamp appears like

and after that you just practically hold it up to your eye and also when you apply this to your eye you intend to make certain you hold it to your eye just how your eye FLIIK OTO

normally rests you do not want to draw FLIIK OTO your eye you do not want to close your eye you don’t intend to have your eye also open since the way that you push

this on your eye is mosting likely to be the way that it stays on your eye you just relax your eye and after that do a light stamp so extremely very easy and then you go in FLIIK OTO

with the opposite which is just a pen and then you simply drag it over and fill it in [Music] and afterwards i’ll just share some mascara to finish this off [Songs]

this is exactly how you can make a perfect wing with FLIIK OTO a wing stamp very extremely simple to use as well as i assume it’s a truly cool concept so now i’m going to get right into

the benefits and drawbacks of this so i actually like the concept of this it is a little irritating that you have to utilize two various pens however i do like that there’s a left as well as a best FLIIK OTO

wing to ensure that means it makes it look extra sensible when you’re using it so i do in fact like that component of it because it kind of gives you the nice reasonable

FLIIK OTO scoop so you do not need to do excessive reshaping i like that both of these pens have the stamp as well as the actual eye liner pen because it sort of nearly

like offers you much more product with the eyeliner pen because often the pens can run low on ink and it’s nice to just have an additional one i actually like

the shape that it provides it looks really excellent i absolutely love it only took me like 30 seconds to do so if you guys have problem with wings i really feel FLIIK OTO

similar to this is an excellent product now i wish to get involved in possibly a few of the downsides because this is a double-ended stick i don’t recognize the interior component of this however if it is one ink stick in going to both sides if you’re keeping it on FLIIK OTO

the pen side and afterwards you’re mosting likely to use the stamp it could really dry the stamp side but you’re much better off keeping this just setting such as this to make sure that way you’re not taking

product from one versus the various other if it is 2 ink sticks going one to each then still you’re gon na be placing the ink towards one versus the various other

so i would certainly keep these simply setting level so that way you’re not taking any kind of ink from either side so when you use it you’re not mosting likely to have issues with

one side just not appearing perfectly FLIIK OTO the concern with having a stamp versus drawing it on is when you’re making use of a stamp like i stated you do want to have your eye relaxed when you utilize it nonetheless if you are marking this

on but state you unintentionally have it like expensive stamped and after that the various other one resembles rounded as well reduced you can’t end up with wings that resemble very

FLIIK OTO unbalanced however if you simply do it rather typically like the very same angle you must be great it may take a bit of practice simply to obtain like the angle right if

the wings are somewhat off angle wise i do not believe that’s a huge problem due to the fact that you can not inform excessive unless it’s extremely severe however if you’re attracting your eye liner

on anyways a lot of people aren’t going to have 100 ideal angles from that either so not a significant downside you may need to experiment with your angles

FLIIK OTO a little just to excellent that however i think that is very simple and not a large bargain there are some other ones around i in fact have attempted a stamp where you

actually shade on the stamp and then push it on but it does get a little tough it can be unequal as well as it’s sort of aggravating this is way quicker so

i most definitely simulate this i like the double ended sticks to ensure that method you don’t require several products and also it makes it a whole lot less complicated for taking a trip the other point

i had not been the most impressed with is i like the stamp FLIIK OTO however i do have a bit of a problem with the pen it is pretty large in dimension for an eyeliner pen they

do offer larger dimension ones and also they additionally have the slim ones i choose the slim ones as like a beginner item i seem like this ought to be a little thinner

so you can conveniently get into your eye due to the fact that if you most likely to like state the inner edge of your eye and you push also difficult you can really end up with a substantial

smudge from pressing down getting the full size of the eye liner really it’s not too bad it does come out a little bit thick i assumed it would come out

a lot worse yet that’s really excusable i do desire it was a little bit thinner yet the bigger thing for me is this eye liner the applicator is very stiff and also i don’t such as

that because it kind of it’s like a little bit hard on your skin as well as there’s not any flexibility so i wish it had a little bit of versatility undoubtedly you don’t desire too much flexibility because after that it can go anywhere however i wish

it had simply a little much more adaptability to ensure that you have the ability to slide it on your eye without it sort of like jabbing your skin being incredibly rough on your skin yet

besides that i think it’s an excellent product i feel like a lot of the downsides that i detailed are points that are extremely conveniently reparable they just might show up if you’re.

a beginner or just start making use of these stamps like say the angle thing onto the active ingredients i actually really like the components with the ingredients that’s.

iron oxide jojoba oil triglycerides vegetable oil shea butter mica canola oil candelia wax glycerin fat ester carbona wax vitamin e sunflower oil.

and also vitamin c so i in fact truly like the active ingredient checklist on this it’s not such as a bunch of unknown ingredients or large component names the packaging is.

pretty cool it likewise features an adorable little within point to aid you with guidelines on prep stamp as well as line to give you the excellent eyeliner so you can.

do eyeliner various methods i constantly take my eyeliner and i bring it to regarding halfway throughout my eye due to the fact that i like this form since it in fact.

opens my eye up versus copulating to the internal edge however you can do that whatever your preference is and they have a fulfillment warranty.

it claims this product is the very best selling eyeliner stamp in the us and the uk i presume it’s doing quite well it is offered on amazon.com that i know of i’ll leave a link.

down listed below if you individuals are interested today’s a video shout out where it is eyeliner if you comment eyeliner down in the comments first you’ll obtain.

a proclaim in my following video it claims it’s water resistant smudge proof as well as also lifeproof we can really evaluate that out while i’m on right here we’re gon na work this.

on my eye as well as see what takes place all right guys i’m gon na take a bit of water and also fine so i’m simply scrubing a little of water on it’s really coming.

off very quickly so i’m very shocked that does not even take my typical eye liner off that simple alright individuals well it says it’s water-proof and also lifeproof i.

feel like if you are using this as well as crying that alright this eye is remaining on a little much better i did dual layer this set prior to i jumped on this is a bit.

more of a fresh one it ought to be dry though but it is as well as i’m simply rubbing very gently yet it is absolutely coming off with water a little bummed keeping that.

however i do choose products that are not water-proof so i in fact do not mind yet if you were to take this to go like swimming or something i don’t know if it.

would certainly last i do not learn about weeping yet i do not think it’s 100 water-proof i do not use water resistant products quite yet normally i don’t utilize water-proof.

items due to the fact that i dislike the removing process that they’re so hard to get off and that’s why i don’t utilize them i would not state this is water-proof.

however i feel like it’s an excellent product i indicate i would not take that away unless you’re searching for a waterproof eyeliner to require to do something whatever you’re doing that you desire waterproof but yeah so these are my.

general thoughts and i wish you people appreciated this video if you guys are interested i will leave a link down below as well as i think it’s certainly great for novices or simply somebody that desires good looking best wings or perhaps.

for someone that you understand you wish to have your makeup provided for job institution whatever you have actually got going on and you do not intend to spend for life in.

the early morning preparing all you got to do is stamp it on as well as fill it in and also truthfully you could bring it down to such as 10 secs as well as simply be out the door.

i most definitely think it’s a good financial investment if you’re attempting to conserve time or simply desire excellent wings so yeah thank you individuals a lot for watching i.

wish you people appreciated and i’ll see you men in my next video don’t neglect to subscribe and also transform your blog post notice bell on so you men are upgraded every single time i publish a new video clip love you men bye [Songs]