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FLUX OTO  -you well get one front End and 8 OTOs’ Options1(Unlimited Edition ), FLUX OTO 2( Viral ), FLUX OTO 3(DFY Traffic ), 4( Licence ), 5( Luxury ), 6(Diamond ), 7(1K A Day  )

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

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FLUX OTO Details



OTO1 ==>Unlimited Edition

This upgrade lets your customers unlock additional Story features and also lets them run unlimited campaigns.

OTO2 ==>Viral Edition

This upgrade lets your customers unlock the automation module for automated traffic, leads and sales.

OTO3 ==> DFY Traffic Edition

In this upgrade our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

OTO4 ==>Licence Rights

The Reseller edition gives you the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel and keep 100% of the profits.

As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared.

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but they can get it for just $39.

OTO5 ==>Luxury Edition

Your customers experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience.

Now we actually set up a funnel for you on your hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money.

Not only is the funnel completely set up for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials.

OTO6 ==>Diamond Edition

Get 39 Of Our Best Selling Products For $1 Each…
Get 10 Software That Help You Build A List, Create Video, Drive Traffic & More…
29 Trainings Included On How To Building A $100K A Year Internet Biz…
This Mega Bundle Will Never Be Offered Again For $1 Each…
90-Day Money Back Guarantee

OTO7 ==>1K A Day Edition


OTO8 ==>Ultimate Edition Discount



What is FLUX ?

The Demo

The front end product includes the 6-in-1 Story traffic software, that lets you create story videos for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok…

Includes software, video training program and case study.


How Will You Benefit?

First Of It’s Kind 6-in-1 Story Traffic Software…
​This Software Will Let You Create Story Video’s At The Push Of A Button…
you Can Leverage Top Social Sites Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & More To Drive Huge Amounts Of Free Traffic…
​We’ve Personally Tested This So It’s Proven To Work To Get Results…
​We Provide Them With The Software, The Tutorials And Everything Else They Need To Succeed…
​The Software Will In Short Get You Free Traffic From The Untapped Story Space…
What’s In It For You?


Video review for front ENd Only

Text from This Video

that so you know capitalize on it before I stop doing this due to the fact that once I obtain large enough I’m gon na quit doing this good but with that said when you grab the reward package my 3rd design excuse me there will certainly be a switch next to the receipt and also they’ll claim gain access to affiliate rewards all right so that’s exactly how you’re gon na go obtain your bonus offers as soon as you have actually gotten my bonus offer plan fine so keeping that being said let’s speak about flux as well as let’s enter the review so once you most likely to click on those switches they’re gon na take you to this sales page and this is the sales page for flux now I’m not gon na experience this whole point you individuals can go examine this out by yourself time appropriate but essentially on this talked with you about what change exists are some reviews on below there’s a whole bunch of things but primarily um you recognize it enables you to get viral traffic with tales right is all you need to recognize so with that being stated let’s dive in to the evaluation so this is the participants location for flux fine as well as you can see it’s super basic all you do is you turn up right here right and there’s type of various options over right here ideal so we go to new tale right here as well as currently we can select different social media platforms currently you’ve discovered you could discovered they really have tik-tok in right here which is very trendy right now appropriate so you get the

tic-tock stories too now cuz I’m old-school I’m simply gon na go over to Facebook tale okay so I’m just gon na click on create tale as well as right here we go right so I can choose kind of all these different templates right and also you’ll see that it’s computer animated which is really cool right so I’m gon na can be found in below and also I’m simply gon na utilize this keying one as well as you’ll see the phone’s kind of pop up right and you’ll see all this type of stuff appears right so I can actually customize this right so I can change sort of components and message so I can come in here and I can change this stuff right so I can just transform this text right to see the video clip all is revealed and you can place whatever advertising words you desire in right here you can see I’m just this is what I would certainly claim right ridiculous air stirred Tricks Revealed and afterwards I’ll just make this smaller sized let’s see sighs dududu ideal all right and after that I’ll include my site right so it’s where you put your website

the genuine if I could mean today wouldn’t that be nice so you guys dislike those days and afterwards you can simply make this right there right so currently this looks incredibly luring right Secrets Revealed allowed me Center that right the Ruano Medicom see the video all is exposed right so they’re gon na swipe up which is what this story is doing you can see it has swipe right so they’re gon na swipe up on their phone right as well as they’re after that gon na have the ability to see my story right now you men can tailor this and also make it look wonderful right and do all that if you desire and it’s a very clicking drag simple right as you can see so when this is done I think I’m actually gon na transform this to an item online I’m really gon na use this set see this is how good this product is that I agree to utilize it so when I have this all I’m gon na do is I’m just gon na go on and also click done right below best as well as it’s gon na state you can not modify once you’re done I’m gon na state yeah I’m done and also there we go now it’s gon na go on and also preview it for you as well as you men can see right there looks extremely super incredible right which’s really it currently it’s gon na process this video clip and also it’s gon na allow us to download this video clip right well

what’s gon na take place is as individuals are scrolling through their Facebook timelines the video clip will start playing you understand without sound they’ll see a sneak peek of it as they’re scrolling by and it’s gon na right away get their interest right so they’re gon na quit scrolling and their interest is instantly gon na get on you which’s the key with this right so that’s truly the ultimate sort of type of method that you guys are doing right is you’re developing these stories and you’re gon na start to record an entire lot of people ideal and this is just one system right yet I can proceed and also I can download this right you can see right here as well as this is gon na go ahead as well as it’s gon na download this I’m just gon na call a tale right and also it saved it as a video clip file so if I open up this video clip file would certainly you take a look at that men right just how outstanding is that right is that not truly cool down right and so I can now go on Facebook and also I can upload this and show you understand

in I could use it an ad I could utilize it in a timeline I can utilize it in facebook teams there are cost-free methods to do this right and after that people will stop me like oh what’s this tricks revealed what tricks right and then the faucet on it they swipe as well as boom you have captured that website traffic right and that’s really the secret with these tales right is it’s very effective right to make sure that is change in short currently customarily I’ll offer it an evaluation score and afterwards I’ll simply show you people their channel what they’re supplying for different products okay so I’m gon na give this a solid 8.5 out of 10 due to the fact that I assume now in social media sites individuals’s focus is so tough to get right due to the fact that they’re considering all this different things the timeline has bombarded with promotions right therefore you can actually stick out by using tales similar to this right which is so powerful right so I’m gon na provide this like I said 8.5 out of 10 I assume it resolves an actual problem I assume it’s very easy to make use of as well as I assume it’s an actually wise suggestion once more for you understand enhancing your click-through boosting your the involvement that you’re getting which can really make you a great deal of money if you understand how to effectively utilize this right and also there’s also tutorials as well as training in here to you that teaches you type of what to do with everything okay yet you individuals can examine that out in the members location there I can not reveal you that because that would certainly be like me given away the product yet it’s all in right here okay so keeping that being claimed allow’s dive in to their funnel all right so the front end change individuals this is $17 think about how much cash this is gon na make you and also conserve you right 17 bucks don’t do not miss out all right you got to stick to the patterns to make the cash alright so you get the story website traffic software with all the social networks assistance

it you reach produce stories at the push of a button you individuals saw I did it right you reach drive huge quantities of web traffic you get to use this it’s checked as well as tried those templates and there’s tutorial software application and everything needed to succeed today the first upsell they have is the flux limitless edition 434 and that generally provides you extra story functions and you can run unrestricted project so if you begin truly utilizing this a whole lot you might intend to think about that upsell okay the 2nd upsell they have is change automated edition 439 basically this provides you automatic traffic leads and also sales see everything is automated fine if you’re someone that slouches you just desire this thing to type of do its own to itself this is your upsell all right the 3rd upsell is flux done-for-you version they’re gon na actually do it for you don’t need to handle it alright for 197 4th upsell is change reseller 439 if you intend to sell change keep 100% of the earnings

as well as start offering this to clients or other people to aid them out and also make money at the same time right and also you leverage the funnel that costs them over 3k to construct lastly change high-end Edition for 197 they established your own funnel you obtain organizing established with you all you got to do is simply run it make Monni and build a listing if you want to do that they have that too great so once more individuals click the link in the description check out my rewards make use of my totally free gift while I’m still doing it and keeping that being said like the video clip for life you such as this video clip obtains one ginger gets the heart tap the subscribe switch if you do that not just are you incredibly incredible and awesome appropriate rocking those tones however you likewise get notified when I post totally free day-to-day video clips much like this I do reviews I do cost-free tutorials I speak about exactly how to make money I do SEO I show you how to do advertising so make certain to stay tuned for all that and up until following time people Gabriel Starr authorizing out I’ll speak to you guys later bye bye [Music]