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FunnelzPro OTO  –  What is FunnelzPro?

The Demo

It’s 2-In-1 Cloud-Based Software Builds You Hyper-Profitable Websites and Sends your Unlimited Emails To Unlimited Subscribers In Seconds

-Get Unlimited Website Builder

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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

Funnel z, pro review – hey guys, this is shannon from and you’re, watching my funnel z, pro review or funnel set pro review as they call it right, [, Music ]. So during this funnel z, pro review. What we’ll do is that first, we’ll take a look at the funnel z pro cells page, as you can see over here, then, as you can see, i have got access to the funnel z pro software.

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so we’ll take a look at the software itself and i’ll Show you a clean demo on how to do things with this funnel z pro and then, if you do like to pick up this funnel z pro via my link, then i have also decided to give away a custom bonus bundle which is insane and which is Extremely congruent, with funnel z pro how it is congruent that also, i will tell you during this review right as you can see, the bonus bundle is insane right. So if you are interested in funnel z, pro and learning all what it is about, then please stick to this video till the end of it, because you are going to get a detailed review of everything.

I will discuss the pros and cons and i’ll give my honest opinion on final zero during this review. [, Music ] so in a nutshell, funnel z. Pro is a brand new two-in-one cloud-based software that goes live on the warrior plus platform on the 31st of may, FunnelzPro OTO  and it would be on a low one-time fee during this launch time. Right now, the twos in one cloud app basically includes one funnel builder right and the other is an unlimited autoresponder that you can have. That means it is going to save you on two recurring expenses.

Number one is having an expensive funnel builder and number two is having a recurring autoresponder that you need to pay every month. So all of this would be eliminated by this funnel z pro right. So, let’s take a look at the features two in one app that creates winning websites and landing pages and sends unlimited emails, no monthly fees. That is very, very important glass. You are done for your websites with traffic by leveraging 10 untapped traffic sources.

That is inbuilt right and build any type of page and website with stunning templates that in any niche now there are 40 templates right up on the front end. That’S amazing, plus on one of my bonuses. I have given you over 57 templates. So that’s almost 100 templates at your fingertips. That’S amazing!

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Then all the major payment gateway integration is there. Yes, you can accept payments directly into your funnel. So that’s quite good. All created websites are mobile, responsive and seo. Optimized FunnelzPro OTO  send all transactional and business emails to your audience, inboxes with funnel z, pro lifetime mailer, multiple smtp integration for your selection, drag and drop email builder, bound servers, email templates, suppression list, email, blacklist, automatic bounce processing.

Everything is included right, a completely done for your solution, with blazing fast hosting and domain name included for free web-based software with high quality, graphics included and 30-day money-back guarantee that it has, along with step by step, training videos. So that’s quite amazing sort of stuff that it has now. That is what their sales page basically claims. Now, if you go through the sales page, there are tons of probes right. There are income proofs, there are testimonials of people using it and it’s a long sales page, so you can just go through it at your own time.

I’M not going to use up your or my time in going through all of these right now. What i’d? Rather like to do is give you a walkthrough of the software itself as i’ve got access to the software, so let’s dive into the funnel z pro demo right now: FunnelzPro OTO So this is what the dashboard looks like right and from here. You can access the website builder and from here you can access the autoresponder and here in all the trainings and support everything.

Is there, so you can just go through that right. You can access the bonuses here. You can contact the support from here. So that’s pretty good dashboard that it has now first things. First, first, i will show you what the website builder is.

Basically. So if i go in over to my website builder dashboard, then, as you can see, i have got this nice looking dashboard in here and in here i can add new sites by just clicking on this add new site right. So if i just click on that, then you can see that there are tons of templates right. So you can just go ahead and choose your own template. Whatever you like to use right, there are tons of them, so quite amazing right and all FunnelzPro OTO  of them have got in a complete, funnel structure.

FunnelzPro OTO review

Right there is a landing page. Then there is a checkout page, and there is a thank you page. You can just go ahead and customize anything and everything within that. So that’s quite cool and uh. That’S pretty much very easy things to do right.

You can just select any of the sites like say this one. If i want to select, then just click on select and then you need to give a site url now remember that the site will be hosted for you, so you don’t need to buy any hosting right and it would be on this domain. However, on an upgrade, it allows you to integrate your custom domain as well, so that’s quite cool, so let it be given any name and click on add site, and that’s literally it your site will be added just like that. You don’t need to go ahead and configure everything you don’t need to even install wordpress or something like that. You don’t need to install any plugins any themes.

You don’t need to do all those sort of things right. So you can see the site has been created. Now, if you want to visit the site, you can just go ahead and visit the site. So here you can see. This is a good looking site that it has now you can just customize the site.

You can edit the site. You can change whatever you want say you want to change this uh, whatever is written over here. You can do that right, and the best part is that if you click on order now it has already got built in checkout page. As you can see, it has taken me to the checkout page with all the payment integration and everything done for you. So that’s quite cool things to be had right and if you just check out right, if let me just fill up this form quickly, so you can see it also has got a coupon code.

FunnelzPro OTO discount

So that’s quite amazing as well. Right now, once i have just finished the form right now, you can just click on place order. I have kept it FunnelzPro OTO  cash on delivery because i don’t want to pay anything right now and you can see that it has an upsell integrated as well. So that’s quite cool and it’s one click upsell. So if anybody just clicks on add to my order, then it would be automatically added without you needing to provide the payment details again.

FunnelzPro OTO review

FunnelzPro OTO

So that’s quite cool right and uh. You can also click on. No thanks i’ll pass, so it’s a full-fledged funnel that it has and it builds it when a couple of clicks, you saw everything happen right in front of your eyes right. So that’s how cool it is and at the end of it, you have this kind of. Thank you page now everything is editable.

Everything is customizable. I have a detailed training on this on my bonuses. So if you are picking this up via my link, then you are going to get the vendor training. Definitely apart from that, you will get a training from me as well, so that includes everything, every detail that it has, and you can see it’s a brilliant done for you stuff that you can imagine you can start selling off things immediately after you get your hands On this tool now, the best part of this thing is that it uses cart, flows and woocommerce, and that means you can add your own products to it as well. You can just go over to cart flows and you can add new flows to this site as well.

FunnelzPro OTO