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AppOwls OTO  –  What is AppOwls?

AppOwls is an AI powered mobile app builder that helps you build smart, super sleek, modern and fully-functional mobile apps for iOS and Android in less than 60 seconds.?

Simply answer a few questions about your business type, color theme, logo, and contact details. Your information will lay the foundation for your unique smart website built specifically suited to your business needs.


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Product Overview



UPSELL #1: AppOwls Unlimited $97/yr
The Unlimited upgrade supercharges the AppOwls app and unlocks everything. Using AppOwls Unlimited you can Create Unlimited Mobile Apps In Any Niche, Mobile Apps with Unlimited Downloads/Installs, Mobile Apps with Unlimited Push Notifications, Build Unlimited eCommerce Store Apps, Create/Sell Unlimited Memberships in Mobile Apps, Add/Create Unlimited Products In eCom Stores, Send Unlimited SMS & Email Autoresponders, Unlimited Business Bookings in Mobile Apps, Create Unlimited FROMS, Create Unlimited Online/Offline Loyalty Program in Apps, Create Unlimited QR Codes, Protect Unlimited Mobile App Content, All your mobile apps hosted on cloud – UNLIMITED, Generate Viral Traffic To Your Mobile Apps, and BONUS: Cloud-Based Website BUILDER for Apps.


UPSELL #2:AppOwls Professional $67
With the AppOwls Professional upgrade, we take things one step further by unlocking some powerful yet must-have features including Removal of APPOWLS Branding from ALL Mobile Apps, Access to 5 New Templates Monthly, 50 Brand New Templates Access, International Features – AutoTranslate Mobile Apps, Export/Download ALL your apps, Host & Publish Your Mobile App on to your own hosting, SuperFast Mobile Apps – Google Friendly, Unlimited Access to New Design Blocks, Tons of NEW Autoresponder Integrations, and Reseller Panel – 50 Accounts


UPSELL #3: AppOwls Agency $59
AppOwls Agency lets your users start their very own professional mobile apps development agency for local and online businesses and start profiting. With AppOwls Agency they will get: Agency License with WL Rebranding, DFY Reseller License, Virtual & Team Member Access, Website Development Agency Website, Custom Paypal Checkout Integration, Add Featured Samples of Services Offered, Add Clients Testimonial, Allow Clients to Schedule Appointments, 5 Year WebHosting Included, Create Client Review Accounts, DFY Client Contract Templates, ReadyMade Client Contracts, DFY Lead Magnets and 100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates


UPSELL #4:  AppOwls Whitelabel $297
With the AppOwls Whitelabel, your users will be able to whitelabel AppOwls and rebrand it to create and sell users’ accounts and start their very own mobile app software business. Everything is hosted for them by us and we take care of the support.


UPSELL #5 : AppOwls DFY $97
AppOwls DFY gives users access to Readymade 100 Local Business Mobile Apps, Custom Logo Creation For Your Clients, Custom Setup of Personal Mobile App and a lot more DFY features.



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

AppOwls OTO is a new app that allows you to create your own custom app This is James, wishing you good luck. I’m happy to let you realize the value in that upkeep duived is presenting application information on May 17th, 2022. Finally, Apple is a thing program that is most likely to assist you with functioning as well as boat off adaptable applications for your customers. As a result, this is a remarkable programming application. Assuming you’re already operating a business, I’ve given you a quick rundown of the direction towels that are coming up ahead of this demonstration. Apples Greetings In this video, I’ll demonstrate unmistakably how to make incredible, ios and android nearby, and pwa adaptable applications utilizing plans.

Naturally, when you sign into the application house control board, you will see a posting of each of your applications on this here, corner to begin making an ideal application you Mouse over on this little picture too as you can support applications, either by hand by picking an arrangement or in a shorcut.

OTO redesigns from AppOwls

Permit me to demonstrate how it’s done differently. Simply choose a social event from the list. All you have to do now is choose from our several game plan plans and give your application a name. You pick a subdomain, give it a color scheme, upload an image, proceed to enter your email, supervise associate with, data, click, release, and enter the director setting, and allow me to demonstrate how to develop an application using arrangement plans. You click on the manual, AppOwls OTO application creation, and it will show you a massive heap of configuration orchestrates that you can begin fitting and also distributing your application with these com arrangement designs. These com arrangement designs include pages with tanks, web content, and whatever else you require at this point.

Let’s say I need to apply for a job at a bakery, thus I’m relying on this plan right now. I can sneak a peek under each portion. I’m willing to hire a helper. My social life can be included. Footers are permissible for me.

I may put a contact type in it, as well as a store. I’m capable of delivering a number of food selection pages. Now I need anything. If I believe I need to change something, I select the plan setting I want to change and click Apply. Now is the time to take me to my supervisor.

Administrator, you’ll most likely end up using a watchword here while attempting to AppOwls OTO create an application. You choose a name for your program. Your email address, as well as the email addresses of your application’s visitors, where they can contact you. You can select a subdomain from which you can access your own app from any device. The application’s image can be changed.

The application’s nation time zone can be changed. Again, the sprinkle show can be changed. The application logo could not be changed at any moment. You can modify the color of the sprinkle display if you wish, or you can add a grade from a large selection of pre-made options or you can create your own. You can integrate your outside and inner scripts for header and footer, add notice, and coordinate application notice if you plan to from straight as well as expanded options.

You will insistently build up a, a treat online content care if someone um buys in utilizing your email address. Simply alter it to include your message. You can set up a board, activate it, and turn it off. In the endorsement approaches, you can add conditions and a representation. Enlistment and email certification are two options for connecting.

So, if you’re enrolling on your mobile application. AppOwls OTO is a new app that allows you to create your own custom app You may make it work for individual enlistment as well as for everyone who signs up for your app. You will surely put all of their information, such as name and email, to the application house, which I will show you in a moment. You can display your email address, your data associates, and a variety of other information. You can incorporate your website page data if you’re running an online business store within your application.

If you really want to send messages using your useful application, and we don’t have a huge pile of autoresponder mixes for myself and google blueprints, you can make it work for PayPal, red stripe square page. Paystack prefers to pay cash and ship, as well as integrate development options for your online store or speculative paid choice that you can make within the app. As a result, these are the most important game-plans for your application. As you make modifications, you can go through each blatantly irrelevant detail. Continue along toward the pages and portion, and you’ll see it on the manager straight over under the current second.

OTO upgrade for AppOwls

This is where you can customize all of the site pages that the attitude has recently created for you. As a result, as is evident, these pages have been pre-made, AppOwls OTO enables you to edit these site pages as you see fit, or you can simply select the presence boss that we have on the app. Along these lines, we should ensure I mean to change this part, so I’m basically mosting committed to clicking it and clicking this little arrangement’s picture, and it’s mosting leaned to polish off all of the data as for this piece, and a brief time frame later I can in general tap on it and change. I can make a picture out of it. The image can be changed.

I can alter the web partner where this affiliation will go, but this photograph will almost certainly change from an overall perspective, as well as anything I care about. I have the ability to alter the guiding plan to suit my needs. Let’s just say I’ll have to modify the color. That is something I am capable of accomplishing. You have complete control over the energy and appearance of the movements, and you may mix and match slideshows.

You can alter anything on this page, even a location around here. You can also use any of the brand new parts that have just come out of the packaging. You can include a switch, an inception clock, and an iframe in your message media. You can include a slider, a kind for uh, from the alternative site AppOwls OTO in your app. Email, selection, rankings maps, social sharing, and network posting are all familiar terms.

You can upload photographs and add items to your shopping store’s web business page. You can make a reservation form to add to reservations for your dining foundations, PCP plans, and legal counselor plans. You may incorporate an online and isolated risk program, which I’ll demonstrate to you soon, so your customers can amass vouchers that they can redeem for focuses and other items. You can be sure that you’re making a different investment on your site page if you confirm your decision. Again, assuming you want to help, if a specific page in your app can only be accessed by clients who have passed a record on to support a record they’ve paid for your response, which I’ll show you in a moment and which you can change.

You can add additional pages to these ones. You can merge immaculate page if you choose. You may now solidify an entirely new page by clicking on the add gleaming clean page button down moreover as you can continue to food confirmation and examination with unrestricted authority. If necessary, you can try again. AppOwls OTO is a new app that allows you to create your own custom app You can give your basic food option another shot.

Everything’s appearance can be altered. It is possible to make it inline. It’s also available as a square image. As a picture, you can have. You’ll get a full preview of it as well.

You can edit the meal preferences of your clients’ profiles here. You can adjust the footer menu this tiny menu that you see beneath, and you can combine more stuff here once they have produced a record. You may disable with only one click, and you can also alter the default food selection style. You can go to the driving menu from the default. You can replace it to menu, for example.

OTO Demo AppOwls

This is how right can look. You can move every parameter you desire, and then you get subject personalization, which allows you to completely customize the stepping, cover theme, and everything else about your application. When this is finished, you save the course of action design and send the application. Allow me to locate you when the program has been distributed. What occurs in this situation?

You’ll be given a QR code, which you may snap a screenshot of or print out and provide to your client. You’ll also get a link that you can show your customer if they have any desire to see how the application works. If they want to try it out on their PDA, they’ll need to download and install it like this. When you press on this image, the application will automatically download to their Android phone. You can examine all of the application presents you have, such as how many site hits you have, how many selections you have, and how many leads you have generated at this moment, all through a specific uh date game plan. Similarly, the andro may be downloaded and installed quickly.