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Howdy guys, that is Antonio. Today we’ll betalking about Groove sell and how you can get it at no cost. All that extra right on the opposite aspect. Hey guys, that is Antonio once more. Welcome back to My business Navigator. I extensively respect having you right here. It quite is a pleasure andhonor to be in a position to provide you guys with these excellent videos. And with that mentioned, I do have arequest, in the event you would, there is a subscription button down beneath. I will commonly recognize it should you would. Kindly hate that for me. And then there may be going to be that alittle thing referred to as notification bell. Subsequent toy, uh, hit that. So this manner I ensure, or youcan ensure that you obtain notifications once I produce new content. Uh, and i am hoping that you just enjoythis, which in case you do give me that thumbs up when you would. I extensively recognize it. I relatively would. So Groove promote what’s Groove sell,uh, and how are you going to get it free of charge? Now, if you’re watching this videosometime at some point, say might be six months or so from after I postit, i am sorry guys, you overlooked out.You by and large is not going to be in a position to get itfor free at the moment, any, but correct now, what i will let you know is duringthe COVID 19 challenge, uh, Pam Dennett. That has turned up the entireworld the other way up, rather literally. I imply, the whole world is just flipped. Uh, there was once a shelter in place thatnobody would have inspiration of, and, and a variety of organizations are just goingcrazy and, you recognize, simply income has been misplaced throughout the board. We had one of the. Most booming economies in history. Antonio Bradley: after which we saw thislittle plague coming along that nobody would have suggestion of in one million years. And, uh, the, the fellows over atGroove Digital they desired to do something distinctive for each person. And what that is something specialis, is definitely present or offer up a product, uh, that clearly we will useto promote our digital products free of charge.So in, in the way that this works is that. There is that link belowsays Groove promote without cost. A goes to take youto, let me show you here. This page, whilst you get to this page,you’ll see this John Cornetto right there, and then also a video with the aid of Mike, Filsaime. Uh, so anyway, there is like a,it can be most effective a five minute video.However no credit card required ever. No expenses ever. It is just free. That is what it is. They wish to give us something for free. So why do you want to get this now? Why do you want to purchase? I should not even say purchase. Why do you wish to have to get GrooveSell or Groove promote now? And that’s considering, uh, wellgrew is pretty darn strong. I was once going by means of and i didanother video the place I, I created this backend upsell product. In order you go via, youcan create a product to be upsell down, promote a wise, but. This makes it possible for you to actuallyintegrate, uh, affiliates and it allows for you to combine lots.Clearly, let’s go into it right here in,in, uh, that’s my stats, which I don’t have any, these are just test merchandise. Now i am, i am literally justtesting it out as i’m constructing. Movies for you guys. I am going through and testing thisproduct, so if i will click on on the control product, i will be able to goinside right here and virtually edit this. And variety of exhibit you a couple ofthings in it walks you through. You see you could have 11 stepshere so far as checking out. Now, i’ll say this as a caveat rightnow, uh, groove apps, which is what Groove promote is part of, is in beta testing. So no longer the whole lot is up and running. So you are going to see a few matters herethat say that it’s no longer currently available or going to be to be had someday.Now, uh, in the video too, I dowant to factor out in this video, they, I suppose they are saying it in hisvideo, however groove sell is defined for more selling digital merchandise. However the best way that it can be setup is that you could truely. Uh, that you would be able to truely have insell some tangible objects as well. Despite the fact that Groove Kart is actuallymore for in the direction of that, that end of promoting, uh, digital PR, or i am sorry,bodily merchandise, digital products. This is for promoting and supplying. Digital products and even membershipsto your membership websites. So of direction, you already know which you can selecta front end or back finish product, and this designated one is backend. It’ll be my upsell in, in this,this specified product here is so.You go into the pricing here. And what i love about this, and, andI got to assert this too, is that Groove promote, despite the fact that they are offeringthis app totally free and so they’re supplying it for lifestyles without spending a dime, um, it’snot anything to be taken flippantly. That is actually very robust. Uh, software that they areoffering us right now without cost. And in terms of the differentways that you may create your pricing, you understand, you are goingto have one time pricing right here. That you can have, uh, a recurring pricingwhere it can be installed for weekly praise. You, you have got all these differentoptions right here, weekly, twice, each two years, every year, half of a 12 months court. I imply, what number of more choices do you need? And, and in addition you could set it up. Um. As installment. So this, so now they’re going tobe paying over something incremental period of time that you want.And of course theintervals are there once more. So it is a, that is prettypowerful how they laid that out. Um, i’m, i’m undoubtedly. Joyful with, with the waythat they’ve performed on this. So also, somebody had askedme about payment gateways. Do they offer cost gateways? Yes, they do. You probably have a cost, you knowsomething like Stripe, which is, i have a Stripe account already mounted right here. It can be my test most effective. You already know my experiment Stripe account. So. In the event you there, there may be a predicament withsome web entrepreneurs the place if they may be fairly excellent at walking commercials and they canget various purchasers coming through the doorways quickly, is that unfortunately,mostly which you could hit the ceiling of what your service provider account will permit. So what this will allowus to do is sincerely. Enable you to connect 5 orsix distinct merchant accounts.And then percent intelligent, that you would be able to tellit to saying consumers to each merchant account, that designated percentage. So should you desired to do one at 30% andanother 20% and yet another at forty% and there’s one that you are particularly just about the limit,so you most effective have that set of 10% so every time a consumer comes to buy a product. It would, it will direct it to that specificmerchant account situated on the chances that the others have been hit. Uh, so there is, uh, , again,that is a complicated characteristic that’s integrated on this utility without cost. I, I’ve, it is boggles me also,they have the, a PayPal account here, after which, you know, you’regoing to have the hazard mitigation. That is coming. And let’s have a look at right here. Additionally, you could follow with a groovemerchant or group promote, a bunch pay, I will have to say, practice for them. They have a low fee of 2.Eightp.Cplus 25% per transaction for us, an worldwide transaction. So this can be a first-rate method, nice choice here. Uh. And let me see here. Gateway costs apply forty to $40so i have not set these up.I have PayPal and Stripe. I sincerely, I failed to even hooked up my PayPala trade account on here but, however, and without doubt this is how you’ll, how. One would absolutely bring within the merchantaccount and set it up right there. So with that said, of courseyou have your contents. Uh, as this moves over, taken a little bit bithere, they’re frequently performing some updates. I know this prior Friday they pushedout a number of updates on the server, so they’re typically doing preservation,being that it’s a Sunday evening.So yeah, you’ll discover that on my monitor. Excellent. Alright, so what do we now have right here? Now we have, you realize, your seller’s web page. Thank you. Page refund interval. Uh, after which additionally your checkout. That you would be able to. Uh, yeah. Your checkout, there may be, once more, youhave matters coming quickly so you can embed it on your page, your consumer. You’re going to have a customdesign setup, change your seem and think, specific checkout choices. There are in order that many exclusive optionson this one in mind you, this exact product here’s a categorical checkout. So essentially it’s a one check,one click upsell, and, and. And holds the informationfrom the earlier order. So like I said, it is a, thisparticular product right here is a, is an upsell for an additional product. Good, i’m simply designing it that method.So this particular product correct right here,once they see this page the place this product is, they’ve already purchased theprevious product that they are coming from. So now that this is an sell productand I have already got their credit, well the groove, so we’ll have already got theircredit card on file and proper there in hand intent it’s that identical transaction. That one click on the place they are able to just go andpurchase that object proper together with it. Intent it’s in that equal,that equal buy, um, that, that equal purchase float.So of course you’ve your bombs,um, funnels that you could connect. But that is a different item correct right here. I’ll jump forward to filets andI find this one very, very intriguing. This is, that is tremendous. So what you can do is as. As a marketer. Ok? As a content creator, we create, wecan create a direction and then within that path we will wish to go backand help have humans aid us promote our products for us though, and allowother people to simply go ahead and. And promote the products for us. And in return, we’ll givethem payment for that. That’s what affiliate advertising is, right? Well, now we get to be the,the, the, the content material creators and push out our merchandise.This proper here makes it possible for it so effortlessly. So it is a two tier approach. Now, if you’re simply now opening to, uh. Create affiliates are, if you are justnow growing your product, you may not have a full record of affiliatesthat can push out the product for you. So what you do is you find somebodythat has a colossal record and access to various affiliates and you say, hi there, Ihave a, i will set this up as a two tier procedure for you, and you pushthis product out to your, your, your. Your military of associates and ask them topromote this product, and in the event that they do, i’m going to pay you a second tier affiliate. So this manner the affiliates,they make the money. I can set it up right here as 20% andthen the 2nd tier, the main guy that we went to and mentioned,howdy, are you able to promote this for us? We are going to supply him, you know, whateveramount I simply put down 10 here. However you could do that by way of percentages. You would do a constant amount on bothof them, percent constant quantity.And then you definately might docommission overrides, you can do custom touchdown pages. All of these things is pretty tremendous, wherethey can add, the affiliates can really have a touchdown web page that they may be able to use. For that distinct workforce, you already know? Uh, so shall we say you get right into a specialtraffic area of interest and, after which you are, you’ve gotten a JV affiliate list over there. They’re doing all that knowledge. After which shall we embrace that youhave, as a substitute of a visitors area of interest, you have a YouTube area of interest. K? So you will have special landingpages mounted for that niche over there. That said, of Jay JVs over there. Which is really cool. After which also which you can haveadditional affiliate information, uh, um, integrations. And then over here you can haveproof, which is coming soon.And of direction the conclude wrap up. So all that’s high-quality, and you haveall of those choices available. And that is to create one product. You would do that for everysingle product that you’ve got list. Go into this, this option right right here,and then when you certainly promote items, you can be in a position to have a superbly executed. And play it like this. That is something that I made. That is an extra product. This is the without a doubt the frontend product to the opposite product that I confirmed you earlier.Now, here is whatever that they don’ttell you proper away on this page right here. It is, it can be hidden. When you go to go away or on theback end, you additionally get access to a groove, pages light. So let me show you what I suppose. That’s going to be, you’ll be equipped togo down right here to team pages and you will be in a position to, let’s simply do a brand new web site. I’ll from scratch becauseI do not, I believe in workforce pages. Like you may no longer have entry tothe templates and what you’ll be able to genuinely be doing, you mighthave access, uh, to your blocks. It’s going to be just a, um, an empty block. Okay. That’s all that it’llbe is an empty block. And then from here you’ll be ableto place your elements, the wire framing elements onto the page. Um, I’ve bought to head a position, a block first,so i’m not certain how that’s going to work with no need some variety of block. So that you would have a, i am notexactly sure the best way to work due to the fact intellect you, i have the whole.Uh, Groove Funnels. I bought in as a backer. I obtained the entire, the wholeenchilada that they, they have. So, uh, the whole lot that they are goingto be popping out with Groove funnels. When we return to, definitely,i can go to the dashboard. Oh, so this is the opposite thing too, isthat when you advance your member, I was speakme to you about the affiliate. Template and establishing stuff foryour associates and the JV fabric. So which you can without a doubt, clearly, that you may setup, so e mail swipes, which you can create electronic mail swipes to your affiliates to use for you. So you create all these out. And this is a, here’s a trick. You are going to go this route to actuallyhave swipes and all that made up. Quite a lot of occasions, uh,entrepreneurs are the creators. What we’ll do is when we’ve got ourproduct made, we will be able to really pay a copywriter to write ouremail swipes or product like, um.Funnel scripts is another product thatyou can in reality use to create plenty of these swipes for you, and it’llgo via, i’ll put a hyperlink for that down below too, and let me see here. So you will have that, you may have theblogs, you’ve the banners, you see how you can set all these items up. So this way. It is going to be your product herethat you would be seeing should you set these up on your product. However all these thanks pages,which you could ship them to a precise thanks page, log off pages. That you would be able to have, uh, uh, Facebookads created right here. So now your, your customers and notice howit automatically populates my name there. Your, your affiliates will beable to have the identical access. And that’s all in Groove Sellis what you are seeing correct right here. To my competencies, thisis all in Grove promote. See, i’ve, they’ve created socialmedia posts and these have been simply, uh, updates put in right here lately. I would say within the last per week,week and a 1/2, these had been put in here and, and press releases.Uh, this used to be in the Florida. Florida, Lakewood,Lakewood ranch, Florida. K. After which video reports as well assignatures, which are coming soon. So anyway, these are,this can be a lot of material. And then certainly listed below are all thelinks to the distinctive pages that i’ve, broker secondary affiliates, soI can create a secondary affiliate. However like I said, it is a high leveloverview of what Groove promote is in all of these things that you are seeing proper now. And as you see on. Which page is it? This web page, as you see on thispage, no bank card required ever. No expenses ever. It’s just free. John Cornetta and, and Mike, Filsaimewanted to provide every person anything, uh, to, to help us with our organizations.They wanted to do whatever for us. And, and it relatively. It’s a very, very strong device. I tremendously advocate you are taking a lookat it anyway, guys, you’ve gotten a just right one and recollect till nexttime, keep digging your Wells..


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