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Ghosted Tool is a brand new software app that gives you everything you need to make daily affiliate commissions without any hard work or prior experience needed. You don’t even have to request affiliate approval because that’s built into the system.

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Hello, guys. Welcome to the ghost demo video, and I will show you this powerful software called ghosted. Ghosted is actually a one-click cloud-based software that creates student has done for you, ClickBank review sites loaded with athletes, and already pre-approved products.

So you don’t even have to start requesting approval for the product. So let’s, see how the software works in few minutes, and aside from that, this software also takes care of the traffic with almost three different types of traffic infused into one app.

So I’m, going to show you all these things in the next few minutes. So let’s get started. I’m going to log into my account click on the login button. So once you log into ghosted, you’re greeted with a dashboard, and, as you can see, we have the dashboard menu, which is the dashboard, the website, the lead, grabber, the support, training, and the logout button.

And here as well, you can create your review site from here, and we also have some menus here, which is watch training, videos step by step on how to use the software. You can click here to watch training videos and click here to create review sites; and after creating your review site, you need to get traffic, and in case you’re stuck with anything, you can contact our support.

So it’s just so easy and simple to use. So I’m, going to create a review site n

Ghosted OTO

ow. All I need to do is click on the button or go to websites and create a website. As you can see, the first thing you need to do is give your website a name.

Here, I can give my website any name depending on the type of review sites I want to create. So let’s say I want to create a make money review site that has to make money product or, if it’s out, whatever the niche you want to create.

Your website on. All you need to do is type in the name here. Here I’m going to do you see that so that would be my website’s name. Then I’ll. Could you give it a name? Can you see so once I’m done with that, I can select the dom for you templates here.

As you can see, we have the make money. We have the food, we have entertainment, and we have out. So if you purchase the upgrades, you have access to modern for your site, and you can preview your website or the templates to see exactly how it looks okay.

So this is a template, still loading. Okay, you can see. This is a template with dom. For your products, you can see down for you; athlete offers are already pre-approved, so you don’t even need to start requesting a preferred for the product so that you can see them in different categories.

So you can access all the categories here. If you click here, you see the categories: video marketing, social media, e-commerce, email, blogging, affiliate marketing, and monetizing your site with ads.

As you can see, these are ads. Can you see that so now I’m, going to select the templates, click on the select template, and in case you want to build your own site from scratch? You can start from scratch as well once you’re done.

Just click on create review sites and in just one click, trust me. Your site is created. Okay, as you can see, a site is already created, and here we can view our sites, and we can decide to go to the admin panel of the site, and you can as well delete the sites in case you don’t want the site, So I’m, going to click on the view website.

To view our website and in a single click, our website is created; as you can see so now, we can now do a few customizations to change—the logo. Add banners if we like to monetize our site with order affiliate programs or another type of monetization.

So now you can as well check out the review and see how they look like. So I’ve clicked on a review, and, as you can see it’s, it will show the name of the product, and it’s, going to show the order button, which is already hyperlinked with your Clickbank affiliate link.

Ghosted OTO links

So you don’t even have to add a link manually. It’s already linked automatically, as you can see, but this is also a hyperlink as well, and the reviews are there and also at the bottom. We have the link, and they can see related topics to other products as well.

So this is an amazing software that allows you to build Clickbank review sites in just a single click and, as you can see, you can see other popular products and latest products as well. We have the categories.

As you can see. We have video marketing, social media, marketing e-commerce, email, marketing blogging, affiliate marketing. So now, how do you customize your website? We can do that from our website admin.

So I’m going to click on and go to admin to access our website panel. So this is our website panel, as you can see in the admin section. You can view the website if you want to check out your website, then aside from, that the dashboard, as you can see, contains the previous dashboard.

So about more to it. We have the categories so that you can see them. Manage categories are where you can create categories, edit or delete categories. Hence, these are the categories that come with the done-for-you site to edit them or delete them or add a new category.

So from there, I’ll move to reviews. In the review section, you can view all the reviews on your website so, and there are two ways to add review. As you can see, you can add a Clickbank product review, which is at the click of a button.

It had tons of Clickbank products, reviews with your athletes link automatically and as well. You can add reviews manually, so these are the reviews that we’ve added already. As you can see, you can view the review.

You can check the ratings you scan, edit, delete, and disable the review if you don’t want to delete it, but you don’t want it to appear on the website. Here is where you make a featured post on your website to appear on the slider.

Yeah, I’m going to show you how to add a Clickbank product review in a single click. So I’m, going to click on, add Clickbank product review, okay, so the first thing you need to do here enters your ClickBank username here.

So in my case, I’m just going to enter a test. Then you select a category. These categories are the categories that.

Ghosted OTO upsell


You’ve already created it here, so you select the category. You want to add content to this case.

I’m going to select e-commerce. Okay, see that – and here you can see, keyword to search on Clickbank, so you enter the keyword. You want to search it, so yeah. I can search amazon or e-commerce or whatever dropshipping anything you want to, yet type it there.

So I can type e-commerce as well and then the number of posts. That is the number of reviews you want to add to your website automatically and trust me; ghosting is a save update inside. He keeps adding the Clickbank reviews with your affiliate link.

He needs on complete autopilot, so here I can decide to enter five and click on save, and in just one click as you can see added successfully. So if we go and check uh reviews now, you’ll notice that those contents have been added.

Can you see these? Is e-commerce? Content has just been added right now, five e-commerce content, so this is how powerful the software is. So the next thing I’m going to show you is here. You can add the review manually, so I’m going to talk about the advertisement.

So here is where you can place all those banners on the website. You can see. We have four banner types, and if you visit your website, you see the four banner types there. Can you see one, two, three, and four? Those are the four banner types, as you can see.

So this is where you set them all. You have to do it click on the edit button. Once you click on the edit button, then you insert the link. That is the link you want to direct your visitors to when they click on the banner.

Then you upload the banner’s image as well, and when you click on the Save button. That is how to add adverts to your website, also ghosted as a list building tool inside that allows you to have an opt-in form on your website and then grab contact details of your website visitors.

We all know that the money is on the list. So if you go to the ghosted website, scroll d

Ghosted OTO upgrade

own to the bottom of the website. You’re going to see the sign-up form, so any user or visitor signs up here anytime.

It’s, going to add their name, their email address here, so you can export their contacts and send them emails or follow-ups. So now. The next thing I’m going to talk about is the settings. The settings are where you actually get to edit your website settings the logo.

You can change the logo, the app description. Also, you can set your filter settings there as well as your social links. You can add all your links there; in the home page settings, you can set the number of product sliders you want to have.

Then the category blocks those blocks that appear on your website. This is where you set them as well. So once you’re done customizing your website and your go-to go. The next thing is to start driving traffic to your website.

So how do you drive traffic to your website? Like I said, ghosted is built-in with tons of traffic generation methods. The first one is the 200 viral social media sharing suits. So if you click on this plus sign on the website, you have access to 200 social media to share your website at the go.

So let’s say you want to share to your Facebook and get tons of visitors from Facebook. You click on the Facebook button, and it’s going to log you into your Facebook account automatically, and if you don’t.

If you’re not logging, you can as well log into your Facebook, and as you can see, you can see your website is there. Then you can decide where you want to share this website, to your news, feed group event, and know, and Then you can post at the end of the day, so this is a potent tool to get traffic from over 200 sources.

That’s the number one traffic source. You also have SEO optimization whereby you can optimize your website to rank on search engines. I already showed that on the settings page, okay, so the last traffic option is the lead grabber lead.

Grabber is a google chrome app that allows you to scan the internet for targeted leads that you can start milling your offers in the next few minutes. So how do you go about that? The first thing is to download the lead grabber.

So once you click on the download button to download delete, the grabber will download your system. So the next thing you need to do is extract the file, and once you’re done extracting the file, you go to your chrome browser, click on the extension, and click on manage extension.

Ghosted OTO here

So once you click on that, you click on load on once you click on load unpack. Then you locate where the folder is. So you click on the folder and click on select folder automatically it’s going to install the lead grabber, as you can see so now you can go back here and enable it here, so it will appear here to add it to Your browser, so the next thing we need to do now is to go to and click on stats, so you enter the keyword that you want to grab leads.

That is the nation in which you want to grab leads. So here I can say blogging. Can you see that and when you click on the enter button? So once you do that, you go to settings and click on script. It’s, going to scrape the website, and once you’re done, you go back to this place and click on the start.

Button, and it starts grabbing, leads on complete autopilot. Can you see that so, as you can see, it keeps grabbing the lathe until you’re done, and once you’re done, you can click on the stop button, and it stops grabbing leads automatically?

Then you can copy the leads and import them to your mailer autoresponder to start sending them emails. So this is how to use the lead grabber to generate tons of traffic to your review site as well. So in all, you can start monetizing your website and getting traffic on complete autopilot.

Thank you for watching. Bye.

Ghosted OTO