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GMB Snap OTO is a marketing automation software that helps marketers all over the world find and identify unclaimed or unoptimized Google local leads, fix their problems, and rank them higher on Google Maps. So watch the entire video to see a full demo of it, how it works into various features, and much more, and guys, please let me know if you get access to it right now. I’ve got five free bonuses worth Rs. 7.99 for you, so click here to find out more or take advantage of this limited-time offer. Work period: check out the link in the description, guys.

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So, let us get started. Hello, Alex Krulik has arrived; I’m overjoyed. I’m going to show you my new software, GMB Snap, today. GMB Snap is completely automated software. That will help you rank my company higher in Google. What do I mean by “hello” in Google?


Let me demonstrate quickly. I go to Google and search for this keyword. Actually, you’ll notice something called a Google Maps repack at the top of Google’s results. Actually, the second outcome is a well-known media solution. Photography is a result of our beta testing, and I can try different variations of this request, so I just type in “photographer” and Lansbury disappears.


Once again, this company will provide an alternative.


This company is still here, so GMB Snap is the software that will assist you in achieving similar results for your business or the businesses of your clients. Let me now show you how easy it is to use GMB Snap; all you have to do is click this GMB project button, enter your business information, and click search; it will find your business in Google Maps and populate all the data related to your business. Now I press the next button, and as you can see, the software automatically populates the location that is suitable for renting for this particular business. You can, of course, change this list and add your own location. You want to rank for what I hit next, and I’ll provide keywords that I’m renting for this business right now.

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I’ll include YouTube URLs and images relevant to this business. This is not required, but it will be of great assistance, and I will now select Google accounts. I like to use the words “next” and “last” in this project. I’ll post my article about this company and its related keywords here. In my case, I use spam content, but you can see the spin button here, and you get my best-selling software, Magic Article Rewriter, along with GMB Snap, that you can use to spin your articles; simply paste your article here and hit the apply magic button, and the software will spin your article automatically.


I hit the finish button, and it’s now just for show. I’ll go into settings and enable debug mode, which will allow you to see the browser window and see exactly what GMP Snap is doing. However, you will not see this browser window during normal software use, and I’ve now pressed the display button here. Let’s wait and see what happens: The software went to Google My Maps and found our business location [Music], later changing the business title and description. I’ll show you how it looks, and now software will allow the public to view our map. We’re building things, and now software will generate maps, images, and videos for every location we’ve specified.

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It will add images to the map and the software will move on to the next location once it has added video, renamed our title, set our keyword, and placed it in the article we specified.

Other keywords have been added. If I recall correctly, we had 12 locations, so all of the locations and keywords will be added to these maps to assist Google in understanding that this specific location is related to this specific keyword. GMB Snap, as you can see, is creating maps for all three accounts. We included them in our project setup.


Let’s keep other maps created to save you time.

[Music] In the final step, software will ping your links to notify Google about the newly created maps. Our project is complete, and all browser windows have been closed. If you click this button, you’ll see a list of all the links that have been created. So, we chose three accounts for this project, and the software generated three Google Maps, one for each account.


Take a look: you’ll notice that the software loaded all of the necessary data to rank your Google, my business in Google Maps repack at the top.


You can see the URL for your Maps.


Following that, we can see a citation of your company’s name, address, and phone number beneath this link to this company’s website. Then comes our article, and so on for the other locations. You can see the keyword, and in the location description, you’ll see links to the map, a citation link to a website article, and a link to the first map that was created, which actually has two links: one to Google Maps and another to Google Drive, as well as the link for our business.

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We’re attempting to revise here. The video is added to this location and image, and the same is done for all of the locations we specified, and the location name is actually renamed to a keyword to match exactly this location. Google understands that this specific location is related to our keyword with the help of this keyword. The same can be said for all other accounts. So, if I open it, you’ll see that a similar map with all of our locations and how our keywords are represented with images, videos, and so on has been added for the other account.


I hope you realise how much power my new GMB Snap gives you; click the link below to get it right away. Thank you for your time and for watching foreign films.