Google Drive App Review – Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express

MALE SPEAKER: ShanghaiGDG is an extraordinarily fascinating developer community. Feminine SPEAKER: I’mglad anyone has requested this query. MALE SPEAKER: that is wherethe magic happens. Feminine SPEAKER: This isprimarily a question and reply show. So if any of you in the market wouldlike to ask questions. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:hi, everybody. Welcome again to GoogleDevelopers live. I am Claudio and this is Alain. We’re two engineers in theGoogle force Developer members of the family crew. In these days, we will talkabout an software that integrates with pressure and thatis to be had within the Chrome web store, that allows for you to doimage modifying on the cloud. We’re definitely going to exhibit youtwo separate applications from the same producer. The two applicationsare known as Pixlr Editor and Pixlr express. As which you can simply think, PixlrEditor is extra strong. Pixlr express can beused to do quick enhancing to your snap shots.But let’s see how they work. Let’s move to the reveal. I just downloaded importantwallpaper for my laptop from freewallpapersweb.Com. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Everybodyneeds a wallpaper. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Yeah,all people desires a wallpaper. So let’s examine, i’ve thisbeautiful photo on my Google drive account. That is of coursework associated. And that i must do some editing. So I just clicked on File andit opened into Google force default viewer. But I previously installedthis software referred to as Pixlr Editor. So as a substitute of opening theapplication from right here, i will be able to do Open With and selectPixlr Editor. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: you are able to do itfrom here, or we can do it again from the GoogleDrive web URI.CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: exactly. And of path, force, Filter, tolist some applications that can open that file. So when you have many applicationsinstalled, however a few of them open textual content records,some of them open pictures, and some of them can open otherkinds of documents. Of direction, when you right clickon an image, you’ll handiest see the purposes thatcan actually open portraits, and Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Expressare two of these.So let’s with PixlrEditor, which could be very, very powerful. So after we click on on a file,the image will get loaded into this web interface. As you will find, we have alot of features here. So some convenient ones. You can, without doubt, resizeimages, which you can add some editing, that you could make this imageworse with the aid of drawing on it. Want to take a look at some thing? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Whatto draw some thing? CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Yeah. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Whatdo you want to draw? CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Let’ssee, I don’t know. The solar. Are you able to draw– ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: A solar. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:Oh, a black sun. That is rather creepy. Good enough, so Alain is definitelyreally– what is that? Good enough, adequate, that’s going to be mywallpaper for the future. Thank you, Alain. So as you can see, you havea lot of points right here. So you might have a number offilters you can practice.You’ve quite a lot of layersyou can create. That you may resize the snapshot. That you may make it bigger. That you could draw on it. You can add textual content. You’ve gotten gradients. What is it you’re goingto are trying now? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:which you can choose– CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Oh,use Magic Wand. Oh, nice. I see you are verygood at that. What else can you do? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Selectthis factor. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:adequate, now what? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:I have no idea. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: adequate, wellyou’re certainly very good.So I mean there are actuallypeople who can do whatever with graphic purposes. Alain will not be one of those. And he is randomly pressingbuttons and– what is that now? A filter. You are making use of a filter. Why are you are doing that? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Justtrying to do this. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok,simply making an attempt that. Ok, let’s consider you made thisimage higher, and you probably did that with the aid of including a smile.Now, we wish to savethat to pressure. Can we go back to real stuff? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:All right, definite. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: good enough,let’s say you wish to have to save back to power. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: so that you goto to find, store, after which you have the choice tosave to pressure. In an effort to store on the sameimage or make a duplicate. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok, andthen you see this identical application, Pixlr Editor, cansave to a number of unique on-line services. Of course, which you can export itto your nearby computer. So that you may have these jpegfiles saved to your neighborhood pc, and useit from there. However if you wish to saveit to drive– you need to avoid wasting to Picasa,Flickr, and different social locations– you are able to do all ofthat from right here.So that you save it. And one factor we notice, becausewe’re going to center of attention more on, of direction, on the Driveindication, is that, as a default, you’re savingit as a duplicate. And of course you canset the excellent. What is the difference in savingas a copy or pronouncing as a new file? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: In power,versus an online [? Circumstance, ?] we are able to have many files withthe identical file title. So in case you save it isa replica, you might have two documents named kittens. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: I see. So let’s examine what occurs. Let’s reserve it as a replica, andthen when that is carried out, we return to pressure and seewhat we have now there. And what we’re anticipating is tosee two one of a kind photographs, one with a fine smileand one with out. And so, let’s examine, let’stry to open one. I see we’ve two. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: First one. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: And this isthe long-established one, and that is surely excellent. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:And this one. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok,you additionally set an awfully low nice, I see.ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: sure. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: obviously,Pixlr can do much better than this. That you can decide on the quality youwant, and that i believe you made an awfully dangerous alternative. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: No, I usedthe pixelate characteristic, so i attempted to do a [? [INAUDIBLE]. ?] CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: I see, youare excellent at that. Good enough, so this is Pixlr Editor, andthere are some matters we observed that may be increased andintegration between Pixlr Editor and Google pressure. So what we now have seenso a long way is great. Of direction, that you may also createa new snapshot from scratch from Google drive by using clicking onCreate, more, and you then see the record of applications we cancreate a file, together with Pixlr Editor. So when we from there,you can create a new photo, which you could open an picture fromyour computer, and so on. Let’s say we create a new one. Ok, you gave a name, and youcan decide upon a size for the image, and then that you could expressyour creativity now. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: All proper,let’s draw yet another smiley.CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok. That is the first-class thingyou can do, proper? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: yes. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok. That is attractive. Let’s put it aside to force, becausewe need to store it for future generations. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:store to power. There we go. Extension jpeg, png. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok, so youhave distinct extensions, that you would be able to shop to special codecs. Adequate. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: The goodthing is that it let’s you realize the approximate file sizeof the resulting picture, so [INAUDIBLE] printing out of quota, youknow before saving. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:Oh, best. And of course we– I imply, as photo editors– understand with some documents formatsyou can choose a satisfactory to be able to make the file bebigger or smaller, but you could have higher or worse satisfactory. So we now have acquired this file inGoogle force, proper. So we’ve got a new snapshot. Good enough, this is working perfectly. But there is really a scenariowe’ve found that’s not perfect, and we desire Pixlris going to fix it.So when you install anapplication from the Chrome internet store– and that is the listingfor Pixlr Editor– the appliance is addedto the Chrome New Tab page, which is that this. In the Chrome New Tab page,you get a hyperlink to the entire applications you’ve set up,together with people who integrate with power. So that you could start Pixlr Editorfrom here, and also you begin it just by means of clicking. And it appears the equal. It looks as if the flowis precisely the same.However now you createa new image. Which you can prefer at any place youwant here, as before. That you would be able to draw something. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: All correct. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: This timeit’s going to be unhappy. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: good enough, why? Oh. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: in view that– ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:we are going to see why. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:–we’ll see why. So then you definitely attempt to keep, and youwant to save it to power. However, pressure just isn’t includedin the list of cloud locations that you may retailer to. So Pixlr behaves differently ifyou from drive or in the event you begin from theChrome internet store. This is some thing that should beaddressed for the first-class consumer experience, because the person shouldhave the same points regardless of wherethey begin from. This will have to be veryeasy to fix. I believe it’s justa small mistake. And we will be able to definitelyreach out to Pixlr. Might be they may be watchingus correct now, however let’s fix it guys. Ok. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Oneother factor is opening records from Pixlr.CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: good enough,one more thing. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: you will have theoption to open image, open image through URL, or open imagelibrary [INAUDIBLE] process. Unfortunately, force is notone of the choices. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Yeah,that’s another factor they may be able to support. First, it is no longer a worm,it’s now not an difficulty. But customers would wish to opena file straight from force. This may also be executed with the aid of making use of thePicker API, which is a part of the Google power SDK. And so they may be able to comfortably embed thePicker talk of their software, or they might wantto list files into the kind of which they type. So you have got the 2 choices. Using the Google supplied Pickeris very effortless, so that you handiest want a couple oflines of JavaScript code and you get it. But the [INAUDIBLE] will havethe URI we designed it for. Even as if you wish to write that,and type it inside of your application, which you could basicallydraw that your self.You may have [? Calls ?] to record allthe records on force and that you can crew them into folders,and many others. You would do basicallyeverything with the API, and then that you can embedit into right here. So we now have got two featurerequests for Pixlr from right here. Use or embed a Picker to openfiles straight from force. And be certain that if the userstarts from the Chrome New Tab page or goes straight toPixlr.Com, these should be allowed to avoid wasting to power.ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:that’s right. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: however besidesthat, i might say the application is extraordinary. Even, I imply, adequate, not you, buteven ordinary customers, like me, they may be able to do loopy thingswith Pixlr. The appliance is very good. And obviously, one of the mainadvantages is that you can use that anyplace you areon the cloud. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:On a Chromebook CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: On aChromebook, on something pc you might be, just log into your account with your credentials, and youhave Pixlr there. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: You don’teven desire a computer anymore. You do not even need a hard disk, as all your records are stored in the cloud. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Yeah,that’s undoubtedly true. So we mentioned that we now have twoapplications to talk about.Pixlr Editor is theadvanced one. It has quite a lot of facets,relatively loads. So you will have so many filters, andso many matters you are able to do in Pixlr, that a professionalcan use that and do a variety of superb picture enhancing. But if you are no longer a professional, let’ssay you are Alain, you would wish to use anotherapplication. Still by way of the same manufacturer, stillby Pixlr, it’s referred to as Pixlr express. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:Let’s open it. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:Let’s open it. So we’re opening the samefile, are not we? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: sure, theoriginal kittens from the net. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:Freewallpapersweb.Com. So with this utility, youcan see the UI is quite simplified. You’ve got a constrained numberof aspects. But still quite a bit. However restricted comparedto the [? Prop ?] utility, that’s the onewe just pointed out. And that you could with no trouble make changesto the photo, making use of some filters. Which you can crop snapshot. You can resize them. You could follow some results.Let’s are trying one. Let’s examine how your creativitygoes now. You have black and white,dark kittens. Good enough, I consider we can do better. For illustration, probably the most thingsI like, that you would be able to add borders to the photograph. Adequate, that is getting funky. It’s getting betterand higher. Yet another option isto add borders. So you’ve gotten your photo, and youwant to add a satisfactory body around it, so that you cando it from right here. And it’s now not going to be greatnow, in view that the whole thing is black and white-ish. However you may have quite a bit ofvery convenient to use– old kittens now. How will we get this applicationif you want it? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Fromthe Chrome store. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: So it’sexactly the equal thing. So we go to the Chrome WebStore, and we will to find Pixlr Editor and Pixlr specific. We promote both. They’ve– as the entire applicationson the net store– they’ve a variety of stories. So then you can read about thembefore you install the application.Recollect, stories are by using otherusers like you, so you must by and large trust them and readthem before putting in any software. We set up that from right here, andyou can launch it from Google force, however that you could alsolaunch it from right here. What occurs for those who launch theapplication from here? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:Let’s try that. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO:let’s have a look at if it behaves like Pixlr Editor.ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: definitely,we haven’t any photographs seeing that we just opened the appfrom Chrome internet retailer. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok,so we must browse. And what we’d expect, whatwe wish to get, is that you may open a filefrom drive. So browse doesn’tlet you try this. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: No. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: With browse,you browse your neighborhood files, which is anotherimportant characteristic. So that is not the case. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Soyou can open URL. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Youcan open a URL. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: From theweb or use your webcam. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: So this isa function that Pixlr Editor does not have, so don’t forget thesetwo purposes are specific at two differentaudiences.So with this [INAUDIBLE]application, that you would be able to, i’d say, fan the flames of your webcam, take aphoto, and observe some filters. So probably you have got to create anew profile image, this probably the first-rate applicationfor you. You are able to do that in 10 seconds. And then you could add these verygood specified results. Both purposes are installedinto power. So whenever you install them, youcan correct-click on any picture file and open an present file,or we are able to do create, and then prefer either of those,and then begin a brand new photograph.What are you looking to do now? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: I’msaving the photo. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: adequate, I wantto see what occurs now. So now we have now many copies ofthis wallpaper we bought from freewallpapersweb.Com,and that is the brand new variant of it. That is effective. It’s traditionally yourmasterpiece. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: So from PixlrEditor, you can simplest keep a duplicate. From Pixlr express, youcan simplest save a copy. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: that’s saveand replay, save and replay. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Imissed that, sorry. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: As you cansee, the UI is simplified in comparison with Pixlr Editor. So instead of getting a UIdialogue for saving, you have two very unique buttons thatsay what they will do. So you’ve gotten one to save andreplay, on the grounds that of course you would want to replaythe existing one. Or that you may store a duplicate. And the whole lot you said aboutsaving a copy for Pixlr Editor applies. And of direction, which you could– I imply, the following one is toclose it and that’s it. Ok let’s just goback to force.And just to remind you beforewe wrap up, if you want to start any of those functions,and you have no snapshot documents in your laptop,you are able to do Create, decide upon more, and you’ll be able to to find all theapplications we’ve. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH:that’s proper. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok,I believe we’re executed. We’re truly accomplished withPixlr Editor and Pixlr categorical, two excellent imageeditors that combine with pressure. ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: Twofeature requests. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Yeah, we havetwo function requests for Pixlr Editor, and i’m prettysure they’re going to be fixed soon, when you consider that up to now theseapplications are being developed and including newfeatures very, very, speedily.ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: And featurerequest for Pixlr express integrates with the Picker APIas good, a good way to open an photo from the applicationdirectly. CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: ok, lastthing before we wrap up. In case you are a developer, and youwant to combine with the Google drive SDK and also you havetechnical questions, where do you go? ALAIN VONGSOUVANH: [INAUDIBLE] underneath the tag Google dashDrive dash SDK. We go by way of the questionsalmost every day, and check out to reply to all of them.CLAUDIO CHERUBINO: Cool. Good enough, so see you next time onGoogle developers reside. Thanks for becoming a member of us, andfeel free to reach out to us for any feedback. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING].

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