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Group Bomb OTO Details

Group Bomb OTO

What is Group Bomb?

We all know that Facebook groups are exploding right now because of Covid 19. People are looking for social communication and are flocking to it online. Drew Trainor and James Renouf have come up with a very easy and unique method to build groups at will for 2 cents a click. They are making 5 figure profits with this! You can do this for any niche. People know that Facebook groups can make a lot of money but the issue has been having to take the time to build content and slowly / organically get people into your groups. Now you can cut to the front of the line and get passionate people into YOUR group for pennies on the dollar. Anyone can do this and now is the time to jump on this.

crazy new premise that we have been testing and seeing massive results with. You are probably aware of both Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups.

Back in the day Facebook pages had massive results. Nowadays not so much. The engagement is not like it used to be and marketers aren’t crushing it like in the past.

However, Facebook groups are making money like crazy.
The reason being that with social distancing people are clambering to have “community” and be “social”.
Facebook groups are EXTREMELY hot right now because of this.
The group fulfills some of the social interaction people so desperately want and need. The timing couldn’t be any better for the Group Bomb method.
Drew wanted to come up with a shortcut. He didn’t want to take his time and grind it out trying to build a group over time.
What if there was a way to get people that we had no prior relationship with to join groups that they are interested in with a hands off method.
Once in the group,  you monetize the hell out of it.
We show you how to AUTOMATE the group. You don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to!
Facebook will even start promoting the group for you.
The process that Drew came up with is known as the “Group Bomb” strategy.
The Group Bomb method gets people into your group for 2 cents a click!


Video review for Front End only

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hello this is Stevens Orient’s and welcome to my product review of James Rennell group bomba so in this video we’ll look at what this group bump is all about and I’ll also talk about what I really like about this product and yes I have a very special custom bonuses and in one of my bonuses I’ll show you how to get a free hundred

dollar Facebook Ads credit okay so in one of my bonuses you I’m gonna show you how you can get a free $100 Facebook Ads credit and you can get access to all these bonuses through my link below this video for free anyway let’s get into the review of this group bomb as you can see I’m on the sales page of James runoffs group bump okay so a group bump is uh it’s a it’s a shortcut strategy for building Facebook groups and monetizing that groups with your affiliate offers or with your products or your services you know uh you can monetize

Facebook groups for anything that you like okay because there are thousands of Facebook groups on Facebook’s in every possible niche that you can think of so so this face this group bombed you know it’s created by James runoff and his partner drain channel drain trainer in fact drain trainer is the one who’s gonna show you how he did it he’s he’s the one who came up with the strategy and one of the things that I like about this is his strategy is that you know usually if you’re if you are the traditional way of building facebook group is to find groups that are interested in

your niche and then you post something interesting something that gives valley value something that is helpful and you write a write and you and you have to write an engaging post so so soil that when people engage on your posts or like your posts that then you add those people to your fake as your Facebook friends and then you later add them to your Facebook groups now there is the traditional way of building a Facebook groups and it takes a lot of time and it takes skills and your and you you need to know how to write your post and engaging post you need you know you need to have a little bit of the disk copy

writing skills and but this group bomb cost cut out all the hassles okay with the group bomb you don’t have to do all those things you know like adding them as your Facebook friends or or joining Facebook groups because drew has come up with a way to do that and that is by using a Facebook fans fan pages and what he did was he drove he drove all those visitors to his Facebook Facebook fan page using Facebook Ads and that costs only 2 cents per like / / likes yes and and that’s a very cheap traffic okay and so and after he drove those people to liked his fan

page for two cents then later he you know using his strategy he drove those people to the Facebook groups and once people are in the Facebook groups you know once they join those Facebook groups he monetized them with with affiliate offers or with an econ econ products and you can see on the sales page the revenue that he generated now this is he spent only $36 in ads that’s a very very cheap that is a very cheap that’s just a 30 bucks just under 40 bucks and and he generated

around 12 $12,000 selling econ products and you know now this the best thing about this is that you know this does not only work with econ this works with any any products that you can imagine on because you know Facebook is huge it has millions of users monthly users and you can find a lot of Facebook groups inside Facebook’s there are thousands in fact let me show you this is one of the group that I joined the Facebook groups and uh and this guy is the owner and he’s he’s monetizing this he’s making I believe a lot of money using this Facebook groups because inside these Facebook groups there are a lot of people who have needs who have questions who are asking for products and this guy is you know just giving them what they need and he’s at the same time making money and there are there are thousands of

other Facebook groups that are monetized okay and of course this Facebook group is built using the traditional method okay but inside the group bomb you don’t need to post anything on your Facebook wall invite your friends or join Facebook groups and you know write an engaging post and then add them as your friends and later add them inside your Facebook groups or invite them inside your Facebook groups this cut out all the hassles you know and I really like this one because I’m actually thinking of applying the strategy myself nothing that I really like is that you know you don’t need to spend a lot of money on on Facebook Ads because you don’t need to have a big budget on for for your ads because this guy shows you how to spend just just just about 40 bucks under 40 bucks and yes inside my bonus in one of my bonus I show you how to get Facebook ads

for free okay you can get started for free and yes in one of my bonuses I show you how to get a free $100 ads credit credit okay so you’re gonna get $100 free Facebook Ads credit okay so you can get started and he and he spends only two cents per likes that means every life that he gets on his fans page he paid to two cents now two cents is a very cheap okay is in some cases tree cent and so and that’s what I like about this one and just imagine with just a forty bucks you can drive a lot of visitors to your Facebook groups and monetize them and he shows you exactly how to do that and another thing I like about this is that you know this is not a theory this is something that you know that is proven to work this is something that drew himself is doing it

he’s making a lot of money using this one using this strategy and inside this group bomb he’s gonna show you exactly how he did it so you can watch over his shoulder and you know copy exactly how he did it and you can use this for any kind of niche you know even if you don’t have a product you can sell affiliate products where you earn commissions okay you can do that with affiliate affiliate marketing you can even sell Amazon Amazon products or econ products and that has been proven and so anyway let me talk about my bonus here are if you click the link below this video you come down to my bonus page here’s my bonus page and I’ve included a very special bonus that is a custom bonus made specially for this group bomb and my first bonus is my bonus number one is I’m gonna show

you how to get a free one Tao $100 Facebook Ads credit okay so in so you can get started applying this Facebook this group bomb Prada so my bonus number one inside I will show you how you can get a free $100 word of Facebook ads okay so you can start advertising on Facebook’s now this is not 50 bucks this is a hundred bucks in fact I will show you how you can get more than 100 bucks inside this bonus okay so you can get started and advertising advertise it now my bonus number two is called a Facebook group hack now inside this Facebook group hat I will show you how to find groups Facebook groups that are interested in your offers so that you can start promoting it okay now the cool thing about this my bonus number two is that you don’t need to know you don’t

need to you know build your own Facebook groups I will show you how you can get a Facebook groups okay without spending a lot of money and how to find those groups that are interested in the offers that you want to promote okay there is my bonus number true and you know you can get all these bonuses for free just by clicking the link below this video and just purchase this just by this group bomb through my link through this read through this red button just buy this group bomb through this link and you’ll get access to all these bonuses for free okay so anyway that’s it for now thanks for watching this video

Group Bomb OTO

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