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Hammock Suite OTO -1, 2, 3- There IS One Front End And Three OTOs links . The Hammock Suite OTO 1 is The Survivor System , The OTO2 Is The Suite Whitelabel , The OTO3 IS The Reseller Licence .

Hammock Suite OTO

Hammock Suite FE=>>Hammock Suite FE
OTO1 Survivor System=>>Hammock Suite OTO1
OTO2 Suite Whitelabel=>>Hammock Suite OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>Hammock Suite OTO3


OTO1 :Survivor System

Upgrades on all three software platforms giving them:
– The ability to capture email leads for themselves (instead of only hosted)
– The addition of a fully hosted WordPress blog
– More DFY lead capture funnels
– Added traffic credits for guaranteed/trackable blog shares and social shares
– YT reverse engineering addon tool so you can see everything about your competitors videos including keywords, title, description and other details, and build your own ads based on that information, and do it fast using our inbuilt spin rewriter software tool
AND… Double challenge points for our ‘Caribbean Survivor Cruise Challenge’
In Jan 2021 one of our Wildfire Concepts community members (+1 friend) will join myself, our team and hundreds of top online marketers in an all expenses paid cabin on the most prosperous holiday ever … the marketers cruise!
This is an ongoing contest we are running in our Facebook group, they’ll earn twice as many points as other members (entries are earned based on engagement, completing challenges etc)

OTO2 :Suite Whitelabel

Unlimited searches unlocked for all features of the YT Engine software
Export your YT Engine channel analysis reports
Automatically whitelabel the exported reports with your own logo
Commercial licensing to distribute unlimited whitelabeled exported reports
Add-on: YT Backlinks, one click backlink finder from YouTube search engine
Add-on: YT Editor, find and edit images and spin/rewrite descriptions and add CTA’s
Video Thumbnails Images: 500+ (In all Major Niches)
Channel Art: 120 (In all Major Niches)
Subscribe Animation: (20 Alternatives)
End Screen Template: (20 Alternatives)
Lower Third Template: (500 To Choose From)
Logo opener Template: (20 to customise)
Motion Elements & Video Transitions: (30 templates)
Countdown Timer Video Templates: (10 templates)
All Come with Developer License
Users can edit thumbnails, jpg’s, png’s etc in our inhouse image editor. All other Templates come in Power Point (PPT) file format ready for people to use/customise and create their ads.
NOTE: Our software provides unlimited searches, however each user’s account relies on connecting to Google’s API which has a generous cap of 5,000 daily searches (per account).

OTO3 :Reseller

Earn 100% commissions on all one-time products in the funnel, plus 50% lifetime commissions of all recurring products in the funnel


What IS The Hammock Suite ?


program is structured to show them:
– How Affiliate Marketing using marketing lists works
– Why they should be building lists (giving them a done-for-you SaaS)
– How to get traffic (giving them access to a brand new tool getting buyer leads for as little as a few cents)
– How to do it safely (giving them softwarew access & training to easy traffic hack software tools)
– How to automate, scale and grow

FULL course (for $47) will receive the following:

Those videos above (20 easy to follow steps), delivered piece by piece in a gamified format, with very clear, engaging and exciting steps
Engaging email series that ties in with the videos
9 piece fridge magnet celebrating being part of the Hammock Suite tribe (shipped at no expense to the member)
Entries into our Wildfire Cruise Contest, where one winner and a friend will get return flights, accommodation and tickets on the Marketers Cruise in Jan 2021
Entries into our WEEKLY draw, where the winner will have up to $100 US food delivered to their door via Uber Eats or local equivalent
3 pieces of software, delivered as part of the course as required to avoid information overload, all tools are premium quality, include done for you resources and form part of the overall training so they use what they’ve been given
A certificate of completion (physically shipped to their location at no cost to them)
A Hammock Suite branded hammock (shipped to their location at no cost to them)

Hammock Suite FE=>>Hammock Suite FE
OTO1 Survivor System=>>Hammock Suite OTO1
OTO2 Suite Whitelabel=>>Hammock Suite OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>Hammock Suite OTO3


Video review For Front End Only


Hammock Suite OTO

hey there everyone welcome to episode
244 of the Mike from Maine show the
place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs this is
your host Mike Thomas and today on the
show we have Cindy Donovan on and she’s
gonna be talking about a way of making
money online that is actually fun
exciting engaging you can actually even
win stuff let’s get into it
here’s Cindy hi guys and thank you Mike
for letting me just showcase what we’ve
done here with hammock suite I’m really
excited about showing you this because
this here is the combination of all of
my internet marketing work and I’ll show
you why in just a minute um let me just
dive in now might gave me a few
questions that he thought you guys might
like answered so I’m just gonna dive
straight in answer those and the first
one he was asking was why did we create
this and what problem does it solve now
for me this here is it’s a total passion
project um I have been doing internet
marketing for about thirteen years and I
have created a lot of products like like
we’re talking maybe I’ve sold about
120,000 different products on jvzoo
clickbank warrior plus all of those
marketplaces and so I have dealt with a
lot of people who have been starting out
end up getting frustrated and give up
part of the way and never actually
follow things through to completion or
these guys who buy something and they
get um you know part of the way and they
get stuck and I just got so frustrated
at seeing so many people right at the
right at the part where they’re just
like maybe one or two steps away from
actually seeing money you know they’re
God there you know working when they
don’t even have time to work like like
working three jobs coming home really
trying to start an internet business up
and getting stuck and so I wanted to
create something that doesn’t let anyone
fail this here is really good if your
other a beginner and you’ll want to give
this internet marketing thing a go or if
you tried stuff before and it’s just
sucked it’s been exhausting it’s sucked
your money it’s been just a total bunch
of frustration so what we’ve created
here is something that is really fun
it is very step-by-step and it
encourages you as you go through to take
actions that will build your business
and there’s a ton of 20 actions so um
it’s really actually I know doesn’t
sound sexy on a sales page just say
you’ve got to click 20 buttons but bear
with me guys um see the thing here is if
you want to have your own business and
you want to get something with it that
actually works and is proven to work and
I’ll show you some of that stuff in a
moment um you need to do a little bit of
work we’ve been able to drill it down to
just 20 steps and in these 20 steps and
some of them are really easy like you
join our Facebook group that would be
step one step two you introduce yourself
to the Facebook group so some of these
are really really simple and what we’ve
done is every time you take an action
one of these 20 simple actions towards
building your business and and the
actions are really clearly defined you
will get rewarded and we are doing
everything we can to get people through
this program because at the end of it
you’ll have a business you will have a
just everything ready to go and also
when you get to the end we’re shipping
out some really cool stuff to you and
that’s all included in this press so
yeah the problem it solves I guess to
come back to this is the it just solves
overwhelm waste of money
you know everything that we’ve got here
is included in the program so
you just start the program take the
actions that we say we give you all the
tools you need so there’s no having to
buy extra software there’s no having to
get access to extra stuff everything is
there ready for you exactly when you
need it and so very piece by piece so um
I’m yeah very very excited to be able to
release this and it’s fun so um let’s
just talk a little bit about I wanted to
talk talking about you know people
starting completing and stuff we’ve had
in a beta tester group they are going
crazy with us um we’ve had people come
who have done absolutely nothing in
online before and then we’ve had some
people who have started you know they’ve
tried to do internet marketing and
failed and failed and failed and just
been nearly ready to give up and these
guys out of we’ve had 12 people go
through the program
and to just make sure that everything is
a hundred percent working that not just
the actual you know pages load but that
they can get leads in there and they can
make commissions right and out of this
group of twelve people we’ve had nine of
them complete it in under a week I think
it was in around a week we started with
the beta testing and they went from
start to finish all the way through and
their feedback was you know this is fun
this is like really addictive one of the
guys was even saying I’m gonna just do I
think he was saying I’m gonna do like
step 9 now and then I’m gonna go and
chill and watch some Netflix it’s been
fun catching up with you guys in the in
the Facebook group and then about 10
minutes later he came back and he’s like
oh my god I didn’t know I could do this
and he was so excited to share it and so
yeah that was really really exciting to
see so he went ahead and he did stepped
in it didn’t want to do Netflix anymore
because he was having too much fun
creating some chefs so um yeah it’s
really really exciting to see um so yeah
most people who start this so I think at
the moment it’s like 80% um who start
the program do number one like go and
introduce yourself to the Facebook group
actually completed all the way to the
end and I like getting leads on their
list and in some cases even making sales
so very very very exciting um so I want
to show you just a little bit of a demo
Mike was just asking if I could show you
a little bit inside and I can show you a
bit but we’re keeping some things a
little bit secret because you know we
want some of the mystery to stay alive
as you play this game it basically is
like a game we send you an email let me
just show you over here so you’ll get an
email to click then you’ll come over to
a page like this and each page is set up
pretty much exactly the same format or
the emails are the same format so you
know exactly what you need to do if
you’re a busy person this is perfect for
you because it will tell you exactly how
long the video is and approximately how
long it’ll take to complete that action
so you know if you’re cramming you know
you’re your mum with lots of kids or
you’re you know you trying to fit and
juggle multiple jobs you can actually
just come here have a look and say you
know where did I leave off last time and
pick up exactly where you left there you
know this is like six and ten so you
know you know let’s allow on the average
side fifteen minutes to complete this
whole thing and you have plenty of time
so if you’ve got a spare 15 minutes load
up this page watch this video each of
the steps has a video and then take the
action under here you’ll see a thing
here that says click to complete the

Hammock Suite OTO