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Hammock Suite Upsell -1, 2, 3- There IS One Front End And Three OTOs links . The Hammock Suite OTO 1 is The Survivor System , The OTO2 Is The Suite Whitelabel , The OTO3 IS The Reseller Licence .

Hammock Suite OTO

Hammock Suite FE=>>Hammock Suite FE
OTO1 Survivor System=>>Hammock Suite OTO1
OTO2 Suite Whitelabel=>>Hammock Suite OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>Hammock Suite OTO3


OTO1 :Survivor System

Upgrades on all three software platforms giving them:
– The ability to capture email leads for themselves (instead of only hosted)
– The addition of a fully hosted WordPress blog
– More DFY lead capture funnels
– Added traffic credits for guaranteed/trackable blog shares and social shares
– YT reverse engineering addon tool so you can see everything about your competitors videos including keywords, title, description and other details, and build your own ads based on that information, and do it fast using our inbuilt spin rewriter software tool
AND… Double challenge points for our ‘Caribbean Survivor Cruise Challenge’
In Jan 2021 one of our Wildfire Concepts community members (+1 friend) will join myself, our team and hundreds of top online marketers in an all expenses paid cabin on the most prosperous holiday ever … the marketers cruise!
This is an ongoing contest we are running in our Facebook group, they’ll earn twice as many points as other members (entries are earned based on engagement, completing challenges etc)

OTO2 :Suite Whitelabel

Unlimited searches unlocked for all features of the YT Engine software
Export your YT Engine channel analysis reports
Automatically whitelabel the exported reports with your own logo
Commercial licensing to distribute unlimited whitelabeled exported reports
Add-on: YT Backlinks, one click backlink finder from YouTube search engine
Add-on: YT Editor, find and edit images and spin/rewrite descriptions and add CTA’s
Video Thumbnails Images: 500+ (In all Major Niches)
Channel Art: 120 (In all Major Niches)
Subscribe Animation: (20 Alternatives)
End Screen Template: (20 Alternatives)
Lower Third Template: (500 To Choose From)
Logo opener Template: (20 to customise)
Motion Elements & Video Transitions: (30 templates)
Countdown Timer Video Templates: (10 templates)
All Come with Developer License
Users can edit thumbnails, jpg’s, png’s etc in our inhouse image editor. All other Templates come in Power Point (PPT) file format ready for people to use/customise and create their ads.
NOTE: Our software provides unlimited searches, however each user’s account relies on connecting to Google’s API which has a generous cap of 5,000 daily searches (per account).

OTO3 :Reseller

Earn 100% commissions on all one-time products in the funnel, plus 50% lifetime commissions of all recurring products in the funnel


What IS The Hammock Suite ?


program is structured to show them:
– How Affiliate Marketing using marketing lists works
– Why they should be building lists (giving them a done-for-you SaaS)
– How to get traffic (giving them access to a brand new tool getting buyer leads for as little as a few cents)
– How to do it safely (giving them softwarew access & training to easy traffic hack software tools)
– How to automate, scale and grow

FULL course (for $47) will receive the following:

Those videos above (20 easy to follow steps), delivered piece by piece in a gamified format, with very clear, engaging and exciting steps
Engaging email series that ties in with the videos
9 piece fridge magnet celebrating being part of the Hammock Suite tribe (shipped at no expense to the member)
Entries into our Wildfire Cruise Contest, where one winner and a friend will get return flights, accommodation and tickets on the Marketers Cruise in Jan 2021
Entries into our WEEKLY draw, where the winner will have up to $100 US food delivered to their door via Uber Eats or local equivalent
3 pieces of software, delivered as part of the course as required to avoid information overload, all tools are premium quality, include done for you resources and form part of the overall training so they use what they’ve been given
A certificate of completion (physically shipped to their location at no cost to them)
A Hammock Suite branded hammock (shipped to their location at no cost to them)

Hammock Suite FE=>>Hammock Suite FE
OTO1 Survivor System=>>Hammock Suite OTO1
OTO2 Suite Whitelabel=>>Hammock Suite OTO2
OTO3 Reseller=>>Hammock Suite OTO3


Video review For Front End Only


Hammock Suite OTO


step so click on here and you will see

only a structure here so you round out this

structure now this one here in light of the fact that this is a

stage three we’re really transporting out

your first blessing

presently every one of the blessings are incorporated we are

giving you blessings practically every progression

the endowments incorporate some you know only a

entire bundle of shocks that we send

out to you at no additional expense so we have

downloadables we have a last prize

where you get a physical declaration of

finishing and we give you our your very

possess lounger sweet lounger

also, that way you would you be able to know your entirety

framework will be set up when you

finish these 20 stages so you’ll be capable

to simply chill in your lounger and have a

smidgen of fun with it so um better believe it

this is basically what we’re doing as such

that is what’s incorporated with the front

end offer so when you purchase lounger suite

you’ll have the option to gain admittance to the

entire framework so you’ll have the option to you

know begin do these pieces like

a little bit at a time bit by bit and the

lovely thing about this is you know a

parcel of projects it’s or programming that

you purchase even you may purchase and it’s sort

of like an uncertain thing like you

realize you have to figure out how to utilize it

can be a piece you know baffling and

working your way around things however

you’re not bewildering your way through it

yet, in the event that there’s no genuine end that way

it can go on perpetually and this here you

will do it after 20 stages you will have

everything in your grasp so you have a

entire pack of prizes you’ll have a

entire pack of assets that you can

at that point proceed to utilize we have three programming

apparatuses that we give you as a component of the

suite and we tell you precisely the best way to utilize

them extremely bit by bit like you can

see here and afterward after you watch it we

simply get you to make the move that you

need and that that is practically it so

with the front end you’ll get all of

those apparatuses we even have a couple of challenges

that you can that you can do so we enter

you in the drawers to win a wide range of

things so it’s exceptionally intelligent it’s

exceptionally captivating and you get the entirety of this on

the front end

presently for the OTO s right the upsells

since there’s continually going to be an

upsell right no doubt for the upsell I’ll

simply fly back here for the time being um we are

accomplishing something sort of crazy that

I haven’t done before for the first

time offer that you’ll see after you

buy lounger suite in light of the fact that the

framework utilizes three diverse programming

apparatuses so you’ll get three like truly

extremely ground-breaking SAS stages that

you’ll have the option to use over in

over again so one of them is my

primary items called secret

commissions that one there we show you

we don’t give you we give you

totally accomplished for you lead catch

frameworks and there’s another there a

YouTube programming apparatus that we really

haven’t discharged to the general population however

secret commissions traffic ivy and

whitey motor these three instruments that

you will gain admittance to as a component of

lounger suite we are for secretive

Commission’s and traffic Ivy we don’t

all things considered give a one-time offer cost for

that and the main way you can be a

part is with either paying a $27 a

month expense or 197 dollar a year right

since these are things that we

as a matter of fact need to keep up like we

as a matter of fact send our stuff yet once you see

the framework you’ll work it out why it

truly is so important so for oto one we

will be offering for a one-time

cost at 297 for access to every one of the three

stages are completely updated so it’s a

bit of a crazy arrangement I don’t know how

long we’re going to keep that one there

also, that is not simply deals talk I think

we likely have offered a lot there

however, we’ll simply perceive how that goes and

at that point so I strongly prescribe to update

everything when you’re redesign you have

the best of everything and in the event that you choose

that you like one of these stages

later you can’t get tied up with it as a one

once value you need to pay a hundred

also, ninety seven dollars a year that is

never been debatable we don’t offer

that anyplace so oto one extremely great


OTO two we are offering and what we’ve

called lounger sweet white mark and

what it does is it lets you trade a few

of the information from the examination information

we’re utilizing our traffic instrument and it lets

you brand it so regularly you can’t even

trade it so we’re enabling you to

send out it so you can catch stacks of

information get piles more traffic and we’ll

tell you the best way to do all of

that so don’t worry about it you’ll be

ready to snatch the entirety of that and we’re moreover

assembling a monstrous asset

group with the goal that you can truly make the

a large portion of lounger suite it sort of gives

you a smidgen of an edge with additional

assets more instruments to have the option to

as a matter of fact you know get these things up

running quicker and having better outcomes

so unquestionably look at that one now we

do have one increasingly offer and I’m going to

leave that as an astonishment since it is a

bit of an insane offer and I don’t have the foggiest idea whether

I’m going to keep it open so on the off chance that you

happen to see OTO three and it’s there

if it’s not too much trouble look at it since I’m better believe it I

don’t have the foggiest idea whether I’m going to have it there if

you don’t see it that just implies that

we’ve brought it down so in the event that you see it

there look at it

also, good karma so you could

profit with this I am and not

simply make cash you will get a

entire bundle of remunerations like truly

significant stuff that you’ll really be

ready to utilize not simply you know in your

everyday life except with your on the web

promoting with all that you’re going

to approach these instruments that will

assemble your business again and again or

never your preferences so um on the off chance that you’ve simply

gotten this from Mike I exceptionally

prescribe you bounce on it at the present time and

we’re having a brisk riser offer and

that is going to remain open for a couple

hours so in the event that you’ve seen it the early

fowls still open get it

that will be at the least cost

what’s more, you’ll be you know getting an entirety

bundle of stuff conveyed to your email

inbox extremely useful assets that you use

you know given to you when you need them

so we’re not having mass overpower

junk occurring here it is my genuine

energy here to have you not simply purchase a

item on a page right I need this to

profit and I will do everything

in my influence to have this profit

thus go get it while you can and I

outrageously anticipate seeing you

in the Facebook gathering and seeing your

accomplishment with this program so proceed

look at it

what’s more, much thanks again Mike for

letting me simply share this energizing

venture with you and with your people

have an incredible day folks

hello I trust you appreciated the private demo

today with Cindy in the event that you are intrigued

in getting lounger suite and its

most minimal value you’re going to need to come

back tomorrow at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on

Thursday December 12 you’re going to be

ready to get it alters most reduced early

winged animal only sort of cost alongside my

exceptional rewards thank you such a great amount for

viewing and I’ll see all of you tomorrow

vidIQIt’s free! Begin.


Hammock Suite OTO