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Headway OTO – There is One Front End And Four OTOs Options . Headway OTO  1 Is The DFY solution , OTO2 Is The Headway Advanced , OTO3 is The Headway Endless Traffic , OTO4 Is The Headway Licence Rights . All Headway Upsell And Upgrade Bellow


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Headway OTO


What Is Headway ?

its  training course that offers insane value for anyone struggling to make regular, consistent money online.

The training is created  by Trevor Carr and Jonas Lindgren, with 3 modules.

Module Number 1 tackles the issue of a zero or low score on W+. This is often the first stumbling block as the affiliate can’t get approved because they have no sales…and therefore can’t make any sales.

So they give you two funnels with guaranteed approval to kick start your scores.

Funnel 1 is a $0.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each

Funnel 2 is $1.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each

ANd They also give you a review video, full bonus bundle, review page and bonus access for Funnel 1, so you are virtually guaranteed to get sales!

Full training is provided For You

– Module Two they move on to making headway as an affiliate, including case studies on “dead subscribers” who haven’t opened any emails for a year but pulls in $109.05, and a tiny bot list that pulls in $201.04

They also cover Google Ads training, demonstrating some pretty impressive results from a small spend.>

Finally in Module Three, they train you from start to finish on how to become a vendor on W+ and once again they give you the tools you need…a product, complete with OTO’s, editable sales pages and download pages.


Video Review For Front End Only


Headway OTO

give away two products from them for
free and then once you’ve give away
those products that will be a one dollar
upsell so that one dollar upsell is also
a no-brainer for people when they go to
that free product they can buy for one
dollar they can get that upsell which is
super duper cheap for a product that
they’re getting so a lot of people will
buy that and then once they’ve bought
that they get another upsell of one
dollar now what that does is it’s going
to give you a lot of sales within
Warrior Plus so you build your trust
with a warrior Plus which means if
you’re going to apply for a vendor that
you want to promote for them they look
at your name they see that you made
sales they see that your trust as being
gained and you will be approved to
promote the product now not only that
they’re also going to explain what kind
of message you need to type to the
vendor which is very important there’s
some kind of things that you need to say
specifically to the vendor if you want
to get approved so they really see that
that number that I just showed you with
in warrior plus will not go down now
that’s the first part of this training
the second part of this training is
going to show you how to do to go live
how to do the approval etc in here but
it’s also going to give you some nice
case studies so Trevor is going to show
you how you can have a deadliest he
showed in this training how he had a
list that did not open his emails for
one year and he’s going to show you how
you can make sales from people that do
not ill open your emails for one year
you showed life examples how to do this
also a very smart way how to do this and
you will definitely like this when you
go through this training also he’s going
to show you a bot list case study that
he’s going to show you how you can work
with bots chat BOTS and how you can make
sales with chat BOTS also case study of
those BOTS
and then in video 7
he’s going to show you or video aid
sorry he’s going to show you GATS now
is Google ads where he’s going to show
you how you can use Google ads once you
get approved how you can use Google ads
to make a bunch of sales simply by
paying ad costs and then make more
revenue than your ad costs he had an
example if I remember correct he spent
$50 and he made about five six hundred
dollars simply by placing one simple ads
for one specific product and he showed
that for multiple products how you can
set up ads also so you can promote
products now also this is where this is
done by by Jonas these other two how you
can do this with guerrilla which is an
page builder where you can create bonus
pages with and it’s going to show you
exactly that also now the module 3 is
about making your own product setting up
your own products within warrior Plus so
you also want to buy you want to create
a buyer’s list where people buy from you
because once a buyer they will always
stay a buyer and they keep buying so you
want to have your own products that
you’re going to sell through warrior
Plus and he’s going to show you exactly
how to set this up in warrior Plus and
how to do this now I have to say he
shows you how to set up these products
but there’s missing some information on
how to create your own products and
that’s also why I’ve added one of my own
bonuses where I’m going to show you how
you can create your own products I’ve
launched my own products in there in the
past also and I’m gonna show you how
I’ve did how I’ve done that and that is
one of my bonuses that I’m going to give
away as a thank you for buying through
my link now this is one of my bonuses
I’m going to offer you more bonuses but
this is basically what I just told you
is basically what this training is all
about it’s going to get to headstart you
into affiliate market get finally
approved because you’re making sales and
once you make sales you will start
making more sales by doing it the
freeway is also explaining how you can
affiliate marketing the free way how to
do this with Google Ads etc and this is
definitely a training that I can
recommend I really enjoyed going through
this training I learned a few things
myself also you don’t even need to have
a website to do this even not with
Google Ads you don’t need to have a
website to promote the products it’s
it’s a genius way I’ve seen it before
but now he’s showing you Trevor is
showing you how you can do that with a
live example also it’s genius and I
really enjoyed this training now if you
want to grab this training there’s a
link below this video that will redirect
you to my bonuses I’ve also added some
custom bonuses to this product that you
definitely will like one of them is how
to create your own products like I just
showed you and that works perfectly with
module 3 so you definitely will like to
have those both both the module like
you’re seeing here and both my training
I also gonna add some extra bonuses also
to that to the link below so make sure
you check out that link below this video
and that’s basically what my review is
all about hat way I’m gonna I’m not
going to show you the sales page etc
that would not make sense I think you’ve
heard what you needed to her when going
through this review so make sure you
check out the link below this video
subscribe to my youtube channel if you
haven’t yet then you want to stay
updated with my latest reviews and thank
you for watching and talk to you soon
bye bye

Headway OTO