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Headway OTO


What Is Headway ?

its  training course that offers insane value for anyone struggling to make regular, consistent money online.

The training is created  by Trevor Carr and Jonas Lindgren, with 3 modules.

Module Number 1 tackles the issue of a zero or low score on W+. This is often the first stumbling block as the affiliate can’t get approved because they have no sales…and therefore can’t make any sales.

So they give you two funnels with guaranteed approval to kick start your scores.

Funnel 1 is a $0.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each

Funnel 2 is $1.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each

ANd They also give you a review video, full bonus bundle, review page and bonus access for Funnel 1, so you are virtually guaranteed to get sales!

Full training is provided For You

– Module Two they move on to making headway as an affiliate, including case studies on “dead subscribers” who haven’t opened any emails for a year but pulls in $109.05, and a tiny bot list that pulls in $201.04

They also cover Google Ads training, demonstrating some pretty impressive results from a small spend.>

Finally in Module Three, they train you from start to finish on how to become a vendor on W+ and once again they give you the tools you need…a product, complete with OTO’s, editable sales pages and download pages.


Video Review For Front End Only


Headway OTO

part with two items from them for

free and afterward once you’ve part with

those items that will be a one dollar

upsell with the goal that one dollar upsell is moreover

an easy decision for individuals when they go to

that free item they can purchase for one

dollar they can get that upsell which is

super modest for an item that

they’re getting so many individuals will

purchase that and afterward once they’ve purchased

that they get another upsell of one

dollar now what that does is it’s going

to give you a ton of offers inside

Warrior Plus so you fabricate your trust

with a warrior Plus which implies if

you will apply for a merchant that

you need to advance for them they look

at your name they see that you made

deals they consider that to be trust as being

picked up and you will be endorsed to

advance the item now not just that

they’re additionally going to clarify what kind

of message you have to type to the

seller which is significant there’s

some sort of things that you have to state

explicitly to the seller in the event that you need

to get affirmed so they truly observe that

that number that I just demonstrated you with

in warrior in addition to won’t go down at this point

that is the initial segment of this preparation

the second piece of this preparation is

demonstrating how to do to go live

instructions to do the endorsement and so forth in here however

it’s additionally going to give you some decent

contextual investigations so Trevor is going to appear

you how you can have a deadliest he

appeared in this preparation how he had a

list that didn’t open his messages for

one year and he’s demonstrating how

you can cause deals from individuals that to do

not sick open your messages for one year

you told life models the best way to do this

likewise an exceptionally keen path how to do this and

you will like this when you

experience this preparation additionally he’s going

to show you a bot list contextual analysis that

he’s demonstrating how you can function

with bots talk BOTS and how you can make

deals with talk BOTS likewise contextual analysis of

those BOTS

and afterward in video 7

he’s going to show you or video help

sorry he’s going to give you GATS now


is Google promotions where he’s going to appear

you how you can utilize Google advertisements once you

get affirmed how you can utilize Google advertisements

to make a lot of offers essentially by

paying advertisement expenses and afterward make more

income than your advertisement costs he had an

model in the event that I recall right he spent

$50 and he made around five 600

dollars just by setting one straightforward promotions

for one explicit item and he appeared

that for different items how you can

set up advertisements likewise so you can advance

items now additionally this is the place this is

done by Jonas these other two how you

can do this with guerrilla which is an

page developer where you can make reward

pages with and it will show you

precisely that likewise now the module 3 is

about making your very own item setting up

your own items inside warrior Plus so

you likewise need to get you need to make

a purchaser’s rundown where individuals purchase from you

since once a purchaser they will consistently

remain a purchaser and they continue purchasing so you

need to have your very own items that

you’re going to sell through warrior

Also and he’s going to show you precisely

the most effective method to set this up in warrior Plus and

the most effective method to do this now I need to state he

tells you the best way to set up these items

in any case, there’s feeling the loss of some data on

the most effective method to make your very own items and

that is additionally why I’ve included one of my own

rewards where I’m demonstrating how

you can make your very own items I’ve

propelled my very own items in there in the

past likewise and I’m going to give you how

I’ve did how I’ve done that and that is

one of my rewards that I’m going to give

away as a thank you for purchasing through

my connection now this is one of my rewards

I’m going to offer you more rewards however

this is essentially what I just let you know

is essentially what this preparation is all

about it will get to headstart you

into member showcase get at long last

affirmed since you’re making deals and

when you make deals you will begin

making more deals by doing it the

interstate is likewise clarifying how you can


member promoting the free route how to

do this with Google Ads and so forth and this is

unquestionably a preparation that I can

prescribe I truly appreciated experiencing

this preparation I took in a couple of things

myself likewise you don’t have to have

a site to do this even not with

Google Ads you don’t have to have a

site to advance the items it’s

it’s a virtuoso way I’ve seen it previously

be that as it may, presently he’s demonstrating you Trevor is

giving you how you can do that with a

live model likewise it’s virtuoso and I

truly appreciated this preparation now on the off chance that you

need to get this preparation there’s a

connect underneath this video that will divert

you to my rewards I’ve likewise included a few

custom rewards to this item that you

unquestionably will like one of them is the secret

to make your very own items like I just

demonstrated you and that works splendidly with

module 3 so you unquestionably will get a kick out of the chance to

have those both the module like

you’re seeing here and both my preparation

I additionally going to include some extra rewards moreover

to that to the connection beneath so ensure

you look at that connection underneath this video

furthermore, that is fundamentally what my survey is

about cap way I’m going to I’m most certainly not

going to show you the business page and so on

that would not bode well I think you’ve

heard what you expected to her when going

through this survey so ensure you

look at the connection underneath this video

buy in to my youtube channel in the event that you

haven’t yet then you need to remain

refreshed with my most recent surveys and thank

you for watching and converse with you soon




Headway OTO