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High Ticket Jacker OTO  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th .1(PRO Version), High Ticket Jacker OTO 2( ‘Done For You’ ), High Ticket Jacker OTO3( $5K Affiliate Shortcut ), OTO 4(Reseller/License Rights ).All Links Bellow

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!


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High Ticket Jacker OTO Details

High Ticket Jacker OTO

OTO1 :High Ticket Jacker PRO Version

Upgrade To High Ticket Jacker PRO Version To Get More FREE Traffic, 3X Your Profits, $Work Less, And Make Money While You Sleep.

OTO2 :High Ticket Jacker ‘Done For You’

With this upgrade you can skip past the ‘trial and error’ and make a lot more money, much quicker by plugging-in to our PROVEN ‘DFY’ Hight Ticket Jacker campaigns that have been battle-tested.

OTO3 :’$5K Affiliate Shortcut 

A full & complete video training course loaded with done-for-you resources and material with one goal…to show you the biggest SHORTCUT for getting to earning no less than $5K per month FAST!

OTO4 :Reseller/License Rights

In this Upsell you well get the license rights to sell High Ticket Jacker as their own product and keep 100% of the commissions while we handle support & delivery.

High Ticket Jacker OTO

What is High Ticket Jacker ?

its a complete A-Z free traffic system that is proven to work in 2020. This is a simple traffic method and profit system that is open to anyone with a desire to make money online with affiliate marketing. Unlike many methods, its does not involve paid traffic or any product launching. Also, it does not rely on outdated methods that are not currently working.




Video review for front ENd only

Text from this video

[Music] hello welcome to my high ticket jacker review my name is dawn Zola from online mastery and in this review you are going to find out a little used method that allows you to collect high ticket commissions from products that are launching take advantage of the launch and if they’re good products evergreen products that people look for on ongoing basis you can can collect passive income I’m stumbling a little bit passive income from them as well or virtually passive income and this method is fairly simple and it will all be revealed inside of this video so let’s get started

so we’re inside the members area high ticket jacker and in this review what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about the bonuses first then I’m going to take you into the into the members area show you all the modules and the step-by-step process that’s used and then we’re going to look at OTO s and the upsells and then we’re gonna wrap this whole thing up so let’s go over to have a look at the bonus actually we’ll look at this sales page first and see what it has to say so discover a newbie friendly method that’s true too hijacked high ticket offers and Bank easy for figure paydays over and over I don’t know it’s quite a bit easier than then a lot of other methods and if you find the right products and definitely they’re going to show how to do that and plus my bonuses will fill in the so this is a new method

never seen for that’s not really true but it isn’t used that much so and he makes it very simple no product creation required that’s true you’re using somebody else’s webinars to drive traffic so that’s good and you don’t need an existing email all of that we definitely will help and we’ll show you how to get 100% free traffic that’s true too but if you want to use paid traffic that’s going to help and you can scale it up to six figures fat on about fast but anyway you can get her done so anyway the way to purchase this product is to if you’re interested in purchasing it is to come over to my bonus page and you’ll see these yellow yellowy buttons here just click on any of those and that’s going to take you to the sales page where you click on the sales page and that’s going to take you over to warrior plus and when you find I ticket jacker scroll down past the green button here to access your affiliate bonuses click on that and you’ll be sent the bonuses immediately so let’s go have a look at the bonuses Oh so before I talk about the bonuses this product is going live on the 21st of May and I believe 9:00 a.m.


And my bonuses are only good for two days count them two days and when this thing runs down to zero BAM my my my bonuses disappear I don’t want that to happen to you because these things my bonuses really help this system works on its own and works works well but this will help accelerate the process and fill in any gaps that are missing so let’s go have a look at the and bonus number one you are going to get exclusive access to I’m working with a mentor it’s Joan of Armstrong and he’s gonna allow you to get access to his nine hundred dollar super funnel so this high ticket jacker works perfect with this and then bonus number two you’re gonna get access to cartel and cartel is somewhat similar to high ticket jacker but it’s got a really neat piece of software that will help you to find it will help you to find YouTube videos that you can use to drive traffic to these pages and so and then you can run ads to them but it’s going to help you with finding not just the biggest ones where there’s lots of

competition have lots of views but it’ll help you to find medium sized ones that a lot of people aren’t driving ads to and so you can get competitive ads so cartel really really going to be helpful here bonus number three you’re gonna get access to license rights to insurgency and bonus number four is you get insurgency and what a surgeon see is is showing you how to use Facebook Ads it’s a whole training on Facebook ads so if you take insurgency learn this method and it works then you can use that as a case study saying that I used Facebook ads on on these small Google pages and drove traffic to them and they’re bringing in high ticket commissions so you’re gonna get licensed rights to that and then you’re gonna get bonus number four you’re going to get access – insurgency and bonus number five you’re gonna get access to all the vendors bonuses so I’m gonna show you what those are in a minute and we’ll go over there and just have a quick look at them so you’re going to get bonus number one from the vendor you’re gonna get p1 profits it’s over the shoulder case study training they’re able to generate like nineteen hundred and fifty two dollars and forty eight hours now the one thing I really like about high ticket jaakor is it’s put on by two very prominent affiliate marketers and Anthony Mancuso and

High Ticket Jacker OTO