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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

HostZPresso OTO Hey everyone, welcome to host, represent getting started video, and in this video, I’m going to show you how to point out your domain and how to install WordPress from your control panel, and you can see that this is my host zip razor control Panel and I have added my domain winners.

club, and after adding your domain, you will receive an email like this, and you just need to put this DNS server uh for your domain, and you can change them from your domain registrar. So you can see that as the DNS custom DNS, so I just purchased this domain, and I have added this domain to my HostZPresso OTO host physique account, and let’s, see how to point out my domain.

HostZPresso OTO Links AboveHostZPresso OTO

So this is my domain and let’s click manager. So you can see that as the name server of my domain So I have to click here and select the custom DNS, and now I have to put here the custom name server from the email.

So I’m just going to copy this and paste it here, and this is the second one. So I have put the custom DNS, and I just need to click here. The save button. Okay, the DNS server – is updated, so it may take some time.

So let’s. Go back to the control panel, and from here, uh, I have to create a new uh database for WordPress. So let’s, go to MySQL database management, and from here, I have to create a new database. So let’s say, will be let’s, keep uh same as database name the username and let’s generate a password, let’s copy the password and let’s.

Click here to create a database. Okay, let’s copy this. It’s here, so HostZPresso OTO now the database is created and let’s. Go to the file manager sections, so from here, uh. You have to go to the public HTML folder, and you have to upload the WordPress script here.

So the WordPress uh script. You will find it on, and you have to download the script. So let’s, download the latest WordPress script, and you can see that the script is downloading, so the script download is complete and let’s, go back to the file manager, and you can see the file manager here.

So I have to upload the script here, so I’m going to click here and let’s. Click upload files and click here to go to the download there’s, the WordPress script and I’m. Just uploading the script here, so you skipped uploading is complete, and now I have to extract the script.

So you can see that I have extracted the script, and this kit is in the workpiece folder. So here’s the WordPress folder. So I just need to go to the, slash WordPress folder, and I’ll see the installation page here.

So I have selected the language, English and let’s. Click, ok, and let’s go with the process. So I have to put here my database name, username password, and database host and table prefix. So let’s put it here.

HostZPresso OTOs Upsell

My database name username password. So I put all of my information to install and let’s. Click here submit button and let’s. Click the run installation button. So now I have to put here my site title username, and this is my password.

So let’s. Put here my site title, so now I have to save my HostZPresso OTO password and username. So let’s. Click the Install WordPress button. So now I can log in to my WordPress account: let’s! Click here login – and this is my login url – so I’m – also saving this, so you can see that now I can log in to my WordPress account.

Let’s, put my username and let’s. Put my password all right, so this is my WordPress site, and uh. This is my uh WordPress account uh admin site. So this is how you can install WordPress on your host, zip, reso account, and from your control panel.

You can manage everything, so thanks for watching this video and bye

HostZPresso OTO