How To Create A Website On Google Sites (One Page Site Tutorial)

hi this is simon leung from simon
leung dot com ( and today we’ll continue our how to make money with google sites
series with part 4 where by popular demand i will actually show you a live demo of
Google Sites by building my patented 1 page site right in front of your eyes
you’re welcome as you have probably already seen from my previous videos on
this Google sites series you can find them in the cards above or description
and comments below not only are my Google sites simple and
easy to create but they can also be done very quickly sometimes within 5 or 10
minutes once you get the hang of it and start to know what you’re actually doing
best of all Google Sites is a Google product obviously which means top level
search engine rankings have extremely high potential just like what I’ve shown
you with real examples in a previous video lots of cool things to learn so
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the future hey fist bump for doing that also make
sure you watch to the end because we’re going to walk you through all the steps
that you need from beginning to end of how I would personally build out my own
Google Sites campaigns so you’re not gonna want to skip any of it this will
be helpful to you if you want to use Google Sites to make money online with
affiliate marketing e-commerce your own products or services or to promote
businesses of any kind for yourself your clients or business partners the sky is
the limit it will help you out in a big way if you put it into action so without
further ado let’s do this as mentioned you can use Google Sites to
promote whatever you want while leveraging on the search engines to get
you traffic whether it’s an affiliate product your own business or a live
event all you need is a link to promote you may have seen some examples of
Google Sites I’ve created for affiliate promotions in my previous videos
although for branding purposes and also to prove to all the naysayers that my
system actually works I often like to use Google Sites
as one of many organic ways to drive free leads to my event company website
live events and other private projects and yes they all work extremely well as
you can see even for the super competitive niche of life digital
marketing sessions it is not uncommon for us to have Full House events but
guess what we didn’t spend one red cent on any advertising whatsoever we filled
up the room with 100% organic leads for months and months just to prove not only
that our system works but how effectively it works even in ultra
competitive markets and now that we have proven that it does we may consider to
diversify our traffic sources with other free and paid methods in the near future
but I’m sure you’ll agree nothing beats free natural and organic results right
now back to our topic at hand you may have also seen how we
tend to rank pretty well on Google for some of our program brands even with
multiple languages in my Google Sites SEO video and today I want to show you
how I would build out a new one for an event that I had never even created a
Google site for to promote first let’s recap by taking a look at a couple of my
live events Google Sites this one is for internet millionaire series which again
we keep it simple by simply making it a one page site consisting of a title
headline sub-headline our video which was embedded from YouTube all of which
by the way are essential in my personal SEO strategy as well as a call to action
link that takes visitors to our company page which is my Internet’s events com
again this is where you would be putting your link that you want to direct your
visitors to in my be your own homepage an affiliate link
or whatever else that you are trying to get visitors and sales this is another
one page Google Site example and as you can see
aside from minor design changes in the template which I’ll show you more about
in just a moment almost everything else is exactly the same on this Google site
that promotes another one of my programs called ecommerce millionaire secrets
here you also see the title similar headline the exact same sub headline
another YouTube video this one promoting ecommerce millionaire secrets and also
the same color action that also drives leads back to our home page at my
internet events com again is my simple yet effective Google Sites SEO strategy
well at least some of it there’s definitely a lot more to Google Sites
SEO than this however will stick with the fundamentals in this particular
video now as some of you may know we recently launched a new course on a
topic of making money with YouTube videos called youtuber millionaire
secrets which is a new program we promote it that actually completely sold
out for both Penang and Kuala Lumpur for our first round in only about a month
and that was even without using Google Sites to promote as you can see here on
a search for youtuber millionaire secrets while there are other methods we
used to generate our free organic results there is not one single Google
site to be found and that’s because we haven’t created one yet actually not too
long ago on a search for youtuber millionaire secrets you wouldn’t have
found any of our properties at all because we never created anything to
promote it in the first place but now despite still not having used Google
Sites yet and even with hundreds of thousands of competitors we do have
other properties on the Google first page here which undoubtedly contributed
to our full house programs in multiple cities and that’s because we like to
dominate and diversify with multiple strategies which are topics for another
day so if you want to learn these other massively powerful techniques as well
subscribe to this channel like and comment below so I know that we have
interest and I’ll make it a point to create those videos for you in the near
future but going back to our task for today let’s defer back to one of the
simplest ways that we know to work we haven’t created a Google site SEO
optimized page to promote youtuber millionaire secrets just yet what better
time to do it then right now while I have you here so I can show you exactly
how to do it right so here we go first go to and sign in if
you haven’t already you can use your existing Google accounts or you can
create a new one it’s up to you once logged in you either see a blank
dashboard if you’re new and have never created any sites yet or you’ll see your
sites that you had created previously all in this one convenient page if
you’ve created a Google site before and you want to simply duplicate it because
the new site you’ll be creating will be similar well that would make things a
lot easier even though I had already created a few sites that are similar and
I could simply use the internet millionaire secrets or the e-commerce
millionaire secret size templates to copy to make things easier for the
purpose of this demonstration because I want to show you how to do it from
scratch we’re going to create it completely from the ground up if you
want to see how I would do it if I simply copy the page well maybe I’ll
show you that at a later time as well so stay tuned to create a new site I’m
going to click on this plus sign at the bottom right corner of my screen you
will notice that this is the new Google Sites as opposed to the classic one we
will be using the new Google Sites for this demonstration once inside you will
see that the template is already set for us for the simplicity of this example
we’re just going to use mostly the default designs but note that you can’t
always play around and explore the other options very easily right here on the
side of the page also to keep things simple I am going to model after the
existing content that I already have on my previous pages but of course you will
be customizing your own content to whatever is suitable for you for what
you are promote I’m gonna go ahead and copy what I have
here in the title and paste it over to my new Google site we’re going to simply
customize the text here and change it to youtuber because we’re promoting
youtuber millionaire secrets which means that for this page we are going to be
targeting this keyword keep in mind that you’re going to meet your own keyword
that is relevant and specific to what you are targeting mine happens to be
youtuber millionaire secrets for this example the headline we are also going
to put youtuber millionaire secrets as this is our brand and the name of the
product and again our main keyword the sub headline I’m gonna copy what we have
here paste it into our new Google Sites and maybe I’ll change up the text here
just a little bit on YouTube even without creating videos ok that’s good
enough for now next as we can see from this page we have a video so in order to
insert a video we go here on the site to find that option you can see there’s
actually a lot more things that you can do here such as adding images or a
Google Form if you want to build an email list
which we can also talk about at a later time if you want just let me know down
in the comments if you’re interested for this we’re going to use a video so I’m
gonna click on YouTube it’s going to ask you to find a video or use your own or
if you know the URL of the video that you want to use you can also paste that
in here for me I want to use the video I’ve already created about youtuber
millionaire secrets so I’m going to search for that and here we go
this is the one that I want as you can see the video has now been inserted into
our page I’m going to drag the video to resize it so that it fills up the page
and there we go that’s it finally we will place the final call to action here
on the end copy what we have from the other sites paste it in and we are done
now when you type in your own text here of course there won’t be a link to add
the link just highlight the text click on this hyperlink icon here and
or paste in the URL of the page that you want to direct your users to again can
be your affiliate link or your home page or another product or service that you
might be promoting for me I will be taking my visitors to my internet events
com for all intents and purposes the Google site is done yes that’s it now
I’ll probably do some small customization here
for example let’s see we can change up the color here a little bit if we want
let’s go ahead and make it a reddish color
because that makes it feel more like YouTube and there we go we are done now
all I need to do is publish the page and that’s it click up here on where it says
publish we’re going to name this URL with our keyword yet in other parts of
our Google Sites SEO process keep in mind that there is a character limit
here so it can’t be that long and it also needs to be available and not in
use by another Google Sites user which unfortunately are some of the
limitations of using Google Sites but it’s free and simple and very effective
so that’s just a small tiny sacrifice that we need to make to make sure that
it is effective this is important keep this box here unchecked because if you
check it it will block your site from being searchable in the search engines
once confirmed that our URL is available and allowed to be used Google will
confirm that your Google Sites is published and you’ll be able to see it
live by clicking on view site here it is our brand new Google Sites in all its
glory yes it did take a bit of time to create here because of all the
explanations along the way but even with all of that having created this whole
one page site in about 10 to 15 minutes is also not bad right and once you get
the hang of it you can probably knock out one of these sites within just a few
minutes and if you even only had one extra hour a day to work on your
business you can still have 5 to 10 new Google Sites working passively for you
for the rest of your life all simply because you decided to sacrifice a few
minutes of your time to only do it once now we spend probably a
bit too long on this video already so in the interest of time I’m gonna give you
something to look forward to in my next video
that I’m gonna share on the topic of Google Sites I’m gonna show you how I
would simply copy an existing Google Sites one that you want to use to either
clone or model after if you happen to be promoting the same thing or something
similar and this will make your Google site creation process even faster maybe
even to the points of being able to crank out these Google Sites in one
minute or less so if you want to see that as well as more videos on
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any questions thanks for watching and I’ll catch you on the next one


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