How to Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress


Are you seeing a vacation spot folderalready exists error on your WordPress internet site? Well keep looking at in this videoI’ll walk you through how you can dispose of that error so that you can set up the themeor plugin that you are engaged on. There are two typical explanations why this occurs.One is you may have attempt to do away with the plugin or the theme before but it did not removeproperly and so you still have that folder there.Conversely probably you attempt to set up the theme or plugin and some thing happened andit interrupted for the period of the set up and so now you might have an empty folder. Thefirst factor you can do is assess the themes or plugins area and if youalready have it mounted you then don’t want it.If this is not right here but you’re still getting that error then let’s transfer on tothe next step.Your next step includes using an FTPclient to login to your internet site’s again-end as a way to assess on thefolder structure from there. You should use any FTP purchaser you desire, for this videoI’ll be utilizing FileZilla. From FileZilla you wish to have to move to your WP content material folder,go into the theme or plugin folder that you are working on, and take a appear at thefolders here. In case you see the plugin folder showing however the plugin isactually not to your website then we just ought to go in and delete that. With the intention to dothat simply go in and correct-click on, click delete after which that should delete thefolder so that you could go in and upload the plugin that you simply want. Now that it’sdeleted we will head again over to our WordPress dashboard, we will go to ourplugins area, click add new, upload plugin, and now you wish to have to find thefile that you have been seeking to upload before.This is the one I used to be making an attempt toinstall so we will click on set up now and now we don’t get that error now we canactivate the plugin or the theme in the event you have been doing a theme and that’s how youfix destination folder already exists error in WordPress.Did you be taught some thing from modern video? If so subscribe to our YouTubechannel and we are going to send more valuable pointers to helpyou manage your WordPress website and thanks for staring at..


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