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You what’s just right With You Guys? Love the I simply love making These movies for YouTube in helping These Guys out that uh chiefly the ones That get on my e-mail list and uh rather relatively serving to You Guys to figure out the best way to drive This site visitors using fb and YouTube currently what you are Seeing on my monitor Is i’m working on my neighborhood marketing with uh with YouTube and in actual fact if you seem, on the Left aspect of the reveal i am gonna Have a bit of rapid quickly you can See i have another Cities and locations Like i’ve favored us tesla nearly i suppose Tesla Oklahoma Tusla and there’s a web site i am going to to clearly get the The decimal Coordination so that manner you can just Plug it proper Into YouTube For That distinctive subject you wish to have that that uh the Video to Be searchable and only shows in That discipline Excuse Me With only key words which are being Searched which might be extra Localized ok what i am what I mean by that through localized key phrases is like? Matters Like Like for example i am doing jobs in Atlanta Ga Jobs in Atlanta Tufts Jobs in Tusla Oklahoma watching for Work and Wichita Kansas Searchable keyword phrases that will Relate To The specific uh murder Geographic Yeah Geographic to the genuine Geographic area I didn’t want to get a combined Geographic combined Up With With A Demographic considering that I was once I was once doing that one Time and that i had A pal of Mine Had Jokes however anyhow, um i’m Gonna go ahead and do a few movies and cut This Video quick to search out extra understanding on tips on how to pressure the traffic back To your to your uh your own landing page through your all in your autoresponder on account that you ought to be building an e mail record if you are not building an e mail list now You have got to be building your electronic mail list now okay so go forward and get on the e-mail record The hyperlink can be in the Description ok Let, me go ahead and do a number of movies and show you form Of just like the Workflow, what’s going on k all correct so i am about to finish Up um Jobs in Atlanta Georgia Stuff Like that you need to go by means of the entire Cities you could there’s simply just Whip just appear it Up put Us Cities in Google you will have to go the exceptional supply I found used to be Wikipedia Cuz it gives You, the g the decimal area as well and It just helps Take the headache i have not actually hunted Down on YouTube and i’m Gonna exhibit you what i mean through that okay I already optimized the Title on this and this is this is a YouTube Channel that’s now not my.Foremost YouTube Channel that This distinctive Video Is on ok all right so um I have already got A template ready and whilst you get on the email list and all i’m Gonna Have These templates capable for you Guys as good So be certain to appear out for that e mail whilst you get on the e-mail record, k? Genuinely I crafted up These templates and this can be a Trick i know That Helps replace out words in These templates that means you’re not Typing all of these things out okay? It simply Makes its method to like boom growth increase growth bing bing recreation the Workflow Is it can be very constant you already know and you don’t need to you, don’t feel like your lifestyles that you just like you’re Draining all this mental vigour to get it done k, Now it does Take Time to do but if you are constructing a industry you bought to treat it like a business okaySo let’s get correct To it Already optimize the Title Already got the tags and i’m Gonna do an additional Video for the reason that i want this Video to be tremendous short for YouTube okay um on the grounds that i would like you Guys to realize if you’re watching to Make an earnings online earn money online you’ve bought, to be a Practitioner of The strategies and systems You are not able to simply be trained gain knowledge of study you could have received to apply or 4 Minutes and i am gonna just do One Video will we finish off This One? So i already keep that I already bought that in i am my advanced settings and In advanced settings, We want to set it to? Information and Politics ok and A video region see We obtained Atlanta Georgia ga so i already made the record On my notepad so i am watching for Atlanta Georgia simply supply Me one 2nd Any of somewhere overpassed in it someplace all proper Now I do have it written right here We go it is right right here in entrance my face Atlanta Georgia ok Sound place Video location proper here So i already acquired the decimal aspects of the once-by way of Latitude it can be truely two distinct like Numbers and while you paste it in and hit search you can See it goes straight to the area for those who Zoom out it will Relate to Atlanta seats proper There by Atlanta in Georgia k, Resume out Atlanta in Georgia so it went to Georgia so We knew that’s A rap and i commonly I? Choose English since i’m an English Speaker after which on right here i do not contact the alot of you Down everything else I just don’t mess with and then I hit Recording Date as in these days? Go ahead shop changes okay, Now here’s where i get more advanced i am Gonna Share This advanced stuff with you Now i’m showing you outright what the evolved is the developed things i am about to do with the in screen Annotations and The cards and The Subtitles ok if you’re talking in your Video it picks up for essentially the most part Auto Generates The Subtitles You just wish to get it in There despite the fact that The Subtitles are improper You just want to get Them in There considering the fact that that’s A plus in your rating potential ok Zoom pronouncing and i don’t want to drag in Too lengthy so let’s have a look at We obtained the area set so we’re just right to go that’s excellent to move save the Video Now, We wish to go to in display and Notations ok? And in in monitor Annotations what I cherish to do i wish to i prefer to Strategically Render my movies Down that means on the very final Twenty Seconds It goes to the Button graphic of Animation That I had received from the zen Titan instrument Which Is a strong tool i’ll recommend that device to you Guys Get on The newsletter I help you guys out and i have it to the place it can be 20 Seconds Left and it’s got like a bit Button and i’ve it all white to Make it like a white on white appearance okay So it can be Already mechanically at the end that’s the final 20 Seconds of the Video and what i’ll do is i’m going to add element, k? And i will go to links i’ll prefer the website that i’ve directing the half directing again to my touchdown web page the place you are going to put your identify and electronic mail in and i’m going forward and hit next Camtasia shall be a affliction With That commonly and i have Already wrote it in so i am gonna put Youtube it like while you use Chrome it saves Them what you wrote within the discipline? And i would like them to signal Up in the neighborhood Areas k due to the fact that These individuals are looking for Work all proper so they are very they may be very distinct they usually’re Gonna Have they are Gonna Have a Fraction I want to recognize what the deal Is k so they’re no longer like? Having A scramble in company the usa or something you realize very well so i click the excellent, graphic Says click on here Create element And what’s this Gonna do? It’s gonna Make it clickable on A cellular device and they’re going to Go straight to the landing web page to put Their identify and electronic mail in Like I put it in A center with the photograph on the grounds that The Video Is rendered With This Button in intellect to Overlay with the white on white So it is gonna all the bar appear, you See correct There it’s just that’s just for seem So like show you the place to role an Autograph when it’s simply Displaced it can be white it is like white with just a little gray Button like White on white or white is grey something and then you definately have to add a further element i love to add Playlist elements to direct Playlists of the learning that’s that’s released on YouTube for the entire make money on-line keywords So i am Gonna go forward and do Video playlist shoes and i am gonna decide upon external of this Channel ok since the primary, Channel Christopher Christopher Ramirez that’s the Channel i am using To submit even This Video on okay Paste it create aspect ok, I ought to create the detail you want to be certain that? The detail that you simply just created is not just playing at the same time as the clicking however given that you need them to click via to the internet site so you in finding the Corresponding um The Corresponding of Annotation Or the Pauses movies relocating Corresponding Imitation Which on this Case Says become profitable online With YouTube and alright so that implies it is this one correct here Says Making together with you to me facebook that’s the playlist it is acquired Six videos so i’m Gonna drag that to where it is until it stops moving And that is a executed deal i’m going to put it aside okay Now with the intention to be occasions where in case you move the Button like, over right here like on the bottom or down low it should inform you that you can’t put it aside when you consider that it’s no longer in range or some thing for those who attempt to even do that See how it looks red You can’t do you can’t have the Button overlay with the actual other factors it simply won’t Work that way? Ok, so will it reserve it saved Now i love to move to cards considering it provides more seo worth to the video when it’s released, good enough These movies correct now currently the personal okay and This Video Is most effective a Minute the video that i am promoting that I made duplicates With different editions of Time they’re they may be about a minute in 30 Seconds sincerely the usual reduce Video is about forty Seconds lengthy the whole thing Else was variants of Time within the Centerpiece before the last 20 Seconds within the Zen Titan software okay and That Tight debt Is in Titan software Badass high-quality I thoroughly recommend it decide on up your reproduction of that right away Asap ok alright once you provide once I exhibit you what’s up, k? O.K. And then what i am Gonna do is I add the cardboard and i like to do yet another do one more link ok, so i am Gonna go ahead and do the same related website and proper right here i’m Gonna Say Free Free coaching i’ll just put free coaching coaching Free training sincerely what i am gonna do Is i am Gonna Make it more for click-by way of expense here We go, Make Thirty some Thirty 5 Hours a day? Or an Hour reproduction and i am Gonna just Paste That in a couple of times considering that it has click potential you need them to get via go for the press-by means of fee ok, click on Create Card Now that the playing cards Created up to now we’re in Our 11 Minutes and i am honestly going to cut the Video i’ll do extra movies like this where you leap Into The Video um and that method When, I should not have A tremendous lengthy Span of Time, okay so the cards Created we will go to information and settings make certain the whole lot’s looking excellent on my guidelines, oh? We have got to do Subtitles k, We do that proper fast it Auto generate Some subtitles but I need to show you i exploit a plug-in referred to as vid IQ and What it does it lets you higher Optimize your videos adore it offers you all this, data proper right here like it Says I’ve obtained A guidelines 3 out of 8 on A checklist I received one Card I received, one finish display I obtained one Add to playlist i am about so as to add Captions so what you do you simply comply with this you follow the the checklist right right here very well the other guidelines some of them you? Will not you is not going to have right away it can be not A massive maintain this process do not worry About Sharing YouTube or twitter simply do the Playlist the card the end monitors okay and you do not must worry About Replying to the comments you simply need just a little little bit of Juice to kind of get, YouTube to appreciate that you just met These these components of The Checklists, by way of The Video Iq Plug-in ok, so let’s go ahead and Create Subtitles Like I stated if you are talking so much to your Video and all it’ll choose up on for the most part the subtitles in English well if it is english that Cares YouTube could be very wise they have These a eyes being Deployed on These Social Media websites so you know, okay, so we will create a new Subtitle Hmm and notice it Already Auto-Generated i do not even go through it i do not even Care if it can be received Flaws in it I simply want the signal for YouTube to peer that it has A closed Caption to offer it extra search engine optimisation ranking Juice to link to rank greater in the search engines of Google and YouTube ok so i’m Gonna go ahead and keep that in and you’ll observe After I retailer that in Let me go back to data and settings The guidelines will update k and i see now Now the search engine optimization scores Forty One factor One out of 100 and four out of eight on A guidelines that is going to support when we certainly submit the Video on account that when it is in private and even Unlisted it doesn’t Make something reputable as to When it was once posted okay and you too the best way I’ve noticed its Algorithm Works Is? That the content They give you a Shot of some free traffic they, improve you up higher in the rankings Granite if Granted in case you Optimize adequately i am giving you some optimized techniques for These key terms in the neighborhood Areas okay and they’ll offer you a Shot by using Going at like Going up ranking larger and YouTube simplest now not so much at Google YouTube most effective and then you definitely just type of Linger in the top larger Spots in the Ranks after which your Ranks to drop, okay it is simply the character of it Now within the Case of Video Sticking on the first web page of very excessive Authority Channels that is for the reason that of Consistency From the from the exact YouTube user ok Like Me i’m consistent my movies so the primary Channel Christopher Ramirez my Channel Will simply it’s going to achieve more and more Authority as I furnish This price to you Guys k all right so, We acquired that set now We need to go ahead I failed to get a danger to exhibit you? How i go concerning the subsequent Video so i’m will go ahead and do this proper quick this movies Gonna Be lengthy not even Trippin it can be gonna be lengthy ok no longer too long it can be gonna be fairly lengthy maybe About 20 Minutes after I’m accomplished? Exodus out from Tasty continuously does that Tiger indistinct okay so what I do next Now i do know this Video Is whole i’m Gonna go forward and make certain the whole lot’s Set, k, yeah, we’re good to move? I’ma just x the faucet out Cuz i’ll open Up multiple tabs Up ten at a time of the videos on my precise The The Video manager on A Video manager it simplest shows 30 videos a Time and then the the the process is to? Simplest put up 30 movies at a time okay so yeah i use this as my god it opened up 10 at a Time Work the ten open Up the following 10 Work the ten open Up the subsequent 10 Work to 10 that is the first Row of 10 so I bought a sort of got my Work cut out for me that is cool, ok? Some when you shouldn’t have money you could have Time, ok? That is what that’s what my Mentor Gary, Vaynerchuk Says they said what do you? Do when you wouldn’t have money to begin a industry some undeniable and simple whilst you would not have cash you could have Time okay and i’m showing you what to do at the moment all right right here We go so now We possess a further video that is in actual fact a replica of the opposite Video however it Varies in slightly variant in size in the Centerpiece of the Contents okay and That Makes it specific due to the fact of it and Face and YouTube would not commute about that okay so now We’re Gonna go back to what’s on the correct part you see that is all Highlighted and there’s a perform on A notepad that says substitute so We’re Already set to it while you whilst you click on on Edit and click on on replace make sure you stop Pause the spring, do some thing Rewind again Cuz i am moving rapid even for 20 Minutes in and while you click on on change this immediate will Come up this little field and it’ll Say change to find what replace it what so, we just did Georgia What i’ll do is i’ll uh i’ll go ahead i’m going to simply reduce it out that approach i know all proper i’m Gonna change Georgia Paste it in for to seek out What Georgia Ga and This this is associated with this little immediate right here Then i’ll go and click on Baker Baker filled Canada Or California Paste That little one in click replace all now it can be all certain Now it Says Jobs in Bakersfield Ca boom and what i’ll do while i’m on right here you see you see that the the Cursors Flashing i’ll preserve Ctrl Down and whilst who could have while maintaining Ctrl Press A it highlights it all at the same time that’s highlighted whole Can of? Whole control Press a C in your Keyboard it is going to copy the whole factor and you come Into your Description gap manage Press V it Pastes in all of the Description ok and my Workflow is effortlessly This i’m simply going to finish this Video so what if it goes over 20 Minutes all right and i have it Divided off on the last few Tags the place since which you can only put so many Tags on the YouTube Tagline and also you need These tags are very essential to your search additionally for associated Searches and Funneling Searches of related movies adequate it’s very primary And what i will do After i know the tags are in i’ll go ahead and Add it to a playlist adequate, Now These videos Are private so they may be not Gonna be equipped if it should be considered on A playlist so you, wish to create a playlist and you can create it on a spot like which you could put a name and Say create Playlist but I have already got one Jobs for your discipline so that gives it Juice ok, We got Jobs in our area store changes? K after which after that i’m going to go to developed settings information and Politics Already Highlighted Now, We wish to in finding Baker’s? Bakersfield California on the aspect Notepad That i have Compiled up which you would must do you’ll have got to collect These matters up in an effort to Be in a further Video just see what i’m doing that you may absolutely do this to your possess work out Going float here We go Bakersfield Ca this is the Coordinates so, we get the coordinates replica Video region Paste Search And you will see after I zoom out? It can be gonna Be in That basic discipline See, Bakersfield’s correct in That common discipline There do not deal and that i do the recording Time as today retailer changes k, and we’re Gonna Optimize this Video, additionally we’re Gonna do our end screens So i’m going to click on on in monitor it is gonna Take us to our In display I forgot to do it oh Yeah I awoke late today it’s like person who woke up like an Hour in the past but it’s time to get it done in view that it is my time without work Work I Work at a cafe, or get long One Steakhouse it is a pleasant position to Work if you are a cook surely Get on There if you’re in That subject now not a nasty location to Work, ok, so what we do is we add aspect? The Add the link don’t fear about how, we’re Gonna get how, do You get the link on the link it would most definitely Be Any e-mail considering i am Gonna blast my e mail record About this ok and you’re Going to get the understanding okay simply get on A e-newsletter that hyperlink might be in the Description i’ll hook you guys up all right Going to hook you guys up so don’t delay get your put your name and e-mail and the lincoln and you know hyperlink in the Description, ok alright so I have already got it sort of written out for YouTube coaching it can be gonna Say sign up it’s signed off exchange the photo alright and go to click on here picture create elements All right Then i’ll role the detail in the middle for that Button that’s Already Rendered Into the video using zen Titan Then Tighten Get it immediately Asap Badass device all proper worth valued at each greenback simplest Paid seven Bucks I feel it is like I feel it probably Twenty Thirty seven Bucks Now i would Pay that alright I paid 1,600 for education before so if you’re no longer if you are now not Investing in yourself then you might need to? Click on click Off To which you could or anything however that is for you for the reason that i am looking to aid you Guys whilst you generate an revenue on-line okay but Now, We do must add another element what within the type of a Video or playlist, ok in order for it to Work Like for the Button to even Work so i like to use i’m utilizing the playlist outside of This special YouTube Channel Would Paste That in Paste Create element And that’s fine where it’s at.However. I do not need the begin I don’t want the spotlight with the Button so earn cash on-line that is it store that’s a accomplished deal Now We bought to, add a card When it Says That click stay till it fully Saves All changes retailer all correct Now i am gonna Add a card the cards are simply gonna be the hyperlink once more And after This i am gonna finish up the Video k, boom so we’re Gonna Add Card i’m gonna put it in the core though Like core The Video Add Card on the grounds that The Video is Technically quick See This one is timing two minutes and Two Seconds due to the fact that there’s A variation Time that’s how I was competent to upload it again with no duplicate content strike all correct um and we’re Gonna do hyperlink I love to do the link once more I bought a couple of links Time to the equal multiple Domains Time to the identical touchdown web page so yeah We’re Gonna use to Make $35 an Hour because the the click-by way of Wait the press-via cost I seize so which you could get him on our e mail list order case, you are this Excuse, me i am just, belch and all I Create Card cards Created and Now, We obtained to get our Subtitles and are available so go to subtitles i am gonna put english Set language, oh my why, did that ok, after which i’m going to do a click on Which Says Add New Subtitle click English and it can be Gonna Auto Generate if you are talking quite a bit don’t fear concerning the Flaws in Auto generate just get to get the sign first for YouTube so that you could rank better ok and We’re Gonna Create New so the very bottom Tab Create new it can be Gonna already have Auto Generated even supposing there’s Flaws in it do not even Sweat it a bit of Let it run and i’m Gonna click save alterations in view that it’s Already Auto Generated and that’s that is carried out so when, We go back i do know this is carried out This Video is now optimized Now I gotta do this Video however i am not Gonna do it i am now not going to do that Video on This Video on account that it is – We Already 24 minutes stated so what i would like you to do I? Want you to go forward click the hyperlink in the Description k i’m Pregnant i am Gonna? Even have the Button Pop-Up at this point when you made it this a long way Congratulations i’m gonna support you guys exhibit you learn how to set all this up learn how to run your Notepad to replace the whole thing out so as to Get These Descriptions just replica Paste a duplicate case to repeat things to repeat paste it that approach you’re just moving alongside relocating alongside Now it does Take Time 30 videos Does Take Time to optimize however if you do it accurately it’ll no longer Take endlessly To Optimize find it irresistible’s now not Gonna Take eight Hours or something I in finding that when you take some time to try this it Takes about Two Hours Max however the The Rewards are so important considering whilst you build email lists you are constructing Magic you are building energy you are building an Asset in order to comply with you for the relaxation of your life k alright so go forward and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel you can See a little bell like next to the subscribe Button be certain You go ahead click that Bell so you get some extra Notifications from me i am only Coming With price within the on this Channel i’m now not Coming with that Bullshit I recall back in the day when I learned how to rank movies I used to be Coming With Nothing however Bullshit it used to be Bullshit videos don’t come with Bullshit movies if you are Going to Do YouTube the the intention is to give you the option to provide price to your audience okay but in the meantime Let me exhibit you ways to try this and that’s a accomplished deal, ok Y’all have a blessed day and i’ll See on A next Video i’m Gonna finish up this advertising I acquired Twenty One Two Three four 5 Six I received twenty Six more movies to Optimize and i’m going to get again With you on that and just hold Sharing my results as I develop in my industry as you develop in your small business comment remark in A wink i want you to share this to your facebook wall in an effort to return To it okay And you know check with what i’m displaying you okay each Video I share what you? Do try this Share it wish to your facebook Wall We share it likes be able to keep in mind to get again to the training when you consider that extra seemingly you That person it’s so busy that we will omit ok you have a blessed, day i love you guys i like all you Guys okay Peace

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