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Infusion OTO – What is Infusion ?

The Infusion is a product where James has been able to include High-ticket programs into his daily campaigns, effortlessly bringing in additional $500 – $1000 chunky commissions on top his email marketing campaigns.

This is typically “infusing” additional revenue streams without changing your day to day campaigns.

UPGRADE #1 – Infused Money Pages
These pages are the exact pages we use to convert our subscribers into high ticket customers. Building these pages can a lot time and testing to convert.

But this completely solves this issue as we have these ready made and done for you to start bringing hungry buyers to your offer.

UPGRADE #2 – Infusion DFY Package
Figuring out how to quickly infuse this profitable strategy is half the battle. Getting these chunky $500 – $1000 commissions is even harder…..

We’ve packaged something very special and unique to really give anyone that implements this a sure fire way to get cash flowing into your wallet.

UPGRADE #3 – Cash Automators
We’ve gone one further for anyone looking to automate their high ticket campaigns. Getting higher conversions can be tough, but this seamlessly turns prospects into cash buyers.

These automators will surely bring high profits to your customers.

UPGRADE #4 – Unlimited Traffic
We’ve gone one better with providing anyone multiple and unique methods in tapping into our traffic sources. Targeting buyer traffic is tough, let alone getting regular cold traffic to any offer.

These traffic methods will surely bring hot card in hand buyers to any offer.

UPGRADE #5 – Infusion License Rights
Getting approval to promote an offer is half of the battle for new affiliates. We will be 3x this with License Rights to Infusion, Phoenix AND the Breakout Code.

This upgrade will allow customers to sell ALL our current offers as their own for 100% commissions. We are going Especially helpful seeing as they need an offer to promote.

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Infusion OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Infusion OTO hi guys cynthia here and welcome to my infusion review it’s a new product by mark parrott and james fossett and it goes live october 11th at 9 00 a.m eastern standard time and

in this call james is going to show you how he makes high ticket commissions every single day he has a unique system that he uses to make this kind of Infusion OTOs

money and yeah he shows you step by step how to do it he even gives you uh the same template that he uses the same funnel that he uses so you can draw so i plug in and stop rolling and start making your high ticket sales

guys so if you Infusion OTO want to make high decant sales the right way with the system that works first link down below guys you come here to my review page click any of the red buttons all around the page it’s going to take you to the sales Infusion OTO

page and here you can grab your copy of infusion as i said it goes live october 11th at 9 00 a.m eastern standard time and as always i put together

some bonuses for you guys to help you out even more with this method my first bonus is a case study on how i’ve made over five thousand dollars with Infusion Upsell

free traffic um i i filmed this like a couple of weeks ago and right now i’ve already made over 10 or 10 000 with high ticket guys so i also know what i’m doing

and i if you pick infusion for my link i will show you also my system how i do how i do things guys my second bonus i’m giving you guys access to my Infusion OTOs affiliate marketing secrets course plus all of the upsells this is

a full course and well the secret of how to do affiliate marketing properly things that newbies don’t do uh that are making them not make as much

oh as many commissions as they would like as tips tricks everything i do in my business that makes me almost five figures a month guys so it’s all on Infusion OTO

this course you’re getting this um the simple methods from the front end the advanced method from the app store you get even my damper you can pay

you get access to the license rights for of this specific a specific product so it’s a great great value guys and i’m 100 sure you will learn something from

this then my third bonus i’m giving you guys seven traffic sources to promote your visual funnel obviously like it in anything you’re gonna need

traffic and i’m giving you my Infusion OTO seven traffic sources my favorite seven traffic choices that i use in my business that makes me money guys and fourth bonus

i’ll give you guys seven ways to build your list because you should always be building your list doesn’t matter what type of business you are in you

should always be building your list so giving you seven different ways to do it it’s free unpaid ways and you can choose whatever you want but you Infusion OTOs

should always be building your list guys so i’m sure you would you will appreciate that training it’s a whole full training of 10 modules so it’s a great great

value and my Infusion OTO fifth bonus  i’m giving you guys license right to all of my products i have like five products that are only mine i have a partner but i can’t give

those away because this is part of a lunch to both of us and i don’t have the access i can access i can give you guys access to my own solo

products um and so you have even more products to promote because i know for newbies sometimes it is difficult to get approved for affiliate offers

so but you get a guaranteed approval to my previous five products when you pick this up Infusion OTO so you have things to promote and also with within future

method if you like then my sixth bonus guide is if you pick any of the upsells i think there’s like five episodes or for if you pick any of them you’re gonna get access to my brand new unreleased course i’m releasing yeah next week is my

own lunch and i’m launching a new product a new course and nobody has access to this course so if you pick this up if you’re picking fusion app today and you buy any of the upsells you’re gonna get this brand new

unreleased course and you’re gonna be Infusion OTO the first one to have access to it and and get it and learn what i’m teaching in that in there which is passive income

Infusion OTO

so the great great deal guys any of the upsells if you pick any of them just you only need to pick one and you have access in your receipt in your audio receipt to you have access to my brand new course and then they seven bonus

guide is the bender bonuses that mark and james i put together for you guys you can see the bonuses here on the sales page and let me go and find it for you guys so you know what else you are getting here for your money i

think they have it here on the sales page hopefully so i can tell you guys so yeah you’re getting the little black book which is his pers their personal

one top list of traffic sources then you’re getting phoenix offers which is Infusion OTO high converting offers that they have then you’re getting free clickback training

as well and also free access to their facebook group so you gain these four high quality bonuses from them and then you are getting five five exclusive

bonuses from me that you’re not gonna see nowhere else because they are my tutorials and my courses so nobody can offer you this apart from me and

you’re getting these five bonuses free Infusion OTO of charge when you pick up infusion today for only thirteen dollars guys a great great deal and remember if you pick

up any of the upsells you would have access to my brand new unreleased course that hasn’t even launched yet so it’s a great great deal guys so yeah let’s see the sales page what it says just very quickly and it says revealed

or fail-proof high-ticket income system that never fails us set it up once continue profiting no hard work it’s making us 1k to 2k daily in high ticket

commissions passively here’s how you can replicate or success within 10 within 20 minutes we’ve never seen anything like this before a method completely unknown to the public set it up one time and continuous in

resource working like a charming 2020 and be young completely fail-proof method for making money out of thin air all you need is 20 minutes to replicate or success make money or will send every penny back it’s a smile

and yeah it’s just very simple guy you have income proofs here these are the two product creators and yeah you have income proof here you have all

that you need you can check out the sales Infusion OTOs page guys in your own time if you like but let’s just go inside the members area get a welcome video from mark there and then you get a case study where james shows you all his

results so you can see that he’s actually making money and hiding commissions with that and then here he shows he tells you what how to find a i’m from

how how to find and promote i take it so you see like how to find good idea offers how to effectively promote those offer how to build a list and building

funnel how to write high ticket Infusion OTO emails swipes and also setting up your infused follow-up campaigns and here are you get the the best high ticket programs to promote uh the then he shows you another method that is

qualifying high ticket profit with chat those and then also traffic sources for high ticket here and then you get their bonuses that they promise you in the cell

space so it’s a very very good program very good course just very detailed he shows you uh like how to do it everything what he does to

make these commissions and yeah and to make high tech commissions almost every day guys so if you if you want to have the same results as him

just go and grab it and remember that i show you my own way of doing it as well because i’m also making very good money with i take care of the moment

only and only with free traffic i’m starting paid traffic now because now i want to scale but you can definitely do it with free traffic guys there’s no problem

if you have no money to invest so yeah guys that is what infusion is all about is a great course and yeah you’re gonna learn something i’m 100 sure and if

you implement you’re going to make money as well very very easily guys as i said in Infusion OTO fusion is just 12 and you get all of their bonuses all of my bonuses their

amazing training and yeah case studies and all of that good stuff guys and then as always there’s some upstairs option number one is infuse money pages

for 37 or twenty seven dollars at a time so Infusion OTO and in this one they’re gonna give you their the exact pages that they are using to convert their subscribers into high ticket customers i’m not super cheap guy 27 bucks no

brainer if you ask me and you pick this up and you get my own course this is a full course also so great there option number two is infused down for you

package for 197 or 9700 dancer and this one they’re gonna give you a whole done for you package of resources and things so you can make commissions even quicker and option number three is cash automators for seven dollars

or twenty seven dollars at a time so and in this one they’re gonna and they’re gonna they’re going one step further uh looking on how to automate your high

ticket campaign so they’re going to help you to automate your high ticket campaign so you can make even more money and then option number

four is unlimited traffic for 197 or 97 downstairs and in these are in this oto they are gonna give you a bunch of traffic sources uh that it converts for them

and they makes they may where they make a lot of their money they’re gonna give you a bunch of traffic training that so you can get targeted buyers to

your to your high ticket offers guys and then option number five is infusion license right for 97 or 67 dollars at a down so and in this one you’re going

to get the rice to promote infusion phoenix and the breakout code as your own product and keep 100 of the commissions on their three products

that they have guys so it’s also a great great Infusion OTOs Upgrade deal but as i said in fusion just 13 bucks one time guys and you get and you can potentially even invest

13 dollars and you can make 500 to a thousand dollars promoting high tickets which is a great investment and you don’t want to miss it guys Infusion Upgrade

first link down below so yeah guys that was my infusion review if you like this please like and subscribe and leave me any comment down below if you have any questions join me dog i’m here to help you guys and in the second

link down below is my number one recommend this system when i use every single day in my business that makes me four figures and soon five figures online is an amazing coaching program by the number one super

affiliate i’m having amazing success we all have an amazing success with it so if you want to be one of those success stories as well come and join us

check it out second link down below so yeah guys all i have for you today i hope you have a great day and see in the next one guys take care

Infusion OTO