Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United | Incredible

Next to the Super Cup or the European Champions League … APPLAUSE Hello. How are you? Happy New Year. Okay? It was nice to see you. Aha, just shake hands. Come on, guys, come on! Yes, Hendo, we went. YUHALAMA APPLAUSE VIRCLE: Come on, guys, let’s go! Keep walking With hope in his heart And you will never walk alone You will never walk alone We are world champions, we are world champions! And you believe in us, and you believe in us Now you believe us … We are world champions.


THE COUNTRY IS CRYING VIRCLE: Come on, guys, heh! Sadio, Sadio is not here. FANS: Ohhh! READ: Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool! We are about to win the league, we are about to win the league and you believe in us, now you believe in us now you believe us We are about to win the league We are about to win the league, we are about to win the league And you believe in us, you believe in us now We will not move We will not move As a team about to win the football league again We will not move Liiiiverpul, Liiiiiverpul Liiiverpul, Liiiverpul Liiiverpul, Liiiverpul Liiiverpul, Liiiiverpul Good? – Well done.



– Thank you very much. Today we are with the person who played a key role in Liverpool’s victory. First goal, last defense, and I’ll start with the first, the real goal Think you see me being branded by two people, and we tried to find a nearby pole Congratulations. Thank you very much! It wasn’t that bad. – I didn’t know … – Surprise! Really nice. Greet John. – He’s here. – Oh! “Greet John.” How are you? – I’m not bad. – I’m not bad! – How are you? – Wow, amazing. – This is very special. – It’s incredible. What a wonderful day. Bye. Yes, guys, excuse me. Jürgen, it was an all-inclusive game, most importantly three points, but your boys were great today. Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly. Role models, huh? So many people’s dreams role models in taking responsibility for something and then look that way, it’s incredible.


The intensity we show in such a game obviously most of the time … it was just something different. I really love the football we play. 2-0, goal in the last minutes, Ali’s productive pass. Mo – what was that run, what was that goal ?! Spectacular. Yes, a big load has been taken and it feels very good. Indeed, we brought a very good performance and luck on the part that Mo finally ended the case we were able to breathe comfortably for 20 seconds! .